Introductory Talk

This is the Session 1 of Channeling Intensive 1, an introduction to channeling. To front date the tape, it is the 8th of February, 2008.

The definition of channeling has varied from person to person over thousands of years. My own experience of channeling gives me a very general definition of channeling as subconscious material brought up into the conscious mind. That does not answer the question of whether it is happening from within your own personality or whether there is an outside, independent, source.

For a long time I honestly didn’t know. But, as my sessions accumulated and especially after the Law of One material was brought forth, which included information that I didn’t have in any of my background or training, I came to the foundation conclusion that the channeling is from sources that are independent of me.

Basically, the way I experience channeling is that it is given to the focused mind in concepts, which are quite three-dimensional as opposed to flat words. These concepts are like clusters. They might be a small cluster that would take only a sentence or perhaps a paragraph to express, or they might be clusters that would take an entire half hour to unwind.

I think that the function of the channeler is to be a translator. We receive these very round concepts and we have to roll them out as if they were cookie dough and stamp out some words and do our best to translate these round concepts into the flatness of our earthly words.

So it is always frustrating to me, when I conclude a channeling session, because I know how much I was not able to translate; how much that remained there, tantalizing and full of suggestion in my mind, that I was not able to get my tongue around and translate fully. I have never finished a channeling and felt, “Well, I did that one.” It’s always as a matter of, “I wish I could’ve gotten everything.”

In the first place, I think that we are, as human beings, wired to channel. We’re intended to channel, and we are channeling. If you’ll think about it, a lot of the things that we think are things that our parents taught us, things that our culture has taught us. And so, in a way, we’re channeling our parents; we’re channeling our society in our default position. When we just come out with something, a lot of times we haven’t honed our channel into the now. We’ve allowed our previous concepts of the way things are, which are basically unchallenged, to affect the way we think.

You know the Prayer of St. Francis, “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.” That is just the kind of channeling that we all do. I think the first thing for people who would like to come into the here and now and become a better instrument to do is to begin to question every supposition that was taught to us as a child. Gradually take away from ourselves the responsibility for echoing other people’s opinions, so that we begin to be full of ourselves. We begin to find who we really are, so that we’re beginning to channel a true version of ourselves.

We have an infinite number of choices to make as we present ourselves to the world. We can be very lazy and not make very polarized choices, just letting the winds of chance and change happen to us in a day. Maybe we have good feelings, maybe bad feelings, but we allow that to be our mood.

Or we can start trying to tune our channel, to refine our channel, so that what comes through the pipe, what comes through our mouth, what comes even through our mind, begins to have a grace, a dignity and a quality that appeals to us more.

We can actually refine our channel, day by day and moment by moment, because we really are all channels. I think that all of us have experienced the picking up of other people’s thoughts, of knowing when the phone’s going to ring. Information is coming through at all times.

How much of it we pick up is pretty much up to us and up to our process. I certainly was picking things up before I learned channeling in 1974, not really thinking of myself as an instrument. As I began to channel I found that I definitely was an instrument, and I definitely could make myself more and more ready to receive information that was useful.

I talk a lot in A Channeling Handbook 1 about the nature of channeling. I suggest that what we’re responsible for is not the channeling itself. What we’re responsible for is preparing ourselves to be a channel. We’re the pipe. But we can choose who we hook up to, what energy we hook up to. We can keep our pipe clear and clean. We can tune our pipe so that that it has the best tuning that we can possibly have. And then, when we do hook up to this source that we very carefully challenge, we can let go. We’re no longer responsible. Of course, if we feel that we’re on the wrong track we can always simply stop. We can stop channeling at any moment.

I don’t teach trance channeling. G has learned trance channeling and is aware of techniques that lead you into a trance, but I have not learned that. Even though I did trance channeling, I didn’t know what I was doing. It happened to me. I didn’t choose to do it.

Fortunately the first time that the Ra group came through I was conscious and I was able to challenge them in my usual manner. So I was satisfied that they were a worthy contact. But after that first time, I tended to go to sleep before I could challenge, or it felt to me as though I was going to sleep. I guess that I was going into trance.

I know that there are a variety of ways to channel. Probably the largest type of channeling and the most respected in the world of metaphysics is the spiritualist type of channeling. Of course, there are a lot of people that have abused the spiritualist channeling, and there are a lot of fakes out there who pretend to channel your ancestors or whatever. But in actuality they’re running around in sheets. In my early days of investigation with Don, we went through quite a few séances and saw quite a few people running around in sheets, so of course there are a lot of fakes.

But we also found a totally legitimate materialization medium named James Tingley. When Mr. Tingley went into his trance and began to produce spirits, he did go into a closet, because that’s the way the ectoplasm supposedly is collected. You go into a closed space so that it will collect. But in actuality, although a lot of the spirits came through the curtain in the first place, they didn’t go back. They just pooled down on the floor and disappeared.

There were many other evidential things about it. I’ll tell you two of them. For one thing, a lady came through and the gatekeeper said, “There is a spirit named Sister. Will you accept that spirit?”

I said, “I don’t know any nuns that have died. I don’t even know any nuns who are alive. So just ask her if she comes in the name of Jesus Christ.”

So the gatekeeper did, and then she said, “Well, of course she does; she definitely does.”

