Okay, welcome everyone. We’re going to get started. So, my name is Aaron Maret, and this is Gary Bean, and we’re going to be co-presenting today on the Law of One. We’re going to give this talk in three parts. We’re going to give a little context first—we’re going to describe ourselves, give some disclaimers, and describe where this material came from. And then we’re going to give a little bit of a map of this, what we’re calling the Cosmic Curriculum of the Law of One, and then we’re going to spend a little time talking about how it’s relevant to the spiritual path and to our lives, how it lands for us as people. So, that’s the overview.

My name is Aaron, I hail from Asheville, North Carolina, I came across this material four years ago, and it just lit up for me in a really big way. I’ve been an independent student of metaphysics and esoterics and spirituality for a number of years, and The Law of One stands out remarkably for me as this really vivid and brilliant deep well of information and guidance on the spiritual path, and I lead a weekly study group in Asheville, and we study the Law of One together and it’s a really wonderful community there.

And my name is Gary Bean, and the salient part of my own journey I would like to share with you happened when half a lifetime ago I was 18 years old and I stumbled upon a book called Fingerprint of the Gods, by Graham Hancock. In it he assembles these puzzle pieces from all over the world to suggest that there was an original civilization on Earth that preceded all of Earth’s supposed first civilizations in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica and so forth, and that civilization achieved a level of technological and spiritual sophistication before being overcome by a cataclysm. You can call it Atlantis, or whatever your name for it, but whether it’s literally true or not, what was important for me was that it blew the lid off the top. I, for the first time, became much more aware that there was a larger universe around me, that humanity is a species with amnesia, even, that doesn’t know who it is, and that was the alarm clock for me.

That started my spiritual journey, and I’ve been on a quest with questions ever since to discover the meaning of this experience, to discover who I am, to discover what our relationship is, what my relationship to the cosmos is, and that journey led me to The Law of One. When I stumbled on that in January of 2000, my eyes were waterfalls. I felt that I had discovered my philosophical home, and ever since that’s been the foundation and the framework of my worldview and of my spiritual seeking, and its that that we want to share with you today.

I now work with the organization responsible for sharing this stuff with the world. About this presentation and about how this material is offered, we want to offer some disclaimers.

So, it’s a hard thing to do to squeeze something that’s so vast, this cosmological map that’s so vast in its philosophy, into 90 minutes, or a little less, so we want to offer just a few quick disclaimers: However well we are able to convey this, or not well, we really want to encourage everyone to seek out the source material. It’s available online for free at www.lawofone.info and there’s about to be a brand new publishing of the books which this gentleman here has been working tirelessly at to prepare. This is a new publishing of the material, and this will be available for sale on Amazon as through the website of the organization that Gary is the director of, that is www.llresearch.org. So, we’re going to do our best to convey as much of this as we can, but we really want to encourage people to go to the source, if it’s exciting to you—if there’s something here that feels like there’s something here you want to find out more about.

One other thing I want to mention is that there’s a clipboard here for signup. I’m happy to send—we actually did have some slides to show today, but that didn’t come together, but I can send slides, I can send a link to the lawofone.info, and I can also send, if you’re in Asheville, and you’re interested in the study group you can put your name there at some point and I’ll get in touch with you.

There are some other really fundamental disclaimers that we want to offer about this material, and one is that this philosophy has running throughout it this radical respect for the sovereignty of each seeker, and their own authority to chart their journey, and towards that end, we want to convey that whatever we say or don’t say, or whatever the philosophy says, 1) it is not dogma; 2) it cannot do the learning for you; 3) it’s just a framework. As the Buddha says about any teaching, it’s a raft to help you reach the other shore, if, indeed, you find it helpful, and once upon the other shore, that other shore being realization of the self, you’re free to discard the raft.

So, of the organization itself, and these channeled sources always encourage the seeker’s own discernment. You have within you what you need to know, what is true for you, and nobody, neither us or these sources can tell you what is true. So, they always suggest take what resonates, and leave the rest behind. If it works for you, great, we’re happy. If it doesn’t, set it aside and find what is your truth.

Okay, so onto the meat of the presentation. So, I’m going to talk a little about who is the source of this information, the Law of One. So, there’s a being named Ra—which I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with that name. It comes from the Egyptian religious system. So, who is Ra? Ra describes himself (themselves) as a humble messenger of the Law of One, and they really stress that they come in service to Earth humanity to offer this information, to offer this broader perspective of what’s going on here, in service with humility. They are a sixth density social memory complex. We’re going to unpack that just briefly.

So, we are completing our third density—Earth is completing its third density transitioning into fourth, and so Ra, a long time ago had already been where Earth is at, from an evolutionary standpoint, so they’ve had a lot of extra experience on top of what we’ve had, and they come back offering that, and sort of offering what they’ve learned and what they’ve gleaned through their journey through the galaxies to help us at this major transition point that we’re at, and they are one of—they are a member of a group that they call The Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. So, essentially there’s this community of evolved spiritual beings, planetary collectives, who travel the galaxy and offer service to planets that are at a less evolved station, and so they’re one of many groups who have been in communication with the Earth for a long period of time. But, as far as I understand, they are sort of a higher class, and I mean that as sort of a metaphor of school. They’ve been in school longer, so the teachings they give are fairly high level metaphysics.

