Jim: As we seek to know ourselves and know the truth on this journey, there frequently occurs for the seeker an oppositional force, either an entity or an essence, that is of a negative nature. We are wondering how Q’uo would suggest that we attempt to understand this negativity, whether an essence or an entity, and how to address it, how to approach it, how to respond to it.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. Thank you for calling us to this session of working and thank you for creating this circle of seeking for carving out, sometimes in very difficult circumstances, the time and the energy to seek the truth. As this instrument would say, you are awesome! And the beauty that you hold together as you share each other’s auras and build a sacred space is stunningly beautiful. We are so privileged to be part of this meditation.

As always, we would ask that each of you who hears or reads these words use your discrimination and discernment in choosing those avenues of thought you wish to pursue which may have been discussed by us. We thank you for this consideration, for your care in sorting out what is yours from what is not yours enables us to share our humble opinions with you without being concerned that we might infringe upon your free will.

You ask this evening, my friends, about those experiences of resistance or opposition or disturbance that seem sometimes to stand in front of one on a path of seeking and say, “Go no further.” The nature of your query is unique in our experience, in that each of those within this circle is dealing with a spiritual path which has great depth. For many who are beginners upon the path of seeking there is seen not the vertical aspect of seeking, but the horizontal, if we may use that figure.

It does not hold precisely but it works, inasmuch as we may say that it is possible to pursue a path of seeking that is seen as a journey from point A to point B, to point C, and so forth, as though it were walking across firm ground or riding across the level of the sea in a horizontal manner. To those, we would answer in one way.

This evening, however, we feel we are speaking with those who are experiencing the collapsing of boundaries and at the same time the releasing of boundaries, so that in one way it seems that all levels of the Creation have come together in one focus and in other ways it seems that all of the levels of Creation are spreading themselves like peacocks’ tails to express, in more and more detail, the unbelievable nuances possible and the great variety of points of awareness which are held in simultaneous fashion in one fragile instrument of the Creator such as each of you is.

Thusly, we shall answer in a different way, in a way in which we attempt to help you look at not only what may be opposing, distracting or offering resistance to you, but also who you are and what your points of perception may be that cause such and such a limitation, a resistance, or a distraction to surface before your near vision.

We speak to those whose hearts are pure, whose intention is set upon the pilgrim’s path. We salute you individually and collectively, for you have broken through that which is of the world to see with eyes that look for love, that hope to give love, and that are able to recognize the love that is the heart and soul of every essence and entity within this Creation of love.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are those of Q’uo.

(S channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We continue with the theme of that love which you are and ask you to reflect upon the simple point that all love is an outreaching, and in that capacity, shows already the fundamental character of acceptance. So how comes it, you may ask, that experiences arise in which you find yourself confronted with that which is deemed unacceptable, ugly, horrible and most damaging to one’s abiding desire to embrace those around one with an open heart?

For it is true that the path of every seeker will find such stumbling blocks. It is true that every seeker finds within [himself] those experiences which do not smack of love, which are potentially so frightening that one feels it no longer safe to set foot upon the path of seeking [so that one] would rather find safety and haven in some of the many distractions that offer themselves to one’s experience. “Whence come these terrors?” one asks, “And what may one do in the face of them to find a way that permits a continuation along one’s path of seeking?”

As a first step we suggest that one may examine the question of one’s own desire. For desire, my friends, is life, is seeking, is love. And it carries its energies forward into a world of common experience, originally in quite an innocent way. But one’s desire often encounters impediments, resistance and frustration.

And many times these impediments are imposed by expectations on the part of others who one loves and who one feels also return that love. One discovers then that to follow the course suggested by a desire one has would be unacceptable. And therefore one learns from a young age that desire itself can be a risky venture and should never be entered into wholeheartedly or with full fledge. One easily learns to build into the very structure of one’s desire a resistance to that desire which can express in very many different ways.