I said “Then please have her come.” So she came through. Now, Don and I were standing up there together. She came through and she put her hands together and she thanked me. She said, “Thank you so much. Thank you for taking care of Don.”

And then she went to Don and she called him “my son” and told him how much she loved him. She blessed us both and then she pooled down on the floor and went away. I did not know who this person was.

Don was flying a small plane, and on the ride back he said, “Do you know who that was?” I said no. And he said, “Try to remember what my mother’s nickname was in the family.” And of course it was Sister. She was the older sister of the queen of the family, a younger sister named Tot. And so once Tot was born, when Elizabeth was 10 years old, she became Sister because that’s what little Tot called her. So that was her nickname in the family from then on.

So that was one thing. Another thing was that Moses came through and blessed us both and said, “Go forth and teach.” Then he hit me. He hit me so hard I had a bruise. I said, “Ow!” He said, “I needed you to know that I’m real.”

And then he walked through me. He walked through me, and it’s the weirdest feeling, seeing this sparkling white stuff sort of pass through you. I couldn’t feel it, but I could see it. Then he came back through me and he grew to be the size of the place, which had a 10-foot ceiling. He stretched out his arms to a 15-foot arm span. And he blessed everybody. And then he pooled down on the floor and disappeared.

I took it to heart! I did! That was in 1971. When Don asked me to channel in 1974, that was one of the things that influenced me to take it up. I thought it would be a good vehicle for teaching.

Now let me tell you briefly about how our group got started.

We would not be sitting here talking if it were not for Don Elkins. He was born in 1930. He was a quiet, serious, brilliant young man, and at the very tender age of late in his teens he started to learn to fly. And he began to be interested in metaphysics.

By the time he was 26 years old he had gotten all the way through his education and was a professor. It came to him that he wanted to dedicate the rest of his life to seeking the truth. He’d already started just desultorily, here and there, investigating this and that. But from that point on it was his life’s goal to seek the truth. He said to me several times, “At that time I died to myself. I have no more attachments to any outcome. I just want to seek the truth.”

And he never seemed to have highs or lows like most people. Of course he did inside. But he was all about the work, the seeking, the putting the puzzle pieces together, he always said.

He had investigated the UFO contactees of the ’50s, like Orfeo Angelucci and George Adamski, George Van Tassel, George Hunt Williamson and Dan Fry. With Dan Fry and with another fellow, a guy named Walt Rogers, from Detroit, Michigan, he found a lot of channeled messages that had come to these people after they had had a UFO experience.

And in reading the channelings of Walt Rogers he happened upon a series of suggestions that “We wish to speak to your people. We need you to start groups. We need you to relay our messages to humankind.” Then they simply said to meditate and the channeling will come.

So Don, being a thoroughgoing scientist who was a mechanical engineer by profession and taught physics and chemical engineering during his 10 years of being a professor, decided to form an experiment. This is the same experiment that we’re continuing now. He decided that he was going to ask a dozen of his best students, people whose intelligence and habitual veracity, good conduct and good character he could vouch for, and get them to start meditating.

So the L/L Research group was born in January of 1962. At that time I was 19 years old. I was a sophomore in college. I was a very devout Christian but was not quite satisfied with my practice. I had begun hungering for the silence. So when I heard that there was a silent meditation group starting up I decided to ask to join, even though it was couched in scientific terms, “Well, it’s an experiment, and we don’t know what it’s all about because he won’t tell us, but it’s a blind experiment.” I had a boyfriend who was one of Don’s mechanical-engineering students, and I asked, “Can I come too?”

So it was these 12 mechanical engineering and physics students and me. Engineering students were all men at that time. I’m sure engineering school is full of women now, but at that time there was not a single woman in Speed Scientific School.

Anyway, these 12 young men and I began to sit in silent mediation weekly. For about six months nothing happened, except a lot of times we would hear clicking noises, like a window shade being released to flip up, There was a lot of tongue flopping. It was humorous but it wasn’t evidential. Nothing was happening. But it was a good, clean experiment.

And then the experiment was tainted, because Walt Rogers himself came down to visit the group and in the process of the silent meditation he started channeling. The basic gist of the channel was, “Well, you’re in our thoughts but you’re not repeating our thoughts. Why are you keeping silent? When you hear our thoughts, repeat our thoughts.” Well, that did it. The group exploded. All of a sudden there were 12 channels.

I didn’t want to channel. I had decided I didn’t even want to try. I just wanted the silence. So I would listen to these cosmic sermonettes, as Brad Steiger called them, but I didn’t channel. The other 12 members of the group all started to channel, as did Don.

And it produced the standard contactee message, as Don called it. “All is one. A time of choice is coming. It’s very important that you choose the Father’s way. Would you choose death and war and destruction, or would you choose the way of love? It’s your choice.”

The experiment was ruined in terms of its being totally scientific. But Don was a thoroughgoing scientist. He was no pansy. He said that this happens often when you’re investigating something that you can’t control. So if you can’t have a thoroughly controlled experiment, you collect a lot of data. You go for bulk. He said, “ I am just going to keep collecting this information, and from the sheer bulk of it we’ll be able to begin to draw conclusions, or at least inferences.“

This is what we’re still doing, and this is why we have the circle now. It’s not a matter of my channeling or my being the channel. It’s a matter of my being a part of an ongoing experiment in extraterrestrial communication.

