In this series of articles we have been looking at the energy body, which is like a pipeline along the spine of our physical bodies through which flows the incoming, infinite life energy of the one Creator. This pipe is as a rainbow body of energy centers, red through violet, running along the spine from groin to crown. When the energy is flowing well and unimpeded, our feelings of joy and peace flow through us like a broad and sun-sparkled river.

Today, we look at the green-ray energy center, which is located at the level of the heart along that energy pipeline.

The “Ra group,” a spiritual source which our L/L Research group has channeled, defines the green ray as one of complete universality, the seat of unbridled and full compassion, as well as the resource for all spiritual work. It is the center in which we focus on forgiveness of ourselves and everyone else.

Its shape is that of the lotus, with the number of petals articulated being dependent upon just how well an individual has activated this heart center. Its color is close to the color of a green apple and the brilliance of this center can be almost overwhelming in a fully activated person.

We have often experienced blockage of this heart center. The telltale sign of green-ray blockage is an inability to feel or express full compassion for someone, either one’s self or another person.

In this series, we’ve been tracking sexuality as expressed in each center. Up until green-ray sexuality, the only energy exchange possible is negative, as in when someone is raped. When two people make love who are both activated in green ray, wow! An energy exchange takes place that creates for the male an inpouring of inspiration and spiritual energy. For the female, the exchange offers an inpouring of the physical energy she so often lacks to a degree.

This exchange is so powerful that it does not even take an orgasm for the transfer to take place. However if even one of the two experience orgasm, the energy exchange is intensified. If both partners are vibrating well in the heart center, the doorway to sacred sexuality swings wide open!

Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to experience bonding with someone sexually. This is an artifact of green-ray energy exchange. When this happens to two people for the first time, the experience imprints itself and bonds the mated pair. Some call it “falling in love”. However it’s more like “falling into energy exchange.” In actuality, both of the mates are falling for the Creator and the full experience of all of the Creator’s energy as reflected through the mate’s energy in free exchange.

Another way we see green-ray activation is in the lives and service of those who work within society to affect relief from hunger for the starving, increased awareness of truth for the ignorant and the many ways people respond with compassion to the felt needs of the people around them. Contribution from us all in the face of disaster is a green-ray-inspired charity. And how wonderful it feels to give from an open heart!

The green-ray body is that body which shall exist in the next “density” or plane of existence after this Earthly life. We occasionally see a ghost, if we attend materialization séances, clad in that cigar-smoke-like stuff we call ectoplasm. That is the material from which the green-ray physical body will be made. For now we are muddling along nicely in our yellow-ray bodies, which are the dense, chemically active physical vehicles within which we enjoy life at present.

Our Earth is, itself, becoming a green-ray-activated being at this time! The green-ray energy is heavily interpenetrating our Earth vibrations, which are yellow-ray. This interpenetration has caused a stark rise in mental and emotional dysfunction among people who are not yet able to face their true self for the first time. The energy of green ray is one of shining truth.

Be aware, as these waves of green-ray energy continue to buffet the planet ever more heavily, that you shall need to face yourself very honestly and squarely in the days to come and take responsibility for seeing the truth about yourself and forgiving yourself for aspects of that truth and turning to new life with those aspects amended!

The orientation of the influx of this new green-ray energy into the aura of Earth is 20 degrees east of north. The magnetic center of Earth has been shifting in this direction for some time and is very close to arriving at its new home. There have been a lot of weather disturbances in the last few decades which may be seen to be loosely connected to this shift in magnetic orientation on Earth.

A lot has been written about the Apocalypse or “rapture,” which involve a scenario where we’re removed from the Earth all at once and taken either to heaven or hell. My spirit sources, however, indicate that we will continue to birth babies, but from now on, the babies being born will almost always have both the yellow-ray body and the green-ray body activated via changes in their DNA. As time goes on, there will gradually be evolution of this DNA so that the babies born are activated purely in green-ray bodies. Then the transition will be complete. This process is likely to take hundreds of years.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your heart open like a flower today under the influence of beauty, truth and the compassion of the people you meet! And may you, with your open heart, touch the lives of many with the sunshine of your love.