What happens, then, is that the desire itself is not fully quenched but rather finds alternative means, secret and subterranean, of expressing the life energy which has already being dedicated in them. This, my friends, is energy of the Creator and is never, never to be despised. And yet so often one finds that that is precisely its fate. It is despised even if by the one to whom it most closely belongs. Most who have lived within the kind of experience of third density which you now enjoy are well familiar with this kind of circumstance. And most have had to make accommodation for it in their daily lives in some fashion or another.

There are some cases, however, in which the experience of a pocket of a kind of rejected desire or energy is of such a strong nature that it can seem to acquire a life of its own and can turn on the one whose desire it is into forms that beggar the imagination in terms of range and type of representation. These forms are often dreamlike and can take on proportions that seem to be quite threatening and of a nature alien to the one beset by them.

We ask that you recognize first of all, therefore, that all such energy is your own, is the energy of the Creator, is real and is ultimately capable of being reintegrated. With this thought we would now transfer this contact. I am Q’uo.

(L1 channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. The practice of reintegrating that which is perceived as outer with that which you perceive as inner is one of the fundamental practices of the seeker along the path back to oneness with the Creator. That which is perceived as inner and that which is perceived as outer, on the one hand are very, very real. The monsters in the night exist. They exist because you interact with them. They exist because they give to the perceiver a presence of tangibility. You see them with the eyes of your body or the eyes of your mind and therefore they take on a reality in your life. On the other hand, these monsters of the night are merely empty perceptions of the mind, holding no real form or ultimate reality. It is only their impact that becomes real.

You perceive yourself as real. Each of those in this circle of seeking sees him or herself as an “I” with a mind and individuality. And when you perceive a self it is then easy to perceive an other-self. You each hold an identity of self and claim those things which you believe belong to the self, the traits of your being, that composite of thoughts and memories and mannerisms that form the being that you call yourself. Those things which you do not wish to integrate into that perception of self are often ignored or rejected. It is as if you choose those things which you will make yourself and those things which you will chose to make an other-self and reject.

But since this is ultimately impossible within the Creation, when you go deeper than the surface level of being and start to travel the path of a seeker and wish to know yourself entirely, those things which you have chosen as not of yourself start to reveal themselves. The shadows of the mountain that were not hit with the sun begin to appear around the climax of the mountain. You see crags and pinnacles arising out of the darkness around you and say, “What is this that has appeared at my side? It is not part of me.” But lo, you go deeper into the mountain and realize that each of these rocks and crevices are part of the same mountain; they are part of self. The snows fall on the entirety of the mountain alike.

The one known as L2 spoke earlier about needing to love the self in order to love that which is perceived as other-self. This is a concept that has been spoken of in many terms in your culture. One must love self before loving others. It holds especially true when one looks at it in this context, for that which is perceived as other-self is also self. And when one loves the self fully, that love trickles down deeper and deeper into the roots of self, where one perceives that that love then is spread out to those things once thought of as other-selves, which are actually also part of the same self.

As the seeker penetrates deeper along what was earlier described as the vertical, that which is seemingly far away becomes nearer. Again, we use the illustration of a mountain to carry our point. Starting at the pinnacle of the mountain, one can look out at the points of other mountains in a mountain range. Perhaps from this perspective there are clouds between the mountains, so that one standing on the peak of a mountain can see other mountains and clouds between the mountains and think of the mountain the seeker is standing on as one mountain and that mountain in the distance as a different mountain. But [one] penetrating deeper and deeper into the roots of self connects all other-selves. And the distance between one mountain and the other mountain seems less of a separation and more of a continuity with all of the other mountains in the range.

Again, to circle back to the concept of love and apply that to this illustration, the seeker brings the love down with him or herself into the roots of self, loving the self deeper and deeper in its entirety. And when one reaches the base of the mountain below the clouds, and sees the connection with all of the other mountains, that love spreads and grows to all of the other mountains, until it encompasses the entirety of the planet, shall we say, if we may use that image as a metaphor for all of Creation.

The one known as Carla spoke earlier of feeling a pain so intense that she may as well encompass the pain of the rest of humanity and heal all [others’] pain. She used the tool of her own suffering to penetrate the roots of herself so that she could see a connection with the entirety of other-selves. In this instance she was given the gift of oneness, connection between self and all other-selves. It is often when confronted with those monsters, whether they be pain, bad dreams or the monsters under the bed, that we are given the opportunity to go beneath the surface self, deeper into the one being that one sees in the mirror to the one Being at the center of creation.

