The fourth planet form the Sun in the Solar System, believed to have once harbored water, atmosphere, and perhaps some form of biological life.

From the Ra Contact: Also called the “Red Planet”; it once supported first, second, and third-density life but lost its “hospitable conditions” for third-density beings due to its inhabitants’ tendencies towards bellicose actions; it was stopped in mid-third density, and shall be undergoing healing for some millennia; the third-density beings of that planet, after being transferred by the guardians to the Earth, continued to attempt to learn the Law of Love.

The Confederation aided these entities by transferring them at the start of Earth’s third-density experience 75,000 years ago. This transfer was unusual in that their genetic material was preserved, adjusted, and, through a sort of cloning process, transferred to Earth. Consequently, the quarantine of planet Earth was instituted due to the assessment of the Guardians that the free will of those of Mars had been abridged.