Group Question: How do we share and communicate our spirituality with others?

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in love and in light this fine day. We are most pleased to have been invited to join your circle once again. In this circle of seeking we find a gathering of those of like mind and of like hearts, for each wishes to share that which is the most full-of-love concepts that are possible through the instrument that is available to each. We can speak no more highly of your desire to serve, and to say that we perceive this desire is of such purity as to become likened unto a shining light within the heart of each being, and we gladly offer ourselves in the attempt to be of service to you, as we all seek to serve the One Creator.

Today you have posed the query for a group discussion of how to share that which is most important to you in your spiritual journey, for each of you has been upon this path of seeking which you call the truth: the true nature of the reality in which you find yourselves, from which you come, and in which direction you move. We feel this is a most important question, my friends, for traveling the spiritual path has, of necessity a kind of prerequisite, a requirement, if you will, of being able to give voice and feelings and emotions to that which you cherish when the time comes to do so; and the time does come for each, for throughout your lives, as you have matured from the young years to those middle years and beyond, you have had those ideas, or things, or friends, or dreams that you cherished, and it gives a kind of affirmation and reality to them to be able to speak of them, or to share them, in fact, with another, and to allow the other to partake with you the joy that you have found therein.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument. To continue with this central thought that we have offered through the one known as Jim, this joy of which we speak is what we would suggest to you must lie at the heart of any communication with others which you propose to make. It is what lies at the heart, we say, but there are very often many layers of concern that obscure this heart, so we would begin by suggesting an image to you. It is a familiar one—it is the image of an onion with many layers, and as you go throughout your days engaging in your various activities that have underlying them a certain intent, a seeking, shall we say, you are ever more attempting to get to the innermost layer of this onion, where the deepest meaning may be found; and in this meaning, we would suggest to you, there lies what lies at the core of the creation itself, and that is simply love. There is love, there is light. Light, without love, is without meaning, but love without light is without manifestation.

And so, as you seek ever deeper in the privacy of your meditations in the quiet study that you devote to things that you take to be ultimately meaningful, you do well to seek out that core of love first and foremost, so that you may be clear about the reservoir from which you draw prior to sallying forth with the effort to communicate what you have gleaned to others in your sphere of experience. And so, we will briefly address this question of how you discover and explore this core of love through this instrument, and then, as we move to the one known as Gary, we will begin to address the issue of how this core may be expressed through the levels of light that constitute the manifest manner of communication.

And so, to this issue of the core, we would suggest to you that there is a kind of work that takes place prior to finding yourself in those positions in which communication is possible or desired, and it is, as we say, the work one takes on in solitude. It is in this solitude where the intent is formed, is explored, and is crystalized. It is the intent to be able to express that which is deepest within one’s own being. And we would stress this simple point to you: that love is more about being than it is about doing. And though your experience in the third density might generally seem to suggest that the opposite is true—that is, that doing is more central to your life than being—we find that it is, indeed, not true, and that this is a point worth pondering, for what you ultimately do communicate is your being: your being as grounded in love; your being as emergent from love; your being as being love through and through.

Now, out of this love there does emerge activity, and activity is always of the nature of light, and in the context of the question we are now asked to address, this takes on the form of the activity of attempting to communicate what ultimately lies beyond all order of words, which is to say, this loving core of the onion is central love that you and all with whom you might attempt to communicate, are made of.

At this time, we would transfer the contact to the one known as Gary, so that we might begin to explore the way in which this love gives itself over to the activity of making light out of love in communicating with others. We are those of Laitos.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. As we attempt to calibrate with this instrument who has somewhat of a nervous disposition, we are—[or] himself, he is not sure—ask that he steady his breathing and sink into the present moment, that he may receive our words. To continue our discussion of the way in which the love that is the essence of your beingness finds its way from your core through the many labyrinthian pathways of the illusion is to step back from a mind that is daunted by complexity, to pull back into the spacious awareness of meditation and acknowledge a simplicity to love. For love is ultimately one thing. You are ultimately one thing. Your eyes see many things, your mind and your philosophies make many categories, many distinctions, many ways that different shades of responses and qualities of energies are required. And we acknowledge that it requires great skill to navigate seas where every wave you encounter is unique and seemingly unlike the one before, though you do recognize patterns, of course.

That acknowledgement acknowledged, we pull back again to the concept of, or the understanding of, simplicity. (This instrument is attempting of his own rational patterns to reconcile our thoughts on simplicity and complexity, trying to find the way forward, knowing that there must be a bridge in there.) Love has as many voices as there are people, but we circle back again, to it being one voice, so for the seeker who wishes to share their love as it is known to themselves, whether it be the material you call The Law of One that inspires them or the love of the natural world, or the love of some passion, there are no end to the voices with which that love may manifest so long as it is recognized that the source of that love is not said material, or said passion, or object, per se, but rather that that love is [itself] the source of consciousness within that finds its vehicle or pathway through the particular energetic configuration unique to that individual.

Before we pass this contact, we would note that there are certain hallmark characteristics of that love, including among them that such a love shines—it shines through whatever the words or the object of your sharing may be. It fills space. It casts out, as it were, darkness. It absolves fear. It creates a space of welcome and interconnection and nurturing. And whether or not consciously perceived by the other self, it reminds them of who and what they are.

This instrument actually, surprisingly, feels like he could keep going because there is that sense there is more, so much more, but in the interest of time and respect for the circle, he asks that we take our leave with bowing gratitude to each in the circle. We now pass this contact to the one known as J1, and thank this instrument.

