Jim: The question tonight, Q’uo, has to do with the synchronicities that many people in the circle have felt, of experiencing the number 11:11, on a repeated basis, feeling that there is some sort of message here. Could you give us information as to what the significance of seeing 11:11 might be to the individual, or seeing any type of repeated number like that? It doesn’t necessarily have to be 11:11 but we’d like to focus on that.

(Carla acts as senior channel for this session.)

We are the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we visit with you this evening. It is a privilege indeed to be called to your group and we are most happy to speak with you as you requested.

However, as always, before we begin, we would ask that you listen to what we have to say with a careful ear, an ear for the resonances of our thoughts. If they do not resonate to you, let them go. If they do resonate to you, by all means keep them and work with them, but please distinguish between those two and do not take our information or any information as gospel, as this instrument would say, for we are as you, seekers of the one infinite Creator’s eternal mystery. We are happy to share our thoughts, but they are humble thoughts and we thank you for using your discernment and your powers of discrimination.

Perhaps people have said to you that you must listen to the voice of authority, but we say to you that you are the reigning authority on your own spiritual life. You know what makes you hunger and thirst. Pay attention to those hungers, those desires for intimacy with the Beloved, for closeness to the Creator, for clarity about your service and your learning. You are capable and worthy of choosing that thought which you will follow. We thank you for listening to us with that discernment. It will enable us to share our humble thoughts without being concerned that we might infringe on your free will.

The query this day has to do with synchronicity. A synchronous event is a subjective thing. It does not happen, usually, to large crowds of people at once. Normally, it is subjective, happening only to you. It follows the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts are shaped in a certain way. Your desires are felt in a certain way. It is not like other people feel things or think things. It is your way and it sets up energy. The more keen your desires, the more honed [is] the energy. But the most vague of tendencies towards focusing upon a desire shall bring about some synchronicity.

There are those who are visual. There are those who are more sensitive to auditory things: the cry of a bird, a train whistle. There are those whose synchronicities tend to come to them as odors, the particular smell of a kind of incense, a favorite food, an herb. There are those who are close to nature whose synchronicities will come to them in the form of totem animals, birds, even certain gemstones. And when you see, hear, taste, [smell or] feel those things, they speak to you.

The time of 11:11 was mentioned as an example of this kind of synchronicity. You will not receive the synchronicity that another would receive, even if you desire precisely the same thing, because each of you is set up in a unique way. Your filters of what you perceive are your own. And so, even though you are part of the dance of all, even though all is one, even though you are all sparks of the same Creator, each of you is also unique. You will not learn like another. You will not serve just like another. So, naturally, your synchronicities are your own.

It is easy to doubt yourself when you receive a synchronicity. You may simply dismiss it, thinking, “Well, that’s interesting.” You may have been told toxic things when you were a child and you think, “I am not worthy to be noticed by spirit.” You may think, “That’s not for me, I’m just a regular person.” You may dismiss it and you will still receive synchronicities from time to time. If you do not dismiss synchronicities but rather decide to pay attention to them and to note what you were thinking when a synchronicity occurred, they will begin happening more frequently and spirit will be communicating with you more often.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are known to you as Q’uo.

(S channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument. A synchronicity can be viewed as a kind of symbol by means of which a deeper portion of the mind than that with which you are customarily used to dealing is able to communicate with that surface consciousness which is of the more everyday variety.

It often happens that in the course of a day there are unguarded moments when an opportunity arises to take a check, if you will, on the events of the day to deepen the course of one’s engagement with the events of the day and to allow being to come through into the course of one’s doing, if you will.

A synchronicity can register as a sort of mnemonic device or an opportunity to reflect more deeply, to take the resonance of a certain moment, [so] that you might begin to open the passageways that lead to a fuller communication from one level of mind to another.

Now these symbols, as we have said, are as personal and as unique as you are [as an] individual. It is true that there are certain respects in which individual minds are in communication with a group level of mind, and in that regard symbols like 11:11 can have a broader significance than the merely personal.

It is a widely held view among those of your peoples who are particularly interested in spiritual work at this time that something special attaches to this date of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of this new millennium and, indeed, there is a certain truth to that inasmuch as a cycle of your beingness is coming to completion at this time. It is a good reminder to keep your eye on the prize, so to speak; to remember that you have come here to accomplish certain things and that your intention to accomplish these things can, indeed, waver. A glance at the clock, so to speak, can be a good reminder that no time is like the present for reinforcing that intention.

