One of seven (or eight, depending on the perspective) dimensions or cycles of evolution in an octave of experience. It is called “density” because each successive density is more densely packed with light. Akin to a musical scale, seven densities are grouped together in an octave, where the eighth density begins the first of the next octave in an infinite string of octaves. Each density represents a quantum vibrational spectrum or portion of intelligent energy, and each density cycles, or moves to the next density, according to the predetermined clock-like rhythms of intelligent energy.

Designed by the Logos, each density of experience offers its own set lessons and parameters that must be learned and understood in order to cross the threshold and graduate from one density to the next. Each density has seven sub-densities. Each sub-density has seven sub-sub densities. And so on, infinitely. The core vibrations of the seven densities have correspondence to the seven true colors and the seven energy centers.

See also “Dimension” & “Sub-Density”