Before Don died we had created over a hundred channels, probably, as people came and went in the group. In 1974 and for a couple of years thereafter we had, meetings almost every day that Don was home. Once Don was totally satisfied that I was safely launched as a channel, we stopped doing that and went back to having weekly sessions. In the last five or six years I’ve reduced the channeling sessions to twice a month, because I think we have plenty of sessions now. I don’t have to channel every week. And I still love silent meditation. So I give myself that gift. We have a channeled meditation followed the next week by a silent one. It’s a nice balance. But at the beginning we were channeling all the time, and we created dozens and dozens and dozens of channels.

We had UFO flaps through the ‘70s. Many of you haven’t lived long enough to remember that, but there were monstrous UFO flaps in the ‘70s and we’d have a hundred to a hundred and twenty people filling our apartment up to the gills. They all wanted to find out what the ETs were saying because they had seen UFOs and they were convinced that something was happening.

So I began teaching channeling, and we continued having multiple channels in the group right through the ?‘80s. Then I stopped teaching channeling because I had had three people who would not pay attention to what I asked them to do. They were practicing on their own. And so they got themselves in trouble. Because it’s a crowded universe out there, and if you’ve got some ego that you haven’t resolved you can want to be a channel for egoistic reasons. For instance, two of the three people that got in trouble channeled that they were the mother of the second coming of Christ. That’s the kind of ego connection that will get you in trouble.

The third person was a guy. He channeled that he was going to fix all of our problems, Jim’s and my financial problems, my health problems and all this stuff. So it was that egoistic desire to be important or to be useful or to be high vibration. None of that is worth anything when you’re trying to learn to channel.

Don called the type of channeling that the Confederation teaches “concept communication.” And after I began doing my own research, he amended that to “tuned concept communication.” When I did the Ra channeling he called it “tuned trance concept communication.” So I’ll be the senior channel in the group that the Confederation is teaching to channel. They will teach me just as much as they will teach anybody else in the group. I’m not precisely the teacher. I’m just the senior channel.

But because of the fact that I would like you to be wholeheartedly prepared for this effort, I wanted to chew over some of these concepts before we actually get to the practicing. We will get to the practicing by the end of the weekend.

After reading a lot of channeling for a long time, I’ve come to the conclusion that you can basically divide channeling into three parts.

One is channeling from angelic sources. These are sources that have never been born, never died, never experienced life in the body. Some of the channelings of Archangel Michael and other sources do seem to me to be angelic. Others seem to me to be inner guides posing as archangels or angels. And you have to read for yourself and figure out which is which. The angelic channeling tends to be without bias, without reference to topical things, encouraging people to lift themselves up into the light.

The second kind of channeling is the largest group, and that is inner-planes channeling. There are lots and lots of inner-planes dwellers, people that aren’t incarnate but who have a lot of ties with Planet Earth. They’ve incarnated here. For some reason or other they have determined that what they want to do is not to incarnate any more, but not to graduate either. They want to remain.

For instance, my friend, Barbara Brodsky, with whom I co-channeled for nine weekends in the early 1990s, channels a source called Aaron. Aaron is an inner-planes master. His final incarnation was 500 years ago. He achieved realization when his student, who was Barbara in that incarnation, jumped in front of him and took a spear that was intended for him.

She died. He achieved realization. And he vowed at that time that he would continue in the inner planes and be Barbara’s inner guide until she, too, achieved realization. He has allegedly been with her for many incarnations now.


Realization? I think realization is a Buddhist term that means a total awareness of the oneness of all things.

So Aaron doesn’t have to incarnate any more. He can move on. But he doesn’t want to move on. So he’s in the inner planes talking to Barbara and giving her good advice.

There are all kinds of entities, in all walks of religion and spirituality, that are masters or teachers or gurus or what have you on the inner planes. Various people, according to their tuning, are just simpatico with them. And so they begin channeling them. You’ve seen many, many examples out there. You were talking about Kryon. Somebody else was talking about Ramtha. There are just tons of channels out there. Many of them are very interesting and some of them are just wonderful. But it’s a matter of individual preference.

Inner-planes guides are characteristically able to talk about specific things. They’re able to tell you what was happening to you in a past life. They have lived on Planet Earth. They have a right to meddle in our affairs because they’re our neighbors. They’re our brothers and sisters. They’ve walked the earth.

There are many fewer outer-planes channels, on the other hand, because people for the most part don’t like to channel outer-planes contacts because of the fact that there’s no payoff. Very few people want to pay good money for a reading that has strictly to do with spiritual principles. When people want a reading, they want a reading about, “Well, what should I do next?” or “Where did I come from?” They want specific information.

The group that you’re in here is not a group which lends itself at all to giving specific information. This was something that I learned through time. Once I reluctantly said that I would learn to channel, then I became fascinated by it. I mean, it was happening to me. It was real. This stuff was coming out of me, and I knew I wasn’t making it up.

So as it began to accumulate I began, in my very logical way, to analyze it, to see what was influencing it. And it was obvious to me that there were two things that would pull down a contact.

One was any request for specific information. They just couldn’t give you specific information without abridging free will, and they didn’t have the right to abridge our free will because they’ve never lived on planet Earth.

The other was any kind of fear base to the question. I’ve had lots of people question me about 2012. The questioning that comes from people who are scared and want to know where to go, where the safe places and how they can survive get no good answer whatsoever.