We would, however, caution against overemphasizing the importance of events of this nature that might be taken to have an outward meaning that causes one to lose sight of the real task at hand. There has been around this date some degree of fear generated; some sense that perhaps the planet will undergo such contortions that a great many will suffer deeply and die. While it is true that the turmoil and difficulties upon your planet continue apace, still we would suggest to you that the period of transition will not be a terribly dramatic one but will tend rather to be gradual. The date of more significance is that of the duration of your own incarnation, which holds the opportunity for accomplishing those things which you have come to do. And you all have come to do quite particular things in this incarnation.

We would suggest to you that the deeper portion of your mind is entirely aware of what there is to be done and is able in the most carefully nuanced ways to signal the more surface portions of the mind with a symbology that is uniquely adapted to each individual person.

Similarly, in your dream life you find that there are resonances and importances attached to certain persons or certain animals or certain events that would not have the same resonance or importance to another. So when they occur within the framework of your dream, they have a meaning to you that you and you alone can take, can work with, can profit from.

It is a sometimes useful exercise to look at the events of your waking life as if they had the kind of meaning that one finds in a dream. And to be sure there are little events during the course of a day which can have a sort of symbolic significance to you. These are usually interwoven in such a way that they are not obtrusive and so if you choose to pass them by unnoticed, they will indeed recede into your past without leaving a single ripple. But should you choose to focus on them, there are ways that you can learn to interact with these interesting symbols, these communications from your deeper self. There are some within this circle that have come, over time, to associate the hawk with some of the significance of the Ra contact, and sightings of a hawk can be greatly inspirational.

Now, it is true that hawks are not uncommon in this part of the world. One may see a hawk not infrequently. But if you see a hawk, and that has significance to you, you might next ask, “What is the hawk doing as I see it? Is the hawk quiescent? Is the hawk flying? Is the hawk eating?” These are little indications that might develop within you a working symbology that allows a continuing communication from the deeper portions to the more surface portions of your mind to work upon a theme that gradually becomes more accessible to you, as if it were a language that you and you alone have learned.

And so, the more attentive that you become to the patterns that announce themselves in your life experience, the more you are able to discern subtle announcements within everyday events concerning the state of affairs at a deeper level of your being and in that way to become responsive to these deeper states of affairs.

We would, at this time, pass the contact to the one known as L. We are those of Q’uo.

(L1 channeling)

We are those of the Q’uo, and are with this instrument now. We greet you all again in love and in light. This instrument has found humor in the fact that she is at this moment experiencing synchronicity, for just earlier today she became open to a stream of thought that was so compelling she composed a paper on it that had to do with much of the same topic. The images this stream of thought produced in her head, when expounded upon, would be useful in discussing this topic.

The thought that came to this instrument is about words and their significance as what they are: condensed, conceptualized forms of energy. They are basically concepts that are formed into bullets and launched out to convey an idea. This instrument pictured a certain word that she liked in the middle of a web, and branching out from it were all the words related to that word. It continued branching out. You find that all these words connect and therefore all the energies in the words [are] connected.

She thought about rhyming words. Why do certain words rhyme? Why did we make them that way so that, seemingly unrelated, they go together so well if composed in a poem or song? The reason for this is that the greater forces of the collective mind constantly inspire us subliminally through the use of symbols. If you make up a word you may not know where those sounds came from. They just sound right. And yet there is subconscious significance that comes down through the [roots of] mind.

We find this instrument is having a hard time holding this train of thought.

These energies that create synchronicities in your life are all connected. Each branches out into another concept, and another and another. If you but pay attention to the root synchronicity it can continue branching out, expanding until every moment of your life is filled with depth and meaning and you will find that eventually the barriers between you and other selves dissolve.

Each synchronicity is unique to the individual. But it is also a way of connecting us all.

We find that the energy of this concept is draining to this instrument and would pass the contact to the one known as L2. We are those of the Q’uo.

(L2 channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are with this instrument. Synchronicities are unique to an individual, not just the personality within incarnation, but the entire individual in a stream going forward and backward from the beginning of time to the end of time boundlessly, and not just forward and backward but in depth from the body through the soul to the higher self. It is collective to that individual.

Synchronicities occur not just within a lifetime but repeated throughout lifetimes. This type of synchronicity [with which] you may be familiar [is] called “déjà vu”. [This is] a synchronicity which occurs throughout several lifetimes. Although you feel as though you were living at a moment new [to you], you are repeating a moment of similar occurrence from an earlier lifetime and since, in the metaphysical, time is collapsed, these synchronicities go both forward and backward, occurring simultaneously, thus being even more synchronous.

