Group Question: How can we tune into fourth density vibrations?

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument at this time. We again thank you for inviting our presence this evening. It has been a great honor to be with you throughout the day, and this evening we are once again pleased to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those concerns upon your mind and within your hearts. This evening you ask how you may blend your vibrations with the fourth-density vibrations that are now engulfing your planet, and which have been with you in an increasing fashion for some period of time. You, who are conscious seekers of truth, have been aware of these vibrations for a great deal of what you would call time. Many times you have made conscious attempts to blend your vibrations with the fourth density, and have had success in doing so, for the most important part of such a blending is your desire to do so, for the vibrations themselves need no special invitation—they are always present and growing around you and within you. Your ability to open yourself to them is the factor which determines the degree to which you are able to experience and to express these vibrations. You are like the receivers on a large scale as a people that receive such vibratory energies, and then allow these energies to move within your being, and to be brought forth as thoughts, as words, as deeds within your illusion that make these vibrations translatable to those around you.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument. As you seek to open yourselves, and to share with others around you this newly developing openness, we would say to you that it is important to keep in mind, first and foremost, that the fourth density is not simply a new dawn in which all questions are answered, and all work is done. There is, indeed, a great deal of work that is done in the fourth density, and it is work upon the precipice of which you now stand. We will hazard an initial characterization of the nature of this work, and then we will attempt to flesh out the details as we move the contact to the one known as Gary.

The simplest way to understand the nature of the work that you are, as a planet, about to make the centerpiece of your spiritual development is to say that you are to learn to love. But, we will admit that that is a perhaps excessively succinct way of putting the matter, and it is well to understand that the kind of loving that is involved in the enterprise is one which involves what you would call “feeling.”

Now, love is many splendored thing, as your song writer would say, and it includes a convergence, or integration of a great many of what you would call “feelings,” and these can be seen to be rather diverse amongst themselves. Many of the feelings which, say, in advanced fourth density you undertake to explore, to work with, and to integrate into the larger whole of feeling that we have called “love,” are not yet easily recognizable to you, and that is the place to begin when you reflect on the changes that will come over you as you move into the fourth density. You understand that now, as beings of third density, you operate under what is called the “veil of consciousness.” What that means is that a good many of the feelings or feeling tones that constitute your beingness, are not now being fully registered to your conscious mind. And yet, what bubbles up to the conscious mind is very much influenced by these feeling tones that find their being in the unconscious portion of your being.

Now, we would say that there can be a kind of negative charge to many of these emotions when they are isolated or surprised, because, in fact, they have been emotions that have not been honored or have been the mark or registration of difficult catalyst that your conscious mind felt it could not embrace, and so has repressed. So many of the feelings with which you must begin will have an apparently negative cast to them. We speak of guilt, we speak of resentment, we speak of envy, of anxiety, of jealousy and you can name a good many more such feelings if you like. You will note that they are feelings in relation to which it could be said that there is much work to be done. In the beginning of all such work, when you are dealing with feelings is simply to feel them. To feel them in a way that is open hearted and allows the gradual diminution of the veil is to allow the emotional tone to rise to a different level of resonance, and once it reaches that level of resonance across a threshold, it can be said you are working in the fourth-density register.

We would like, now, to transfer the contact to the one known as Gary, so that we may, through the one known as Gary, explore the way some of these feelings may undergo a transformation. I am Laitos.

(Gary channeling)

Greetings, we are known to you as Laitos. You ask this evening concerning the tuning into the ever-growing frequency of what you call “the fourth density” from your standpoint and what seems to be a thoroughly third-density world. We began to consider this question through the instrument known as Steve, in terms of the great work ahead of you, which you are, in one sense, only just beginning—a work which we give this instrument the word “transparency,” which involves increasing degrees of transparency. What is transparency, my friends? We might begin by working with the idea of a synonymous concept, “visibility.” (This instrument is just working the internal gears to pick up the thread.)

