In this series I’ve been looking at the energy pipeline I call the energy body, a rainbow series of energy centers that follows the physical line of our spines from the spine’s base to the top of the head. We have examined the energies of survival and sexuality (red ray), personal relationships with ourselves and with other people (orange ray), group relationships like family and work (yellow ray), open-hearted love and healing (green ray) and now we look at the energies of the great communication chakra, blue ray.

The first three rays are remarkably important and powerful. However they do not give the seeker a chance to exchange energies with another being. The work we do in those chakras is inner work, as we clear blocked energies and balance our energy system in order to make a full pathway for the Creator’s energy through the heart chakra.

When full power is streaming through the heart chakra, the opportunities for energy transfer begin! The Ra group, which I have channeled, suggests that the blue ray is the first true spiritual ray, in that all transfers are of the whole, integrated self.

The throat chakra or blue ray is the first independent ray, in that it may radiate or transmit love to another being regardless of whether there is an answering affection from that other person. One may offer love from the heart center of green ray, but in the face of energy blockage from the person who is loved, green-ray energy is ineffective. In blue ray, one’s love streams forth triumphantly, regardless.

People who are open through the blue ray are somewhat rare in our society, as complete blue-ray opening requires the most rigorous honesty with the self. This quality of absolute truth-telling to the self is not a value encouraged by our culture. Consequently we all have a real hurdle to leap in order to open the blue-ray chakra.

However it is greatly desirable to get the blue-ray chakra open and working. Its energy is all about becoming able to express the self without reservation or fear.

The chakra, located in the area of the throat and neck, seats the teachings of the spirit which we receive, “animating the whole and communicating to others the entirety of beingness,” according to the Ra group. Its appearance can be brilliant and full of flashing light and it may have as many as 100 facets in its crystal-like form.

Do you wish to communicate effectively today? Then you will wish to clear the lower chakras, visit the heart for blessing and renewal and enter the glowing, jewel-like blue-ray chakra with communication on your mind.

Penetrating blue ray without clearing all lower chakras can result in illness, both mental and emotional, as in personality distortions, and physical, as in those who find their breathing hampered by allergies, experience repeated infections of the lungs and throat or find difficulty in speaking clearly.

That’s a fairly common problem among those who are actively seeking. The Psalmist writes, “My soul hath a desire and longing to enter into the courts of the Lord.” And, “Oh, yes!” I respond. I do long so deeply for the pleasant pastures of the open heart of green ray, the loving communication of blue ray and all the tools of work in consciousness which reside in the indigo ray. The green-blue-indigo triad of higher energies is the wonder and the glory of our energy bodies. It feels so good to be there and to work with those energies.

And yet, if we try to do this work without having cleared our lower rays of blockage and over-activation, we will be as unable to do this work in consciousness as an appliance is when its power source is cut off. We will have trouble figuring out what we really feel and think. We will have trouble expressing our opinions well. And we will have trouble accepting the opinions of others as simple information. We will be over-reactive to what others think, thusly causing our energy bodies to contract and constrict the flow of the infinite Creator’s energy coming through our pipeline even more.

Before you try to communicate, then, do some preparatory work. First, act as though you are straightening your hair. This combs unwanted energies we have perhaps picked up out of our aura. Brush off your clothes, continuing to “comb” your aura and free it of all energy but your own. Then if it is convenient, touch your ankles together and fold your hands. This seals your energy body well.

In this state, say a prayer. It can be a short one. My personal favorite is a simple request for help. I say, “Holly, help!” (Holly is my name for the Holy Spirit.) Christians have always found tremendous power in the one-word shorthand prayer, “Jesus!” Taking a good, cleansing breath and orienting the self to the soul on the other end of the letter, the other side of the door, the other end of the telephone line or the opposite side of the desk can be enough to alert the seeker that energy needs to be flowing cleanly and clearly right now.

With this momentary clearing accomplished, you are ready to offer the exchange of your energy with theirs. In green ray that exchange is loving and being loved. In blue ray that exchange is accepting and being accepted, speaking and being heard or listening with ears that hear and understand. Such energy exchange “transmutes selfhood and place in society into energy transfer situations in which the entity may merge with and serve others and then, finally, radiate unto others without expecting any transfer in return.”

All these quotes are from the five volumes of “The Law of One.” Go to to look at this material more closely.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Remember the prayer of St. Francis today and ask to understand rather than being understood and to console rather than being consoled. You will find yourself exchanging understanding and consolation, as well as smiles and laughter, with the most unexpected people!