In terms of their particular planetary origin, they are from Venus, and they completed their third-density journey, kind of where we’re at, 2.6 billion years ago. So, this is basically a planetary civilization that’s 2.6 billion years in advance of where Earth is at now. I’m going to offer a couple of quotes that Ra gives in the Law of One to describe themselves. So, from the very first session, of which there are 106 channeling sessions that make up the Law of One. The very first session they describe themselves thusly:

“We are those who are of the Law of One. In our vibration, the polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified, and the paradoxes have their solution. We are One. This is our nature and our purpose.” #1.1

At a later session, they describe themselves:

“I am Ra: I am with the social memory complex of which I am a part, one of those who voyaged outward from another planet within your own solar system, as this entity would call it. The planetary influence was that [which] you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. Our physical beings were what you call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. Our physical body complex covering, which you call the integument, had a golden luster.” #6.4

And the reason I’m saying past tense in terms of what they looked like, is that in sixth density they are essentially light beings, they no longer inhabit a physical material body like we have. And the last quote from Ra:

“We seek the Creator upon a level of shared experience to which you are not privy, and rather than surrounding ourselves in light, we have become light. Our understanding is that there is no other material except light. Our rituals, as you might call them, are an infinitely subtle continuation of the balancing processes which you are now beginning to experience.” #64.6

Briefly, Ra is known to us because of Egyptian mythology, obviously, and they report that they did have some historical interactions with the Egyptians, and each time they came to teach this Law of One (that we are going to talk about in a moment), they said their teaching became distorted. Unity, by its very nature contains compassion, and the peoples of Egypt at that time, according to Ra, robbed the teaching of compassion and reserved it for a royal elite, a pattern evidenced many times upon this planet in many cultures. Additionally, they were glorified, and even deified, which was somewhat of a hypocritical position because they came as brothers and sisters, but were elevated to a status that did not represent their nature, so they left Earth, but they feel a responsibility to help undistort the distortions offered to the Law of One.

Now, about the three people who received this contact with Ra. A quick bio of Don Elkins, who was kind of the driving engine that made this happen: In 1955 there was a famous incident—a Capt. Thomas Mantell of the Kentucky National Guard, a World War II decorated veteran, was with his squadron, and he crashed chasing a UFO. He and his squadron were alerted, rather instructed to follow this unidentified flying object in the sky. He went to an altitude for which his plane was not equipped because he did not have oxygen, and he crashed. This made national news and it created something of a sea change regarding the consciousness around UFOs. Suddenly, it stopped being this silly subject and was taken a bit more seriously, and Don Elkins, who was the questioner of this contact, was a young person at the time, and this seeded within him an interest in UFOs, which he would later explore, later, I should say, give his life over to. He recognized the limitations of our present scientific understanding. He felt that—he likened it unto the dugout canoe, regarding the reach of our understanding of the actual function of the universe. So, because he saw these limitations, he explored where, rather he gave attention to, gave an open mind to, data that most conventional thinkers and scientists wouldn’t give any credence to, that included UFOs, the paranormal, past-life progressions, and so forth. He had a very open mind, but he wasn’t interested in UFOs in and of themselves, per se, he thought that they were clues to a greater reality that humankind was mostly closed off to.

So, that quest eventually led him to cross paths with channeling. He discovered that there was a contact group who was apparently receiving messages from UFO entities, from ET’s is the pejoratively loaded term we now use, and the message wasn’t about the specifics of what the size of their craft was, and what governments we’re interacting with, and what kind of highbred babies we’re creating, which the internet is full of, but rather was focused on a philosophy of unity—a philosophy that described a plan of cosmic evolution within which we are all one being, and, to be overly simplistic about it, love was the way. And he was immediately drawn to this philosophy. It felt that this was the glue that brought all of his years of research together, and he threw himself into this channeling experiment.

He brought these protocols back to Louisville, Kentucky, and received the same contact, and asked the same questions about the nature of life, and the meaning of existence, and so forth. I can’t give bios about Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty, the other two people in his group, due to time, but these three people came together, and when Jim joined the group, within two weeks they were conducting a normal channeling, and…

In the course of normal channeling, the channel is completely awake and aware of what is coming through them, so they function much as a pane of stained glass operates. The channeler is receiving a source from a distance, you might say, and because they are conscious, they are necessarily coloring the light that passes through much as a stained glass window would. It’s not a negative thing. The color adds beauty, and it adds a human voice to that message, but what differentiated the Ra contact, was that when Jim joined the group—so we have Carla, Don and Jim—he added a certain power to the group, and within two weeks a new voice came through the person serving as the instrument, the channel, who was Carla Rueckert, and that voice said, “I am Ra.” Carla, at this point went unconscious, and the questioner, Don Elkins, was able to ask of this source, who identified itself as Ra, some questions that were obviously of a quantum leap forward in profundity and power relative to the channeling that had come before.

After the session was concluded, Carla awoke and had no awareness of what had come through her, meaning the instrument wasn’t present in her body. So, it was as if Carla, serving as an instrument, much like a radio—the radio was tuned to a certain frequency, and the frequency picked up Ra, and Don was able to converse directly with, as Aaron described, this sixth density source. They were able to conduct 105 more sessions. To wrap up, Ra called it a “narrow band contact”, and by that they meant: (this is Ra speaking):

“This particular instrument was not trained, nor did it study, nor worked it at any discipline in order to contact Ra. We were able, as we have said many times, to contact this group, using this instrument, because of the purity of this instruments dedication to the service of the One Infinite Creator, and also because of the great amount of harmony and acceptance enjoyed each by each within the group, this situation making it possible for the support group to function without significant distortion.” #94.9

So, there were two key qualities that enabled this contact: 1) was Carla, the instrument. Her purity to devotion. She saw life as service. Everything was service to the Creator for her, and she was a person rooted in a deep, deep faith; 2) the harmony of the group. The group consisted of three people who mutually and genuinely loved one another, and Jim and Don were able to serve as support for the instrument in terms of energizing the contact and protecting it.

I wanted to show a picture that was a little easier to see than this, but I’ve got a couple of slides here that show what the room looked like—what did it look like when they were channeling this being named Ra, because I find it very helpful in personalizing this fairly far-out kind of stuff. So, I’ve got some pictures here, I’ve no idea how all this comes across from where you are, but the picture over here is of the preparations. So that’s Jim standing up over Carla. She would lay down on a bed, she’d be covered up. They tried to make her very comfortable because she would sustain contact for usually about an hour or so, a little over an hour, and again, she’d go into a trance; so being comfortable and being well situated was important.

Then on the right, you can see—this is Don standing up. They actually received instructions for this particular alignment. In order to receive this narrow-band transmission, it is sort of is like a radio, or some sort of energetic transmission. It would come into the space at a particular angle, so that he would literally set her in the room laying at a particular angle, and they had a very fastidious, very, very particular set of protocols that they would follow to get ready for the contact, and then you can see what the contact would look like. For most of the time you’d see Don sitting in his chair, he’s got his notes, he’d prepare questions before they went into the channeling session, and he’d be asking the questions, and Carla would be in trance, they would record the voice that came through Carla, which would be Ra’s voice. So that’s a little bit of a window.

