Psychic Greeting

As it happens, I am right at the point in the writing of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice, where I just finished writing about psychic greeting and I got things exactly the way I wanted them. So I’m going to read this selection from my manuscript to you before I start off with any extemporaneous remarks. This is a very important subject, and I’d like to get us started off well.

[Carla reads from the manuscript of Chapter 11 of the book, as follows]

Psychic Greeting

Psychic greetings are those greetings which have been sent by an entity, most usually of the inner planes, with the intention of disrupting the process of spiritual evolution and causing an entity to stop its forward progress and to become lost in the side roads of inner questioning and suffering.

Under this definition, you may see that psychic greeting is a term that is much overused and often misused among your peoples. However, if one pulls one’s focus back into looking at what your energetic bodies are and how they experience you and your thinking processes, the concept of psychic greeting may be perhaps redefined as psychic resistance and may be widened to include a wide variety of ways in which your energetic body can experience resistance. 1

Psychic greeting is the inevitable response of the negatively polarized entities from the unseen planes to a Player’s waking up and beginning to polarize. When a Player begins to polarize towards service to others, he begins to act as a source of light. This alerts those service-to-self energies in the creation which are dedicated either to putting out sources of positive light or taking them over.

You may be more familiar with the term, psychic attack, than with the term, psychic greeting. The Confederation prefers the term, psychic greeting. This term emphasizes the fact that negative entities are not viciously attacking the positive entity but are systematically offering it chances to be swayed from the positive path. The greeting may feel like a furious attack. However, the intelligence behind such psychic greetings is cold, logical and persistent rather than impulsive and hot-headed.

When people think of psychic greeting, it is always assumed that it is coming from outside the self. However, the Confederation says that most so-called psychic greetings are actually instances of psychic resistance coming from within the Player’s own personality.

When a Player begins to polarize successfully towards the positive, changes begin occurring within his energy body. These changes demand that he release his old definition of himself as a wounded person. Most old definitions of the self involve remembered pain. There are many pockets of ancient pain in us all. This old pain must be processed, balanced, released and left behind. Q’uo says:

There are many ways in which embedded pain can find an echo, a reflection, or a voice within the present moment. And so some of the voices speaking to the energetic body will be those of a negative tone of voice. And that negativity will be cunningly and specifically crafted to fit into the present moment and to cause the experience of distraction or resistance. 2

This is why finding and releasing embedded pockets of pain in the memory is such central work for the Player. Such pockets of pain offer easy targets for agents of psychic resistance within the energy body and personality, as well as those outside of the self.

Some psychic greetings do indeed come from a separate personality which has an independent existence outside the Player’s self. Usually these occur because the Player has begun accessing the gateway to offer gifts, such as pure radiance of being, channeling or healing. Psychic greeting is a left-handed compliment. If you are receiving a greeting, you know you are on the right track! You are polarizing well and standing close enough to the light to cast a sharp and noticeable shadow.

It is extremely rare that a fifth-density, negatively oriented entity offers a psychic greeting to a Player within incarnation. Normally, this negative entity will send his fourth-density student to offer greetings. The most usual greeting is some form of temptation.

Everyone has a personality with some weak spots in it, speaking in terms of polarity. The usual run of weak spots includes gluttony, laziness, jealousy, anger and other small sins as well as fear, such as the fear of what people may think, or the fear of losing one’s identity. A Player is often easily distracted from staying alert and attentive to his polarization by one or another of these “usual suspects.” The result is that the Player temporarily halts his progress in polarization. He has been taken off the Gameboard until he regains his balance, recalls his intentions and becomes fearless once more.

Occasionally, the form of psychic greeting may be physical. A Player whose mind is fixed on staying positive and is therefore not vulnerable to emotional temptations but who has a weak physical body may experience unusual amounts of illness.

While it is to those Players doing work at the Lighthouse Level that outer-planes psychic greeting most often is given, virtually any Player who chooses to wake up from the planetary dream and begin working to polarize positively will begin to experience psychic greetings at some level.

As the Player begins to meditate, pray and otherwise use the gateway to intelligent infinity, he will begin to experience this psychic resistance and greeting. And if he should decide to come to a place such as L/L Research, where a well-established source of light and love has been developed, he may well find himself experiencing a lot of resistance to getting there. We have had many stories from participants in our Gatherings about how, in trying to get here, their flights were canceled, their cars malfunctioned, or they had other things arise which prohibited arriving here as intended.

So Players can expect to experience psychic greeting and psychic resistance as they work to increase their polarization in consciousness. It is part of the environment on the Gameboard. It is nothing to fear. It is something with which the Player can successfully deal.

[Carla finishes reading the section and continues to talk extemporaneously.]

The figure of the game board, by the way, I use throughout the book instead of talking about seeking, because it all sounds so la-la to somebody who’s a beginner. And so I talk about how the Confederation says that life is basically about deciding whether or not we’re Players. If we’re Players, then what we want to do is polarize to the point where we can graduate.

And so there are two game boards. There’s the flat game board that everybody is born with and the culture offers us, in which you’re born, you grow up, you work, you eat, you work, you eat, you work, you eat, you die, you push up daisies. And then there’s the Gameboard with a capital “G”, in which you are accessing the spirit and in which everything has a new cast on it.

And if you decide to become a Player on the enhanced Gameboard, then here’s what you need to look at.“ Instead of saying, “If you’re a seeker …” or “If you’re spiritual …” or “If you’re religious …” I think it works really well.

Psychic greeting is a fact of spiritual life, and it can’t be ducked. It can’t be glossed over, and people who try to do so are just missing the point of accepting and acknowledging the rightness of that balancing apparatus which always constantly is giving us a chance to make choices about positive polarity that repeat our original choice and that keep us polarizing further.

The nature of temptation is part of trying to polarize. If you’re trying to make a change, for instance, if you want to go on a diet, the first thing that’s going to happen is that you’re going to be tempted by a cookie, or a piece of chocolate, or whatever food that has been forbidden to you. And if you happen to want to stay on the diet, then you have the opportunity to affirm that by resisting the temptation. In polarization, the seeming cookies and chocolates and sweets are those moments of kicking aside the desire to be of service to others in order that you can make another choice.

