Jim: We are wondering about the relationship we have with our higher self—how the higher self is formed; how it communicates with us; how it decides what information or assistance to give and what not to give. Just in general, what is the dynamic relationship and how does it function between ourselves here in third density and our higher selves at mid-sixth density?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. It is a great honor to be called to your circle of seeking and we are very happy to speak with you concerning the higher self. That concept is at the core of those entities of help to you during incarnation that are unseen but, nevertheless, very real.

However, as always, we would ask that each of you that listens to or reads these words use your discrimination and your powers of discernment to decide that which is helpful to you and that which is not interesting. Let those words of ours which do not rouse your interest slide by without a second thought. Focus on those concepts you feel may be helpful. If you will take the responsibility of using that discrimination we shall relax and not be concerned with the possibility of infringing upon your free will or interrupting the rhythm of your spiritual walk. We thank you for this consideration.

We would note also, before we begin that because of requests within the circle, the speaker this evening is Hatonn rather than Latwii. Nevertheless, we call ourselves the principle of Q’uo because all of us, Hatonn, Latwii, and those of Ra, collaborate in responses to these questions.

You ask concerning the higher self—what precisely the higher self is and how it relates to you through your incarnation. We would begin by describing to you this higher self in a way that may make some sense to you in terms of your linear mind and your intellect.

If you stay strictly within space/time in the world of manifestation, you can only go as far as the end of third density. In order to progress further, you move into fourth density; into the precincts of time/space; into the environment of energy from electricity or electrical energy as opposed to the energies of chemicals and the distillation process that goes on in your physical body at all times as you distill the helpful ingredients within foods for the use of your physical vehicle and eliminate the dross or the extra.

However, if you consider that in third density you still retain the energy body that will carry you into fourth density, and that has carried you through your incarnation, then you can go further with your intellectual considerations. So please imagine yourself in your indigo-ray body, moving into incarnation in third density, aligning with the physical vehicle and connecting to it by means of the silver cord, so called. Then imagine that same body, at the end of the physical incarnation, releasing its hold upon the physical body that is no longer viable and moving into the process of graduation, first in the indigo-ray body, then in the violet-ray body. And once the steps of light have been walked and you have graduated into fourth density, [imagine] moving back into the indigo-ray body and then into physical incarnation of the electric type rather than the chemical type.

You do this throughout the long reaches of fourth density and fifth density. Finally, you graduate to sixth density, having learned the ways of love and the ways of wisdom. In sixth density, still in your electrical body, you refine and refine the lessons of love and wisdom, combining them again and again until you find the secret to acting with compassionate wisdom or wise love.

Ultimately, you reach a point somewhere in the midst of sixth density when you discover that all that you have ever desired has been satisfied except for the hunger and thirst for the Creator. And so you turn from the world of desire. You no longer think of what you will do next. You only think of the Creator. And that draws you ever closer to the seventh density, the Density of Foreverness.

At the point at which you find that you have achieved all your goals in the outer physical world, have performed all the services you hoped to perform and have integrated all of the learnings that you hoped to gather, you turn back to the past, so-called only in space/time, and you give to yourself a gift. You give to yourself a thoughtform in which is stored every lesson that you have learned, every gift that you have expressed, every dream and hope that has fired your journey. You give the highest and best self of which you are capable within third density, within fourth, within fifth, and within sixth, to yourself. That thoughtform, called the higher self, can also be called the “magical personality.”

We would, at this time, transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are those of Q’uo.

(S channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. A magical personality represents a form of self or image of self or potential of self, if you will, that has to it a completeness that is lacking in those stages or forms of selfhood that one finds being explored in the earlier phases of development. Now this would seem to be on its face a contradiction, because to be a self, after all, would suggest that one is always precisely the self that one is. And understood in this way, it would seem implausible that there could be a portion of the self that is missing to itself. And yet this is precisely what we would suggest to you is the preponderant experience of being a self.

Within your third-density experience you find that you undergo several phases of being the self as you grow and develop within the life experience. You are first an infant, then a child, then an adolescent, a young adult, a mature individual, an aging individual, and finally one who perches upon the very precipice of larger life. And in each of these phases of your life-experience you can find different meanings associated with the concept of self that you associate with yourself. You find different ways of being the self that you are. As we have suggested, these ways will often involve a particular focus of desire. And desire does play a very large role in situating the way of seeking and the way of service that each self finds appropriate to itself.

You could say that the desiring mechanism is a filtering process which gives a particular intensity to the practice of focusing on certain aspects or facets of one’s experience that one feels would profit from further exploration.