Okay, so that’s Part 1, that’s the context. Now we’re going to move into the cosmic curriculum. The first topic is “What is the Law of One?” So, it’s a universal philosophy of cosmic unity and absolute oneness, and it’s also the original books that were published. The channeling took place between 1981 and 1984, and the transcriptions from that work were published as a series of books called The Law of One. Actually, the first Volume was The Ra Material, but generally speaking, those books are known as The Law of One, and it’s an interview of an extraterrestrial entity known as Ra, offered by the L/L Research group.

So, here’s the concept, the philosophy, the general gist of what the Law of One is. It kind of can’t be named, it can’t be put into words, but they make several attempts to do so. In Session 4 Ra states:

“The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” #4.20

I wanted to offer some thoughts about the Law of One. The philosophy is pretty vast. It really expands out to the macro cosmic and microcosmic edges of the universe, and that includes every act of freewill, and underpinning the whole thing is this notion of oneness, and whether you call this the Creator, the One, the Void, the All, Ra says, just like the Tao, that it can’t be articulated, there is no physics for this, there’s no language for this, there’s no conceptualization for this. In that quote that Aaron just read, they said it can only be approximated by name.

What the Law of One is, in my understanding, is the deepest experience of who and what you really are. If you dig down within yourself, what you discover in essence, at the foundation, is the same thing that the person sitting next to you will discover. The same exact thing. Your experience is unique, you are an individual, it is different from the person sitting next to you, but at heart, at root, at the beginning, and at the end, it’s the same exact thing. And that is true for the person on the other side of the planet. It is true for somebody living in another solar system, or another galaxy. It is true for the blades of grass beneath our feet, and the clouds in the sky. It is all one being. There seems to be manyness, there seems to be separation, there seems to be a diversity, and we’ll hopefully get into that. That is what Ra calls the illusion.

The final thought I want to offer about the Law of One, is that so much of it is packed in the word “already”. Already is the key to, I think, all non-dual and mystical truths on the planet—that no matter how enlightened or unenlightened you are, no matter how much work you’ve done or not done, you are already the Creator. This is your true, essential nature, and you cannot escape it, you can’t modify it, you can’t change it. You can pretend, you can engage in the way humans do and distort this experience, but at heart, you already are this, and the entire spiritual evolutionary journey is a return to this, that we never left it. The illusion gives us the appearance that we remember and reawake.

So, I wanted to talk briefly about cosmology and cosmogony. So, how do we get from this apparent state of unity. How is it possible that there’s actually only one of us here, and yet it looks like there’s 30 or 40? So, what’s going on. What’s up with that? So, cosmology is like an understanding of the map of a universe or of the cosmos. Cosmogony means how did it come to be, and there’s a lot of, this is spoken to in the Law of One, and I want to try to give a brief map.

So, Ra, in Session 13, Ra gives an overview of how does the unmanifest infinite become the universe that we experience as the manifest world that we live in. And then there’s these three primary stages that take place:

“The first known thing in the creation is infinity. The infinity is creation.” #13.5

“Infinity became aware. This was the next step.” #13.6

“Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy. You have called this by various words, the most common being ‘Logos’ or ‘Love’. The Creator is the focusing of infinity as an aware or conscious principle we call Intelligent Infinity.” #13.7

“The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following the Law of One in one of its primal distortions—freedom of will. Thus, many, many dimensions, infinite in number are possible. The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpourings of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored. These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local, shall we say, rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes.” #13.8

So, these are the first three steps, this is the bridge between the unmanifest and the manifest: free will, love and light. And so, we hear love and light a lot—you hear, love/light, love/light—but they are primary creationary principles. They are actually real things that have some sort of metaphysical/scientific underpinning to them, rather than just these concepts that feel really good—they are the root of metaphysics in the Law of One.

The second stage, love… (The word for love is actually Logos, which, if anyone knows in Genesis, in the Christian Bible, in the beginning was the Word, in the beginning was Logos. So, Logos and Word are actually related, as “Logos” in Greek is “word.” So now we have this correlation between Genesis and the creation story from Genesis—the word, Logos, and love—those three principles are linked, and that’s a little side note.) So, Logos, though, has this much expanded meaning that I want to try to explain. So, the Logos is basically the primary creative being, it’s like the primary personality, and the first Logos exists at the level of the galaxy. Essentially there’s a person that is the galactic being. Every galaxy is a person, is one way to think of it, and this Logos sets the framework for all the experiential potential that exists within that galaxy.

So, this prime personality sort of fractalizes into what Ra calls the “sub-logos,” and these are the sun bodies, these are the solar beings, and each of these beings is sort of a child of the galactic logos, and each sun creates its own local field of potential for experience and sets up these unique situations within the larger galactic framework.

And then, the third step in this stepping down of these creative principles is the sub-sub-Logoi, and that’s us. We’re like the grandchildren of the galaxy in this sense, in this understanding of the Logos concept.

The next topic we wanted to explore is called “distortion.” It’s an essential topic to—this is a key concept in the Law of One because it’s part of the process that Aaron was describing of articulating how the One became the many. When you think of what it means to distort something, you probably think of negative concepts—like this speaker here is distorting my presentation. [Laughter] You think hatred is a distortion, Republicans are a distortion, the port-o-potties are definitely a distortion, but the concept goes much deeper in this philosophy. Love is a distortion. Everything is a distortion.

The Creator, in order to experience itself—let me step back. Before these three primal distortions that Aaron described, there was only infinity, there wasn’t a creation, there wasn’t manyness, there weren’t people, there weren’t entities, there wasn’t love, there wasn’t free will, there was no quality. This is why it’s a mystery. There’s no quality that can describe it. There was no otherness, there was no twoness, only this unified, undifferentiated, what Ra calls “Intelligent Infinity.” So, in order to expand out into the many and create this simulation, you could say, of creation, the Creator distorts itself to become that which it is not. And distortion has no positive or negative value. Everything is a distortion—we are distortions of the One Creator.

