In this series of articles we have been looking at the energy body of chakras or rays that comprise our electrical body, that body which, though unseen, forms the physical body and throughout our lifetime, affects our state of mind. When the energy pipeline is running clear and unimpeded by blockages, we experience joy and peace. We feel our native and natural power. We root deeply into ourselves and stand firmly on our own infinite ground of being.

The indigo ray is located along the spinal column at the pineal gland, at the “third eye” position at the center of the forehead. It is in the shape of an indigo-colored, three-petalled flower or, for some people, a triangle. When the indigo ray is well developed and the person is actively working to develop this ray, the petals can multiply into many facets, like a rose.

Indigo ray is the center of your awareness of the Creator as the self. It is the center of sacramental sex, Creator to Creator. The indigo ray holds the energy of the Creator in microcosm. When your indigo chakra is open and functioning, you are the supernal Logos contained within a living being. You are an Avatar.

The energy of indigo ray is the energy of the adept which has its place in faith. This energy is the energy of transformation from this present earthly life, which my channeling sources call third density, to the life to come, call it heaven as do many or call it fourth density as does my source.

The indigo-ray body is a body of light. It is called the “form-maker” or etheric body by adepts both Western and Oriental. This body is the one in which we enter the foetus of our tiny physical body as it grows towards birth and merge with it to become a soul in incarnation. And upon the death of our physical body, we will depart our bodies in the form-maker or indigo-ray body in order to decide what we shall do next.

During most of the long run of this earthly experience of third density, which my spiritual sources tell me is about a 76,000-year-long cycle of repeated incarnations, lifetime upon lifetime, we have been working to learn how this energy body works, how to keep its chakras unblocked so the Creator’s infinite energy may run clean and clear straight through the open heart and the upper chakras, exiting through the top of the head in loving radiation which, like a lighthouse, blesses all who may feel or sense its light. Naturally, we want to keep that energy body clear.

We have looked at how we can block the energy at the various chakras:

In red ray we block the passage of energy through worries about whether existence is good and through problems with sexuality.

In orange ray we can block the flow of energy by refusing to accept ourselves or others.

In yellow ray we can block our flow of health and well-being by having unresolved difficulties with our family, our marriage, our work or other groups.

In green ray we can block this energy by having trouble finding our hearts, our compassion, our capacity for forgiveness.

In blue ray we can find ourselves blocked because of problems in communication.

In indigo ray we find ourselves blocked because of a lack of faith. Since many of us find ourselves in the position of a “Doubting Thomas,” quite often, indigo-ray blockage is very common and it is the rare person indeed who is able to open his indigo ray fully.

Let’s look a bit more closely at this lack of faith. It involves a feeling of unworthiness, as does blue-ray blockage, but it is not simply an unworthiness as a human being. It is the feeling of unworthiness at the level of the self as Creator.

How difficult it is, in one’s ordinary, everyday frame of mind, to see the self as the Creator! And yet we are all sparks of that Creator, made in the Creator’s image. That image is the Logos or unconditional love. That is our nature. Finding that nature is the work of this lifetime. Allowing that nature to be transmitted through our being, our thoughts and our actions is our main mission here on Earth. As we love unconditionally we fulfill the main purpose of our being here.

Naturally this ray is opened only through much work in consciousness. This is the ray of the magical being who has come to see the whole of himself and from that standpoint, to accept his power, his beauty and his ability to make changes in himself and in his consciousness.

All the work of consciousness and transformation is done in this ray. When you have cleared the lower chakras and dwelt in the sacred precincts of your own open heart, you are ready to meditate, contemplate, pray, open the self to nature and its many resources from the spirit world and do all other kinds of work in consciousness which lead to your transformation into a more true and deep version of yourself.

Of all the work and play of a lifetime, my favorite play so far is the sacred play of the indigo ray. How I love to spend time here! My Christ lives in these regions, dwelling in silence and perfection. All the saints and angels await me here. My own true heart awaits my discovery here.

Here I can enter into the gateway to what my channeling sources call “intelligent infinity”. From this point the universe opens like a flower and we may tread it with unfettered foot.

Here the resource of steadily held silence of mind and emotion has its rightful place. Take a walk in nature and listen to the natural creation’s somewhat noisy silence. Enter into its muscularity and sense the unified, loving, living nature of the Creator. We are all connected in this silence; we are all one. When you fully realize this unity, this oneness and the infinite worth of both it and yourself, you have begun to activate your indigo ray.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Know and rest in your being a part of the Creator this day. Have faith in your infinite worth and the worth of all of Creation! See what glory spins itself out, lazily, naturally and inevitably, when your heart rests here!