Group Question: How can the seeker can find inspiration, information, and confirmation from inner guides?

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each once again in love and in light. We thank you, my friends, for inviting us to your circle this afternoon that we may aid those who wish to improve their channeling to do so, in a manner which is freely given, accepted, and practiced, each with the other in support of all.

We search this instrument’s mind and discover that it is uncertain of the query that was asked earlier, and so it has fashioned that which is its best approximation. It wishes us to offer apologies if the approximation falls short of that which was desired.

The query that we have found within this instrument’s mind is how the seeker of truth can find inspiration and information and confirmation from the inner realms, from the spiritual guides and teachers that each has attracted to it in this incarnation. This is a query which each of you is most familiar with in that each has called upon these inner resources many times within the conscious seeking portion of your own spiritual journeys, for to the conscious seeker of truth it is soon apparent that there is much doubt and confusion within this third-density illusion. There is much of what you would call “misinformation” regarding how the life should be lived, or could be lived, in a manner in which the spiritual facets are enhanced and the mundane world is used as grist for the mill, shall we say.

Each of you has a number of inner resources upon which to call. You have guides, you have your higher self, you have those loved ones who have passed into the realms of the spirit which are yet hovering about you, offering their assistance in whatever manner may be perceived, whether a hunch, intuition, a coincidence, or perhaps even a vision; and there are those inner planes teachers that are drawn to each seeker of truth according to the nature of the seeker’s pursuit of that truth, for there are many ways in your third-density illusion to pursue this seeking of what you call the truth. Indeed, whether you label your manner of seeking one way or another, you follow that path in a way which is unique to you, whether you be Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Native American, or whatever, there are no two entities within this infinite creation who are the same. Each perceives in a different way—sometimes subtly, sometimes significantly.

Thus, we encourage each seeker to rely upon those inner resources in times of prayer, in times of meditation, in times of contemplation, in times of extreme need. A simple prayer of Jesus was one used by this instrument’s mate many times, as she was of the Christian persuasion in the mystical nature.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument. To continue our discussion of those inner resources upon which one may call as a source of inspiration and a source of direction to some extent as you proceed through your daily round of activities in the process of living a life in which seeking the truth is a major part. Now, as you gaze within, you will find that resources you may have available to you are legion, and quite, quite, diverse. We are, as we speak, such a resource, but you will note that it is a part of the protocol of these sessions that you are taught to challenge the contact. Now, to challenge the contact suggests that there may be a certain degree of mistrust or dis-ease with regard to the resource that you are calling upon, and we would say that this dis-ease is not entirely ungrounded, for you are enjoying a type of experience in which the sense of separation of you as an individual from all else is quite profound, and within the framework of the life experience which you enjoy it is possible that certain voices, shall we say, should rise up from within with a commanding tone that is not completely healthy for the seeker to embrace. And so, it is useful to exercise discrimination in determining which of those inner resources you will allow to come through.

We would say that in order to discover what you find to be consummate with what you take to be the highest and best energy you may sustain, it is well for you to ask a simple question beforehand, and that question is “Who am I?” If I am one who will embrace any voice that may rise to attention from within, I am one who risks being torn asunder from within; but if I am one who has tied the knot, shall we say, in the thread of meaning, so that as I wend my way through the life experience, again and again I can return to that fundamental sense of commitment to which I have decided I am bound. This refine is an essential portion of the kind of seeking you are engaged with, and it is something that you do well to keep in mind. Having said that, we will also say that this process of asserting who you are is itself fraught with difficulty, which we may describe as the problem of self-doubt. Doubting the self is an experience which tends to shake to the core that commitment which, in happier times, can be said to issue forth in a clear and concise declaration of who I am. When I doubt myself, that clarity seems to be hard to come by. We will pursue this question of the problem of doubt further, if we may, by transferring the contact to the one known as Gary. I am Laitos.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos, and we thank this instrument for what he felt was a good measure in challenging us again. This is not yet a process with which he feels comfortable, despite the optimism going into this channeling circle.

The nature of doubt is such that a contraction develops around the self as it experiences life on your planet, for you see, very few stimulus that you meet in your daily round of activities will affirm for you who and what you are. Rather what speaks to you in your world is the voice of illusion, an illusion that seems to tell you that you are this thing or that thing, that you are not brother or sister to your fellow beings, that you must first achieve certain conditions, gain certain things, that there is something missing to you or incomplete or partial. This illusion is pretty successful, we might say, in bombarding you and inundating you in an ocean of such information such that it is almost a permanent hypnosis, a permanent state of delusion about yourself.

You take in these voices, and this instrument, seeming to participate in this stream, asks that we say also that you give out this voice as well, being not a passive victim, but a perpetuator of such illusion. That is, insofar as you identify with the illusion, your voice and the voices of those in your planetary population tend to emphasize that which is not. And into this matrix you are born, and without the seeming support from outside of yourself, reminding you of who and what you are, you must, through whatever mysterious process unfolds for you, awaken that spark within. Something alights within you, something calls, something suggests that what you had learned up to the point of this awakening may be less than the total truth.

This instrument is feeling unsatisfied with the direction that he feels the thread regarding doubt, [that it] was not successfully mined to his standards. He looks forward to further practice and asks that the contact be now transferred to the one known as J1.