I told you yesterday that when I started to meditate, I had a lot of stomach problems. I would feel nauseated as soon as I sat down and started to meditate. That was my body’s reaction to not doing anything and not thinking anything. It didn’t like it a bit. I got over the tummy woes, but they were succeeded by a period of about four or five months in which I repeatedly experienced visions of horrible creatures. When I would sit down to meditate, they would come and visit me. Monsters! Awful things! It felt like a nightmare in that it created that feeling of uneasy, nameless dread. The tummy upsets and the monsters and nameless dread are mild psychic greeting.

It was a matter of persisting through that. Because it was, yet again, my body’s marked resistance to giving up control. I think also, as I was starting to meditate, I was starting to access the higher levels of my subconscious in a conscious manner, and the highest levels of the subconscious are peopled with various thought-forms: the monsters of your childhood, the ogres, the bogey-men, the objects of scary ghost stories, things like that. They have a life of their own within the upper regions of your subconscious mind, and so you can actually start to see them, and it is quite disturbing, really!

It’s something! You wonder, well, should I persist through this? But of course, if you do persist, then you get to the point where you’re not troubled. I got to the point where I wasn’t troubled any more by such visions. But every once in a while, I’ll have something thrown up to me that I have a chance to be alarmed at or to be fearless about, and to bless on its way.

Another type of mild psychic greeting is seeming bad luck. For instance, there was a donor with deep pockets that wanted to help L & L Research, and so he made a handsome donation to us several years ago. As a matter of fact, it was that donation that allowed us to redo our office so that instead of [our present arrangement] of seven desks, six bookcases, it was like a maze. We had to walk around various things in an intricate pattern in order for us to get to our computers and our printers and all of the tools. It was Jerry-rigged and a total mess. So his donation allowed us to build the current wrap-around office desk that has worked so well for us.

At any rate, after he did this, he was very keen on continuing to help us until he started having bad luck in his business. And he said, “Could I be having bad luck in my business because I’m helping you?” And I said, “Yes, you could!” I knew I was cutting off my nose to spite my face but I needed to tell him the truth. So I said,“ Yes, I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve been noticed, and you’ve been complimented, and, you know, I’m really sorry that you’re having a tough time.“

Now, he did get through that difficult time, but he was very quiet and didn’t make any further donations until he got back on his feet and got through the tremendous amount of bad luck that he had run into. He’s still a very good friend of L/L, and has graciously accepted a seat on our board now, and I’m happy to say that he’s safely retired from business and contentedly playing his golf and doing charitable work. So he made it through.

But it is just a fact of life. “No good deed goes unpunished” is the cliché, and psychic greeting is one of those punishments for good deeds, I guess you could say, or rewards. At any rate, it doesn’t go away simply because you become aware of it. But you become able to recognize it, appreciate it, handle it, and move right on through your day without having it hang over or loom over your day and give you a hard time.

I think the most serious psychic greetings that I ever experienced were during the contact with those of Ra, and I told you yesterday there was a point at which repeatedly I would look up and down the roads and see no cars, try to step out into the road, and it would have been right in front of traffic. Or that time when I couldn’t breathe. There were times when I would smell horrible odors. There’d be nothing like that around, but I’m very sensitive to bad odors so it was upsetting to me. And it was just anything they could find to do that would disrupt me or disrupt the group.

One of the cleverest things that they did was take advantage of long-time distortions in my ears. I’m experiencing that again now 3, which is probably a psychic greeting, by the way. I acknowledge it as that. And they started using imperfections in my ears from so many ear infections as a child simply to put me to sleep. And when Don, Jim and I would go into meditation before a Ra session, I would simply go to sleep. I would have no idea that this was occurring, of course, because I just slipped right out.

But then, they didn’t know whether or not I was just asleep or whether I was unconscious, whether I could be touched, whether they were in possession of my body. And even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, it stopped two or three sessions before we caught on and they got the courage just to wake me up. And so, eventually we had to start going into the Ra sessions without a preliminary meditation. That was our response, finally, because I couldn’t keep from going to sleep. I didn’t even know it was happening. It was just like that—instantaneous.

You can definitely get hallucinations. You can be haunted by depressive thoughts, and they can come again, and again, and again. It feels very powerful. And they have their own twisted logic so that you begin to think, “Well, maybe I should think about this.” There’s a variety of ways in which a person can be distracted.

And that’s really what you need to think of psychic greeting as. It’s an attempt to distract you. It’s an attempt to stop your forward motion. You have momentum going when you’re trying to polarize, and the object of psychic greeting is to stop the forward momentum and then, if possible, once that is done, to go ahead and reduce the light, the energy of light that your forward momentum of polarization is producing, or even to put it out; to get you to be just totally discouraged and quit. That’s the nature of psychic greeting.

Now, you can reduce the odds of psychic greeting by the equivalent of a good health regimen, bathing, showering, shampooing your hair, applying powders, deodorant, lotions, whatever it is that you do to keep your body healthy and happy. You can think of meditation and the balancing exercises as the equivalent grooming technique, shall we say, for keeping your energy body happy and healthy, with the emphasis on healthy. It’s just simply very healthy to put yourself in the way of the very powerful help that you have from spirit.

To do so you simply stop the forward energy of your personality, which wants to go, go, go and do many, many chores, long enough to stop and acknowledge the presence of the one infinite Creator. It’s a very powerful thing to choose to practice the presence of the Creator. And that’s really what you’re doing in meditation. You’re choosing to come into the presence of the Most High in silence and to receive that which is given in that silence into your heart and into your subconscious mind.

When you don’t have your chakras in order, that is when you can get the most heinous of psychic greetings. And so, as always, it goes back to moving through the red, orange and yellow energy centers looking for the imbalances that make you vulnerable. You know the typical temptations by now—we’ve been through them many times.

Despair is a huge red-ray one, dislike of one’s body another red-ray one.

