In this series we’re looking at the chakras or energy centers of our energy body. Picture a pipe which runs along your spine from the bottom of it to the top. Along it lies a rainbow of energy centers. The incoming energy from the Creator enters the pipe at the lowest chakra or energy center, the red ray. It proceeds upwards, if the pipe is not blocked, through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rays, exiting the body at the crown of the head and returning to the Creator from there.

In this section we look at the orange-ray energy center, which is located in the belly, along the spine about halfway up to the solar plexus. This center has a three-petalled shape, according to my Confederation sources like the Ra and Q’uo groups. It is the seat of expressions of personal power.

In a positive sense, personal power begins with power over one’s self. When your joy is blocked and yet you are not concerned particularly with sexuality or survival issues, the next place to look for blockage of the energy flow is the orange-ray chakra. In terms of our relationship with ourself, the main orange-ray blockage is self-judgment.

In judging ourselves we are helped by a mixture of voices which we have internalized from our childhoods. Every criticism our parents and other beloved authority figures ever gave us is recalled by the subconscious self. When we make a mistake, those internal voices of judgment tend to begin speaking, running the equivalent of an old tape on which is magnetically impressed these judgmental memories.

It is extremely helpful, if you are one who has those internal voices of self-judgment, to recognize, honor, thank and then silence them. This is best done by affirmations such as:

  • I have learned and feel blessed by all past experiences and am now ready to release them completely and to embrace new experiences.
  • Every day is a new beginning!
  • I am a human being. Help me to become.
  • Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

When we do not deal with this issue of our relationship to ourselves, we are blocking the divine energy flowing through our energy pipe and this cuts off our feelings of joy, peace and personal power. It is truly a service to the Creator, the self and the world at large to come into a liking of the self that is forgiving of our inadvertent mistakes and willing to let go of self-judgment, and begin again when an error is perceived.

If we are working toward becoming a more positive and loving person, the work we do with others in orange ray has to do with finding the sweet spot in all our relationships. We cannot relate to any two people the same way. A wide open orange ray is one in which the small angers and irritations of relationships are never allowed to linger. Instead, they are dealt with by the two involved people at the first possible opportunity.

There is a powerful dark side to the orange-ray energy center. It has to do with control over other people, including sexual control. The energy of rape is an orange-ray energy where the rapist is expressing power over the other self and the person being raped is seen by the rapist as an object completely under his control. Rape has little to do with the red-ray sexual impulse. It is about the domination and humiliation of another person.

The saddest thing about this tendency of orange-ray energy to turn dark and negative is that once a person invests personal power in dominating other people, that urge can rapidly become insatiable and compulsive. Perhaps you have known power junkies whose pleasure comes from controlling others. For these people the only way to progress is to become more and more evil. To progress positively, you must see the people around you as equivalent to yourself and as important to you as you are to yourself.

Our bodies themselves, in the womb and before the entrance of the soul which is our living and eternal spirit, are orange-ray in their nature, as are all the animals and plants of our Earth. There is tremendous power in forming a loving relationship with our bodies, however they look and however other people relate to them.

Give yourself the respect you deserve! Love your body. Tend it with great awareness of the service it offers you all your life. It carries your consciousness around and yields its instincts to your ethical and conscientious choices. Honor it by giving it the best diet you know how to offer it, taking care of it and treating it with respect.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you wholeheartedly love yourself this day. And then may you find love for all those around you with whom you come into relationship. It’s all about love!