(J1 channeling)

We are Laitos, and are with this instrument. We are concerned with the contact with this instrument. We ask a moment to deepen the contact. [Pause.] We are again with this instrument and believe we can speak to the character of the conversation that interests you this afternoon. We ask this instrument to maintain vigilance for energy levels. Embarking on incarnation is fraught from the point of view of the incarnate. There are many threads to follow, and one cannot always satisfactorily follow each and every one in the course of a lifetime, let alone in a day. Look to your levels of inspiration. Maintain an awareness of your perception of truth. Reflections abound. Each one is both true and an illusion. The easy answers have already been given long ago at this point in your journey. Basically, we ask you to care more, invest more deeply in the project of your life. However, mastery will not be your lot, for it is not the role of third density to afford that. Trust in the self, in the basic goodness of the self, the ultimate nature of your being is, therefore, all the more urgently required, and you have help achieving a calm and a collectedness so that you can assist others.

At this time, we feel we have been able to transmit more than this instrument thought capable, and can safely leave him, moving to the fresh inspiration of the one known as J2. With gratitude to all here, we are those of Laitos. Peace.

(J2 channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We are delighted to speak on the subject of inspiration, and we would like to inspire you with three ways if you are feeling doubt, to reach out and set your intentions for inspiration. We are showing this instrument a starlike shape with three points. Within one point we show this instrument your human ability to meditate, and within meditation and the sense of how you might say, clearing your mind, you are better able to reach the ethers for inspiration and ideas and the energies that are around you. It is similar to, in your world, a radar. Set your intentions and you can receive the inspiration that you need, that will be most helpful to you.

Within the next point of this star is nature. When you sit in nature, when you walk in nature, you can enjoy the sounds and the fresh air. Breathe deep. Inspiration is all around you. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Inspiration is all around you.

On the third point of the star, we ask that you listen closely to your friends, and even strangers, that may speak to you. Set your intentions that you would like inspiration and it will come from the mouths of those you hear. Pay close attention, and you might find it quite surprising to hear the things that you needed to hear. We ask that you use this inspiration to manifest the things you need, and hopefully for service to others, as we know you are all—have such good hearts and intentions to do so, and we thank you for the service you give, and we thank you for giving us the chance to inspire you today.

We leave this instrument and pass the contact to the one known as T. We are Laitos.

(T channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and this search of inspiration is a two-way road today. We see you seeking inspiration and we receive inspiration from you. We are truly grateful for your efforts. The experience of the wanderer or the spiritual [path] can be very dark at times, lonely, divided. Inspiration is the fuel to help you upon your spiritual path. The beauty of existence is that inspiration is in every atom and molecule, and every entity, no matter how small or large—the inspiration is there in that it is part of you and you are part of it. Everything is divine and interconnected because you are part of it and it is part of you. Know that while you have experienced darkness, there is light in that darkness, under that darkness, around that darkness. When one finds themselves uninspired or lost, one can take a deep breath and a step back, remembering that all of this is perfect and as it should be. While things may be uncomfortable, while things may be unfortunate or seem dire, that is fuel and catalyst for growth, knowing that this, all of this, every experience, every other self is a part of you and meant to help you grow. Let that inspire you. Let that afford you the energy, the strength, the will to continue on your spiritual path.

This instrument apologizes, for this instrument is feeling slightly fatigued. We will now leave this instrument and go to the one known as Austin. We are those of Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We have discussed means and methods for seeking inspiration within your experience. We suggest to you that these are technique and clothing of the heart of that which you seek. The method is but a manifestation of the will to find inspiration, and to channel inspiration, and it is through this inspiration that you seek that the great number of allies and friends may offer their service to you from those unseen realms—unseen, yet permeating all about you. When you declare to the Creator and to yourself the desire to find inspiration in your moment, through whatever method you find most effective for your particular configuration, the call rings out throughout the universe and a choir sings with joy at this call. Having opened yourself to receive and manifest inspiration, you will find that you may connect with those who have responded to your call.

When you find this call weakened by doubt of the self, doubt of your own power, the doubt of your own worthiness, we suggest not to bury the doubt, to fight it—rather, not to fight it—but to approach it. What may seem as darkness is as the night, and as your eyes adjust to the night, they will adjust to the darkness of this doubt, and as more stars appear in the nighttime, as you grow accustomed to the darkness, so will the stars of faith and inspiration appear within the darkness of doubt. The simple act of turning the head upwards, pointing the eyes toward the sky, and trusting that there is the star that will guide you. This act will build upon itself, for each moment that you seek this star until eventually you will find yourself, once again, amid the vivid brightness of daytime, with inspiration readily available everywhere that you look.

At this time, we leave this instrument and return to the one known as Jim. We are Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument once again. My friends, we are filled with joy at the progress that each instrument has made this afternoon. We have been with each most closely, and have monitored the energies within each, and though there has been some physical energy deficit noticed here and there, a weariness of the body, yet there has been a sharpness of the mind, and a willingness of the spirit that has more than made up for these deficits. We thank you for your conscientiousness, for your dedication and for all the work that you have done in the previous weekend sessions that have brought you to this point. We are very grateful to have been part of this process and shall look forward to continuing this weekend, to move forward with each entity, for it is the One Creator within each that we seek to discover, reveal, and share with all, for the One Creator who has made us all awaits within, and moves as called, to inspire each in the journey of seeking to returning homeward from thence it has come.

We shall, at this time, take our leave of this instrument, thanking each, as always, for inviting our presence. We are those of Laitos. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.