In the orange ray, of course, distress and concern about relationships, feelings of a negative nature about the self or about the other person in a relationship. So again, it’s always a tremendous help to make sure that your relationships are sweet. I can remember many a time I’ve gone to Jim or to Gary, people that I work with every day, and gone, “Are we OK? Do we have something? Is there something that we need to talk out?” Because if we don’t do that, if we let things slide and just hope that everything’s OK, then whatever isn’t OK is going to fester.

I remember real recently, I caught some energy in between Romi and me that wasn’t OK, and I said, “Romi, do we need to talk about something?” And Romi said, “Well, Yes!” He didn’t want to bring it up, and yet, when we got it talked out, it was a hundred percent better, it was two hundred percent better. There was love and light, and things had gotten back. And I think that a lot of times it’s been so long in some relationships since that was done that one begins to think it can’t be done. “It’s impossible! Not with that person! I will never make things sweet with that person!”

And yes, certainly, you can be slapped down and find that you have to do the work unilaterally, do your work by yourself. You can’t deal directly with the other person, because the other person is determined to remain unhappy. That does not become your problem after you’ve made the attempt. After you’ve made that attempt, you can, on your own, forgive that person and forgive yourself. You can do that work without doing the exchange with the other person.

One thing that really, really helps a lot when you’re trying to reduce differences between two people is to talk in the first person and make “I” statements. When you’re talking with them, don’t say, “You did this.” Say, “I feel that you did this. It was my perception that you did this. What’s your perception?” You begin not with any accusation, but with simply trying to ascertain the situation. And if you can use “I” sentences instead of “You” sentences in working through differences with people, whether it’s in the orange ray or in the yellow ray, then you’re much more apt to be able to work with psychic greetings in a way which is very quick and pretty painless, really.

The most usual suspects are excesses. If you are drinking too much or eating too much, if you have some kind of psychological addiction like you’re playing too many computer games—fill in the blank! We have a million and one ways in our human personality to upgrade from preferences to addictions, and the goal in becoming a person that is able to deal with psychic greetings is simply to downgrade addictions to preferences. I take those terms from Ken Keyes in his book, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, which is a wonderful book for those who are trying to get a handle on human interaction in their own life. It’s an excellent source of good information.

Then we have the ego. I hate that word because it’s so much overused that it almost doesn’t have any meaning. People tend to think of the personality as the ego, and that’s actually not so. You can have all kinds of personality and not be an egoistical person. With ego, you simply feel that you’ve got something to protect. If you’re not protecting your personality, and you’re just letting it burble along, I don’t think that you have ego problems.

It’s when you want respect, when you want people to call you by a certain title, when you get all huffy if people don’t see things your way, that’s when the ego is starting to put you into a situation where you’re more vulnerable to being slow to deal with a psychic greeting. When you’re really sweet with yourself so that you’re in love with yourself, and you’ve sweetened the energies between you and the other people in your life to the best of your ability, then your situation is the best it can be, because you’re not troubled. You don’t have trouble on your mind. You don’t have the worries on your heart that you do when you think that there’s a state of drama between you and somebody else.

I have gone so far as to go up to people and aggravate them, because I wanted to know if we were OK, if anything was wrong, and to apologize if I’d done anything amiss. And they’re going, “Get off of it! You haven’t done anything wrong. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But, on the other hand, since my perception was that there could be an opening there, I wanted to close it. It’s worth it to look kind of silly to your friends in order just to make absolutely sure that you are beforehand with all of your relationships.

I think that one of the strongest things about the Twelve Step Program in AA is where it suggests that you make a list of all your defects of character, all the ways in which you have hurt other people. And then you do everything you can to make amends to the people if possible, and if it’s not possible to do it in person, to do the work of repentance and determination to live a new life.

And then, down low, near the end of the twelve steps, it says, continue to review your situation and continue to respond to any steps that you may have missed by going back and asking for forgiveness and asking yourself for forgiveness. What that does is, it frees you up to be yourself. You don’t have anything hanging and nagging at you, and that’s really good.

Then we come to the nature of psychic self-defense. What I’ve been describing to you is in fact the biggest part of psychic self-defense, proactive defense, proactively cleaning up your act as you go so that you don’t have stumbling blocks that you’ve put in front of yourself, so that your way is clear. So that when you get a psychic greeting, you can identify it as a psychic greeting and go, “Oh. OK, it’s a psychic greeting. Now, how shall I deal with that?”

In the first place, many psychic greetings can be handled quite adequately by a simple recognition that you have been greeted psychically, by sending love and light to the sender of that psychic greeting, and by sending love and light to yourself, by giving the Creator thanks for the opportunity to make these choices so that you turn what seems to be a negative into a positive. Instead of saying, “Oh, my God! I’ve got psychic greetings! It’s difficult. I’ve been seeing monsters, or I’ve, you know, had this or that happen to me,” you say, “Well, thank you! Thank you for this beatitude” Blessed are they who have various troubles for they actually are getting a good thing. There are lots and lots of beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament, and they all have to do with looking at your troubles. “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Well, if you weren’t brought down into sorrow, then you would not have deepened your cup, your chalice of self, so that you could be filled up with joy. The suffering that one does is in its own way a blessing because it is part of the abrasive action of the school of souls.

There is an old, medieval way magic called alchemy in which allegedly the goal was scientific; that is, to change base metals into gold. But of course, the actual work of the alchemist was metaphysical, and all of the writings about the alchemist’s work can be taken as symbolic. They weren’t really trying to change the metal, they were trying to change the personality or the being within from base to refined. They were trying to refine the self. Since you all are attempting to learn to channel, you may indeed hit these resistances from the self and have greetings from outside the self because of the fact that you’re attempting to do light work.

A lot of times you can handle the situation in such a way that you become carefree and happy again simply by acknowledging the attack or the greeting, thanking the Creator for this beatitude, thanking the source of the greeting, sending love, respect and honor to it, and sending love, honor and respect to the self who’s going through the suffering. You embrace the process of breaking the surface self apart a bit and shaking away some of the dirt and the soil that covers the gems of your true self and your true personality so that you can mine those gems, bring them up into the light and let them shine as you are able to use your far more gem-like self in service to the Creator.