The process of undergoing a life of desire, however, is not a static one. Desire has a way of reformulating itself as it undergoes the experiences of fulfillment or disappointment, of challenges, of further aspiration and further possibilities for further desiring which form on one’s horizons.

As one reflects upon the self that lies at the root of these desires then, it becomes clear that the self, itself, is something perpetually in the process of being created and transformed. To be sure, there is a continuity in the process; that is to say, the desires that one has had, the questions that one has posed, remain with one for a period and it is from questions currently asked that questions to be asked will evolve. It is therefore, not without meaning to say of oneself that one is a self, but it is not a meaning which is set in stone.

What is important is that there be a sense of responsibility, if we may use this word, that one learns to exercise in the movement through the various phases of exploring the potentials of being the self so that, for example, an action that is performed today receives tomorrow the respect of the unanswerable.

What we mean by this is that one acknowledges a past that belongs to oneself even at a time when the circumstances have substantially changed. It is possible, however, to become so foreshortened in the sense of who one is, that one’s boundaries harden. The factors involved in this experience are well enough recognized to you: they are fear, anxiety, a reactivity to the pain that can emerge in one’s life experience, so that one draws inward and begins to think of oneself in a more and more limited way.

There are very few who escape this effect completely and as a result of processes such as these one begins to think of oneself as an isolated unit of being separated from all others. In this circumstance, one can hardly think of a higher order of self that could serve as a resource to one, not from without, but from within. So the first principle that we would have you recognize when dealing with a problem of selfhood is that it knows no outer or inner limit. Only if you recognize this principle can the notion of a higher self make any sense.

At this point, we would transfer the contact to the one known as M.

(M channeling)

We are Q’uo. We will start by saying a few words addressing the initial question on what information the higher self chooses to give the self and why it does so or, said another way, what information does the higher self withhold from the self and why. As this instrument is perceiving it, technically speaking, the higher self does not limit, so to speak, what information is available to the self in theory. It is, in a sense, what we choose to look at, the higher self and the self in third density being two points on a circle, so to speak. [They] are aspects of the same [self], so we can, in theory, tap into anything our higher self has to offer to us.

However, we can, in the same way, look at what we choose, [and we may choose] not to look at our higher self at certain times. It is a matter of facing the self, which most individuals find harder than facing other selves or other higher beings of higher dimensions.

However, facing the self is the most natural point of contact or way of contact. In truth, you can contact your higher self whenever you want and wherever you are by desiring to do so. However, this, as any skill in the quest or path to adepthood takes practice and process, patience, commitment, focus, and the foundational intent or service.

We now pass this contact to the one known as L. We are Q’uo.

(L channeling)

We are Q’uo, and are with this instrument now. We would like to expound further upon the topic of interacting with one’s higher self. We would encourage you to consider, when consulting the higher self, that it is not necessary to take the position of a supplicant or neophyte begging for wisdom from a source you cannot comprehend or is superior to you, but to consider your relationship with your higher self as a partnership. In all ways you work together.

[In] the realm of sixth density, concepts of time and space grow close to meaningless. As your higher self observes your growth, that portion of you is learning from the you that is learning. [It is] a portion of yourself that you are calling upon. In all ways you are infinite and ever growing. Your higher self is not there to be your God or any type of elevated superior that you must go through any certain ritual to contact but is there as your friend—as your best friend.

Your higher self is the most complete, highest and best expression of that vibration that is you. The you that you are now and the experience that you are gaining right now is a part of the experience that that higher self retains. The higher self may combine your experience with all the other wisdom that [it] has gathered on its journey and then present it back to you in an augmented fashion that will help you with the very issue with which you are dealing right now because it was that very issue that helped you provide the wisdom that your higher self now gives back to you.

Your higher self is virtually anything you can perceive it to be. Your higher self is the limits of your imagination, for it is everything that you ever thought and cared about and done, therefore, if you need it, it will be provided. If you desire your higher self to communicate with you by making the stars dance, if you can conceive it, it can happen. A certain person who sees a coin laying on the ground as they walk by [may] think nothing of it, while another may be able to interpret it as a sign of something, that one puzzle piece in their life that was missing, because they ask that their environment provide them with information. There is no one way in which communication is established. It does not have to be through prayer or ritual or any attempt at communication with words. Your higher self can communicate with you through any means to which you are open.

There is also your specific guidance system, the artifacts your higher self has created for you and sent back, known to many as the male and the female guides and the third guide that is a union of the two, often seen as androgynous. These were created to be a more tangible example to you. It will help you in more direct ways.