Distortion is an awesome, really beautiful, incredible concept because distortion always is referencing the true nature of reality. Because one must ask the question, what is it that is being distorted, and it’s the One Creator. Earth is a distortion of the One Creator.

I will read—what distortion creates is what we call an “illusion.”

[To Aaron:] I’d say we could just skip past illusion and head to the next one.

So, I just want to make sure I’m following you correctly. Are you saying that love is a distortion and that you’re linking that to that it’s also an illusion? That distortions are illusions so through that relativity you saying love is (tragically?) illusion, or how does it connect? 1

It’s a great question. It’s a fine point. We are going to keep some time for Q&A at the end. I think if we get into questions now we might not make it through the presentation. I care about your question, and actually it’s a very good question, but maybe we can circle back at the….okay, thank you.

Just a little disclaimer. We read this this morning and realized we just had more content than we were going to be able to deliver in 90 minutes, plus we got a little bit of a late start due to technical difficulties, so we’re trying to get through the whole thing, because we’re trying to get through this “way out” stuff, and we’re trying to land it to more of the stuff of the path, the things we do in our lives, the things we’re doing here, so we’re trying to jam through this stuff, so bear with us. Hopefully, it’s landing somewhat okay.

So, I want to describe this primary pattern of what’s called the “octave”, and “densities” because I’ve mentioned this word density before. So, often, when we think about evolution, you hear the word dimension used to describe, like, “we’re going into 5D,” you might hear that, “we’re going into 4D or 5D.” Ra uses a different term called “density.” Density has a very specific meaning, and this Logoic creation, this Logos concept—the whole experience that a Logos will go through from the creation of the galaxy, the entire evolution of the galaxy, to the completion of that galactic cycle, is differentiated into these seven stages—these seven densities of experience, of consciousness. So, there are seven primary qualities that exist within this galactic experience, and each stage, each density, has within it a certain amount of light, a certain amount of information of what we could call truth, the truth being Oneness, the truth being that it’s all One.

For example, in first density it would be like the four elements—planets before there is biological life; second density is biological life; third density is where Earth’s humanity has been for the last 75,000 years, and that era is closing. So, this whole notion that we’re in the middle of some sort of dimensional shift, the turning of ages, we’re at the new age, all these ideas, the Mayan Calendar, all these ideas that point to this monumental shift that Earth humanity is in the middle of, in terms of the Law of One, it’s described as we’re shifting from third density to fourth density. So, all the lessons that have been being explored for the past 75,000 years, which makes up third density on Earth, that’s coming to a close. Those lessons are coming to a close, and we’re opening into a whole new era of consciousness—it’s a whole new way with a whole different set of lessons that are being explored, and that continues through fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh density, and at the completion of seventh density that’s the completion of the octave, and everything unifies back into Oneness, and then bursts again into first density at the next octave.

So, entire galactic experiences, entire universal experiences, of which there are an infinite number, those, themselves evolve; so not only do we, as people, evolve, not only do planets evolve, solar systems evolve, but galaxies evolve and are rebirthed as beings, and they are learning, and they’re following their own journey on a different scale.

One of the unique things about third density that we’re experiencing is this thing called “the veil of forgetting.” You may have heard of this term, the veil, what is the veil? Basically, in third density only there is the presence of this separation within the mind of human consciousness, that separates the conscious mind, what we have access to, instantly and easily, and the subconscious mind, which contains this deep well of knowingness, of these archetypes. There’s all this content that exists in the subconscious mind that is this greater understanding of who we actually are and what we’re actually doing here, but we don’t have easy access to that. There’s this interesting thing called the veil that exists, and it’s purposeful and it makes us lean on our true selves, it makes us lean on who we, as individuated souls really are, and clarify that, and evolve that and strengthen that within ourselves because we can’t just see clearly—if the veil were not here we would just see unity, we would just see and experience oneness, but without that we have to sort of slog through the darkness and find what’s true, what’s meaningful for us, on our own, and that’s the purposefulness of the veil.

The culmination of third density Ra calls, this is a little triggering for some people, Ra calls “harvest.” It’s a cosmic process that takes place and, basically, it is this opportunity that exists for incarnating souls that when we die during the period of harvest and move through the normal reincarnative patterns, there’s this special window that opens, and we are given the opportunity to self-graduate to the next density if we want to, if we’re ready, if it’s relevant for our soul’s journey to do so. That window is available now. That window has been open for a number of years, and will be open for a number of years, but there’s some speculation as to how many. We’re in the middle of this turning, and harvest is a relevant core concept that’s going on right now. So, basically, Earth is in the midst of a dimensional shift, or a shift of densities, and there’s a lot that’s talk about and unpacked much more in The Law of One, but that’s the brief version of it.

So, Aaron described that in this density, we’re in the third density, and I’ll give you Ra’s viewpoint on what the function of this density is. What the function of the life on Earth is for we who call ourselves human beings, and the function is to choose our polarity. We’re here to polarize our consciousness. Polarity has taken on something of a negative view in politics, but in terms of spiritual evolution, the function is to make the choice here. What is the choice, what are the polarities? I’ll attempt to describe them a little bit.

Ra calls one positive, one negative. They also use the terms like “service-to-others” “service-to-self”. I’ll describe those now. On the positive side, service-to-others, we have beings who open their heart to all others, beings who, from an energetic standpoint radiate and seek to love unconditionally—love the self, love all others, love all the creation, and see the Creator in all thing, see the unity in all things, and thereby serve others. This is a path that respects the innate free will in all of creation, not just human free will, but animal free will, and plant free will, and it gets into questions regarding what our relationship is with the second-density world of plants and animals. But, there’s inherent respect for free will along the positive path.

