The question this evening has to do with the quality of the seeker who is in need of a certain thing or a person or experience in the life, and then, without any real planning, it seems to come about and their needs are met. We would like to ask about the synchronistic happenings that occur for the seeker of truth. Is there some way we can harmonize with these? Is there some value to these of which we should be aware?

(Carla acts as senior channel for this session.)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We thank you for the privilege of being asked to join your circle of seeking and to share our humble opinions.

As always, before we begin to talk about synchronicity and serendipity and the spiritual energies which create such experiences, we would ask each one of you to use your discernment and powers of discrimination to listen to what we have to say and choose those thoughts which seem useful to you. But please, if they do not seem to be your personal truth, leave them behind. This will enable us to offer our opinions without feeling that we may be infringing on your free will or disturbing the appropriate rate of you spiritual process. We thank you for this consideration.

You have asked this evening about the quality within the seeker’s life that seems to gain more and more ascendance as the seeker continues to ask for truth. We certainly confirm and validate that quality. You are not wrong to notice it or to depend upon on it. It is a reliable portion of the kind of life that is led by a person who ultimately realizes that those things that are not seen and cannot be measured have a very powerful reality that undergirds all that is seen and can be measured.

The life of one who has awakened to the call of spirit to make a choice of how to serve the Creator is built into the web of life in such a way that it is as though each seeker were upheld and closed about with a web of love and support. As a seeker becomes more aware of the process of seeking and becomes more responsible in living as a seeker each moment of each day and not just, as this instrument would say, on Sundays for church, this faculty of that web of love becomes more and more prominent in the experience.

You see, each of you has prepared carefully for your present incarnation. Out of a nearly infinite array of previous incarnations and their harvests of relationships and gifts, you have packed a very light suitcase for this incarnation. In it you have packed the relationships in which you have agreed to take part for your and for their mutual aid, one to the other. You have packed just the gifts you need to offer, that which you feel that you wish to give in this incarnation with your fellow humans in this tribe of Earth. You have even packed into that overnight bag, shall we say, some challenges, limitations and fail-safe measures that, when activated, shall recall your mind to the service at hand.

And you are surrounded with many, many unseen helpers, from your guidance system or higher self to inner masters, angels and those who vibrate in a way that is congruent with your desire to serve. Some in this group have attracted nature spirits and devas, powerful primal energies of Mother Earth who have realized and appreciated your vibrating in harmony with their vibrations. All of these unseen energies love you to an extent almost impossible to imagine because, my friends, love among your people is so often measured, conditional and insipid, if we may use a word which indicates that the original Thought of the one infinite Creator, which is unconditional love, is stepped down and stepped down in its power as you move from love of Creator to love of mate, child or friend to love of a certain dish which you love to eat. So there is an insipidity to the love to which you are used, and which you experience in your everyday life. We speak to you of those essences, entities and energies who have never departed from the unconditional and vastly creative love of the infinite Creator.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Q’uo.

(R channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We search the mind for the words with which to continue. This instrument is not sure how to make up our concepts, so we transfer the one know as L1. We are those of Q’uo.

(L1 channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are now with this instrument. To continue with the analogy of the suitcase that each of you packs for this incarnation, let us take this suitcase to your destination: the body that you inhabit, the home that you inhabit. This is like going to a friend’s house. You packed those things that you needed, that you found to be of comfort to you. But what is at your friend’s house? You have an entire house and loved ones around you upon whom you can depend. These loved ones, these friends, are those such as your higher self and your guides and other nature spirits and so forth that dwell around you. When you abide in their house they wish to be good hosts. And while you stay in their place of residence, when you show appreciation and gratitude for having them welcome you, they are most happy to give to you what it is you most need. None of you are alone in this journey.

And those things you need are right there. You do not have to pack the towels. They are in the bathroom for you to use. You do not need food, for your hosts will provide that for you. The more closely you come into companionship with those around you, those unseen ones around you, the more their home becomes your home and their things become your things, so that you no longer have to ask for a glass of water. You can go get your own glass of water. You have the privilege of going into the kitchen and getting your own. They think nothing of it, and you think nothing of it. It is merely a creature comfort that you enjoy in this home away from home.

Let us now speak about gratitude. The lack of gratitude, it is a of measure of separation. It is an ego-filled dependence which says, “I will take care of myself. I have packed everything I need and I need nothing from you.EWhen that occurs, your hosts agree and feel that they don’t need to supply anything if that is your wish.

When you drop the ego and say, “Thank you for having me in your home! I appreciate [your sharing with me] that which you have, it is with this appreciation that a connection is built between yourself and those forces around you. The stronger this connection is, the greater your gratitude is and the more a oneness is formed between you and those unseen forces.

