In this series of articles we have been looking at the various ways in which our joy can be stolen by blockages in the energy pipe through which the Creator’s infinite energy flows in our bodies. Picture a pipe which runs along your spine from the bottom of it to the top. Along it lies a rainbow of energy centers.

The incoming energy from the Creator enters the pipe at the lowest chakra or energy center, the red ray. It proceeds upwards, if the pipe is not blocked, through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rays, exiting the body at the crown of the head and returning to the Creator from there.

The yellow-ray chakra is the seat of personal power.

Round and star-like in its shape, with many facets of shining gold when the energy center is well developed, it lies at the solar plexus. Why do we get ulcers if our work environment is too stressful or if our marriage is falling apart? This is due to the toxic effects on the physical body of energy which is badly and chronically blocked in the yellow-ray chakra.

It is the yellow ray which we use to deal with interactions between ourselves and groups. Marriage and family are at home in yellow ray, as is the work environment and all groups with which we deal, whether they are governmental, spiritual or of any other nature.

It is very easy to become blocked in this energy center! And when we experience blockage, it acts more like what psychologists call the ego than any other energy center, resulting in our attempts to manipulate others and dominate groups of which we are a part. The desire to possess or the desire to be possessed; the fear of being possessed or the fear of possession are all sure to close down the energy flowing through the pipe at the solar plexus level.

This blocked energy of yellow ray is at the heart of war. When we as a nation-state choose to impose our will on another nation-state, we are expressing the blockage of this enormously potent energy of the expression of our personal power.

Our bodies, minds and spirits are all contained within the envelope of the yellow-ray physical vehicle which we enjoy as our body. One interesting facet of the yellow-ray is that it is also the true color of the environment of Earth in which we now live.

Perhaps you have heard talk about a great shift in consciousness which is taking place as we approach the year 2012. That shift is taking place as our Earth moves from the yellow-ray environment of Earth as we know it to a green-ray Earth which offers an enhanced environment of love and understanding.

In the face of this imminent shift in Earth energy, we are seeing a great many so-called “Indigo Children” who have their green-ray bodies activated as well as their yellow-ray bodies, thus being far more able to deal with the new vibrations now hitting our planet, while being somewhat less able to cope with Earth as we now know it. When these children reach adulthood they will be far tougher and more able to respond to the situation as it presents itself in the years immediately ahead of us.

Another facet of this present shift is that, as the new energies of green-ray interpenetrate our Earth world’s usual vibrations, many people, challenged by the new energies, are reverting to the home environment where they do not have to interact with groups except for the family, wrapping themselves about with the protective blanket of personal relationships and private doings. It is most unfortunate at a time when our efforts to promote fairness, justice and the stewardship of our resources are enormously needed. If there was ever a time to focus on the right use of our personal power in our group environments, this is it.

A last artifact of the yellow-ray’s blockage is the phenomenon of ghosts. There are many ghosts who are caught, during the death process, by their own wills, which are so focused on a personal concern that the forces of death cannot be finalized. The personality shell of that person becomes stuck in the metaphysical no-man’s-land between the yellow-ray environment and the green-ray environment and cannot move on.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you experience yourself as the powerful and magical being that you are, and may you use your power well and with great love and style today.