"In the Now" - Episode 50

  • Why did Ra encourage balancing of positive emotions as well as negative?
  • How did we as seekers come to a point of comfort and knowing on our spiritual paths?

"In the Now" - Episode 49

  • What are the causes and effects of the veil thinning as we move into fourth density?
  • Is it appropriate to offer love to a negative entity who is greeting us in an attempt to persuade them?

"In the Now" - Episode 48

  • All about healing.

"In the Now" - Episode 47

  • How can one polarize rapidly, and are there any dangers in doing so?
  • How do we approach the seemingly mundane details of life from a spiritual perspective?

"In the Now" - Episode 46

  • Will we see the effects of harvest in our lifetime?
  • Dealing with negatively-oriented people.

"In the Now" - Episode 45

  • How can we "see the Creator" in an other-self?
  • What does Ra mean when they say that "this is not a dimension of knowing"?

"In the Now" - Episode 44

  • Exercises and techniques we use to help balance and explore the depths of self.
  • Understanding our body in relationship to spiritual seeking.
  • What is our red-ray body?

"In the Now" - Episode 43

  • An episode dedicated to discussing intelligent infinity, intelligent energy, and the gateway to intelligent infinity.

"In the Now" - Episode 42

  • All about the Akashic record.
  • What is possible if time isn't actually linear?

"In the Now" - Episode 41

  • The confusing nature of time and progress between octaves
  • How perception as a group, rather than individual, influences our reality.
  • What is the experience of catalyst once we are balanced?