On the negative path, the other option, we start with the heart. This is what Ra calls service-to-self, and on that path, the negative entity closes their heart intentionally. If you could see their chakras and their energetic spectrum, you’d see an omission right here, a missingness. This they do consciously because they don’t have the same underpinning respect for free will that service to others has, instead of seeing the Creator in all things, they see the Creator only in themselves, and as consequence, they seek to manipulate, exploit, control, and even enslave others for their benefit, for the acquisition of their own power. Whereas the positive path seeks a more egalitarian structure of society, whereby power is shared and freewill is respected, the negative society builds a pecking order of the more powerful ruling the less, and we can see plenty of examples of that on this planet. We can see examples of those who have chosen this path.

The key difference between these two paths, the key orientation is one of control for the negative entity and one of acceptance for the positive entity. Acceptance has connections to what Charles Eisenstein was speaking about in his talk: surrender, trust, in the universe and the workings of the universe being okay with uncertainty, accepting others unconditionally for who they are—maybe not liking what they’re doing, but accepting that they are walking their own path, and that the Creator is knowing itself right now, whatever the free will actions of other people. Making this choice through our actions, through our vibratory signature polarizes us, we advance along either path. It kind of … in a simplistic way Star Wars captures it a little bit. There is a dark side and there is a positive side, and it’s part of the design. The quote that I would have read, that I’m not going to read, contains Ra saying that just like the polarities of the magnet, there’s a positive pole and a negative pole, but neither can be judged as good or bad, they say, actually, that this polarity was designed and developed by the Logos as something that would create work. Just as two poles of the battery create a charge and create power, and create work, so do the polarities feed one another.

If you encounter a service-to-self or negative entity, when you see that on this planet, when you see what you would call wrongness, or harm to others or oppression, then you are inspired, you are galvanized through your own will and faith to open your heart and to serve the cause of love. And likewise, with the negative beings, apparently, they see love and find it sickening, and prefer a societal structure of control and disharmony. This has value in the long-term spiritual evolutionary arc because it helps both paths to develop the will and faith so that they may successfully learn the lessons of love. Service-to-self is a lesson of love, too, it’s just exclusive love of self; whereas service-to-others is a love of all beings, and if successfully completed, then those who make that choice here, which is what Ra says we are all doing right now, we graduate into the fourth density.

Fourth density is also a polarized environment, but whereas here in third density the polarities are mixed— we are interacting service-to-self and service-to-other—in the next evolutionary dimension these two polarities are separated. Ra says that Earth will become a service-to-others world where there are only service-to-others people who have graduated, who have successfully learned in this density. And that’s what’s happening right now, and those who have chosen the service-to-self path, which there are people that have done so, will move on to the service-to-self experience.

One of the things that is meaningful to me about this idea is that Christianity for example—and the spiritual system I grew up in was Christianity—what in this material would be called negative polarization, negative behavior, it’s like aberrant, it’s against God, like it’s somehow in a special category, like it shouldn’t be there, and in the Law of One, even that is included, like they’re both purposeful, both paths are purposeful, it’s all the Creator and its purposeful. That helps me have an understanding that was previously hard to contextualize—like how does evil exist in a loving universe? That’s a question we all grapple with, and the Law of One provides a context for how that can be, in a way that I find to be incredibly beneficial and useful.

We will skip the quote on wanderers, but this is a concept that some of you, that might ring a bell in some of you, I don’t know, I can only speculate, but those … Aaron described an evolutionary curriculum whereby there are dimensions beyond our own, where the soul progresses beyond this Earth illusion, where we very much seem to be separated from the truth. Those of higher densities look back on this planet and see our system-wide sorrow… I love history, just conventional history, and when you dig into history and look at it, you realize what a brutal experience this has been, how horrible we have generally been on this planet to one another. Indeed, Ra says that the difficulty with this planet is that people remain unpolarized, blindly repeating patterns again and again, not choosing service-to-others or service-to-self, in fact.

So, I was talking about suffering. There’s a lot of it, it’s a very hard place to be, this world, and there’s much misery, much confusion, and much ignorance, so those in the higher densities, those who have polarized positively, look back upon this sorrow and want to offer service, want to help. Some are constantly beaming love and light to us on this planet, that is their service. Some, like Ra, are offering their information through channels on Earth, whereby they can be asked, whereby they can share their philosophy of cosmic unity. But many of these higher density beings decide that the best way, the most powerful way that they can be of service to us here on planet Earth is to incarnate as a human. Ra has a term for this class of beings—they call them “wanderers”.

They leave their home density and they’re born here, and part of the contract is that they must forget who they are, where they came from, and what they knew. They become completely human in mind and body, and most do not remember throughout their whole incarnation. Most may have this little sense that something about them may be different (and of course, we are all different, and to feel that doesn’t mean that you’re a wanderer), but many have this little spark inside and we find at L/L Research that those who resonate with this philosophy, those who find that it makes any sort of sense are, by far and large, people who consider themselves wanderers.

It’s one of the most fascinating things in my work to L/L Research to cross paths with these people, because some people I find, it wasn’t true in my case, but are born with memories of having off-planet origins. Some people, through past life regressions, find that they had a home, they had a world elsewhere. So, they come here to, what Ra calls, lighten the planetary vibration. All that suffering that I described, all the darkness, all the pain and all the mistreatment of one another creates a very heavy, dark vibration around this planet, and what is the antidote, you might say, to darkness, but love, but opening the heart, but basic human compassion and kindness. One doesn’t need to be a world savior to save the world.

So, the wanderer, the core hope of the wanderer is that they will be born to Earth and remember, at least, that they are here to serve as beacons of love and light. This doesn’t have to translate to any special service, one doesn’t have to be known, or famous or do anything in particular except open the heart. This act of opening the heart creates an energetic radiation that literally, like a lighthouse in the darkness, begins to lighten Planet Earth, and the more lighthouses, the lighter the planet, the more that the environment itself changes through this opening of the heart—and that’s the overriding function of the wanderer.

To awaken to a wanderer identity, then, is not something that elevates the self as being better. I never see this with this community. People don’t walk around with t-shirts saying, “I’m a wanderer, you’re not.” And especially, because it would be met with ridicule in most circles to say, “my soul comes from another planet, I’m not from here.” So, it’s not an ego enhancing thing. What it does is it underlines for that soul that their primary purpose of being here on this Earth is to serve, to serve others, through love, through light.

