"In the Now" - Episode 55

  • Dropping hints and relating to people who aren't spiritually inclined.

"In the Now" - Episode 54

  • The struggle of self-acceptance for wanderers.
  • Are all traumatic events the result of karma, or can they be random?

"In the Now" - Episode 53

  • Why is acceptance such a central concept in the Law of One?
  • What are some tips for discernment in the age of "fake news"?

"In the Now" - Episode 52

  • Why does the Confederation disclose spiritual truths which are intended to be hidden behind the veil?
  • The effects of knowing about harvest and the illusion on our spiritual journeys.

"In the Now" - Episode 51

  • Are the seven bodies the same as the seven densities?
  • How does the path of the Buddha relate to the Law of One?
  • Why does Ra seem to favor one polarity over the other?

"In the Now" - Episode 50

  • Why did Ra encourage balancing of positive emotions as well as negative?
  • How did we as seekers come to a point of comfort and knowing on our spiritual paths?

"In the Now" - Episode 49

  • What are the causes and effects of the veil thinning as we move into fourth density?
  • Is it appropriate to offer love to a negative entity who is greeting us in an attempt to persuade them?

"In the Now" - Episode 48

  • All about healing.

"In the Now" - Episode 47

  • How can one polarize rapidly, and are there any dangers in doing so?
  • How do we approach the seemingly mundane details of life from a spiritual perspective?

"In the Now" - Episode 46

  • Will we see the effects of harvest in our lifetime?
  • Dealing with negatively-oriented people.