We examine the third density and highlight for you something well known to your minds, and that is the hidden nature of so much of your experience, your identity, your emotions, so much so that mistakes in apprehension—mistakes so-called—are easy to make. It is easy to misidentify what is happening, to not realize what may actually be transpiring within the self or within the moment, due to any number of reasons, whether mechanisms of denial, or projection, or misunderstanding, all rooted in lack of sight, incomplete information, the veil of forgetting. So as this veil becomes removed, then that which had formerly been hidden or obscured from sight makes itself more known to the conscious mind, whether ready for that experience or not.

Perhaps, thus the experiential continuum becomes more transparent. However, that transparency does not do the work for oneself just because it has become visible or somewhat at the beginning thresholds of conscious does it resolve itself per se. There is a marriage, or a mating, or a dance between the seeker and the experience such that the seeker must needs bring to bear its own orientation, its own will and focus and setting of intention.

How is it that the positively oriented speaker ought (if that is the correct word to relate to that which is beginning to become more visible) how may the seeker bring that intention and will to the emerging emotions such that they may be processed, known, accepted, and integrated? We believe that those of Ra offered a sturdy model, you may say, in the form of the disciplines of the personality. And to continue our exploration of how the emerging “data” (is what this instrument wants to say)—to continue our exploration of how these emerging, perhaps formerly unknown experiences may be worked with and processed and integrated, we take our leave of this instrument, with gratitude for this circle, and transfer the contact to the one known as J1. We are Laitos.

(J1 channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. Thank the one known as Gary for his work in helping this message come through in high resolution. It is not easy for any of you. The discipline of personality is where we are now at in our discussion of resonance of fourth density, and in truth, discipline of personality is a great and large category for concepts that go to the heart of the phenomenal experience in which you swim, in which you splash, and sometimes in which you seem to drown. This is all as it should be. In some ways it is a distraction to talk in terms of frequency, of resonance, of density. What you have before you is a challenge that you cannot use thought, technique, the simple packaging of concepts in order to work with. Those things that you are going to treat as real and actionable instead you must go with your heart, and this is where the discipline comes in, for in many cases what you are trying to get down to is a personality that is awash in feeling, no dams separating the safe dry land from the streams and gushing of that pure force of creation. It is a simple concept. Self-work is world work, and you can take it as slow or as fast as you want. The image of a dam with one’s finger in the hole somehow seems appropriate to this instrument. You are in control of how much of this undifferentiated feeling you wish to let wash over you. It’s not without consequence, but it is something that you can act upon, and we urge you to use it to your advantage when you think about how to serve.

Another aspect of the metaphor of water in feeling, is that it does not simply affect you. You must remember all are feeling these energies, all struggle, all need the help of view, and it is also an even greater challenge to understand that they need the help of those who perhaps have not fully awakened yet. Everything is linked together. Frequency and resonance have the characteristic of not being bound by discrete objects, but instead are radiating throughout. So, you must keep in mind, you can tune in or out but what these energies convey is not up to you. That is why we are of the opinion that a light touch, a gentleness, does more to transmit the pure vibration, does more to heal you of the wounds of the illusion and the frailties of the personality, than any technical information we could convey.

We would have you follow our finger. It does not always point to the sky. Follow it as we move down and point to the ground. Where do you stand? What gives you the ability to have the experience of standing. All of these aspects—the heights and the depths—are yours to explore, and the utility of manifestation is that you could do, in a concrete way, what you will one day do in an infinite way. We would now like to pass this train of thought, with our gratitude to the circle, to the one known as J2. We are those of Laitos.