Ra says that many who are wanderers experience a severe case of alienation. Not only do they feel different from others, but they feel like, “What the f*** is this place, I don’t belong here, this world is insane, how do I adapt, how do I survive, how do I make my way here?” And that variance between—they came from a world where love was literally visible, where they, as individuals, shared their mind in a social memory complex, they were aware of the thoughts of their community and vice versa, and they lived a life of love every day, and to come here where love is so not only absent, but abused, that variance between home and here can create not only a longing, but can lead to people winding up in mental institutions, too. So, one of the aids of discovering that one is a wanderer is that it helps to bring a perspective and an order to the life that was previously unavailable. Back to you.

Ra was asked how many wanderers were here in the 80s, and it was upwards of 60 million. I personally think there’s probably a lot more than that here now, maybe 100 million, or something like that. There may be one in one hundred people, is that how it works out? I can’t do the math right now, but there’s lots of them here, and that’s an interesting thing to contemplate.

So that completes the cosmic curriculum portion. We’re on to the final part. How is everyone doing? This is a lot of information. Keep going? Okay, so Part 3, the Path. So, we going to try to get in to some pieces of what it means to be an incarnate human on the planet right now, and some of the aspects of the spiritual path. So, from the macro to the micro, or to at least where we’re at right now.

So, typically, we refer to ourselves as people. Ra prefers to call, instead of people, Ra uses the term mind/body/spirit complex, and it’s a more specific and precise term for an individual, or a human, or a person, because it presences the fact that we’re made up of these three primary aspects of self: the body, in and of itself is a complex, made up of all these cells and systems and organs; the mind, which, of course, is incredibly multifaceted and complex; and the spirit, which itself is complex. So there’s three nested complexes make up this overall complex which Ra calls the mind/body/spirit complex, which is helpful in terms of specificity and clarity, but in terms of reading this material, it can be a chore, because some of the sentences—there’s all this language, like we would just say person, and Ra says mind/body/spirit complex, so there’s all these ways that for some people it’s difficult to access the language of the material, and this is one of those places.

The body complex is made up of matter and creates our physical vehicle; the mind complex is made up of a hierarchy of rational and intuitive faculties, this is the two halves of mind; and the spirit complex serves as a shuttle or channel between the self and infinity, so the spirit is basically the cord, or basically that which connects us back to the core of the universe, the core of the one thing, and it never leaves us and that is what we know of as our spirit complex.

Do you think he’s implying that intuition is based solely on mental capacity or ability… [inaudible]

No, not necessarily, there is sort of an intelligence built into each of those three levels—I was just presenting it as a way to make up the wholeness of our mental capacities, it has two sides to it, it has sort of the rational figured out, scientific side, and it also has intuitive, and the balance of those two is important, is all I was trying to get at there.

And then within this mind/body/spirit complex that makes up us as people, there’s the chakra system, or the human energetic system. Now this is something that is presented in many spiritual systems, or esoteric systems, the chakra system, the oldest that I know of is the Vedic system from India, and the system that Ra teaches is very similar to that. There’s these seven energetic centers to us, and that each center has a color quality to it, and if you remember the seven densities, and now we’re talking about seven chakras, and so there’s this resonance, there’s this nested sevens showing up again. The seven chakras—each chakra is an energetic gate, or energetic node, from red to violet, from root to crown, and each of these gates is a portal through which the universal energy that brings life to us, that keeps us alive, that brings vital energy through us, flows. And everything we experience has the capacity to go through each of these gates and be integrated, to be understood, to be assimilated into our sense of self, and they basically map out these seven stations of our sense of self from survival sense in the root, to a God-self at the crown.

So, just briefly, the first chakra is the Earth or Malkuth, the red ray, and it’s the foundation and it’s about survival; the second chakra is the sacral, and it’s our personal sense of self, it’s our sense of emotions, and its our one-on-one relating sense, and that’s the orange ray; the yellow ray is the solar plexus, the third chakra, and it is about notions of our sense of self relating to our tribe, our social sphere, our civilization within which we’re nested; and the fourth chakra is heart, and the green ray complex has to do with universal love and compassion; the fifth chakra is about truth and communication, it is the blue ray; the sixth is the gateway center, it’s indigo, and it’s sort of the gateway to our connection with infinity, and it’s the place of working of the spiritual adept, advanced work; and the seventh chakra is intelligent infinity, at the seventh chakra, that’s where we’re connected always with intelligent infinity, or the Creator.

A couple of quick thoughts to the chakras, two take-aways from it include one, through our chakras we are channels, each of us are channels for the love and the light of the Creator, so the more that we can unblock and balance and open our chakras, the more that that white light comes through us, and radiates outward into the world. It doesn’t come from us, per se, it doesn’t come from our personality, but through us. We each become window panes to infinity the more that we do self-work, so in that sense self-work is world-work—to tend to yourself, and love yourself, and clear out the chakras. And the other thing is, as Aaron was describing, up here we each have connection to the Creator. Through this gateway is the conduit. The Creator isn’t out there, and isn’t in this philosophy, it isn’t in our words, but it’s right here within us, through development and work in consciousness, Ra calls it disciplined work in consciousness, over time. Awakenings can happen by who knows what means, sometimes it happens accidentally, but through our own will and faith we have the capacity to open this, open the gateway, and experience oneness with the Creator, and to experience oneness with all things.

[To Aaron:] We are at 10 right now, and what I propose is reading the poker metaphor and the exercises and then opening to questions. Do you want to do that? Okay. I’ll read the poker one and you do the questions? Okay, I’ve got it here.