However, fortunately, in R and in a couple of other people through the years who have just been curious, wanting to know what’s up, we’ve had lots of questions about 2012 that they were able to answer, no problem. The difference was that was asking, “Please tell us about 2012 and what spiritual principles we can use to work with those ideas related to this issue.” They could step up to the plate and talk about that. So we’ve gotten some good information on the shift of the ages, as David Wilcock calls it. But it’s because of the fact that there was no fear involved in the questions.

I more and more filtered out questions that didn’t have to do with spiritual principles. As the years have gone by, people have become more interested in getting personal sessions. I channel quite a few personal sessions now. We have dozens of them up on site. The key to asking the questions of our sources is to ask, “What spiritual principles can I use in working with (name), and then lay out the topic of the question. That works really well.

But if the person just says, “Am I a wanderer?” then that’s not going to get us anywhere. If a person says, “I feel I’m a wanderer. Could you please confirm that and could you tell me what spiritual principles I could use to work with this part of my character?” then they’ll say, “We can confirm that.” But if you say, “Am I a wanderer?” then they don’t confirm it. They don’t say anything. They just say, well, that’s part of your process. So they confirm something that you’re sure of. They don’t tell you things of which you are not sure.

The advantage of inner-planes channeling, of course, is that if you want to know what you did in your past life, why you’re having trouble with this relationship in just this way, you can find out. It’s sometimes very helpful to find something out. Say you’ve got a health concern or you want to know where you should move or what kind of retraining you should do because your original career has petered out. You would go to Barbara Brodsky, or go to the best inner-planes channel you know, and you’ll be very satisfied.

The advantage of outer-planes channeling is that it addresses the spiritual principles that undergird and underlie all of the specifics and the details of our lives. The outer-planes channeling is satisfying to me because it will be as interesting to people, if there are people, a thousand years from now as it is now. And this appeals to me. I like getting to that ground where you are dealing with things of lasting beauty and value.

I have been offered a couple of different ways of learning to channel inner guides. And I actually have channeled some inner guides, inadvertently. But I just strongly, deeply prefer to go for the highest and best, and for me that’s the outer channel, the universal channel.

What makes an outer channel higher? Why can’t an inner channel be higher and best? Is it because they’ve incarnated on Earth?

They could be if they are asked questions that allow them to talk at that level. But when an inner guide is asked to talk about whether you should go to Idaho or to Maine, the source is not really going to be able to get up to the level of spiritual principles.

So when you say highest and best, you mean more universal.

I mean universal, exactly; universal contact as opposed to specific contact.

I don’t mean to be judgmental because they’re wonderful. I’m devoted to Barbara Brodsky, and she and I co-channeled. As a matter of fact, I just finished editing the Aaron-Q’uo Dialogues. It’s all done but the read-through, which, thank God, a volunteer is doing for me. Once she reads it through and makes sure that all the usages are standard, we’ll try to get it published and everybody can be able to share it. Meanwhile the individual sessions are up on site.

People can go to February 28, 1991 in our online Library for the first Aaron-Q’uo Dialogue. From there, our web guy has got it rigged so that you can click on the next one. You can go through them just as if it’s a book online. It’s all for free. But there’s something different about something in print.

I read some of those dialogues and I felt that they had a lot of practical applications too. They tie the higher, universal truth that comes from the outer-planes guide with some of the practicality of the inner-planes stuff that we may have already experienced. We can more readily relate to it. In our own future practice we’ll try to go for the highest, ideally, so we can learn those lessons. But would it help to have both inner planes and outer planes sources in order to bring the whole experience together?

Well, it’s up to the individual channel. I don’t teach how to channel inner guides. I don’t teach inner-planes channeling. So, as you become skilled and independent of me in the future, then I think you can make that decision for yourself. But what I teach is what I teach.

But can the outer work with the inner so that as we tune into the outer they can work together as they do in the Aaron-Q’uo?

As I said, you’re going to have to choose for yourself how you want to do your practice.

Okay. L was telling me this morning that she told somebody she was coming to learn to channel this weekend and the person to whom she told it opened up and talked about channeling trees and having all kinds of other contacts. This may happen. But, in my experience, for the most part the majority of people are somewhere between amused and horrified. It’s way out of the mainstream. By choosing to channel you’re doing something that is really not at all in the cultural mainstream. You can experience ridicule. You can experience people trying to get you to stop because they think that you’re going to go to hell and that you’re an instrument of Satan. There are all kinds of things like that that you can experience.

Do you share openly about your channeling?

I don’t bring it up. If somebody finds out about it and asks me about it, I’ll tell them anything I know. I don’t hide it. But I don’t push it on people. They have to ask me about it first, because I don’t see any point in relating to people by role, whether it’s I as a channel, or I as an advocate of anything at all. I try to meet people where they are, not bring people to where I am.

If you’re worried about what people will think, stop right now. It’s as simple as that.

Now, there are inner difficulties with channeling. There’s a huge load of things that you go through as you prepare yourself to channel. And everybody but C and D has worked with that load at Homecoming 2007, going through the chakras and the issues with each chakra. C and D are totally aware of the chakras, and Carol was just telling me last night that when she meditates she goes to her chakras first. So I think that they’re up to speed. But, C and D, if you have any doubts about that, we have all of the study quotes from Q’uo and Ra, Hatonn and so forth, that we used in the Who Am I Homecoming, up online. So you can go back and review it if you’re interested in what the Confederation has said about the chakras.