The first thing about psychic greetings and how to handle them, is simply to do it promptly. Don’t let them fester. Don’t just hope that they don’t come again the next night, but revisit the thought of all of those monstrous faces that you have seen, or whatever it is that you have felt, thanking them for the wake-up call, thanking them for the compliment of feeling that you were worthy to be distracted, that you were emitting enough light to deserve a psychic greeting. And then forgive the psychic greeter and yourself for the whole transaction and, that being balanced, moving on. A lot of times, that’s all it takes.

If you have done this and it doesn’t work, then the next step is to have a meditation on it. Ask for help in the meditation. And when you come out of the meditation, see if that has taken care of the situation.

If you’re still uneasy and having irrational feelings of dread, despair or depression, then you have access to more formal kinds of psychic self-defense. There’s a wonderful prayer in Dion Fortune’s little book, Psychic Self-Defense, that I have used many times in my life. Now, you have to realize Dion Fortune is a magical practitioner of the white Western ritual tradition, so when she uses “Christ” and so forth, she’s not using it in the normal Christian sense, but rather as the sign or sigil of unconditional love or positivity.

“Christ” just permeates white Western ritual magic, but that does not make it specifically Christian. It makes it part of the historical lineage of magic which uses Christ or the Christed Entity which goes way back to Egyptian times.

There are, I think, sixteen different crucified Christs in the melting-pot history of the Middle East. This tradition is what the Cabbalistic-oriented white Western magical tradition is based on. This very simple little prayer goes like this:

You calm yourself down and get yourself settled in mind so that you can form an intention. You say, “I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I serve with all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my soul, and all of my strength and my neighbor as myself. I draw a circle around myself of protection in the name of Jesus, the Christ, whom I serve, a circle across which no mortal error dares to set its foot.” And then you clap to make the statement complete.

Now, after Don died, I got such psychic greetings that would make your hair stand up. It certainly did mine! And one of the things that was most difficult was a nameless dread, the feeling that I was being pressed upon by incredible evil. I would take this prayer like a pill. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t properly sleep for several years after Don died. I went through a lot of suffering. I deepened myself a good deal after that experience. And in the course of that, I was chronically sleepless, and so every four hours I would say this prayer and the darkness would recede. And then it just would wear off, and then I would do it again, and it would wear off, and I would do it again.

You could ask, “Well, why didn’t you despair? Why didn’t you give up?”

Well, I did have the faith to know that this is the basic situation. I realized that the work of my life was on the line; that at this point were I to despair, I would not be able to continue serving as I had grown used to serving in my years with Don. I had sixteen years with Don. And that wasn’t acceptable, it wasn’t acceptable for me to give up. It’s as simple as that.

So I never, ever, ever gave up, but I did hedge myself around with reminders. At this point, I was in a hospital bed. After Don’s death, I got worse and worse until the arthritis crystallized to the point where I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t use my hands, I was basically a Barbie doll, and any writing I could do I had to do on tape. I did A Channeling Handbook on tape, and I did about a hundred and fifty letters counseling people on tape during that time.

It was even hard for me to talk because so many things were wrong inside that it hurt to breathe. It hurt to speak. So the tapes are kind of faint, because I’m sitting there with the tape recorder on my chest. But I knew that if I could be of service to other people, even though that was sort of delaying the moment where I dealt with my own problems, still it would give me a vast amount of comfort to know that I hadn’t wasted the day in just working with my own problems at the expense of, you know, not doing anything for anybody else.

So I dealt with it that way, but I was lying here, and Jim had built me a system of shelving that probably went up five feet and right across the shelf where my eyes would rest when I was lying there in my hospital bed, I wrote, “Faith, the final frontier!”

If you know Star Trek, you know it’s supposed to be “Space, The Final Frontier,” but I’m a horrible punster. Anyway, faith is the final frontier, I think, in terms of humanity, in terms of our humanhood. Now, we can cross every frontier, but unless we have taken the leap into faith, we haven’t crossed that frontier that is going to move us from the awareness that is limited and local and ends with death to the awareness that is infinite and eternal and never ends.

When you have psychic greetings that are so severe that you feel that you might die—and again, I was in that situation after Don died—there is a very handy verse. It’s in one of Paul’s letters, and I’m not quoting it accurately, but the thought, the basic sense of it goes, “If I live, I live in Christ. And if I die, I die in Christ. So whether I live or die, I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.”

That took away all fear of death. And, of course, I had died once already, so I was not as fearful of death as some might be. But still there is that fear that you won’t continue, and you want to continue. So I would say that prayer to myself, sometimes as often as once a minute to move myself through difficult times.

The Banishing Ritual is something that helps. Jim, would you like to do the Banishing Ritual, just to let people see what that feels like after I give a short talk? I think I’ve explained most of the Banishing Ritual, where you invoke the male and female principles which together form the Star of David. That’s your roof. And then you form yourself as the Christ figure by making the Cabbalistic cross on your body. Then you place the five-pointed Stars of Light as walls around you. You invite the Archangels to stand at the stations of those walls. When you have done that, then your visualization is complete.

Jim will be bringing down his magical personality like a robe, and then he will do the ritual and when he finishes, he will take that magical personality back off. And what that does is, and I think you’ll probably feel the differences, it thoroughly cleanses the area of physical and metaphysical space around you for about a day. We do it, normally do it every day after Morning Offering.

Start by facing to the East. Since I don’t have a talisman, like she said, I’ll be putting on a magical imaginary robe.

[Making the cross by putting his right hand on his brow, his heart, his right shoulder and his left shoulder, Jim says]

Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedulah, Le Olam Amen.

[“Ateh” is said touching the brow, “Malkuth” is said touching the heart, “Ve Geburah is said touching the right shoulder and “Ve Gedulah” is said touching the left shoulder. “Le Olam Amen” is said with the hands brought together, fingers to fingers, making a “praying hands” figure over the heart. Then the practitioner turns back to the east and draws a five-pointed star in the air to the east, south, west and north, in turn. At each direction, a Hebrew phrase is uttered.]