We have 20 minutes left and we want to open this to questions, especially as your brains are probably hurting at this point, if you’ve tried to soak this in. My brain hurts just speaking it. So, we have two key quotes we want to read, and they both speak to seeking the Creator and opening the heart. And this answer from Ra comes because Don said, “Why do we need to forget in this dimension? Why are we born and we have this veil that separates us from our past lives—from the particular lessons we wanted to learn in this life, from the unity of the Creator itself, why are we born and we forget so much?” And Ra uses a metaphor to explain it this way. This metaphor not only speaks to the forgetting but speaks to the centrality of love in this experience and really in any experience. Ra says:

“Let us give the example of the man who sees all the poker hands. He then knows the game. It is but child’s play to gamble, for it is no risk. The other hands are known. The possibilities are known, and the hand will be played correctly, but with no interest. In time/space, (means on the other side of the veil where we go when we release these physical bodies), in time/space, and in fourth density, the next density, the hands of all are open to the eye, the thoughts, the feelings, the troubles, all these may be seen. There is no deception, and no desire for deception, thus, much may be accomplished in harmony, but the mind/body/spirit gains little polarity from this interaction.

Let us reexamine this metaphor and multiply it into the longest poker game you can imagine—a lifetime. The cards are love, dislike, limitation, unhappiness, pleasure, etc., They are dealt and redealt and redealt continuously. You may, during this incarnation, begin and we stress, begin, to know your own cards. You may begin to find the love within you. You may begin to balance your pleasure, your limitations, etc. However, you’re only indication of other selves’ cards, is to look into the eyes. You cannot remember your hand, their hand, perhaps even the rules of this game.

This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love, can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all, upon the table, face-up, and say, inwardly, all of you players, each other self, whatever your hand, I love you. This is the game. To know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love. This cannot be done without the forgetting, for it would carry no weight in the life of the mind/body/spirit complex totality.“ #50.7

One more quote, and we’ll open it up for Q&A.

Okay, a final quote. This comes from Session 20, and I’ll just read it. Ra gives four exercises for the spiritual seeker:

“Exercise 1—this is the most nearly centered and usable within your illusion complex. The moment contains love. That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously seek that love and awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking powers the second. The fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self, of the desire to seek love, is so central an act of will, that as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.”

“Exercise 2—the universe is one being. When a mind/body/spirit complex views another mind/body/spirit complex, see the Creator. This is a helpful exercise.”

“Exercise 3—Gaze within a mirror, see the Creator.”

“Exercise 4—Gaze at the creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity. See the Creator. The foundation or prerequisite of these exercises is a predilection towards what would be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and enobling the body, and touching the spirit.” #10.14

Is that fellow here who asked the question previously about love is an illusion?

I don’t think so.

[Inaudible] has a lot to do with Jungian philosophy about shadow self and how we have to integrate our shadow selves properly [inaudible] so it doesn’t destroy us.

You were describing that you’re researching Jungian philosophy, which is, yeah, I barely touched into that, but it’s so good, everything I hear about integrating the shadow. And that is another lens through which to see the spiritual journey itself, is becoming increasingly conscious—conscious of that which is unconscious, because there’s conscious, there’s what you’re aware of, and then there’s everything else that you’re unconscious of, and through what Ra calls “self-knowing” and “self-accepting” one makes conscious that which is unconscious, and the two polarities that we described earlier have two divergent relationships to the unconscious. The positive polarity seeks to love that which is unconscious and bring it integrated into the self, which is conscious, whereas the negative polarity seeks to dominate, even the self. The negative polarity, the first separation in the negative polarity is of self from the self. They seek to dominate the conscious mind of the negative polarity seeks to dominate and control their own selves, as interesting as that sounds.

The question is, how does the Law of One apply to polarity, because initially you talked about how the basis of the Law of One is that there is no right or wrong, but then you went on to speak quite extensively about polarity. So how does…

Right, So, the question is how does the Law of One relate to polarity, and you were talking about the Hermetic tradition, the polarity in terms of the Hermetic tradition?

In terms of what you discussed earlier and how [inaudible].

Right. So, what we have there is a paradox. How is there oneness, and how is there also duality? And, I think in the very first quote I gave about Ra, they said that for them the paradoxes are resolved. So, by sixth density, these sorts of things—the paradox of unity and duality somehow, that particular mystery has been pierced and resolved, but from where we’re at, it tends—a paradox is something that, two truths that co-exist that contradict each other, and that’s what we have there. How is there unity and also polarity? So, this is a bit of a paradox, and that’s a theme that runs throughout the Law of One, that is—grappling with that paradox is what gives purchase into insight, deep insight into our own condition. It’s a deep question. Do you have any more thoughts to add to that?

No, that was great, thank you.

Is that helpful?

In a sense what it’s really saying is that exploration of the polarity that eventually leads to the oneness [inaudible] So, it’s [inaudible] exploration—you have the polarity, darkness and light, ultimately without light you don’t have darkness and without darkness you don’t have light, right? So, there is polarity, but ultimately what you’re saying is that as we evolve, that’s where the Law of One [inaudible] we become aware of our oneness and that polarity, what, does it cease to exist, or does it simply become a vehicle for us to explore that oneness?

Yeah, so polarity drives all of the manifestation—that primary quality of positive and negative polarity drives all of the capacity for there to be a creation is necessitated by these polarities. But, as we travel the journey to waking up to what’s really going on, it’s this sort of field within which we play to discover the truth of unity, so, I think that we just penetrate deeper and deeper levels of knowing that truth, yeah.

So, you asked what was the end of polarity, and according to Ra, sixth density—we’re in third, right now, and there’s fourth and fifth, and those beings who reach sixth density abandon polarity, and sixth density is where they merge again. Service-to-self and service-to-others release their polarity and become one. I think beyond that point there may be, Ra says essentially it’s impossible to describe these densities once you get up that high, but there may be no polarity whatsoever, no male and female, no here or there, no space or time and so forth.

I was curious how you came to the number of 100 million wanderers. If there are so few of them, how would they feel safe speaking to that and not live in fear constantly?

Initially the number Ra gave was 65 million, and actually I didn’t tell you, but there was a channeling recently—L/L Research has continued channeling uninterruptedly from the late 60s until today, but conscious channeling. It was just the Ra contact where there was a special subset where the instrument was unconscious—So, in a recent channeling, that question was asked. How many wanderers are there on Earth today? And the number that the source gave, which this source is called Q’uo, said there are 500 million wanderers, and 500 million dual-activated beings. And Ra said there were basically these pioneers or forerunners here that have transitional bodies between third and fourth density, and there’s another half a million of those too. But, to answer your second question, which was the more important: How does one feel safe in the identity of the wanderer?