(J2 channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. Your planet is in an accelerated vibrational frequency of the fourth density. We show this instrument a picture of your planet. She has come from being asleep to slowly accelerating into a mode of free flow herself, and as you can see, each day you will see her evidence of free flowing from the inside to the out. Yes, she has feelings too, and she is allowing them to come and go as they please, and what may have appeared to be blockages before, are no longer blockages. You can connect with your beautiful planet, and her beautiful process, of free flowing emotions and feelings. Each day, the things that you feel, you can be aware of them. At the end of the day, when you lay down to sleep, before you fall asleep, you can check each chakra, and feel the movement. Does it feel blocked in any way? Did you hold any emotion from flowing today? This is very important to self check, and be sure that you go into the next day free flowing, like your planet. This is a wonderful way that we suggest you connect to the fourth density and your planet, and we thank this instrument for transmitting this message from us, and we pass our contact to the one known as T. We are Laitos.

(T channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are now with this instrument. This planet and its entities are fast moving to a new density, some already moved. The question of how to resonate on a higher vibration is one of great importance. Connecting with your planet and its entities, working together, growing with the catalyst, establishing, remembering your oneness, all methods of helping you heighten your vibration. With love and oneness at our center, at our core, putting our focus and our energy into these—into loving, into remembering love, into being one, into remembering that we are one, and then negotiating daily life while remembering these things. These can help us help you, acting as beacons, providing light, meeting in circles much like this one where there is group think and group effort, sending light out, and over, and around, and into. This is a great practice towards raising the vibration not only of one’s self, not only of the group consciousness, but of the planet as a whole. Remembering … We apologize, this instrument is struggling to finish the thought. This instrument, though, is stuck on the concept of remembering, because we so frequently forget, and have forgotten, and when we remember, perhaps then, we can exist in a fashion that elevates our vibration.

We will leave this instrument now for the one known as Austin. We are Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We would like to thank the one known as Trish, and each other in this circle, for the great effort and success of arising to the call of service. We ask you to consider that it is the call of fourth density that has brought you together, as it brings together other groups of similar and not-so-similar natures, and as we have spoken upon your question of how you might interface with the energies of fourth density that are now present on your planet. We would like to offer a context for your desire to do so.

The fourth density is a density in which a planetary population forms into a social memory complex. Within a social memory complex the thoughts and desires and dreams of each individual, and each group of individuals, are transparent to all others. My friends, would you be surprised if we were to suggest that this transparency has begun to show itself to all upon your planet at this time? Would it be a surprise to learn that this transparency facilitates and catalyzes what has been perceived as a growing disharmony in your social sphere? To the best of our knowledge, as we can share our perceptions through this instrument, we say to you that this is the case. We hear a call, not only from this group, but from many, many within your culture, and all over your planet, of sorrow at this apparent disharmony.

If we may offer a response to this call to this group, as a suggestion, this suggestion would be to look to the cultural orientation towards the concept of this transparency. The transparency is not apparent. It has created a lack of clarity, rather than increased clarity, because there is a lack of understanding of this mechanism of increasing transparency. We can only speak the highest praise of your efforts to share not only the love and light that you perceive through this transparency, but the methods and perspectives that orient yourselves and your other selves to understanding this transparency, and if we were able to show you plainly the effects of your efforts, not only upon the metaphysical realms, but upon your physical plane, you would be greatly encouraged, greatly heartened, and bolstered in your efforts to continue to share yourselves and what you have learned of the creator upon this particular stage of your journey.

The early stages of Earth’s fourth density will be this cultural shift towards understanding the transparency that has arrived at the point at which your culture and your planet successfully tunes in to this transparency. Some of you may have moved on, but you will know at that point that your mission here, that mission that was a response to the call from this planet, was successful.

We thank you, my friends, for your bravery. At this time, we leave this instrument and return this contact to the one known as Jim. We are Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. My friends, when you gather together as you have tonight and throughout this weekend, to share a common purpose of serving the One Creator and the population of this planet by the channeling that you learn in this place, you are doing a great service to all upon the planet, for you are offering yourselves as ambassadors of love, ambassadors of that fourth-density vibration which is so strong among you. There is no greater service that you can offer, my friends. Remember that you are ever so much stronger and more effective in your service when you gather together with those of like mind and like hearts, blended as one, in service to the one who exists in all.

We are known to you as those of Laitos. At this time, we shall take our leave of this group. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.