[Facing east]

Yod Heh Vau Heh

[Facing south]


[Facing west]

“Eh He Heh”

[Facing north]


(Then facing north again, the practitioner spreads his arms as if to make a cross of his whole body and invokes the Archangels.)

Before me, Raphael.

Behind me, Gabriel.

On my right hand, Michael.

On my left hand, Ariel.

For around me flame the pentagrams and above me shines the six-rayed star.

[Then the practitioner again repeats the Cabbalistic cross. After he has seated the visualization, he removes the imaginary robe as a gesture of ending the ritual and claps his hands together or stamps his foot as a kind of audible “Amen.”]

Now that ritual is found, as I said, in a book that you can buy by W. E. Butler called The Magician: His Training and His Work.

The prayer from Dion Fortune is in her book, also available, called, Psychic Self Defense.

I don’t know if you’re going to be particularly vulnerable to psychic greeting. It varies from person to person quite a bit. Some people pretty well breeze through; other people are just inundated. If you have needs, by all means, get those two books, read them through and absorb the teaching therein, because it is very compatible with The Law of One. The Law of One talks a great deal about the magical personality, and it’s really not unusual that that should be so because both Don and I had studied white Western ritual magic, especially W. E. Butler’s works, deeply. But we had also read Israel Regardie and Dion Fortune as well as other people that wrote in the same genre, and we were pretty well steeped in those metaphors and ways of seeing the symbology that lies behind unseen energies.

Let’s see. Steve, is there anything that you wanted to add to this? I know you made handouts.

I will provide the handouts. At the library they have, thankfully, a bunch of Dion Fortune books and stuff that have two pretty prayers and ways to do things, and my intention originally was to have handouts prepared. I didn’t, but I’ll be happy to make them available by putting those words that Carla has mentioned into a document.

OK. Now, I’m ready for questions. Who has a question about this very important subject?

From 2005 or so to August of 2007 I have had what looked like a run of bad luck, most of which was not instigated by me. I had one foot injury that was clearly my own fault—I was just not paying attention when was getting up from the table. I seemingly had nothing to do with the rest of it. As I look back on it, I’m thinking that it was really just a protracted period of this kind of greeting

That’s right. I agree that most likely it was. I’m always prone to psychic greeting because I’m just determined to do this work and I just keep persisting and persisting. Starting in 2003 when Jim and I attempted to have spiritual community at the house, which was a really impossible dream, we were working really very hard and very close to the light to try to do that. I started having an enhanced amount of bad luck, physical illnesses, and so forth, but when I started doing this book in January of 2006 it escalated up several notches, and in the last couple of years I’ve had two broken bones, three sprains, my coccyx was damaged so that I had trouble sitting for a long time, several bad illnesses, and the onset of chronic interstitial cystitis, which is an amazingly inconvenient illness in which you keep having to jump up and run to the bathroom. It took me almost a year to get that under control with attitude and with medication. I was still in diapers last summer. I’ve only just recently come out of diapers and been able to enjoy a more normal existence. Although I still have the illness, it’s more manageable.

Right at the time when I started getting a handle on the interstitial cystitis, this ear infection and deafness happened, and it’s distracting in many ways, not the least of which is that for at least a month I was convinced within my own mind that I was not intellectually capable of my normal good work. And because of the fact that I wanted this book to be good with all my heart, and not just good but the best I could do, I didn’t work on the book.

Well, finally Gary and Jim convinced me that even though I thought my mind wasn’t working, it actually was working fine. And it was just the muzzy-headedness of the combination of not being able to hear, having bad balance and having noises in your ears. I can hear my pulse. And I was taking monstrous doses of Sudafed, which also makes your head feel muzzy. They convinced me that I could go ahead and work anyway, but different things like that have slowed me down.

They were hoping that it would do more than slow me; they were hoping that it would stop me, or that I’d get discouraged and say, “Well, I can’t do it.” Well, I didn’t. But it slows you down when you get something like this.

One thing to remember if you do get a psychic greeting is, don’t get impatient with yourself. Don’t get impatient with the situation. Because if you get impatient with the situation, that’s pulling you even further off track. Your goal is to move back into your default setting of open-hearted, unconditional love and the ability to work with spirit. So if you get upset about the psychic greeting, then you’re just feeding into their plans, and they go, “Oh, good! Yes! Get good and upset! Please get angry with us! Please go through all those negative emotions!”

So it’s well if you can just move quickly through the temptation to get mad at them or feel sorry for yourself, or any of those things, and just move on. Just get on with it and pull yourself back together and give life another whack. Because you really are in a situation where you can always choose, momentarily, instantaneously almost, to clear your mind. Ask for help and make a new start.

You can have the same set of issues running with a person, can’t you, who is negatively oriented?

Yes, you can.

It could be parallel. I mean, the same kind of issues would come up, but just directly in a personal relationship. And what happens if one of those persons is a member of your family? I mean, usually you find somebody like that and you don’t associate with them, but what do you do if it’s a member of the family?

Well, there are things that you can do. For one thing, you can attempt to have a good conversation with that person along the lines of what I was describing earlier, where you use “I” statements and express yourself, and try to get at least a rapprochement, if not a complete softening of the difficulties between you.

If that becomes impossible, if they just sit there and laugh at you, you innocent, naïve person that thinks that you’re going to be able to make any inroads in their negative orientation, then first of all, you do the work of forgiveness. You forgive that person unequivocally. You don’t hold back. You just forgive that person with no justification needed.

That’s a soul. You move to the soul level in the way you look at that person, and you forgive that person at the soul level. And you remind yourself, from that point on, that what he’s doing to you is not personal. It has nothing to do with you. So you have no reason to react one way or the other. Just keep reminding yourself of that, because he will use every hook, all of the information that he has about you, every button that he can push. He will keep pushing them as long as he can push them.