At this time we wish to pass this contact onto the one known as L2. We are those of Q’uo.

(L2 channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument now. We greet you all in love and in light. We would like to draw attention to the fact that within the one creation that connects us all there have been created many different levels. Beings have stepped themselves down through various levels in order to gain all the experiences of life.

There are fragments of the Creator, and in essence, of yourself that are operating on different frequencies on different stairs of the staircase. These stairs all lead to one point. And yet one may find that they can move amongst the stairs and that various fragments from higher steps on the stairs may journey down into a vibration so different from that with which you are familiar that you are often not capable of recognizing [these fragments] as your fellow creation in this current density.

There are parts of yourself that are so distanced from yourself that they could, in the terms that you know, be considered a separate entity, and it is [possible] for these entities of different vibration to interact, to mingle with your vibration, on a level that differs from the resistance put up by the immediate subconscious of an individual.

The possibility of negative entities that have throughout the eons been deemed as demons, as monsters, exist on various levels of existence and are capable of interacting with individuals in this density on a level that can be fully disturbing and very distracting.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(L2 channeling)

If we may liken the creation as a body, if one part of the body is hurt or experiencing flux, all of the attention of the body is drawn to the area experiencing that particular distortion, all concentration is put upon said area. This is what happens when one entertains the fear in one’s own heart when one does not clear the levels of the immediate self in order to open the heart. They then draw forth like attention.

If you constantly think about the things that you fear, the things that you dread, if you constantly worry that you will encounter resistance, it will come. This is your inner creator at work, the creator that does not know such infinite power and yet has the very real ability to create the emotions on which you fixate your mind. That being who continuously brings focus upon outside fears without first tending to his own heart is creating the call for all those fears to be manifest.

When you open the heart and send out the call of love, you will find that not only are you met with a love response but that that love penetrates the darkness that you so fear, that it creates ripples in the pond that go [farther] than most in this density are even capable of imagining.

We would now like to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am now with this instrument. We greet you each again in love and in light. As the seeker moves into these areas of opposition, confusion and difficulty, there is often the temptation either to cease the journey or to become disheartened and feel a failure. These are normal responses, my friends. There is no shame in feeling them. But this is a portion of your tempering, shall we say, as a spiritual vessel which seeks to hold the highest vibrations and to reflect these vibrations to the Creation about you, for you interact with all that there is. And how you interact is a product of your own choosing. Eventually, each seeker will find that there is great benefit to the self in sharing heartfelt love with each portion of the creation, including those portions that seem negative in relation to the self, especially in the interaction with the self.

Yet, to share the open heart and the unconditional love that is found therein with the negatively-oriented entities is but half the journey that needs to be taken to find respite and relief. The other half, we would suggest, is to build that armor of light about yourself with as much fervor as the love that has been sent from the heart, for this armor of light is that which provides a safe haven for the self that has encountered the difficulty from without.

For though it can be said that there is an entire universe contained within the self, that has both the positive and the negative experiences and entities, yet as it has been said, “As above, so below; as within, so without.” 1 When this armor of light has been constructed then the seeker that desires to be free of the opposition of negative sources is so, both from within and without, as is the intention of the seeker.

Know that you have the power of the Creator within you. You have all things within you. Thus, the power of your ability to create is total. That which is believed within the heart and the mind and the soul of the seeker is that which is true for that seeker. Thus, as you search your heart, your mind and your soul for those portions of the self that attract or repel any other source of energy or opposition you find also the ability to secure the self in safety from any deleterious sources of energy or entities.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. We are those known as Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are now with this instrument. We greet each again in love and in light. Perhaps you have noticed, my friends, that as the various instruments in this circle have spoken they have often repeated these words, “love” and “light.” As you walk the tightrope across the abyss of chaos which is all that is perceived in this distortion, there is a balance beam for each self that is love and light. As entities pursue the spiritual path, they begin to discover that there are many points from which to perceive. Rare indeed is the seeker who is able to ascend that staircase of various vibratory ranges from which perception proceeds, all of which are couched and nested within your web of perception which is more or less integrated into a waking personality.