I don’t think it’s important to broadcast it if one feels that one is a wanderer. I don’t think its essential to the service. To serve others involves the qualities of love and compassion, and love and light, and that necessarily involves respecting the reality of others, and finding through empathy and through deep listening finding out what it is you can do for them that is of most service. And for most people they don’t want to hear about one’s soul’s off-planetary origins. So how does one feel safe? With inner surety and inner peace of one’s wanderer identity. Coming to terms with it oneself, I would say. Does that help at all?

Is there a specification anywhere that wanderers could be animals?

She asked is it possible for wanderers to be animals? That topic has never been spoken to. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. I think it would be pretty cool if you were a higher density entity and incarnate as an eagle.

I feel like my cats are interesting beings.

She said her cats are very interesting beings, and that you suspect that they might be wandering souls here to share love and light here on Earth. Yeah, that could very well be possible. One quick note about cats, just as Ra said there are densities above our own, Ra said there are densities below our own, and second density as Aaron described, is the density of bacterial and microscopic life at the lower end, and advanced plant and animal life at the higher end. And Ra says that through a process that they call “investment” as happens with pets, that through interaction with third density entities, that pets can become increasingly self-aware so that they reach the point of their own graduation, and they can activate their own heart chakra and begin … the activation of self-awareness for the second density entity is what graduates them to our own density, so that they become humans, essentially. Every third density entity came through second density.

In our study group we have a bit of an ongoing—I won’t call it a disagreement, but there are a lot of people who believe that there are animals on the planet who came from off world who are beyond third density, especially like the cetaceans, the whales and dolphins, so it’s a big question.

One thing you spoke to was wanderers being alienated, the sense of alienation. Is it because they push edges because they’re coming back and they’re remembering, “Oh man, a lot of people are stuck in this way, and I don’t know, but I’m going to push these edges”, and therefore there’s going to be some alienation, right. Like it’s a process of pushing the edge of consciousness in some way that you’re going to be alienated. I guess that’s what I tie the alienation to. And then there’s the second part—if coming back might mean that we might be lost forever, is there an agenda in coming back other than lightening the load of the consciousness that’s here, but is there, like “Oh, there’s a real possibility,” and this is why people are coming back? And otherwise we’d just sink into the darkness?

Yeah, so to the second point, there is a possibility of becoming karmically entangled with a planetary collective and then traveling on once the planetary completes its journey, remaining a part of the planetary collective, but for most wanderers, when harvest takes place, they are able to return to their home density, but if a wanderer doesn’t wake up sufficiently, or acts in a way that creates significant karmic ties to the place where they’re incarnating, they may become embroiled in the planetary collective, the planetary self, and then travel on with that planetary collective.

In terms of your first question, in my experience, a lot of wanderers, I can’t say I know for sure, but people who I have considered, “Wow, if there’s anybody who fits the qualities of what Ra describes as a wanderer” it has more to do with just the contrast to being young humans and just having this, “Oh my God, what are you doing? Why are you doing that to each other” sort of thing, alienation coming from a root sense of not getting why people act the way that they do, and not understanding why aren’t we just loving each other, why are we being so mean. And then I think the kind of wanderer that you’re talking about may be more of a maverick type that comes in with a particular set of specific qualities to seed as a maverick, as a front runner to bring a certain flavor to the planet, and that’s a kind of different mission as a wanderer.

And either way, I just want to tag onto that, it seems like learning the tools therein to either push those edges or “what the f*** is everyone doing here,” oh, I see why through communication and people are really hurting, learning about NVC for instance, right? Yeah, getting to have an understanding of why or what is happening. Yeah, so a suggestion in some way of the alienation, learning why it’s happening.

That’s right, empathy, compassion. Three minutes left. I’m going to offer up again, if anyone wants to get on a mailing list, and get some more information about the Law of One, and/or The Law of One Study Group, this is available right here leaning against that post.

Any other questions?

I’m just going speak to your question, like a wanderer potentially might come here because the human experience beyond the suffering that we experience here is incredible, and its very unique to this planet, and that experience is quickly being potentially extinguished by the actions of those who have not woken up. So that’s part of why they’re here as well.

Yes, that’s a great point you make actually. From what Ra describes there’s actually a [great number of] souls wanting to come and incarnate on Earth at this time because it’s so vivid, it’s so intense, there’s so much opportunity for … if you’re a positively polarized being, and your heart is driven to offer service and love, this is a great place to do it, and the amount of work that can be done in polarizing consciousness in third density is much greater than in higher densities. In the higher densities it gets drawn out. It’s much more subtle, it’s much slower, it’s much deeper, but in terms of rapidly working through catalyst and working through soul lessons, coming and incarnating, the opportunities here are immense, so there’s a lot of beings who actually are wanting to come and be here. It is seen as a privilege to be incarnated here, so we can all thank our lucky stars that we’re here together, waking up, sharing love.

[many people talking and laughing]

Can you guest-list me to Earth, right now? Get me on the list?

B.J Can you comment on making good use of catalyst?

Oh, we didn’t cover catalyst. So, do you want to make the comment about making good use of catalyst?

B.J I’m in the Law of One study group, so I’ve been reading a little bit also. A helpful summary for me as it pertains to my life of the material, is to make good use of catalyst. We’re here for the catalyst, which is the challenge, the adversity, and why it seems like I’m here is to love through that. It’s like Earth boot camp. We’re getting strong, we’re making the choice, either service-to-self or service-to-other, so we have the opportunity to make that strong choice.

Thanks B.J. for being here.


  1. The essential question seems to be “Does distortion equal illusion?” We don’t have a definitive answer for that, especially as, it may be a game of semantics when in the realm of the cosmic genesis of the Law of One, but it would seem that the Primal Distortions (Free Will, Love, Light) are not in and of themselves illusions, per se. Rather, we might reserve the term “illusion” for that which transpires after Love and Light, using Free Will, creates the manifest universe. In the illusion of the manifest universe, entities have the illusory experience of being entities, of being, to some degree or another, separated from each other and the oneness of all life