Another thing that is very helpful if you have a very toxic relationship close to you, is to go through a ritual where you actually cut the cord between you, because there are unseen ties between people that are as real as a bond of rope that ties one person to another. There is an actual rope, usually at the yellow ray, that’s between you and the other person. When someone is attempting, whether he knows it or not, to affect you psychically and to bring you down and to take you away from the light, it helps sometimes if you write your own ritual where you state your fondness for this person at the soul level, your unconditional love and total forgiveness, and an absolute end to the tie between you. And then you’d visualize cutting this rope.

I have actually seen this in person. I have seen this work. I was sitting in a big meditation in 1977 as part of Andrija Puharich and Don Elkins’ Mind Link. There was an older psychic there. He was a real doll! He had many, many negative characteristics and the desire to control, and he was a psychic on top of it! So he hooked into my friend, Lindy T, who is a powerful positive psychic, and she became aware that he was feeding on her, just feeding off of her, taking her positivity and eating it while we were just sitting in this big circle.

And I felt the energy. I can feel energy sometimes. I opened my eyes, thinking, “What’s going on?” And I saw Lindy making a scissoring motion across her yellow-ray chakra with two fingers and as she did that, he fell over! His eyes were closed and he didn’t know what she was doing, but when she cut the cord, he literally, physically fell over.

So there’s almost a physical aspect sometimes when you’ve got a person that’s greeting you psychically. It’s very unfortunate when that happens, but once you’ve done that ritual and gone to the soul level, then it’s a matter of discipline. Don’t let him catch you up. Continue to redraw that boundary between you two. Set that limit and keep to that limit, and stay at the soul level.

There are nice things that you can do when you’re in the presence of somebody like that. For one thing—everybody does like this; we all take care of our hair—brush your fingers over your hair. And if you do that, you’re cleansing your aura.

Also, if someone is attempting to combine auras with you in a way that’s deleterious to you, and you brush your clothes off a little bit, nobody thinks anything of it; it’s something that we all do habitually, maybe as a nervous habit even. You don’t even think anything of it when you see people brushing their clothes off. And what you’re doing is, you’re calming your aura, you’re getting rid of that energy.

And once you have done that, then you close your hands together in some way and you close your feet together in some way. You can do it just by putting your ankles together and putting your wrists together. When you close your hands and you close your feet, you close your circuit. You have completed the energy circuit of your energy body, and nobody can get in. You’re safe. You’re safe in your own little merkaba.

That makes sense. In my situation, one of the children of my wife’s previous marriage especially had this negative orientation. I can see now how impossible it was to deal with this without knowing that there was auric infringement. The problem was not just between this child and me, but with the other children as well to a lesser extent. So it made it very complex, and I can see how, without understanding the energetics of it, you never get anywhere trying to deal with a situation like this.

No, you can’t deal with this particular problem at the level of the problem. You have to go to the soul level and change the playing field.

And it becomes very difficult, because it’s deleterious to the other children. And how to deal with that!

Right. Right—I take it this is something that has proceeded on, the kids are grown and they’re all OK, they’ve survived it?

Well, I’ve always wondered why the negatively oriented one came into our family. I’ve struggled with this to turn it into a positive orientation, but what I see now, of course, is that I didn’t understand all this. So I didn’t get all the information at the time they were children as to what was going on. Sometimes it was pretty bad between the kids, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

But as you say, by looking at it just as a psychological issue, I could never figure out how to deal with this. Because you try all these things they say you should do, but none of them works. But, yeah, I think the reason the negatively oriented one came into the family was because I was dealing with him. His mother couldn’t deal with him at all.

That was a whole other story.

Yeah. But I think it gave him a choice to turn to a positive orientation, or try to anyway. And the negative one, he was hanging out with kids who were going to jail. And the thing that happened was, there’s this fortuitous stuff on the other side, on the light side. He got interested in music. He got a music teacher in school that he latched onto and that started to turn things around. So the luck works on the good side, too, I guess. Sometimes, something really comes out on the cosmic side to switch somebody who’s negative into a positive orientation.

To offer him a new choice, a new way.

Yes. If anybody’s got kids, I can see now how they really need immediately to look at the spiritual level of what’s going on.

For sure.

Well, one of my prisoners, one of my boys—I don’t really like to call them prisoners. That’s not who they are. They’re people in prison. One of my boys asked me if I had psychic greetings. He asked how I deal with negative friends. Do I have any psychic greetings?

And I go into the negative friends that I’ve had, and I say, “About psychic greetings—I don’t know if I have or not. It’s easy to say that bad things and thoughts happen because of an outside force and not just come as a catalyst of this incarnation. I remember my daughter peeing at the most inconvenient times and creating a lot of laundry for me.

I got so mad several times, each time saying, “It’s not her fault, or yours. Why get so angry?” I wondered if she was being encouraged to let go in order to call up my anger and create a separation of self from other self. It’s possible. I decided not to let the separation happen. And I haven’t gotten angry since, even though the pee and poop continued.

From the time she was born, I would have impulsive thoughts of doing her horrific harm, when I was happy and not under any stress or anger at all. There were vivid thoughts of specific actions that no longer come up in my mind. For instance, we wanted to cut the threads off of a bed covering that was fraying, and my sister and the baby were on the bed. This was when she was maybe two days old. I went to get the scissors, and when I came into the room, in my head, I just had this thought of just taking these scissors and hacking my baby to pieces. Why would that come up? Other times of throwing her in the oven! I had this thought of actually going through the action. I could see it in my head, and it occurred in my mind.

So that’s what I’m talking about here. I said to myself, “Well, these things are in my mind, and that’s OK. They’re just there. And I let them go. I didn’t fight them, but I didn’t sustain them, and they went away eventually.

Last night I had a very frightening vision in my sleep during the time Carla marks as being significant for psychic greetings—3:00 to 4:00 a.m. Was it a psychic greeting? I don’t like to give it much credence. I give it enough credence to say that these things exist and that I must remember love and avoid separation of self from other self, but not enough to let it breed fear in me. Maybe friends find what they desire ultimately and all my love to them.

