Group Question: How to deal with our weaknesses?

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. We greet you, my friends, in love and light this morning. What a joy to be with you once again. You do us a great honor by inviting our presence at each of your gatherings. We have long worked for the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator in a capacity of training those, who, like you, would like to become instruments to share the philosophy of the Confederation. The description of that one Great Original Thought of the Infinite Creator of how we are all part of that Creator, and how we all have access to that love and light with which the Creator has made all that there is.

This morning, we are aware that you have the desire to speak upon the topic of how you might deal with what you call your “weaknesses.” We believe that this is also a very interesting topic, for weaknesses are not always what they appear to be, and we would recommend that each within the circle of seeking prepare to look at the concept of “weaknesses” as those areas within your own mind/body/spirit complex which are potentially strengths. Each weakness has the opportunity and the potential to make you stronger in that area, for as a weakness, it stands out and gets your attention that you might focus upon it in a manner that will change it dramatically, for each strength that you have, my friends, was also once a weakness, and may be utilized in another fashion to help you progress upon your spiritual journey. Know, then, that neither weakness nor strength is by accident, a carelessness, or any kind of happenstance whatsoever. These are areas that you have carefully chosen to work on, and these are areas which are key to your movement forward in your polarization process.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos. We are with this instrument. Having set the basic approach, which we would like to take in regard to this question of dealing with what you perceive to be your weaknesses, we would now like to set this in a context through this instrument, and we would begin by suggesting that you contemplate once again, as we often do, the central question of who you are. Now, to some extent, this is a rather obvious answer that comes to you as being already provided, for you know that you have certain characteristics, that you belong to certain groups, that you have a certain history, and so on and so forth. However, there have been many times in your own life experience, when you can be surprised by a response, and discover that there seems to be, within you, another possible answer to that question, who, that you might have suspected, and indeed, each here recognizes that the pattern of spiritual evolution involves many, many incarnations, and that with regard to all of these incarnations, there could very easily be a different answer to the question of the who.

Now, as you come forth into this incarnation, you do so with a set of dispositions in place. To some extent, these dispositions can be reflected in what you call your astrology. To some extent, they could be reflected in what you call your genetic endowment. And to some extent, they are also reflected in areas that are not covered by either of these two sets of considerations, and within these dispositions, there can said to be both strengths and weaknesses, and we would stress again that strengths and weaknesses can each also be manifest as its opposite.

So, with that thought firmly held in place, we would invite you to consider that the process of incarnation can be seen as an activity of working with a microscope. That is to say that certain facets of personality are taken to be principle subjects of interest, or subjects of possible service in the course of an incarnative experience. This can mean that certain dispositions are exaggerated. Now, to some extent, that exaggeration may well reflect a condition of the mind/body/spirit complex that has been discovered to be deficient and, therefore, a weakness. However, it may not be anywhere near the weakness that it appears to be, as you find it functioning as a disposition in this life. We say, therefore, that there is this magnifying emphasis that takes place through the process of incarnation.

Now, that is, in some cases, a source of difficulty for one finds oneself overwhelmed by an exaggerated facet of the personality, but, when you recognized that there is a deeper level of the personality that is much more in balance, you can begin to see that by retreating to this deeper level of the personality, you find resources, or balanced resources, we would say, that enable you to move into the exaggerated area you consider to be weakness and to begin to bring that into harmony with the deeper portions of the self. The deeper portions of the self, in fact, can often go deeper than the individuated being you think yourself to be. And so, it might also be the case, we would suggest to you, that there could be a disposition, for example, to aggression within a social energy complex that you have volunteered to participate in. Now it may be that in the process of your own evolution, you did not feel such a disposition to aggression, but have taken it on for purposes of assisting in the evolutionary process of the social energy complex you now participate in. So, that is good work, that is service, we would suggest to you, and it is the portion, then, of your responsibility in this life to balance that which you now regard as a weakness, by taking it to a place within yourself where it may be brought into a more desired configuration.

There is much more that we might deal with in a more particular way with regard to this subject, but we feel we have said enough, through this instrument, and would, at this time transfer to the one known as J1. I am Laitos.

