In this series of articles we have been looking at the energy body of chakras or rays that comprise our electrical body, that body which, though unseen, forms the physical body and throughout our lifetime, affects our state of mind. When the energy pipeline is running clear and unimpeded by blockages, we experience joy and peace. We feel our native and natural power. We root deeply into ourselves and stand firmly on our own infinite ground of being.

We have looked at the activities of the lower three chakras, that red-orange-yellow triad of energy centers which deals with issues of survival and sexuality (red), personal relationships (orange) and group relationships (yellow). We have dwelt in the precincts of the unconditional love of the opened green-ray heart chakra, investigated the power of the throat or blue chakra to communicate clearly and studied the infinite possibilities of work in the brow or indigo-ray chakra.

In this article we focus upon the violet ray of our energy pipeline. Physically, its connection to the body is at the top of the head. Activation of this chakra is expressed by a throbbing of that center, as if in orgasm. When this area of the crown is tingling or “buzzing” the indication is that the center is trying to open but that resistance to its opening, through either blockage or over-activation of a lower chakra, is holding that gateway partially shut. It is as if one is wearing a small skull cap.

I include this chakra in our consideration of the energy body even though one cannot work within this chakra to improve the tuning or balance of it. Although it would seem that this consideration means that we need not look closely at this ray, in point of fact violet-ray energy is very important to the way our energy bodies work, in a number of ways.

Firstly, what does it look like? This crystallized energy center spinning at the brow is sometimes called the “thousand-petalled lotus” by Eastern teachers. It is “the sum of the energy fields”, the least changeable of all the centers. It represents a read-out of our total energy system, red through violet. It is a quiet center, as no energy can come in to that center and no blockage can occur at the violet-ray level. In the words of the Ra group, it is constant, “the mark, the register, the identity, the true vibration of an entity”.

This energy center also represents what the Eastern sages call the Buddhic body or that body which is complete. Says the Ra group, “within it lies a sense of wholeness which is extremely close to unity with all that there is”.

This ray carries several layers of energy, unlike the other centers. As the summation chakra, it contains the spectrograph of rainbow energies unique to each spirit or soul. Surrounding this read-out of the individual’s energy system is the pure violet color. This is coated over with a “skin” of color made up of the blending of pure red ray with pure violet ray. This mixing of the beginning and ending colors of the energy system of the body is a natural way of protecting the individual mind, body and spirit of that individual and the energy system of that person.

And surrounding that, if the entity happens not to come from Earth but, instead, is a traveler from another planet who has come here to incarnate and help with the Harvest, is the true color for the native density of that “Wanderer.”

Each person’s violet ray is unique to that person, since the ray is a readout of the whole energy system. There is no “right” configuration for this center. Each person’s unique vibratory system is right for that person when that system is able to pull itself into an overall balance. “The balance,” say the Ra group, “is what is necessary for work to be done.”

How do we achieve this balance? The answer is unexpected, for you would think that you would use the faculty of the will to open each center as widely as possible. However, while the will can, indeed, open and get a powerful spin going in individual energy centers, these sometimes magnificently brilliant centers are locked away from their own power as long as the energy pipeline as a whole is significantly blocked or over-activated anywhere along the line.

The usual error of seekers is to have a wonderful time working on the higher energy centers without giving sufficient respect and honor to the lower centers. Clearing the whole system daily by means of thinking about the thoughts you have had and the actions you have done this day is greatly recommended by my channeling source.

This balance is especially important when you consider your desire to move, upon death, from this life to what we have been trained in this culture to think of as “the kingdom of heaven”. The Ra group calls this heaven world fourth density or The Density of Love and Understanding. (Our Earth world is called by them “The Density of Choice”.)

Without being able to achieve a sturdy balance of the energies in our energy pipeline, we will not only suffer from a lack of joy and an inability to do metaphysical work like meditation, but also we will not be able to graduate into fourth density because we “will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the love and light of intelligent infinity to the extent necessary for Harvest.”

Harvest in no way resembles the classic after-death scenario of our culture, with its pearly gates and Judgment Day, unless one can imagine the pearly gates set at the division between third density and fourth density along what the Ra group calls the “steps of light,” and unless one can accept that one’s own self is the only judge.

The spirit, after going through physical death, moves in the indigo-ray body to a position in the so-called “inner planes” where it is determined by the soul itself whether or not it is ready for Harvest.

The spirit, if ready to walk the steps of light and ascertain “harvestability,” moves into its violet-ray body and walks along these ascending steps, with each step containing a more densely packed version of the love and the light of the infinite Creator. When the spirit is at its most comfortable in this intensifying light, it stops. If it has stopped before the “pearly gates,” which the Ra group calls “the gateway to intelligent infinity,” the spirit’s next incarnation will continue to be in a third-density environment. If the spirit’s vibrations are such that it can enjoy a more intense light and it stops on a fourth-density step, then it has graduated. That spirit’s Harvest to fourth density is complete. Then the spirit moves back into the indigo-ray body to move on into the next placement within incarnation or within the inner planes, if that has been chosen as the next path of service.

The violet-ray position is the place from which all invocations and evocations occur, whether the activity is considered “good,” as in the case of channeling inspired material, or whether the activity is considered “evil,” as in the case of psychic greeting. The Ra group says that they used my violet-ray center to come through the gateway of intelligent infinity and work with me to produce their channeled material, coming down into and resting in my blue-ray center, the communication and inspiration chakra, to do their work with our research group.

In other positive contact through violet ray, some sources move to the green-ray heart center to offer healing vibrations through a channel and other sources work with the spirit itself within indigo ray as it enlarges its faculties of faith and hope.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Rejoice this day in your uniqueness and feel the power of your energy body flexing as you move through your day, dealing with humor and patience as you encounter the inevitable unkindnesses of this day in such a way as to transmute them to responses full of genuinely felt love and light! You are the light of the world!