So my take on psychic greeting is: Does it matter that they’re psychic greetings? Ultimately, they are things in my life. They’re incidents that happen. Maybe they’re catalysts. Maybe they’re bad luck. Maybe there’s an outside force. Maybe there’s an inside force that’s causing these things to happen.

And it reminds me of both your prayer and the Bible reading today that said, “If I live, I’m in Christ. If I die, I’m in Christ.” Does it matter whether God thinks I’m righteous or whether God thinks I’m sinful? Does it matter whether I think I’m righteous or whether I think I’m sinful? Does it matter whether these are psychic greetings or not psychic greetings? They affect me the same way, whether they’re psychic greetings or not. Could I be harming myself by not recognizing them as psychic greetings and just saying, “It is what it is.”?

The question is: Can you harm yourself by refusing to call a psychic greeting a psychic greeting? And the answer is, absolutely not. It’s healthy to be very dubious as to whether it’s a psychic greeting or whether it’s resistance thrown up from part of your personality, just like those images you had right after the birth of your child.

That’s part and parcel of what they call post-partum depression, right? Your hormones are in such a wild swing that you’re completely vulnerable to the most unlikely of depressive thoughts. And what you have to realize is that what psychic greeters feed on, and not just people that are trying to greet you psychically, but people that are trying to greet our entire society, our entire planet psychically, their goal is to remove the power and the light from you and feed on it themselves. So if they can put you in a state of fear, anger, panic or any negative emotion, if they can make you suffer by offering you choices that there seems no good way to choose, this is food for them.

One thing that really helped me during the time of my most intense psychic greeting after Don’s death was to remember that if I gave in and despaired or had self-pity, or started thinking about suicide, that I was playing into their hands, and they were going, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Give me more!”

One reason that I dislike going to hospitals, either as a visitor or a patient, is that they are full of negative thought forms which are feeding on the pain and the suffering. They’re just having a field day with all that! The worst place to be if you’re sick is the hospital. Only go there if you absolutely have to.

I have a comment to make on what you were saying. It illustrated an event, a dynamic both in my personal life and in a movie. In my personal life, we were living with an individual who was deliberately trying to push my buttons. While I was in the stairwell cleaning one time, I had a realization that if I react in anger and frustration to his button-pushing, then I’m giving away my power.

And it came to me that I couldn’t exactly follow the advice, because once my button was pushed, it was really difficult not to react in anger or frustration or try to engage even in positivity. But once my power was given away, then he kind of had me in his hands. It’s the same as with a psychic greeting. Once you, like you said, start reacting and getting angry, you’re kind of playing into their game.

You can see that symbolically portrayed in a way in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker is in front of the Emperor fighting Darth Vader, and the Emperor’s doing his best to get Luke Skywalker riled up and telling him, “Your cause is lost! Watch your friends be defeated and destroyed. Go ahead—get angry.” If you get angry, then he has you. You have come to the dark side.

Exactly! Exactly.

I just had an “Aha!” while you were talking about psychic greetings. One situation that has been going on in my life since I decided to move is that I have had more client referrals than I have had in any other time since we lived in northern Virginia. And when this first started happening, I thought, “Oh, the universe must be telling me not to relocate.” And then I thought, “No. I really want to relocate! And what I want to do is important.”

And so while I’ve just been sitting here listening to your discussion of psychic greeting, the awareness came to me that this is a disguised form of greeting. All these referrals I’ve been getting are a very cleverly disguised form of psychic greeting. I have been turning away most of the referrals, anything that looks like it’s going to be a long term.

Gary and I were just talking the other day about what that meant.

Especially since the whole idea of your coming up to northern Virginia was for you was to have all these clients.

Yeah, get on the map where there are some people!

I have a question. What is the best way to protect yourself physically from a psychic greeting?

Physically. Well, as I said, if you brush your aura and then close your hands and your feet together, you’re completely defended. You’re protected. But, I think that if you cleanse your atmosphere as the W. E. Butler book suggests, and if you learn how to visualize each of the archangels, and the Cabbalistic Cross, and what each of those Hebrew vowels mean, that gives you that feeling that you have the tools at your disposal now. You have the resources that you need in order to cleanse your atmosphere. I think, psychologically speaking, a great deal of protecting yourself physically has to do with the psychological feeling that you’ve done something. And that’s what is so wonderful about the Banishing Ritual. You’ve done something, and you can actually feel an energetic difference in the room. It brightens everything up.

Another thing you can do if you’re not feeling particularly magical, but you want to protect yourself, is to smudge yourself. Take some sage, hopefully sage that’s been prepared by Indians, Native Americans, and smudge yourself, all around yourself, smudge your house, smudge wherever it is [where] you feel that you’re not totally safe.

I’d like to add, I just happened to read the Dion Fortune stuff, so it’s kind of coming up. I’m not always trying to push her in any way. It’s a very black and white. Either you like white magic or you don’t. But she proposes that when you have food in your stomach, no psychic attack can happen because your body is working, and it closes down any opportunity for outside influence. She says a lot of magicians will constantly eat small amounts of food in order to keep themselves unavailable for attack.

What about the ritual you guys went through, with the salt on the doorways and the entryways. Can you touch on that a little bit? Was that during the Ra contact?

Yes, we did that when we moved to Georgia in 1983 and again when we moved in here at Camelot in 1984. Then in 2003, when we had seven people in the house, some of them—not Gary, remarkably not Gary—but some of the other people in the house at one time or another were going through difficult times and being drama queens. After they all left and it was down to Gary and Jim and me, Jim and I redid the protection of the house. We just started over.

Do you know what he asking about? He was asking about if we used the ritual that Ra offered us for cleansing a new area. And what you do is, you use salt and then water to make a perimeter around the house across which no mortal error ever dares to set its foot, basically. You leave it there for three days and then sweep it away. And there are ritual sentences that you have for pouring the line of salt and then pouring the line of water, and then another ritual for sweeping the salt and the water away after it’s been worked.