(J1 channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with this instrument. The aspect of light is an important piece of understanding of recognizing the feeling that is to shine. It is not solely as a metaphor that we use this word. There is an energetic condition you are privy to as you trace a path of that light from the core through the labyrinth of the illusion into another core that is, of course, not another core at all. We wish you a pleasant experience of reflecting the shining. You would have it, and you relish this experience, not simply because it expresses the Creator in more perfection, but also because we wish you happiness on your path. We are so grateful that you attempt the path at all, and we want to express what is possible does not have to be a test at every moment. It can be as relaxed, as calm, as at-home a feeling as you can possibly imagine. We are here to remind you.

If this resonates—this reminder—take it as an example of how you may approach your other selves, not as a preacher, not necessarily even as a teacher, but as a reminder. Perhaps this eases the burden. It is your choice, your sacred choice how you relate to this activity, how you manifest your beingness. Do not discount the impact that you have just by being. This beingness can be a balm when the illusion’s proclivity to harshen the channels of communication between nodes of the Creator. All is well, and all is an opportunity to further express your true nature as the Creator. What is at stake is not the outcome of this communication, but merely the time that passes as each part recognizes once again, your common patrimony.

We feel this is a good moment to thank this instrument, and to pass our contact to the one known as J2. We are those of Laitos.

(J2 channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. We are so thankful for the unity and heart of this group. As you sit together at the core of each one of you is heart, and you are so devoted by being together with your hearts. Without effort, we might point out that the vibration that you create with your hearts goes out into the world. The love that you create in your group has immense effect on your world. You are here to help your people. You do not need to do anything other than connect hearts. It is in your smile, it is in your humanity, and your love of your people that you communicate. Days have gone by in the use of words. Remember, it is in your heart that you communicate.

We ask you to see a drop of water falling into another pond. What happens to the drop of water? It ripples out non-stop. It never ends. You ripple like this water. We, here, do not have to communicate anything to each other. You will experience that very, very soon. Remember, we are in the oneness, we are unified, so everything is already communicated. It is already done. You will see that the desire to communicate with your words and your views is of no consequence. What you carry in your heart goes with you everywhere, and your vibration, and what is at the core of your heart automatically attunes like beautiful music, to other hearts. You play beautiful music as a group, and we are so proud of you, and we are so thankful for all that you do, and all the love that you share, and we thank this instrument, and we pass the contact to the one known as T. We are Laitos.

(T channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with this instrument. Love is the message, the message which you wish, you desire, you feel compelled to push out into the world, into the universe where we are all one and we are all connected. And this love is what unifies us all. Envisioning that love, putting energy into that love, fine tuning and focusing that love are all virtuous steps towards expelling that love outward. There is great need in this world at this time for love. This practice, this beautiful experiment that this group has taken on is a means of creating more love, of showing light to those in the world who need it. Love can be imparted simply through physical means—a smile, a warm touch, exchanging pleasantries. Love can be imparted energetically through prayer and devotion.

The avenues which this love can reach those that are in need is endless, without bounds, as expansive as this universe. The ways of getting that love out are easy; the focus is the difficult aspect. As it has been said, life adds layers, dirties the lenses, provides clutter. You can stray from the path of love, reminding yourself that at that central piece of all that exists is love, letting yourself shed the clutter, the distractions, that is the difficult part. But allowing yourself to get to that point by practice, by intention, you provide yourself and the universe with this light, this high vibration, and from that point you can act as inspiration to those around you, or you can simply be love, and that love will radiate outwards and you will become an example of the virtuous path of love.

We thank this instrument, and now move on to the one known as Austin. We are those of Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. My friends, you find yourself in the density of self-awareness. You find yourself in a density that produces conditions conducive to exploring self-awareness into its deepest depths. We find it no coincidence that upon the path of the journey of densities, that the density of love is that which follows the density of self-awareness, for when you find yourself in the very depths of yourself, it is love that you shall find. These conditions in which you find yourself, in which you may explore the self necessarily create an illusion of boundaries between the self that is you, and the self that is other. This sub-Logos has found it appropriate to play with the method of communication as a way of aiding your journey of self, and this aid, in an ironic sense, is struggle.

The striving to communicate the love that you have found in the depth of self is a powerful act. It is one which communicates to the Creator the desire to return home, to be with unity. This desire, this struggle, is one in which you will find eventually that the self within you, and the self within other, are one and the same. When you find dissatisfaction in your ability to communicate love between the selves that are the same, we suggest that you first look inward to the self which is your own domain, to look to those lenses of your own which might be dirty. We suggest that when this dissatisfaction is found, it is the central lesson of communication within your density to clean this lens, to discover clarity in which love may be communicated, for when you recognize the sameness of the selves within yourself and others, there will be no more struggle in sharing this love. It is a simple recognition of this sameness.

At this time, we will leave this instrument and return this contact to the one known as Jim. We are Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are again with this instrument. We feel a great sense of gratitude that each instrument has been able to perceive the facet of sharing the spiritual journey through which each entity has found meaning, and by which we communicated the nature of the spiritual seeking for truth that each of you finds yourself upon. Taken together, this jewel of love is of inestimable value to each seeker, for it is what gives vitality to the life, it gives a focus to the life, it gives a destination for each day’s walking upon the path of seeking the truth. And how do you share this truth with those about you? In every way that you can, every way that you are, every way that you can be a spiritual being. Each breath that you take is powered by love. Each word that you speak has some beginnings with the seeds of love. Each sight that you see has been made by love, for love, my friends, is not only in every moment, but has created every moment. You see, you live in a creation of love—it is the very fiber of the being that each of us is and shares with others.

We are most grateful once again to have been able to exercise each instrument in a means by which each can share some portion of the great desire to be of service to others that we feel is so strongly desired by each in this group. We look forward to being with you again, my friends, as we accept your kind invitation to join you in the great dance of love within this third-density illusion.

At this time, we shall take our leave, leaving each of you in love and in light. Peace be with you. We are those of Laitos.