Synchronicities are a form of communication. Synchronicities communicate to an individual in the conscious state from the subconscious state and also from the higher self to the little self incarnate at any given time. As the spiritual practitioner continues acquiring more and more skill at being a wholly spiritual person, the higher self works to communicate its teaching and refines these teachings with the little self.

Many times synchronicities are a way of grabbing the attention of the little self and if one synchronicity does not work then another one is tried until the attention is caught. If a ringing in the ear is not noticed and is dismissed as being perhaps some form of ear infection, then some other synchronicity occurs, such as an odd smell, until the little self can no longer ignore it as being some other form and takes it to be the communication of spirit, as it is meant to be.

[Side one of tape ends.]

As the spiritual practitioner grows, the usefulness or necessity of synchronicities become less and less. Synchronicities are almost a form of baby talk from the higher self to the little self. Once the little self takes note and starts listening, the communication deepens and becomes more and more complex and translucent, to the point where you converse with your higher self as though you might converse with a mate or a friend. It continues to grow in its complexity and deepen in its translucent character until it feels as though there is no longer communication from self to self but that all that remains is self, so the little self and the higher self seem to merge. But first is needed the synchronicities.

We now pass this contact on to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light through this instrument. Thus, as each of you pursues your path of seeking, you have signposts along the way that give you confirmation and even inspiration to continue your journey. You form your ritual of seeking, shall we say, your manner of being. You pursue your daily round of activities in a set way, accomplishing cycles, patterns and individual journeys into the new realms of your own being. And as this pattern of seeking harmonizes with the entities and experiences about you, you find yourself in a goodly company of great souls, all moving in unison to the opening of the heart, the service of others, and the seeking of the one Creator.

And this great company of seeking, accomplishing the various patterns of existence and the cycles of experience, nears the end of this particular density’s ability to provide such catalyst. For the great cycle of experience upon this planet in third density also comes to its end. It is now the eleventh hour before the 12/12 striking of the clock on the great clock face of your galaxy. The time between now and then is as a second on this timepiece. And each of you now moves toward that striking of the clock upon the hour of midnight, shall we say, that will enter into this experience on this planet for all seekers, the enlightenment of the one Creator being found within the heart of all seekers.

At this time we will transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. We are those of Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and greet each again through this instrument in love and in light. To whom is the synchronicity occurring? Who are you? You sit, each in your spot in this circle of seeking. You can feel your body. You can feel your thoughts. What is this collection of energies that is you? We say to you that you are sparks of the Creator, true heirs all. From glory come you and in glory do you live your life. Though you may not feel it, it is all around you. And to glory you go, for all is lit up with the love and the light of the One.

There is one Thought that made all that there is and that thought, that great original Logos, is love. You are love in search of itself. You are light. The light that you seek is within you.

This instrument said, before this meditation began, not to worry about hearing about being and doing, for the Confederation is very fond of speaking about the silence. This, my friends, is so. The key to the love and the light that are within you and that are your very nature is silence. We would expatiate upon that, for it is not simply silence, it is silence aware of itself.

Indeed, in the midst of the most crowded situation, one filled with noise and energy and emotion, it is possible to remain aware of the self as that entity which has ample space around it. Your life may be spacious in the most confusing and chaotic moment. It may also simply be chaotic. And it is part of spiritual maturity slowly, gradually, to become able to invest your busy moments with sacredness and spaciousness. Who are you? Are you the witness to these synchronicities that you experience? Do they place upon you some responsibility?

Above all else, remember that you are a creature whose very essence is love. That love is nearer to you than your breathing. Open the door to that love and that light with silence in the busiest day or in the deepest forest. Let the silence speak and stop your ears to that which is not silence, for compared to silence, words are small and weak.

Remember the story of Elijah, when great thunder rolled through. Yet the Creator was not in the thunder. And great fire burned, yet the Creator was not in the fire. And then silence fell and in that silence was the still, small voice of love. It is not that love comes to you. Love is within you. Love is waiting for you. Love loves you. It is you who choose to come to love, to let all the defenses down, to breathe fully and to welcome that which is in that which the one known as L2 called “the one singular moment of now.”

