In this series, which concludes with today’s column, we have been looking at the energy body of chakras or rays that comprise our electrical body, that body which, though unseen, forms the physical body and throughout our lifetime, affects our state of mind.

What a powerhouse the energy body is! This living, rainbow-colored pipeline of energy runs along our physical spines and contains seven main rays or colors, also known as chakras or energy centers. The energy may be thought of as electrical.

When the infinite supply of the Creator’s energy is flowing easily through our pipeline, we feel good. That energy contains love and light, and as it flows through our chakras it takes on our colorations, exiting at the top of the head’s violet-ray chakra in a radiating, glowing vibration that is like a candle flame. The halos of the saints catch this palpable glow of blessed and released light, which in turn blesses all whom its energy touches.

By keeping that energy pipeline clear, we become a living lighthouse. We glow with joy and a steady wellness which has everything to do with our emotions and spirit and almost nothing to do with our physical health.

If you have read through this series of articles on the energy body, you will have a good idea of how to work with this resource and its chakras, rays or energy centers skillfully. You will know that it takes only a moment of intention to take hold of the process of choosing how to respond to incoming “catalyst.”

The primary challenge is to notice what is occurring when something happens momentarily that makes your energy body contract. This step is difficult because we are not used to valuing our own thoughts, for the most part. Yet we need to create the habit of doing so.

The contraction of the energy body is manifested, usually, by a clenching of the physical body in some way and a similar “clenching” of the emotions as they contract around something that feels as if it ought to be avoided or is to be pursued.

I feel fairly sure that my husband’s energy body was contracted this morning, for instance. He runs a lawn service. He has a certain number of customers’ lawns to mow before quitting time today. A light rain was falling when we made our Morning Offering and the forecast is for heavy weather this afternoon and evening.

He is not contracted in red ray, the root chakra at the base of the spine, because his survival does not depend on getting those lawns mowed.

He is not contracted in orange ray, the “gut” chakra, because getting the lawns mowed does not involve any personal relationships. He is happy with himself and he works alone, so the Creator’s infinite energy is running clearly though that ray.

He is, however, contracted in yellow ray, the solar plexus chakra. The energy of this chakra has to do with interaction with groups. The group which is causing my husband anxiety as he sets out to mow this morning is his work environment. Since he pays our bills by mowing lawns, he is very focused on doing the very best job he can for each customer. If he has to cut wet grass, clumping may occur and this would not be his best work.

Is it a killing crime to be anxious about this? Not at all! It is, however, fairly certain that Jim’s yellow-ray chakra is partially blocked.

I, too, am partially blocked in yellow ray today. This morning’s work is sheer pleasure, as I have been working my way through a discussion of the issues relating to the study of each chakra and this is my chance, in today’s column, to sum up this area of consideration, which I feel to be extremely valuable. However, tomorrow’s scheduled creative work is on a book I am writing. The material I am working with right now is on the new developments in science. I am not a scientist. So my solar plexus chakra also is partially blocked because I am anxious about doing a first-class job with this material.

My husband and I have already begun the process of clearing those blockages, for we are old hands at this work by now. In the first place, we very intentionally start the day with a Morning Offering, a time of thanksgiving, praise, prayer, song and the study of inspired writings.

We asked for help during the prayer which ended our Morning Offering today. We enumerated those areas where we knew we were blocked and we asked for the spirit’s help in smoothing out those concerns.

We then thanked the Creator for these challenges and concerns. Such challenges are the grist for our mill of learning and service. If there is nothing to take us aback or disturb the even tenor of our daily life, we may be very comfortable. However we are not in a growth environment. So when catalyst comes knocking, as it does most days, Jim and I try to remember to give thanks for it. There is great wisdom in being grateful for the aggravations of the day and seeing them as the Beatitudes that they are!

At the end of the day, as we prepare for bed tonight, we will take a while to snuggle with each other and our cats. We will discuss those things which have challenged us today. If we can, we will help each other to look at the things that moved us today, one way or the other.

And finally, as we both go to sleep, in the privacy of our own inner thoughts, we will take the time to sit with these concerns. This “sitting-with” process is about balancing our energy body, not judging some parts of it good and others bad.

Take Jim’s and my concerns about our livelihood and work. To balance the feelings we have had about that today, we will look at our concern that we will not be able to do a good job. According to Confederation channeling, the most skilful process of balancing any issue involves three steps.

The first step we will take is to find a comfortable, quiet spot in which to clear the mind and bring back those anxious feelings. When we have a good focus on just how that felt, we will allow the emotion to intensify. We will amplify the emotion until it is pure and clear.

The second step we will take is to allow that intensified emotion to fade away until we begin to feel the opposite emotion, which is confident assurance that all is well. We will intensify that emotion, as it naturally arises, until that sense of confident and fearless expectation of good is equally pure and clear.

The third step we will take is to hold both extremes of emotion, on this one bit of catalyst we have observed in ourselves, and place them side by side in our minds, asking them to come into a dynamic and harmoniously unified balance that is right for us.

The goal is not to erase all catalyst and have effortless lives. The goal is to clear the energy pipeline so that the spontaneous health of the spirit may flood our senses, yielding a natural joy and peace that one can obtain no other way. No outer toy or possession can accomplish the stable sense of “all is well”. Only inner work returns us to this natural balance, when we have become contracted around something we fear too much or love too much.

The right use of the faculty of will is the issue here. It takes an act of will to pay attention to what is going on with our mood and reactions today. However, if we can pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and give them honor and respect today, remembering what moved us out of the flow, then as the day winds down, we can find some quiet moments and restore this energy flow to its balance. And what a difference it makes to our well-being and sense of joy when we do!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you go forth rejoicing and may your candle flame of love and light bless all whose lives you touch today.