(J1 channeling)

We are Laitos, and are with this instrument at this time. We will continue on this topic. One of the keys to the mystery of weakness, how it interplays with any dramas of your life experience, is this crucial topic of desire, for it is in relation to weakness that a desire can manifest and bring itself to the fore. You must remember how important desire is. It draws you along on your spiritual path. It unclouds what sometimes cannot be seen clearly. It places your being in a broader context, a longer timeframe, and the position that you occupy, the limitations with which you deal as an incarnate being, are bolstered, accentuated, and blessed, believe it or not, by your ability to acknowledge the temporary disunity embodied in weakness. You are here to do work, but identifying the work can be a challenge if there is not some temporary, or we should say, attenuated grasp of that which is to be accomplished, of that which, in your limited focused awareness, is to be strived towards. This is why, in part, you are afforded experience in intervals that you call lifetimes.

You are in a class, the class has a topic, there are many capacities that you bring to bear when you arrive at class, but they are nevertheless topics of study, and your orientation towards the task of study is rounded out by all of the other aspects of yourself, that perhaps you are more in balance with. So, we impress upon you the need to ground your grasp of your weaknesses, your grasp of your strengths, those characteristics that seem neutral, those characteristics that you have not been able to put your finger upon yet, in short, the totality of yourself. You will always work better with your weaknesses when you accept them in precisely the same way that you accept all other aspects of yourself, and this is a component of the balance that you are seeking to achieve so that you can bring your full self as creator into the next stage of your evolution.

We are so proud of how you have dealt with those things that are easy to despair of. At this time, we feel we can pass the baton to the one known as Gary. We are Laitos.

(Gary channeling)

Greetings. We are those known to you as Laitos, and we wish to thank the instrument known as Jeremy and all gathered here this morning, as we attempt to exercise your channels. This topic of weakness has many entry points, and we would choose, through this instrument, to examine that aspect of this instrument’s attempts to walk off that proverbial cliff.

As indicated through previous instruments, weakness can be, and is, a teaching tool. You will find that your lessons are packed or encoded in what you consider to be your weaknesses. They highlight for you where you will find your incarnational work as they call your attention to be placed upon them. These patterns in your energy system—why would the seeker consider these energy configurations to be weaknesses? Is it because they are uncomfortable, undesirable? Is it because they do not match the image of the self that the self holds for oneself? Weaknesses reveal. Weaknesses are your explorations into the many, many facets of your identity and multi-incarnational, and shall we say multi-density journey. They take you to places beyond your comfort zone without which you might be content with an image of self that is true only to a limited extent, but begins to deepen and broaden when so-called weaknesses become part of the tapestry of self. Your weaknesses might also be called gifts, for hidden within them are—as this instrument informs us that we are repeating ourselves—as they contain your lessons. But, we are attempting just to keep this instrument’s beacon—so that as the coyote continues over the cliff without looking down, the weakness gives one a direction.

We feel this instrument’s natural proclivities to be resisting and constricting this contact. The thread becomes lost, but he persists, and he has opted at this time to release this contact with gratitude for all gathered, and transfer to the instrument known as J2. We are those of Laitos.

(J2 channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We show this instrument an image of the earth with human hands all around it.

We suggest to you that you are living in this third-density illusion as the Creator. There are no mistakes here, my friends. It is all perfection. Your strengths and weaknesses are all part of the Creator, and you may be learning from these things. We would like to suggest to you and help you realize that we are all learning and we are so thankful for your bravery in this illusion, and we appreciate that the awareness on Earth has grown of your own strengths and weaknesses, and as you grow, as you become aware, we are excited to say that the consciousness of your planet grows.

We show this instrument a rock, and the rock is very strong, but within the rock there are veins of another type of rock that run through it, very small veins, and though the rock appears very strong, it has its weaknesses through these veins. Over time, this rock breaks down, piece by piece. This is a beautiful thing. We would like to suggest that it is an opportunity to create something else. Everything is in constant motion on your Earth, and it is always rebuilding itself after it breaks down, and we congratulate you for moving forward and in your awareness, and continuing your work and diligence of this process of becoming aware of your weaknesses, and allowing the breaking down and the rebuilding, and your growth, and we congratulate you, and we thank you, for this helps us grow as well. We always thank the Creator giving us this opportunity for immense growth. And we pass this contact to the one known as T. We are Laitos.