One may discover that [one] falls from one step, down many steps, to another floor of perception entirely. Another may find that there are sudden lifts and drops within dreams. Others may find that the vision that is so dearly desired, that is realer than the day-to-day illusion, becomes less penetrable as one moves closer to it.

All of these are examples of what the essences and energies and entities that seem to block your path are. It is a great challenge to see yourself as more than a waking personality, to realize that your boundaries are not those of your personality or your understanding. It is not necessarily helpful or good news to the seeking entity to find that there is not necessarily a continuity, in an horizontal sense, to one’s point of perception.

The second part of the query is, “How may we deal with these distractions, essences and entities that stand before the seeking self and say “Go no further.” It is far easier [to answer], for we call upon the principle of unity. And we would ask each, when faced with such visions, essences, entities and distractions, to cease movement, just as one in deep water might cease thrashing about attempting to swim to a shore that cannot be seen, and to come to rest, floating, gently being borne by whatever current one is experiencing in terms of types of vibration, when the effort to extract oneself from the moment of challenge has ceased. When one is empty and unresisting, one may then be in touch with the love that is within that vibration within that moment, within that nexus. 2

This is important in two ways. Firstly, seekers are possessed with minds. And often the functions of the mind are denigrated in comparison to the forces of intuition and knowing. Yet in a situation which confronts one as a seeker, when the resistance to the resistance has ceased, when there is peace within the perceiving self, even in the face of this challenge, one may, using one’s mind, ask to find the love in that moment.

One may even use this question as a mantra. One may, in one’s own way, create the desire to know, “Where is the love in this moment?” One has stopped the momentum of that which is fearsome. One has come to a halt. One is therefore able to originate a new momentum and create the desire to see the love in the vibration of that moment.

Secondly, it is the glory and the truth of each seeker that the love in that moment is himself. To open the self amidst challenge to the awareness of love is to open the self to the universe that is love. It is not through an act of will that one becomes able to offer love to a fearsome entity that one is seeing or to an attitude of mind that burns with hectic fire, keeping him from the peace he can taste and feel. There is a releasing of all levels of perception that comes to one who desires to know the self. At the point where that question becomes a point of entry, then that seeker may allow love to flood the self so that one is marinated in love, drenched, permeated and filled with love, and as one feels the self as love, from this point of perception it becomes the act of simplicity itself to love the unlovable, to embrace the wolf that bites.

Many are those who have, at various times in their incarnation, damaged their light bodies, or as this instrument would say, their energy bodies, and therefore have created those points of entry which are perforce unguarded. To work on this aspect of the challenges of entities and essences which seem to be a roadblock or a point of fear or distraction is to call upon a certain kind of help.

Can you imagine, my friends, the uncounted entities who have never left the love and the light of the one infinite Creator to enter into illusion? Many call them angels, or the Elohim. Whatever their title, they function as part of the creative principle and they are able, when asked, to enter into the healing of light bodies. Therefore, we ask each, in times of challenge, to call upon that help, and then to know that healing is taking place.

Offer those moments as a daily practice, asking for the help and giving gratitude for the help.

Although the Creation is that which is mysterious beyond all telling, its essence is love. And its interacting parts are all made of love. Let this be the basis of your approach to those times of challenge and resistance that you shall indeed meet again and again, whoever you are, whatever your path. It is a natural part of movement through the Density of Choice, the density of dynamic opposition. Only within yourself, girded with faith that all is well, can you open yourself to love.

We thank each instrument and each of those within this circle for calling us to you. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to speak through each instrument and to consider this question. Because the energy of the group wanes, we shall not ask for a follow-up. If you wish to work further with these thoughts, we welcome further questions at another session of seeking. For now we leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. This is the Principle of Correspondence attributed to Hermes Tresmegistus. The full Principle is, “As above so below; as below so above; as within so without; as without so within.” 

  2. A nexus is defined by www.dictionary.com as “a means of connection; tie; link.”