You and your higher self are on this road together. There is no separation and, being your best friend, your higher self will always respect your wishes, even ones you may not know you have; agreements you made before your incarnation; realizations of your unconscious; the desires you have that you do not realize or express. The higher self realizes these and they will not in any way infringe upon your free will or step on the toes of your learning. For they were once in your shoes and know just how important it is that you learn at your own pace, which is why at times you may not get the particular answer for which you were looking. It is not that the higher self does not listen or does not care; it only has one eye open to the big picture of what your soul is planning both for the incarnation and [for] the unconscious desires of your heart.

We would now pass this channel to the one known as Jim:

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We have been speaking to you this evening on the concept of the higher self and your relationship to it; the types of information that are transmitted both from you to the higher self and the higher self to you. The higher self itself is connected to what you may see as another facet of yourself in this circle of beingness. That is to say, the higher self has its higher self as well. This totality of beingness is a resource upon which the higher self may call in the, shall we say, framing of the possibilities of experience for the mind/body/spirit complex that each of you is within your third-density illusion.

Thus, there is a great wealth of information and experience that is available to each entity, such as each of you is. When you are within your daily experience, going about your routines and accomplishing various tasks, you are, for the most part, motivated and empowered by your own desires, experiences, and relationships. When there is a difficulty within any experience, you begin to ask within yourself as to the solution of such difficulties. If your own experience is unable to provide you with the satisfactory answers, it is, as you say, a natural function of the questing mind, body and spirit complex which you are to call for assistance, whether this call is conscious or subconscious, because at this time the other aspects of your being such as your higher self are able to give information or inspiration, a direction, a clue, shall we say, that will help you on your journey without infringing upon your own free will. For the call that has been offered has been heard and shall be responded to.

At this time we will transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. We are those of Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are again with this instrument, greeting you through this instrument in love and in light. My friends, there are two basic ways that you, as a self, can work with the higher self, which is that aspect of you that could be called the highest and best, or the accumulation of all that has been learned. One way, is as part of a closed system, the other way is as part of an open system.

Those who work with the closed system are working under the assumption that the individual self is a closed system. However, the higher self resides within the open heart. It is closer to you than your own breathing or your own heartbeat. Now, because the higher self resting in the heart is under its beneficent influence, the preponderant inspiration from contact with the higher self shall have to do with love because choosing love over fear, choosing service to others over service to self, choosing radiance over self-defense, is that which polarizes an entity positively and enables that entity to be ready for graduation.

There is no need in terms of graduation to work with the self as an open system. In working with the higher self in a closed-system way, then, perhaps the best way to encourage words to come from that conversation you are having in the silence between desire and its response is to write down your questions and, to the best of your ability, write down that thought which comes to you on the heels of posing that question to the higher self. The entity who created the book, Conversations with God, 1 was using this technique and it is available to all who wish to use this resource.

Now, if you wish to access the higher self as part of an open system, you are basically working with the infinite supply of love/light energy that you are receiving from the earth, through the feet and upwards through the body and through the energy body as well, exiting out the top of the physical head as well as the seventh chakra. You are using the higher chakras; that is, the chakras above the heart, the blue-ray chakra of communication, the indigo-ray chakra of radiance of being, and the violet-ray chakra which is that which holds the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Due to the placement of desire when in the energy body, you ask your question of the gateway of intelligent infinity, thereby causing a response to flow down from the Creator into your body, meeting the upward-spiraling love/light energy that is always yours at the chakra-point of keenest desire. Some refer to this as the movement of kundalini. If your energies are devoted entirely to seeking the Creator, it is likely that the inspiration and information from above will move through the gateway, through the upper chakras, bouncing down to that central chakra of the heart ray and then bouncing back up to indigo ray, where it will reside and where you may converse in the language of concepts.

[Side one of tape ends.]

It is to be noted that there are advantages to working with the higher self in an open system, where you perceive yourself to be part of all that there is and free to contact all those parts of the self that are included in the higher self. Working with an open system, there is no heavy influence of love, wisdom or power. The system wherein you as a personality and a self are not truly separate from the rest of Creation is a powerful model. It opens the self-definition, as you think about yourself, to the realm of endless potential.

This is not to say that you can become substantially different from yourself. The combined energies of your soulstream through many, many incarnations have produced within you a characteristic vibration. What you are interested in doing, whether in a closed system or an open system, is decreasing the difference between your vibration or frequency and the vibration or frequency of the one infinite Creator, pure unconditional love, the Logos, that one great original Thought that created the universe.

Working with an open system, you are able to retrieve more specific information from the various aspects and experiences of yourself in various incarnations. So there is more flexibility and variety in the information and inspiration you may garner working with the concept of the self as an open system.

Nevertheless, it is always to be noted that in third density, the main thrust of each seeker’s work shall need to be that work which improves polarity and deepens and intensifies the choice of service to others so that the steps of light can be walked at the physical death in the spirit body and the new environment of fourth density or higher can be attained.

