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Dear seekers,
We humbly request your help as we embark on our annual fundraiser. We share all information and publications freely on this archive website thanks to donations from seekers like you. If you find this website and information useful on your journey, please consider donating. Your contribution will enable us to continue sharing this information and help other seekers on their path.

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L/L Research


Table of Contents

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The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One
Volumes 1 and 2

The Law Of One (The Ra Material), Books I – V

Living the Law of One–101: The Choice

A Wanderer’s Handbook

Secrets of the UFO

A Channeling Handbook

A Book of Days: Channeling from the Holy Spirit

The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater

Light/Lines - The First Twenty-Five Years

The L/L Research Channeling Archives

The Poetry of Carla Lisbeth Rueckert

Tilting at Windmills: An Interview with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty

The Quixotic Quest: The Story & Identity of L/L Research

Voices of the Confederation

What is Love

The Alphabet Mosaics


Interviews and Speeches

Carla’s Niche

Homecomings and Gatherings

The Origins of L/L Research

Please click here for this section’s Table of Contents. This section includes:

  • About the L/L Research logo
  • Extraterrestrial Communication (English, German, and Spanish versions)
  • The Law of One: Accelerating Personal Evolution
  • Clyde Trepanier Transcripts (Circle R Group)
  • Walt Rogers Transcripts - The Brown Notebook


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