(T channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with this instrument now. Imagine, if you will, that you are standing outside in the sun. No obstacles around you—just you. You look below and you see your shadow. Imagine that that shadow [is] all of your so-called weaknesses. They follow you. They interfere with the way you relate to what is around you. They color your scenery. They are seemingly attached to you, mimicking you. But remember that how you stand in the light, how you accept that light, affects the magnitude of that shadow. To fully embrace oneself in the light, to stand straight, owning your strengths and owning your weaknesses, causes that shadow to become small, allowing yourself to recognize those weaknesses and see them as you have heard multiple times today, as doorways to growth, as doorways to strength, as part of yourself, allows oneself to stand more fully in the light, allows that shadow to become smaller, less pervasive, all the while accepting its existence, for it is part of you, it is that which you’ve chosen, allowing oneself to use these weaknesses as mirrors.

As it has been said, weaknesses stand out, and that is by design, for those are areas in which you can grow to become the greater spiritual journeyman that you are meant to be, that you have chosen to be. As you sit in the circle among friends, it is clear that you’ve made that choice. We are so amazed and grateful and delighted to see how well the entities of this group have worked together, and individually, both on their strengths and their weaknesses, to propel the light further upward and outward. A weakness we see that is common among people of this density is not being able to have the patience or forgiveness for these weaknesses. What a great, great opportunity to be within this circle where one must step out, off of firm ground and into thin air, to let oneself truly forgive, and truly be patient, and we’ve seen it over and over within this group. We are so grateful, and we feel as though you should be so grateful and so forgiving and so proud of what you have been able to do.

We will now take leave of this instrument and move on to the one known as Austin. We are those of Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. As we have explored, the journey of the relationship with your weaknesses is an intensely and necessarily personal journey, for you find yourself in the density of self-awareness upon a journey of the self. But at this time, we would like to explore the question which may arise: “If this density is that of the self, then why does it seem to be such a socially- driven density? How has this density that seems to isolate the self resulted in an amazingly intricate, beautiful, social complex upon your sphere?”

My friends, as you have identified your weaknesses and your strengths upon your initial journey of the self, we ask you to recall a time in which you have utilized your strengths in service to others upon your sphere. How bright the light shone through you as you accepted your role in serving your other-selves. In your acceptance of your strength, the Creator’s will was done. We suggest that in a social society, such as you find yourself, that similar acceptance of your weakness will find the Creator’s will done as well, as this allows, in full honesty and transparency, an other-self to serve you. Would you deny the joy that you have felt in serving your other selves to those who would wish to serve you?

Your social complex is as a puzzle scattered upon a table. There is no clear image shown. There is no full cohesion, as much turmoil is apparent within and without, but all upon your sphere have some sense of the picture which may become clear should the puzzle pieces be fit together. As you have taken that journey of self, and explored your weaknesses, and found the Creator’s love therein, you may turn to your other selves in full honesty and knowledge of who you are as an expression of the Creator, and turn yourselves towards the service of your other-selves. And any slack that you may fear you leave behind by your weaknesses, you may have faith that as you have accepted them as an aspect of your true self, that slack will be picked up by others upon the same journey, and together you shall move forward in mutual service. And as this pattern of behavior becomes more and more common on your sphere, as it enters into the fourth density, you will find a more and more cohesive social complex which eventually will be recognized as that social memory complex.

For this to happen, each individual must make that journey inside, and discover, in truth and in honesty, who they are, and then share that with the Creator that is their other-selves. We suggest that you may see this happen within this room amongst those who have gathered with the intent to serve others. As you lay your weakness bare for all others to witness, you may find a balance within your group that allows you to move forward upon your journey. We thank you for your bravery, and the exploration of these depths, and at this time we will leave this instrument and return to the one known as Jim. We are Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument once again. My friends, you have all done so very well in speaking the words that we have provided on the topic of your weaknesses—how these weaknesses are actually very valuable qualities that will become means by which you serve others, and indeed the planetary consciousness itself. You have chosen these qualities to be the blessings that you pour out within your incarnation upon the planet, upon its population, and upon your own journey of seeking. You are blessings to us as well, for as we watch your activities within your own personal experiences and your group experiences, we see this desire to share love and light expanding ever outward and onward into the fourth density that is so quickly advancing within your earth planes at this time. This is a most propitious moment. The great work of so many beings of light, both on the Earth in your form, and in the inner planes in our form, have come together to rejoice, to give praise and thanksgiving for all that is occurring. It is the great harvest. Thank you once again for inviting us to join you in this circle of seeking. It has been an honor and a privilege. We are known to you as those of Laitos. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.