You have business here. You came here to love and to allow yourself to be loved. Often the second is harder than the first for those who seek the truth. You cannot make a mistake in your spiritual lives, for spirit wishes you to learn, to grow, to evolve. And how do you do that, my friends, except by making what are called mistakes; by dashing into blind alleys and discovering the wall at the end and coming back out wiser. Do not judge yourself for dashing off into a blind alley. Congratulate yourself for having the passion to seek and the humility to learn.

When synchronicities come to you, ask yourself, “What was I thinking? What was my thought? Did it contain love? Did it contain service?” Use it. Let yourself bloom. Let yourself shine, for there is beauty within you. It is good to share.

You make a difference, my friends, each and every one of you. Each of you is a unique gift to the Creation, to the Creator, to yourself. Honor, value and esteem that self that you are. Steer your ship as best as you can and as you become more and more aware of who you are, you shall settle into being you and your light shall help those around you to avoid the rough crags of the sea. Lighthouses are there for you. And you, as a lighthouse, are there for others. Take yourself seriously. You are important. You are special. In fact, you are unique. There is only one of you and you have a place in the infinite, eternal and unified Creation.

We thank each of you for calling us this evening and we thank and bless each for seeking the truth with such sincerity and single-mindedness. You are beautiful and we celebrate the beauty of your auras and the beauty of the blend of auras in this circle. The light you have created this evening is a great dome over this dwelling place, extending far into the heavens. Together, you touch the sky.

We would, at this time, ask if there is a follow-up to this query. We are those of Q’uo.


We find that there is no follow-up to this query. We are those of Q’uo and would ask if there is another query before we leave this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

I have a question. How is synchronicity involved in dreams? What kind of information do we receive in dreams?

We thank the one known as T for this query. We are those of Q’uo. My brother, the function of dreams varies. The most common function of what you call the dreaming is to burn off, shall we say, or process energies that are incompletely processed in the waking state. While such material is often informative, it is usually not inspirational and is simply the continued communication of self with self from deeper levels of the self to the everyday consciousness.

However, may we say that dreaming is much like synchronicity in that it is communication from spiritual sources. As you pay attention to the dreaming, especially if you begin to jot down in a journal the contents of the dreams that you remember, you can open a conversation with yourself. You will find your dreams becoming more detailed, sharper, clearer and more colorful. Once you have realized that there is information in dreams that would be helpful to the everyday self and useful to the intellect in analyzing that which is occurring in the life experience, the information becomes richer and deeper.

There are two other kinds of dreams that we would mention. The first is the teaching/learning dream where sometimes you are a student learning from a teacher; sometimes you are a teacher expressing and sharing to students. This occurs because on the inner planes of your density there is constant teach/learning going on and there are times when the desire of an entity is such that it propels that entity to join teach/learning in the dream state with those who are not presently in incarnation or are presently out of the body and dreaming.

It is seldom that the content of the teaching that you have heard or that you have offered will be available to the waking self. Please do not be concerned with this. That which you are learning would not penetrate the places that the learning is designed to go within your soul stream, except the fact that you are receiving this information much like you receive this channeling that this instrument is now doing. Part of it you have heard; part of it you have not. That is satisfactory because that which you did not consciously hear has penetrated into your subconscious and there it will be processed. What you did not hear, you have not lost. You have simply been open to spirit and allowed those things that are designed to go deeper to do so.

The last kind of dream that we would offer as a particular kind of dream is the clear dream. In that dream there is an encapsulated piece of information from spirit. It is generally a metaphor of some kind and you may draw what you wish from it. What differentiates this type of dream from others is the clarity of it. If you find yourself having a clear dream, or more than one clear dream, you may take it that you are moving through what this instrument would call the dark night of the soul, and new realizations. Clear dreams generally come at times of crisis and if you have such a dream when you are not aware of a crisis then it is well to ponder it for the information which it may share with you.

You are not a simple being. Each of you is a very intricate and complex system of vibrations and frequencies. Some of those frequencies have been with you throughout many incarnations. Some are particular and unique to this particular incarnation.

Your vibrations and frequencies change with your emotions and those things that occur to you. What is your goal then? Certainly it is to desire, for that which you desire needs to be experienced. Certainly it is to love, for that is an expression of identity.

Perhaps, my friends, you have not thought that there is that in you which is beautiful. What is the purpose of a flower? It is to bloom. We encourage each of you to think of yourself as beautiful and as capable of great blooming. In all humility, in all emptiness, open yourself like a chalice and receive that which shall touch you with love.

Dear ones, it is time for us to say our goodbyes to this beautiful group. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.