It is a good place to begin, I think, because you are working with your energy body when you channel. Your instrument is not just your physical body. It really is more your energy body than your physical body. Your physical body is an outworking of your energy body.

So as you dedicate yourselves to living what you’re channeling, which is what you need to do if you channel, you begin to make choices that will cause you to change. Change sounds wonderful. Transformation sounds like the best thing ever. But, when you’re actually in the middle of it, it feels like the dark night of the soul. That’s the usual phrase for it.

You feel like you’re being torn apart, and you are being deconstructed. You’re emptying out the things that don’t fit with your ideals, and you are becoming a more refined entity. This is a painful process.

And it’s not something that you do once and then you’re done with it. It’s something that will cycle throughout your entire life. You will continue learning. You will continue growing. You’ll continue being filled up, filled up, filled up, feeling wonderful, and then you’ll have to empty out because you’ve come to another plateau, and you can’t get any further until you dump some things.

And whatever you have to let go of is usually old pain. It’s ancient pain. Carol and I were talking last night about these pockets of old pain. As you become more and more polarized, as you become more and more dedicated to service to others and more steady and predictable in your choices of choosing the highest and best, choosing to serve others and so forth, you will precipitate these dark nights of the soul.

It’s a cyclical pattern, and it certainly has been true in my life that it’s not just one glorious climb up to the stars where everything’s always wonderful, although there is an underlying feeling of joy and solidity that you gain. After you’ve gone through a couple of these cycles you begin to see past that or through that and you think, “Oh, good, this is my dark night of the soul. Hey, I’m getting somewhere.” And then you’re happy with it. You’re pleased with it. You’re ready to boogie. “Okay, let’s get down. Let’s see what this is all about.” And you go through it in a much more uplifted way.

But still you’re going through it. You’re going through suffering. You have to do that. You can’t just take a free ride. There’s too much of the universal in us. We have too much of a shadow. Steve was talking about the shadow that’s his brother. That was exactly what I’m talking about. We are all things. We are the rapist. We are the murderer. We are the thief. We are the glutton. We are the lazy bum.

We don’t see these things. We choose not to display these things for the most part, right? We choose to display the positive, the funny, the daylight side. But we have everything from midnight to 4 a.m. in our shadow side. I call it the wolf that bites because it really does hurt when you see something mirrored to you and you think I would never be like that. That’s when you have to stop and say, “Wait a minute. Let me find that in myself. I need to do this work right now because I can’t deny that and still be whole. Because we are all things, as the Ra group said.”

Now, one thing that everybody has a challenge with is relationships when they begin channeling. There is something about doing the work, and I don’t know if it’s channeling itself or if it’s really in the life that supports the channeling, but you’re accelerating the process of change in yourself. You’re accelerating your process of transformation. And so you become a new creature. But the people that “knew you when” want you to be the old creature. They’re very puzzled, baffled and sometimes angry with you for not being that “old Christine”. You’ve turned into the “new Christine”. And they can’t abide it.

And if that person happens to be your brother or your mate or your parent, you’re in for some catalyst. I know that my own brother tried to talk me out of channeling for 23 years, while I held my tongue because I thought it was the Christian thing to do. Finally I got mature enough within myself to realize that it’s not particularly Christian to be a doormat. It’s perfectly Christian to lay down limits.

So I finally said, “The old mare has lain down in the road. She won’t go no further. I will not listen to one more conversation about how I should stop channeling.”

I didn’t see my brother for almost two years after that. And it was only because of his realization that we are now perfectly good friends again. He called me up one day. He says, “You’re going to love this. I was talking to a Jewish friend of mine that I was trying to convert, and the Jewish friend said, ‘Tommy, if I never convert to Christianity am I still your friend?’ And Tommy said, “Of course,! I wouldn’t cut you out of my heart because we don’t agree on this.

Then some little angel came into his mind and said, “Yeah, but you’re doing it to your sister.” So he called me up said, “We’ll never have that conversation again.” And we haven’t. But I know what’s on his mind. We both know that there’s this island of disagreement that we have to pole around and avoid. We just don’t go there.

And you have to work this stuff out. So there are difficulties with channeling. I think the crux of the difficulty with channeling, is in living what you channel. If you channel, but you make no changes in your way of life, you will rapidly get bored with your own channeling, because you’re only channeling what you already know. Your life does not support your being able to channel more finely-tuned messages.

So you need to back up the channeling that you do with living as close to what the channeling says as you can.

I’ve channeled The Law of One, so I think of my second sub-incarnation within this lifetime as living The Law of One. My first sub-incarnation had to do with producing that channeling. My second sub-incarnation has to do with discovering how to live it. And that is an absorbing, fascinating, rather mysterious process of getting to know yourself better and better and becoming more and more real to yourself and then, in the end, falling in love with yourself just as you are.

It’s not that you have to become perfect. It’s that you need to balance your imperfections and your distortions as you go so that, as we talked about last summer, you keep that energy clear; you keep that power coming through you. The channeling that you do is done because you have a clear energy body, getting full energy into the heart and right up through the top of the head at the crown chakra, the eighth or white chakra, as Carol was saying, the chakra that is beyond the gateway to intelligent infinity.