You protect your entire house except for one door, so that you can get in and out, and then after you’ve protected the rest of the house, then you salt that one door, and you don’t use that door, and use only the other doors. So it’s sort of a two-step process. Again, I think it’s not only helpful in the unseen sense of actually working in the inner planes, but psychologically it gives you the feeling that you’ve done something. And I think that’s so helpful when you’re dealing with unseen forces and mysterious thoughts and visions and things that you can’t really nail down or do anything about quantitatively. When you are able to manifest something, I think it makes you feel so much more competent. You can handle this.

But of course, the biggest confidence of all is the sure and certain knowledge that is given to you by faith and faith alone, that all is well. I think that a couple of the most powerful prayers that I know are the word “Jesus,” which I use a lot because it’s so quick and so effective, and the words “All is well,” which I think Julian of Norwich first wrote. “All is well, and all will be well.”

That’s the essence of faith, to look at whatever disaster is staring you in the face, whether it’s pee and poop, or unseen monsters, or whatever level it’s on. You can have incredible numbers of levels of this. And just very calmly and with absolute surety say to yourself, “All is well, and all will be well.” It changes the vibrational dynamics of your inner atmosphere. It clears you up. It clears your energy body, and it enables you to move forward in a positive way.

Is it accurate to say that the negative entities exist? Can you starve them to death if you give them no food?

Well, what you do is, you love them to death. Jim and I specialized in that during the Ra contact. We’d send love and light to them all the time. And it just made them sick at their stomachs, and back off.

If everybody does that, they’d have no place to go.

Right. Indifference isn’t nearly as effective as positive love, because that’s like a rotten odor to them.

Well, does the same thing happen on the physical plane? Does someone like Hitler exist because people give him their energy? Is evil, what we colloquially call evil, really just our giving energy to those who are negatively oriented.

That’s right.

You know, evil is just part of our own doing.

Yes. Now, look at the way negative polarity works. They’re striving for graduation. They think they’re serving the Creator. They think they’re doing the best thing they possibly can with their lives by maximizing their power. And in doing that, they obviously need to control other people for their own good. Usually that’s in their thought patterns. And they’re not thinking of themselves as evil.

Hitler always thought of himself as doing the absolute best thing for the purity of his race. A lot of people in the South, both black and white, to this day say that the distance between the races should continue because that’s the way things are comfortable, and that’s the way things work. If people don’t understand the way things work and they want to stir up all this trouble, then it’s their fault because they don’t understand.

And look at the corporations. They cheat, they lie, they steal. Look at Enron. Look at Exxon. I’m not trying to say all of them do this, but the large ones seem to. They’re racking up these big profits and they’re saying that this is just business. They’re polarizing toward service to self. So as far as they’re concerned, they’re totally on the right track, and the rest of us are just suckers.

So you choose your polarity and then you go with the polarity you have chosen. And if you see somebody on the other path of polarity, then you recognize them, call them the loyal opposition, and go on. You don’t let that affect your own positive setting.

I’ve often dealt with the same question, dealing with psychic greeting from those on outer planes in higher densities. Those beings are bound by certain laws of physics. You give them love and they’re going to go away. But when you do that with a human being it may not work [inaudible] think Don had the best answer, that speaks directly to your question. He felt that just through our non-cooperation with the system and the practices of what we would call evil, this would cause them to atrophy and die away. And he went one step further and said that the point of non-cooperation was not for the individual to go away and leave you alone, but through non-cooperation with the system and through your own suffering, you could go as far as to convert the evil individual and redeem him through your own suffering, because he saw the divine light within everyone and felt that everyone had the potential to find the positive path.

Getting back to cutting the cords in any kind of situation where you feel that someone’s draining you, how does that work when it’s a family member and you feel there’s that negative draw on you at yellow ray or wherever you imagine it to be connected to you? You mentioned that’s a good way to cut the energy from being sucked out of you, but is that a permanent effect that takes place in a relationship? Or will they try to reestablish that attachment?

Well, of course they will. They want to reestablish that comfortable amount of ability that they have to make you feel distress. So you stay at the soul level with them, and you don’t get distressed.

Is doing that going to damage the relationship permanently?

No, I think that drawing boundaries is extremely healthy and improves relationships, myself. I don’t think that anybody needs to be a doormat.

I guess actually that’s literally like a visual barrier or boundary around yourself, in love, when a person without even knowing it’s negatively polarized tries to attach to you negatively.

It’s a very good thing, when you’re receiving anything—from a baby that won’t stop crying, to somebody that won’t stop nagging at you in your life, to whatever that situation is where family, friends, offer you this dreck—to close your hands, close your feet, and start asking for light to flow through you. Just start visualizing yourself as this glowing lighthouse that’s sending out unconditional love and light. And when you’re focusing on that positive visualization, you’re engaged in something that takes your attention away from this other silly stuff that’s going on. It looks pretty silly to you when you’re doing it from that point of view.

You have the power. You’ve taken the power. And you’re using your power to create the atmosphere that you want. You can charm somebody by that, eventually, and get them to soften up. They don’t know why, but it is because you’re loving them. And not in a way where you’re trying to change them. You’re loving them just as they are, sitting there riding on you, crying. You’re sending love into that situation, and it’s a very healing thing. But it starts and ends with you and your willingness to be a person that’s independent of these stimuli that are negative in nature, or having a negative effect on you.

I’ve done some cord cutting on the people I love and the people I want to have a relationship with, and the net damage has been that I don’t get triggered, which improves our relationship.

In the green ray, any connection would be what keeps you in love with that person. It’s the cords below that level that I’d imagine to be a problem, because that’s where those lower energies can affect you. Is that right?

Higher truth will prevail over the lower. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve won or anything. If you start loving people so that they’ll do what you want and go away, then you’re trying to control them, too. So that’s a fine line. You have to be very sincere and careful that you don’t do things for effect, because that won’t work.

  1. Q’uo, channeled through L/L Research on December 12, 2004. 

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  3. After a bout with bronchitis in 2007, Carla was left with otitis media in both ears. She has since had ear tubes implanted but as of April, 2008, is still having difficulty hearing.