Looking strictly at the goal of graduation from this, your last incarnation on third-density Planet Earth, it is perfectly acceptable to choose the closed system as the simpler system within which to work. And we would recommend this for any who are not drawn to the idea or the dream of the magical personality and living life as a priest.

If you are drawn to create within your life a magical persona and if you are drawn to working with that persona, then you are a good candidate for working with the open-system concept of self and doing the inner work necessary not only to keep the lower chakras open and the heart open, but also to keep the upper chakras flexible and responsive to your desire.

Working with the open system, it is possible to pull in not only all the many aspects of the higher self, your basic guidance system, but also many other entities that are drawn to you particularly, because of your frequency of vibration, the quality of your devotion and the honesty and intensity of your hope of serving. These are the tools with which you may sally forth to seek the truth. You are most emphatically not alone.

We would, at this time, ask if there is a follow-up to this query or any related query. We are those of Q’uo.

I was wondering about the relationship between an individual self’s higher self and the individual’s sixth-dimensional social memory complex that he or she will be a part of. [Inaudible].

We are those of Q’uo. We thank the one known as M. We believe that we grasp her query. The relationship of the self and the higher self to the social memory complex of which the higher self is a part within mid sixth density is that of an overshadowing energy that can be accessed by the desire of the self within incarnation. This can be accessed because the social memory complex of the sixth-density entity is part and parcel of the depths of the sixth-density entity’s self-definition. [It] is not simply that a member of a social memory complex defines itself as part of that complex, it is rather that all of those entities who have worked together in collaboration for one common purpose over time become closer than friends, or lovers, or mates. They become one in thought, one in hope, one in intention.

So there is the energy of all of that sixth-density social memory complex, which rests like an aura around the higher self. It is not that the social memory complex as a whole has more pointed advice to give you or more helpful resources to offer than the higher self by itself, it is that accepting the higher self’s social memory complex as part of the higher self, one is able to access the overwhelming power of the combined seeking of all those involved in the social memory complex. And it is often helpful simply to focus the self within that third-density, momentary desire. There is a clarifying energy to the social memory complex itself that is over and above the individual energy of that higher self that you may call your “highest and best self.”

May we answer you further, my sister? We are those of Q’uo.

No. Thank you very much.

We thank you, my sister. We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there is a final query at this time.

We were talking earlier about our energy systems and the physical sensations that we feel in our energy systems. If you could address any spiritual principles that would help us understand, I’d appreciate it.

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of the query of the one known as F. My sister, there are many sensations which are connected with each chakra. You may see some of them as physical, some of them as spiritual and some of them as mental or emotional. The physical sensations connected with each chakra are those bodily sensations that are in the area in the physical body represented by the chakra, so difficulties such as this instrument currently has with the very bottom of her spine are connected with first ray or the red-ray chakra.

Lower-belly issues such as the gastrointestinal tract are connected with the orange ray chakra.

Those symptoms that cluster about the stomach and various problems connected with the stomach such as acid reflux and ulcers are connected with the yellow ray chakra.

All things connected with the heart and vascular systems are connected to the green-ray chakra.

Throat problems are connected with the blue ray chakra.

Problems in the face, the forehead and the ears are connected to the indigo-ray chakra.

There are no issues connected with the violet-ray chakra as it is simply a closing readout of the system as it leaves the body.

Emotionally speaking, it is necessary to trace the trigger that caused the energy body to contract and determine from that cause what chakra is involved in the emotional work that has closed that chakra.

In spiritual pain, which is rare, but which does exist, it is also necessary to go through a somewhat arduous and time-consuming process of determining that seed cause which first closed a lower chakra because of spiritual pain, for it is only when that spiritual pain is discovered and exposed to the light, that it can begin to heal.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if we may answer you any further, my sister?

I guess I was also wanting to know about the positive, pleasant sensations during meditation or throughout the day that feel like energy flowing in a positive manner.

We are those of Q’uo. We believe that we are aware of your query, my sister. Very simply, when there are positive aspects that are associated with the energetic flow from the lower chakras, through the upper chakras and back to the Creator, the positive expression will tend to come from the green-ray chakra, the heart chakra, that powerful engine not only of the physical body but of the energy body as well, for this is, my friends, a universe of love.

We find that this instrument and this group begin to tire and so we would take our leave of the channeling circle and all those that have participated in this session of working. It has been a positive joy to work with each and every channel and we thank each for coming and sharing your gift.

We thank all who have come for their beauty and their courage and for the will to set aside time to seek the truth. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God; an Uncommon Dialogue: New York, Putnam, 1996.