There are a lot of ways to fool yourself. There are a lot of ways to think you are living the devotional life, and doing what you should do. And then you can discover that there are subtle ways in which you’re sabotaging yourself. It’s very absorbing. It can be very intricate work where you’re asking your intuition to show you where the shadows are. And that never stops. It always continues, because as soon you’ve penetrated one layer of your personality so that’ you are transparent and the light can shine through that, then you’ll discover that there’s a sub-layer that you haven’t penetrated yet. And it just keeps on going.

There is a vulnerability that channels have to becoming too fond of their particular channel or identifying too much with one particular concept, or in some way starting to control your channeling or typify it and not allow it to come through you but from you. And if you do that to enough of an extent, you will find negatively oriented entities that are very happy to please you and give you exactly what you want in terms of how you want to channel. There will always be that negative twist.

You can spot channels who have gone down that road because their messages have a fear-base to them, behind the love. So it’s “I love you, I love you, but it’s all going to go down in 2012.” Or it’s “I love you, I love you, I love you, but you’re going to have to find a safe place,” and that kind of thing. You have to check yourself and see if you feel that what you’re doing is what you wish to be doing.

I think the thing that gets the most in the way of channeling of anything is the basic feeling that you’re not worthy. Well, I’m not worthy. God knows I’m an idiot. Anybody that’s been around me for any length of time has seen me forget things and misstate things. I told the time wrong last night. We’re all bozos on this bus.

So it’s not that you become worthy. It’s that you become aware of the unimportance of the entire question of “Am I worthy?” You become aware that your will and your desire is everything. And if you set your intention, if you set your will, to serve others, to serve the Creator, and you say, “Creator, I wish to serve in this way. Please be with me! May I serve in this way? I’ll give you 100 percent of myself. Just fill me up,” that’s enough. You don’t have to become this saint on earth that people glory at and go, “I want to sit at your feet.” You simply have to fall in love with yourself just as you are and offer that imperfect self, just as it is, to the Creator every day. That’s the deal.

It’s so easy to feel unworthy. I for one spent my entire childhood feeling unworthy. I had very perfectionistic parents, and I was never right. “Well, that’s very nice but if you did it this way…”

The easiest example I can remember is of handing my dad a report card with all A’s and one B-plus. And he says, “What’s with this B?” I grew up unworthy, no question about it. I didn’t make the grade. But you have to let all that go. That’s just ego.

I am offering to be the senior channel for this circle’s learning to be a certain kind of channel. It is a limited service in that you can’t use this particular kind of channeling to answer specific questions. And yet at the same time I am more and more overwhelmed with the feeling of having been blessed by Don’s asking me to do it. Because my E-mail is full of thank-you’s from people around the world. The material has been useful to them, and they’re grateful. And to me that’s all the thanks that I need.

Let’s see. Is there anything I want to say to wind this up? I guess I want to thank you for forming this circle. It’s been a long, long time since we had a channeling circle. The last person that channeled besides me was Jim.

Unfortunately we had a fellow in the group for several years. At every single channeling session he would ask a question like who’s going to win the Kentucky Derby. It drove Jim so crazy that he finally told me he wasn’t going to channel any more because he couldn’t stand it. Every time he got a question from this guy he went completely out of tune. He wanted to sock him. It wasn’t working for him, and so he quit.

So I’ve been the only channel for a while. And so people that have found out about our channeling lately think that I’ve done all this channeling. The truth is that in 1974, when I learned channeling, I was one of close to two dozen channels that were developing at that time. We had channeling circles with five and six people in them channeling around the circle. And that is to me the very best way to channel this kind of universal material, because of the fact that what we bring to channeling is our biases, our knowledge, our words and our experiences.

The Confederation has said many times, “We don’t want you to be completely without a part in this channeling because you color it. You help us to make it palatable to people. If we could only say all is one, all is one, we wouldn’t get anywhere, but you’re different. Each of you is different. Each of you has something to bring to the channeling.”

So when you have a circle of channels who are all unique people, each one of them, then that information is being filtered through as many different stained-glass windows as possible. And so you get a much more interesting, rich channeling than any one person could do by himself. I hope that in the future we might have a channeling circle that is fully functioning so that we can produce channeling together either here at Camelot or wherever else we live. Even if you have started your own group, you could come back for circle work.

Okay. Are there any questions? What would you like to know?

I wrote it down but I wanted to preface it with something you said earlier. You said that your concepts come in thought bubbles, if you will, and that you have to parse out these thought bubbles into something that makes it palatable for other people to understand.


Words. Yeah. So, if you don’t get the thought expressed fully the first time, will they give it to you again, or give it to you more, until they feel that you have conveyed the heart of the message? Or do you get it once and they say, “Well, you have to deal with this as your free will determines,” and they won’t give it to you again?

That’s my experience.


It’s like playing catch. You catch a ball, you throw the ball. When your hand’s empty you can catch the ball and then throw it again; catch it again and throw it. You catch a concept and you spit it out. And then you get another concept and you translate that. And then you get another concept. And it goes on like that. But if you stop, even if you stop and say, “Could you give it to me again?” it just stops. They trust you to do the best that you can with their concepts.

Let me give you an example. There was a time long ago when I would accept questions that weren’t asked. I would accept mentally sent questions. I don’t do it anymore. It’s just a trick. I’ve proven to myself that I can do it. But what use is it? If the group doesn’t know what the question is, just exactly what can the answer mean to them? But this is the way you learn. This was back in 1976. I was still playing, you know, experimenting. And Tom Flaherty sent me an unasked question. I had no idea what it was. What did I get but a picture of a frog sitting on a lily pad?

So I thought, okay, ass is over the line here, we’re going to go for it. I said, “I’m seeing a frog on a lily pad. The frog is in a very small pond, it’s the only really good-sized lily pad, and he’s got it. He’s feeling very satisfied. But then he jumps into another pond, and there are many, many lily pads in that pond, and there are many frogs, and a lot of the frogs are bigger than he is. That was the basic gist of the answer.

Well, Tom was trying to figure out whether he wanted to go to work for a bigger corporation. And where he was, he was the big frog in the little pond. And their question to him was, which did he prefer?

Well, it made perfect sense, but it drove me crazy, and what use would it be to anybody who was reading it on site?

But you do your best with it. And the reason that I feel so dissatisfied with the fullness of my channeling - and I have never felt fully satisfied - is that it seems to me that having received these incredible, beautifully interconnected thoughts, you can talk and talk and talk and TALK but you can’t talk your way entirely through even one of these concepts, let alone all of them. So you pretty much just have to take a whack at it.

Do you get corrected if you’ve misspoken?

Right, right.

So what’s the difference in them correcting you and saying that you don’t quite get it?

Well, I think that’s mechanical. If you’re saying an incomplete sentence or if you mis-speak a word, then they’ll say, “We correct this instrument.” Their correction has to do not with what was on your mind to say but the fact that you just misspoke it. This is mechanical. They’re not correcting the concept. They’re correcting the delivery.

Is it possible to get a thought and then to stop after the thought instead of throwing the ball, as you said, and then waiting for the next thought? Is it possible to try to go through the thought again in another pass, since you said there’s multiple dimensions to each thought? Can you back up and then analyze it from a different perspective to try to get more resolution?

Well, you can try. I mean, I’ve done that many a time, tried to exhaust that concept before I went on. But no matter how much you do of it you, I, at least, always have that feeling, that sure and certain feeling, that I did not exhaust the concept. I’m thinking that they’re infinite, that that would be impossible to exhaust them. It’s the impossible dream. But then I specialize in those.

I have a question. I guess I’m coming to realize I have been jealous of your gift of conceptualization. It’s been hard to put into concrete terms for me. I will get something and then discuss it and that content that I get continues to grow and I learn more, so it is an infinite kind of thing. But I thought that I was getting that information from my higher self.

You very well may be. Sure. And just not identifying it as that and not tuning to it. So maybe these exercises will improve your channel very quickly and clarify it.

I’m getting conceptual information the higher self and this type of concepts. Is that is an outer-planes source?

I would say so. I would think so. Usually inner-planes sources are all too happy to identify themselves. They’re chatty beings.

In your Ra contact, whenever certain questions started being asked, Ra seemed to indicate that there was a detuning process starting. Is that correct?

Ra did that in code. Ra would say, “The alignments are off.” At first we kept fiddling with the altar. Finally, a year or so into the contact, we realized they were talking about our questioning. So we went back and looked at all the places where they said the alignments were off and we were asking specific questions.

So my next question, then, concerns the inner-planes and the outer-planes information or contact. What would be the best way for us to determine which way we would want to go? Or is it possible at times to channel outer-source information and then at other times inner-source information? Or would one start to detune the other?

Well, I think S was asking that question also. It takes a different kind of energy to channel inner-planes entities. I think that if you’re seeking the highest and best, if you’re going for spiritual principles, you’re probably going to need to refine your channeling to outer sources in order to do the best job you can of channeling universal sources.

On the other hand, if you happen to have an inner guide and that inner guide is part of your world, there’s no reason for you to stop channeling that inner guide. But I don’t teach inner-guide channeling, and consequently I am not just reluctant but I won’t say, “Well, go ahead and channel inner guides. “Because I can’t do anything to help you find a good inner guide.

I will, as a part of this workshop, help you to find your guidance system. We’ll have a session on that. See in the curriculum where it says “Visualizing Your Guidance?” We’ll spend a whole period on that tomorrow.

I’d like a clarification. It’s my belief that the entity being channeled has access, owing to their own knowledge-base of the person who’s been channeling. And so I have a concern about myself, because I have a very rich knowledge-base in certain areas and it’s very lacking in other areas, particularly if the entity being channeled wants to relay information about certain scientific fields, anything having to do with circuitry and that kind of thing. What can I do to overcome that situation where in certain areas my knowledge base is lacking?

Well, you can do one or two things. You can do what I have done, because I just feel it’s too late in my life for me to go back and start with plane geometry and move forward. I have no science whatsoever except first-year high-school chemistry, and plane geometry was where I ended in math. I’ve given it up. I’ve said, “Okay, you’re going to have to work with what I’ve got.”

Or you can learn. You can go to school. I don’t know which option is going to appeal to you more. I can’t tell you how many times whoever I’ve been channeling, usually Q’uo, since I’ve been with Q’uo for the longest, has said, “We’re sorry that we cannot be more specific through this instrument, but working with this instrument, here’s how it goes.”

Yet at the same time scientists have been able to come back and use the information and infer scientific information from the channeling, and that is a joy to my heart, that if you’re clear enough with what you do have that the patterns that you set up are something that scientists can look at and say, “I know what they’re talking about. I know what they’re trying to say.” And then they’ll put it scientifically.

I feel very encouraged by your saying that.

In a group channeling, where there are different backgrounds, somebody who’s a scientist might get that information?

Exactly. That’s one of the great benefits of a channeling circle. It balances out the kind of information that you can receive, because we have as many technical people here probably as we have arts and crafts.

There was an individual who sent an e-mail a couple of months ago. I think he was from another country. He was really sincere, and he wanted to know if Carla could read up on science and history.

If time is really simultaneous, in the same moment, and if someone is reading the text in our future, resonating with it, you’d say that the energy would be kind of mixed with the person who did the channeling, right? Because their knowledge is mixed with the moment of the channeling because they just participated in reading it, so they’re connected to it in that way. And that means their knowledge is then somehow connected to it. Is that right?

That’s right.


As a matter of fact, they’ve said that because of the fact that the work that we do is in time/space, in the metaphysical universe, in actuality everybody that ever will read the material is part of the group.

Okay. So having said that, how come the channel will say that we don’t have sufficient or enough knowledge? Why can’t G pick up M, for instance? M has the technical background, and he may be sitting next to G as she’s doing the channeling But yet they will say that she doesn’t have the experience to answer the question. Can G tune to M’s information to fill in the blanks?

G not going to be able to fill in the blanks just because M’s sitting next to her. We’re in the body here. There are veils between each of us. We don’t have access to each other’s minds. This isn’t the density for that.

Essentially, she may see a concept with a circuit board in it, she’s not going to understand what that circuit board is. It’s M that has to get the concept of trouble with the circuit board in it in order to express with it.


I have a question. How do you distinguish imagination?

How do I distinguish my imagination from channeled thoughts? That’s the first question every channel faces. “Is it me or is it Memorex?” And at first you think it’s you, because their thoughts don’t feel any different than your thoughts. You’re just saying what comes into your mind. You think it’s your thought.

I think that what did it for me, what was evidential for me, was how it mounted up and how things that I hadn’t thought got said through me, and how that kept happening and kept happening. And you get a hundred transcripts, then you get 200, then you get a thousand, and somewhere along the way it finally hits you that you can’t just keep making this up. You’re not that smart.

And consistent.

And consistent, yeah.

Do our own thoughts arise in a different part of your brain than channeling? Or is there a different sensation?

I don’t think so, M. I think that we use both our intuitional and our logical minds in producing the channeled material.

Do you get a thought cluster in a different routine than you would your own thoughts?

I don’t think so. It feels just like your thought.

Are you talking about how it feels physically or are you talking about, when you get a bubble, how it feels like it’s coming from a different part of your brain?

Different physicality, different sensation.

Different sensation.

L was talking about always having a tingling in her third eye and for myself, my tingling is up at the top of the head, but sometimes I get the whole head going. Each person will experience a different pattern of what the Confederation calls conditioning. It’s almost always something that occurs.

And I think it’s an artifact of the fact that you’ve got all this energy. You’ve opened up to channeling. You’ve opened to that whole energy, and it’s just streaming through you. You’ve opened your heart. You’ve made all your preparations. All your energies are clear. You’ve dedicated the time. You’ve set your intention. And you’ve let it go. And it’s just whoosh, you can feel it’s a fountain effect. It’s just flowing through you.

So you feel the energy. Some people feel it in their legs and their arms and everything, tingling all over. I can’t predict what you’re going to feel when you allow the energy to flow through you.

Is this tingling going to hurt you?

No. It’s a conditioning. It’s a general conditioning thing. Don used to call it the Yarmulke effect.

For me I’d never had a thought cluster come into my brain that way before, ever. I guess it utilized my whole brain, my left and my right sides, conceptually and intellectually, all at the same time. I knew it wasn’t mine, just because it had not entered that way before.

I think when you used the phrase “set your intention” that is a key phrase because for myself, when I set an intention to channel, I channel. When I don’t, I’m imagining.

Would it be possible to request from the sources that we’re channeling a confirmation such as this sensation that M brought up in his question?

You certainly can.

If we ask for a confirmation that we are receiving something from them, will they answer that?

Yes, they will. That’s part of the teaching process.

That’s a very good point. I was looking in the flower remedy book that we all got from L before bedtime, and I saw that you can ask the nature spirits of the essences to help you understand if something is good with your body or not. So that’s good that you mentioned validation. In your book I think you said you could ask to confirm a suspected negative feeling, like when you happen to go into an area that’s not in your best interest. You said you can ask for confirmation. And the same with the positive side.

I don’t believe, S, that I wrote about that in A Channeling Handbook. You probably read about it in the Ra sessions. Don was asking about it. He consistently had ear sounds, and he was asking, “Well, sometimes I get a right-ear sound and sometimes I get a left-ear sound, and sometimes I get a sound up in the middle of the head. And they said, “Well, for you the right ear is yes, that’s a good idea. The left ear is no, that’s a bad idea. And up here it’s a balanced. It’s a confirmation that the thought is helpful.

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