That which you need is always present in your life. It is as simple as looking about yourself and reaching out and taking that which you need in a way which is not prideful, in the haughty sense of the word, but which acknowledges the light.

This instrument is feeling the sensation of an extreme closeness, if you will, so that space has been condensed and those things which are outside of her are so close to her that they are up against her skin. It is this collapsing of space that illustrates the closeness and oneness in which that what you need is so near that it is almost a part of you, without separation between you and the other thing. It sounds trite for us to say it once again, but the truth is that all is one. And the Creator serves the Creator. When the Creator realizes this, we say that to be the Creator within the person knowing that the inner self is one with the rest of the outer self.

Then that which is needed is already a part of the self, without separation between you and the other thing upon which you depend. When the Creator [within] realizes this, then that which is needed is already a part of the self.

We now wish to pass our contact to the one know as L2. We are those of Q’uo.

(L2 channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We are now with this instrument. We greet you again in love and light.

My dear brothers and sisters, we would reiterate on the topic of seeing the Creator within the self. You observe the wonders of higher densities, those that can manifest their every need into being. And quite often many of this plane feel burdened down by the physical limitations. We would have you know it is very possible for you to manifest everything you need in this lifetime, not only in the next. Since you have chosen to incarnate into this density, there are limitations that may at times seem to you as a hindrance. And yet your eternal soul proceeds on, ever unhindered, working alongside you, working within you in ways your intellect may not always realize.

Consider, if you will, that you have a map that you have given yourself for incarnating here. Your soul is guiding you along this map. You follow the roads and the landmarks you have laid out before this life. And though the burdens of this world do not always allow you to see the map, it is within you and your soul continuously guides you along this path.

We would say to you that you have but to ask [for help]. There are a multitude of hosts that would rally to your side, though it seems that many in this incarnation feel that they are not worthy to call upon the aid of things they can scarcely comprehend. And yet we would have you know that each of these things responds to the Creator Itself and rejoices in unbelievable joy every time even the smallest glimmer of a soul reaches out into that light and wants to take that step. There are thousands and millions [of unseen helpers] who would drop everything that they are doing to give you what you need. This guidance within you connects perfectly with the guidance without. And instead of a two-dimensional map, it becomes a three-dimensional [one]. You have the power to create that which you need.

We would now pass on this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am with the instrument. Each of you has an abundance of helpers and friends upon the unseen worlds or invisible planes who are quite happy to aid you in the realization of your spiritual desires. For you have come to this incarnation to follow the desires that have been laid as seeds in the ground of your previous incarnations. They are seeds in the ground that have sprouted and have flourished and are reaching their culmination in this present incarnation.

As you experience the great variety of desires, directions, propensities, learnings and services that are available to the seeker of truth, you develop certain needs that will aid you in the completion of the experience. The creation is one thing. It is the Creator within which you move. Various other portions of the Creator with which you have associated move in harmony with you to aid in this process. You may not be aware consciously that you have a certain need, a certain piece to the puzzle, if you will, that would enhance your learning and your service. It is not so much that these are brought to you by your teachers, guides and friends but that there is within you an opening being made that was previously blocked. [As it] is now open, [it] allows the attractions and realization [of] that which is needed.

We would transfer at this time to the one known as Carla. We are those known as Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are again with this instrument, greeting you in love and in light. You may consider your experience of life on the metaphysical level as though you were an energy nexus, with clear boundaries in terms of your energy field, and yet with many points of congruency with the energies which surround you. This gives you the métier of all of life vibrating, whether [it is] the life that is yourself, the entities about you that are of a human nature, entities of second density, or entities of first density such as your crystallized rocks, which have a good deal of presence in them, or trees, places, elements, or powers such as the wind, the earth, the fire, and the water.

The outer realms of your physical illusion are in themselves as open to interpretation as a dream. Because the medium of your energy field is so incredibly sensitive to energies about you, and the energies that surround you are likewise and mutually very sensitive to you, there is a pulsating, vibrating, scintillating radiance to life at each of these points of congruency of the world about you that is largely unseen but ever near. There are instreamings that are possible, and they are instreamings so fine that they are made of light. Consequently, when you are viewing the serendipities and the spiritually interesting coincidences that are more and more a part of the texture of your life, you may be more and more aware of the incredibly intricate and yet utterly harmonious working of thought.

It can be said that it does not matter what you think. Yet we would say to you that it matters greatly what you think, and that each and every thought that you have is a journey into power. How shall you use the power of your being? How shall you use the Creator within, which is present in every thought?

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those known as Q’uo.


