Have you ever had the experience of feeling a sudden sense of joy? You’re walking along and you notice the beauty of the rose bush against the green of the young tree leaves and the blue of the sky. Or you’re working away at the chores and suddenly your whole being feels wholesome and happy. What’s happened?

The energy of the Creator is flowing freely through your energy body. That is what has happened.

So often we block that energy from coming through the energy pipe. We have our issues. We’re holding hard feelings against someone, or fears about life itself have eaten up our peace of mind. And so we block the flow of energy.

This energy flow can be seen to take place in a kind of energy pipe which is sometimes called the energy body or the chakra system. Picture a pipe which runs along your spine from the bottom of it to the top. Along it lies a rainbow of energy centers. The incoming energy from the Creator enters the pipe at the lowest chakra or energy center, the red ray. It proceeds upward, if the pipe is not blocked, through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rays, exiting the body at the crown of the head and returning to the Creator from there.

What blocks red ray? Issues of sexuality and survival. When you are existentially depressed, thinking, “What does it all MEAN?” you’re blocking your joy at the red ray level.

The next energy center is orange ray. This chakra is at the level of the intestines. Its energies are concerned with relationships. If you are unhappy with yourself or with another person, you’re blocking your joy at the orange ray level.

Upwards along the energy pipe the next chakra is yellow ray, situated at the solar plexus. This energy center copes with issues of family, marriage and work as well as any other groups with which you interact that have a legal aspect to them. Fussing and feuding within the family can easily block your joy. Trouble at work can do the same. Even one’s team losing can halt the flow of infinite energy if you are upset enough about that.

The next center along the pipeline is the green-ray chakra, which is located at the heart level. This center is the seat of unconditional love. Carried within this chakra is the energy of the consciousness of the Creator in its personal aspect. I would call this energy Christ-consciousness. The challenge of green ray is to love the self and all others unconditionally. Needless to say, we humans spend a lot of time trying to crank this center open! That agape love energy of green ray is not so easy to come by, even though we pray to forgive the trespasses of others each time we say the Lord’s Prayer.

The pipeline moves upwards to blue ray at the throat. This is the energy center of open communication. And how well we block that as we attempt to make ourselves look better or shade the facts as we present them!

The pipeline continues on to the brow level with the indigo ray. This energy center is the seat of work in consciousness. When we meditate, contemplate, pray, sing or create, we are using that energy center. If our energy has flowed through to this level without being baffled by our fears and other blockages, we probably have the use of this energy in full strength.

You can see how many ways there are to destroy our own peace and joy of life. Energy does not like to be blocked! It wants to flow. When it is baffled over a long enough period of time, the resulting lack of good energy through the energy pipe can create illness in the emotions and, finally, in the physical body.

A good way to help this energy flow well in your life is to take some time each evening before you go to bed to reflect on what occurred today. Where were your thoughts and energy focused? What got your goat? What made you angry or irritated? Look at those things and consciously work to balance and release that stuck energy. Work your way through your rainbow energy body and you’ll sleep better and awaken much refreshed!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May the infinite energy of the Creator flow through us freely and out into the world, which is waiting for the blessing of our special blessing of love.