(R channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We are with this instrument. We are going to move to the one known as L1, thanking this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

(L1 channeling)

We are those known as the principle of Q’uo, and are with this instrument. How indeed do you use the essence of the Creator within? How do you use the gift of your presence on this Earth? By what means do you employ this precious human incarnation that you are given in which you have found awareness of the spirit within? Many upon your planet go about their daily lives in sleep. They wake up. They get ready for their day. They fill themselves with busyness. They eat, they copulate, and they use the facilities. They have beers with their friends. And they are asleep. They are asleep while they are awake. While asleep they don’t remember the dreams they have had that would help them to awake upon waking.

At some point in each of the lives of those that have come to form this circle, you were nudged. The alarm clock was effective. You aroused yourself to the light streaming in through the window and opened your weary eyes and looked around. Now is the time to say, “Thank you, oh my God! Thank you for waking me up!

And now that you are awake, with what will you fill your life? How will you use this opportunity? In what way will you use the Creator within?

The first way to use the Creator within is simply to fill yourself with light. Open yourself up! Look up to the sky. Open your arms and stand so that the light might fill you. This is the first service, simply to allow the light to come through you.

The second portion of this service is to move as the light would direct you. When the light gives you an impulse to move this way or that, it would be helpful to abide by this light and move in this direction. To be filled with this light and then to recognize the direction in which this light would have you move is what we call service; to mingle with all the other light that is the Creator so that your will is also the will of the Creator.

This instrument often finds herself doing something inane, [like] having a fantasy while lying in bed before sleeping of something or other that she finds pleasurable. Then she rounds herself out of this, telling herself, “What help is this to me? This is not serving my purpose in this incarnation. This is a waste of my time. So she gets up and goes into meditation, or rests the mind so that sleep may overcome her, so that she may have those lessons that call in the night, that make us better upon waking, so that she might wake up. What is it with which you fill your life, which might be unhelpful to you, with which you are perhaps wasting your time?

We would like to say that certainly not all trivialities are a waste of time. The Creator moves in pleasure. The enjoyment of dancing while listening to a good song, having a conversation with a friend, all of these are opportunities to fill yourself with light. Simply by being, you are serving. However, we would also note that there are times when each of you become bogged down, if you will, in those things which do not matter. You put such great importance on so many things that do not matter! We have done it ourselves, as we have lived all portions of densities. You do it on up through your spiritual evolution. It is something all humans experience on Planet Earth. It is part of your incarnation.

But you are also blessed in this incarnation with realizing that you have the opportunity to choose whether or not to continue doing something that is not helpful or spiritually skillful, and [to] pursue [instead] that which is more skillful or spiritually helpful to your purpose for incarnating. It is when fulfilling those things that are helpful for your incarnation that those tools that you need are then at hand for fulfilling your purpose for this incarnation. When you move in the light of the Creator, it directs you to those instances or circumstances that you would need in the unrealized state. You call these coincidences. Realizing coincidences are not really coincidental is a further step in moving in the light.

We now transfer our contact to the one know a L2. We are those of Q’uo.

(L2 channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We greet you once again in love and light. We would like to speak to you about the concept of opportunity and how you see opportunity come toward you. As the one known as L1 has spoken, there are many in this world who are asleep, who simply do not see the opportunities laid out before them. You often become too busy to observe the things that are all around you. Yet they are always there. Many think these signs, these nudges, must occur in a dramatic fashion. And yet we say to you that opportunity comes in many forms.

This instrument has a great respect for dreams. We would say dreams are powerful opportunities, for in your dream state you are unhindered by the chains of this world and in your sleep you are more awake than you have ever been. The fantasies you entertain, the worlds you imagine, the pictures you paint, the stories you write, the simple things in nature that draw you attention—these, my friends, are all opportunities waiting [for you to] embrace. You must simply seek and embrace and look, and every moment, every detail, will become a marvelous coincidence. For when those who are asleep awaken, the things they encounter, to which they have paid no mind in the past, seem new and amazing. It would seem that miracles have descended upon you.

Yet we would say to you that as you progress in your spiritual evolution, you will no longer see these things as happy turns of chance but see that being itself is a grand opportunity, and that [with] each passing second of this incarnation there is a miracle capable of moving mountains.

We would now transfer this contact to the one know as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greeting again in love and light through this instrument. As you become reattached to the greater self that is you, the resources to this self are made available for your seeking. They may be in one form or another, as the creation about you is rich with variety and possibility. Working in harmony with your desires, as you are able to access portions of your own being that have previously been dormant, you come upon what seems to be a new environment, a new field of play, shall we say, in which your opportunities are greater, your needs are obvious and the meeting of them is a matter of course. And your overall development is quickened.

Each entity which seeks answers to the mystery of its own being in the mysteries of the life about it anew is a hearty pilgrim upon the path of truth and service and moves in surer steps that offer greater growth.

We shall transfer the contact to the one know as Carla. We are those of Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We of those of Q’uo. We are again with this instrument, greeting each in love and light. You see, my friends, the coincidences, which are in fact providences, which are experience, occur when you come into focus and your thoughts resonate in congruency with the energy of the higher self, the angels, entities of the first density and the second density, the incredible panoply of sentient, loving life that supports each of you. So you may see that the best use of each synchronicity is to become ever more in focus within yourself.

What do you desire? You are here to explore that question and to experience all things desired. And yet this web of love will begin to speak to you ever more as you find ways throughout your days to bring yourself ever more clearly into focus with your deeper desires.

We have greatly enjoyed working through the instruments in this circle, and we thank each of those instruments who has offered and availed itself of this contact. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with each of you.

Before we leave we would ask if there is any follow-up query on a short-term basis before we leave this instrument and this group. We are those of Q’uo.

As a channeling student I would like to take this opportunity to query about an experience I had when I was channeling the first time [tonight]. The energies came around and the feelings in my body were extremely intense. I felt extremely heavy and the room crowded in around me to the extent that I felt like a sardine in a sardine can. There was no separation between me and everybody else. [I felt] very heavy and intense. And the concepts that I was channeling seemed completely repetitive. The only thing that seemed to unravel itself from the concept bubbles was: all is one, all is one, all is one, all is one. I could not feel the nuances of the concepts enough to make anything out of that. The second time the energy came around there was not the intensity. It was more relaxed. I was able to form complete sentences and thoughts. And I was wondering what the differences was. [Was it a difference of my body or the circle or your energy?

We are those of Q’uo. We are aware of your query, my sister. We can indeed comment and will be glad to do so.

The entry into an instrument’s mind and body is an art in itself which we have long practiced. And yet we are aware it would take an infinite time to perfect it. Some entities are extremely sensual in their natures. You are one of those entities, as is this instrument. Consequently, there are times when the concepts which we are trying to offer to you may well come in terms of physicality, or at least in strong feelings, as opposed to the more relaxed energy of a concept bubble which is touching less into the senses and more into the abstract.

We shall in the future endeavor to moderate the intensity of sensual offerings in order to create more comfort for you as an instrument. However, it is often that a concept is beyond easy words. When the energy moved to you at the first occurrence, the burden [of sense] that we were offering indeed had to do with the collapsing of boundaries, in terms of the web of love that surrounds you. It was central to what we were offering at that precise moment to find a way to make bright and vivid in the channeling the sensation of there being no true space in the concept but only the fullness of one. And we feel you expressed that concept in excellent words. There was no error. There was simply the process of the translation of infinite concept into finite words which you have been studying, as have others in this circle, for some time now.

There are many times when we find that which we wish to offer is so heavily nuanced that we must move beyond words and offer images and feelings. And when that occurs the instrument will say, hopefully, “I am feeling this; I am experiencing this. Once the initial words expressing the feeling are spoken, it is the first olive out of the bottle, and then the rest of the concept bubble moves forward in a satisfactory manner.

It is not always that we are able to find just the most comfortable place for each instrument. Even as long as this instrument has been working with us, we continue to learn more about how to collaborate with her in producing and providing, hopefully, a resource for seekers.

Consequently the difference between the first and the second experience which you had this evening was a faculty not so much of any change in yourself or in the circle but in the message itself. The energies surrounding a progression of thoughts will indeed vary in the energy of those thoughts. It is the work of the channel to take that which she is receiving, by her senses or as concepts without sensual energies being felt, and simply express to the best of the ability that which is occurring.

We congratulate you, my sister, for being able to work with the kind of intensity in the channeling which could have indeed been too intense for some. However, it is well when the channel relaxes into whatever is happening with the single goal of maintaining that tuning that enables us to make contact with you.

And in that sense we would like to mention the pleasure [it is] to work with each of you. It is excellent simply to be able to make the contact. We congratulate the one known as R for being able to sense our presence and to open himself to the possibility for receiving the impressions from us. The ability to do this is within each of you but yet for some, especially those [whose] livelihoods depend on being precisely accurate with quantities and measures, there is more of a resistance surrounding that which is not known. However, we feel the one known as R is continuing to progress most satisfactorily and would congratulate him for his courage and his perseverance. And we thank each of those who offer themselves this day. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with each.

We would also thank this entire circle of seeking. Every one of you a precious, precious being that sits here, giving up time and energy, those precious commodities upon your planet, simply to seek the truth. Together you shine a light that is bright, my friends, and we thank you for the lighthouse that you are.

At this time we would leave you, as we found you, in the love and the light at the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo.