Channeling Circle 2

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. Greetings in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this day.

We thank you for inviting us to your second practice session of this channeling intensive, as you call it. It is a privilege and a pleasure to come to join your meditation and share your sacred space. May we say what a beautiful thing it is to see the harmony of your blended auras as you create the sacred space for this session of working?

We thank you for seeking the truth and for setting aside the time not only to seek the truth as those who listen but also to seek the truth as those who serve by being channels for sources such as we. You are a blessing to us! You enable us to perform our service, which is to share our humble thoughts with you in hopes that we may create the opportunity for more people to become aware of our simple message.

That simple message is that at this time you have a choice between the ways of love and the ways of fear; between the life-giving radiance of pure love and the darkness of repression, control and service to self.

We cannot thank you enough for enabling us to offer this information through your channels. We shall attempt to work with each of you at this working. As always, we caution each to use discrimination when looking at our words, or any words for that matter. The authority within you is a far better authority than any outside source, no matter how seemingly exalted or spiritually high. You can only know the path of your own resonance, as this instrument likes to say.

Some of you have asked for stories and some of you have asked for information. We are simply those who would use all kinds of ways to help each of you to become aware of our contact. So at this time we shall indeed embark upon another story. That is the story of the beginning of this creation of which we and you are a part.

At the beginning of creation there was the allness of the One. In complete quiet, resting, that intelligent infinity that is the ground of being. Into this intelligent infinity came that first distortion of the Law of One, which is free will.

We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

I am Laitos and we are with this instrument now. We are speaking about love and light

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

We are once again with this instrument. We are those of Laitos. We thank the one known as R for moving forward in the attempt to receive our channel. It may not seem sometimes as though there was progress made, and all seems to be confusion. Yet we encourage the one known as R, and all of those within this circle, to take heart at each mark of courage, that ability to launch the self into the unknown and to attempt to pick up our words.

The first distortion of the Law of One, so called, which is free will, is a shining entity like the flame of what this instrument calls the Holy Spirit, or like the wind of spirit that goes where it wishes. No one can predict its path. It is this free will which touched the complete placidity of the intelligence infinity that is the nature of the Creator’s consciousness and suggested that It might, by creating a world, come to know Itself better.

And so it launched forth that one great original Thought which is unconditional love. In that thought lay the potentiality of all that was to come.

We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as G. We are those of Laitos.

(G channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. This instrument asks us where our thoughts are. We reply that his thoughts are our thoughts. We thank you for the contact.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We thank the one known as G for working with our contact and are greatly encouraged that the honesty and integrity of each is so careful and that the ability to perceive our contact continues to be more possible as practice is done.

Our thoughts indeed are with each, and yet are a part of all that is, so that they move from the infinite invisible into manifestation as we are able to touch the subtle springs of your own awareness in such a way to transfer information. We would continue with our thoughts about the creation of the universe, for truly it is a magnificent story.

The one great original Thought is unconditional love; love without any hindrance or boundary; love that embraces and includes all that there is. This love is both fertile and creative and at the same time has the capacity to destroy, so that all that arises and all that sinks into nothingness is alike a part of unconditional love.

This unconditional love in its fruitful and fertile state created the third distortion of the Law of One, which is light.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as N. We are those of Laitos.

(N channeling)


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We thank the one known as N for working with our vibration and believe that as the practices continue, the vibration of our contact will be more and more easily found, not only for the one known as N but for those within this group.

Light, my friends, is an entity of infinite joy and effulgence, full of the love of the one Creator; full of that fertilized and fructifying 1 energy that moves toward manifestation. And in its turn this light has spun out of itself the vast array of time and space; all of the planets in their courses around all of the billions and billions of suns in the billions of galaxies of your infinite Creator.

Is it not amazing, my friends, to ponder the infinite riches of this distortion of the Law of one which is L? For it is endless in its creativity and to its children, the suns, the planets and yourselves, it gives co-creativity, so that each of you is a creator in your own universe.

We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as M. We are those of Laitos.

(M channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We desire for you to understand the impetus which caused the Creator to decide upon self-expansion. In order to understand this concept we give to this instrument two separate distinct images. The first is of children playing on a summer day. Laughter abounds. There is serenity, no worries and pure bliss.

The other image is of a simple tree, growing in an orchard with no other trees around it. The Creator, feeling the desire for self-expansion, insisted on something occurring. But without the struggles and linear growth, as that of a tree in an orchard, It would gain no self-awareness or understanding.

We would now transfer our contact to the one known as G.

(G channeling)

I am Laitos. We have been speaking of the history of creation and certain elements of creation have been identified. One element of creation that has been identified was that of love. Another element that was identified as part of creation was light. Another element that has been identified is the element of sound. So three of these elements of which we know, love, light and sound, have created universes over what would be considered to be eons of your time.

Certain globules of material that was not solid eventually amassed into solid forms. Others did not. Certain energetic patterns of attraction were set up which became planetary systems, as you would call them in your language. Eventually certain energies coalesced into forms which contained consciousness. These consciousness forms evolved over many, many of what you have called eons. Eventually there were consciousness forms that developed which had physical bodies. Other forms became what we would consider to be, in your terms, members of the animal kingdom.

I now transfer this communication to L1.

(L1 channeling)

We are Laitos. In that swirling of sound like vibrations, universes were created along with other beings, all extensions of the one Creator. Sounds were able to create different levels. Some were energy forms. Others had more dense forms. These in turn formed other forms, light. On a fourth-density planet each of us is given the opportunity to create new forms, sometimes physical forms, such as children, sometimes animal forms, such as dogs. These in turn shape new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.

These forms created more and more variety of the One, and so there is continual expansion of knowledge, experience and joy. We now pass this contact on to the one called L2.

(L2 channeling)

We are those of [inaudible]

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We keep interrupting our story of the universe because of wishing to compliment and encourage each for their very solid and substantial work in opening their channels to our humble thoughts.

The group of children playing are children of love. The planets are children of the suns and each of you is a child of your planet, being co-creator and ready to produce children of your own thoughts. And yet the plight or the situation of each entity who seeks is indeed like the lone tree who must grow from its own roots and reach toward heaven with its own leafy hands. The other trees cannot grow for that tree but must leave each to its own growth and to its own pursuit of the truth and of consciousness in its most elemental form of unconditional love.

And so each has come through eons and eons of time and space; through experiences of being light, of being sound and of being the elements, plants and animals. Each has those parts of memory that lie beyond the veil within its deepest consciousness; the awareness of all the universe. And yet now, at this very precious moment, each of you has chosen this sun, this planet, and this incarnation to be alive and to seek.

And what shall each seek, my friend. We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as T. We are those of Laitos.

(T channeling)

We are Laitos. The one known as T is sure that this contact is made; that the sensations in his body are of our doing. And the question has been asked, “What do we seek?”

We seek beyond that which we see before us. We seek always beyond the veil. We seek always beyond ourselves, at whatever level. We seek divine truth. We seek that which is our essence. We seek that which is the Creator, which is, in turn, ourselves.

Our evolution, our movement through time and space, as has been said so many times, is no journey, but yet at the same time it is the greatest of all journeys. We move through this creation. But infinity is beyond all understanding. F foreverness and eternity are beyond all understanding. We give thanks to the One for this most beautiful experience that is most simply called life, and that we don’t even understand. We are Laitos. We transfer this contact to the one known as S.

(S channeling)

We are Laitos. In a moment of time there is also the possibility of reaching for another mode of opportunity and light. Following the heart, inside the mind will come new thoughts and understanding and living a life in greater service with the Creator. We now pass this contact to the one known as L.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. This instrument is being shown a picture of a squash and the concept of heart. The squash is representative of the heart. Inside the heart are the seeds of all of us. The heart is the Creator. The heart pumps and the seeds spread across the land. Each one with its own free will may grow as it pleases.

This instrument is having difficulty understanding the concepts that are given. We are still working with her. We would like to pass this contact on to the one known as C. We are those of Laitos.

(C channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are with this instrument now. Love lies at the heart of all things, all elements of life, of light, of sound. All of the senses have taken eons to create and to culminate. This is the beauty and the intensity of this creation. For it is difficult to show a tree that it is a tree. It is difficult to show a child that it is a child. It is difficult for us to show you that you are the Creator and that you are all things, all together. We see the beauty of the Creation at all levels.

You are awakening to know the deity in your hearts. We see this planet with great joy. We wish to share the joy that we have been given of this knowledge at this time. We will transfer our contact to the one known as D. We are those of Laitos

[Side one of tape ends.]

(D channeling)


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We would thank the one known as D for receiving our contact and again, we assure not only D but all of those within this circle that in this, as in many endeavors, practice is very helpful. Repetition is very reassuring, as the channel that you have begun to open can then become more refined in its opening each time that the effort is made.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known as Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

We are those known as Laitos and are with this instrument. The great work of the one Creator is the work that each of you shares; that is, to know the self, to know the Creator and to know the Creation. All is contained within each portion of your being, and your being is all that there is. These seem like simple truths, yet no more profound statements can ever be made. Your science may explore into the most diverse and obscure regions of any portion of the creation and discover the most amazing truths, laws, theorems and applications of such. And yet at the basis of all such discoveries is the simple truth that all is one; that we all exist in one creation and we are all portions of one Creator. Through each experience does the Creator know Itself and through each experience you know yourself as the Creator. Thus the great work goes onward into infinity, from infinity, in all directions, at all times and in all places.

We thank each for being a part of this circle of seeking and working this day. We are most grateful to each for allowing us to speak through each instrument. It is a great honor. We cannot thank you enough for offering yourselves for this service. At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. It is with joy that we open this session to any queries that you may have at this time. Does anyone have a query for us at this time?

What was the concept of the squash. What were you trying to convey?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, my sister, you had the concept that we were attempting to offer. The concept of the squash with the seeds inside is, as you said in your channeling the case for all hearts that are open to the fertilizing influence of the one Creator. You are all parts of the true vine 2, that vine which is of the Creator. As this instrument has learned from her childhood’s spiritual teachings, that true vine is the vine of unconditional love or Christ-Consciousness.

And so each of you, in the ripening and harvesting of your own thoughts, can only, through the process of ripening and harvesting and the drying of the fruit, become able to shake the seeds out, that the seeds may then be spread, thought by thought, as you go through your incarnation, offering your thoughts and feelings to those with whom you may have congress and interaction.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my sister. May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Laitos.

Laitos, I have one. When attempting to channel, my thinking was that I would break the inertia, and as Carla says, put my ass over the line and speak the initial words From there I was hoping to sense the contact and speak what were your words. I did not. Can you tell me what the status of my channel was or what particular blocks I had to receiving your contact?

We are those of Laitos and believe we understand your query my brother. You, in common with every channel in this circle and every human upon your planet has a characteristic restlessness of spirit, a characteristic tendency to flit upon the top of the waves of seeking. The activity that you experience is excellent and of good character. However, that which may perhaps be lacking is that end to restlessness which abides in the One. This abiding is the result of coming to believe with utter confidence in the self, so that there is no longer expectation, impatience or restlessness but only the waiting for the next seed of thought from the one infinite Creator.

The challenge for each who seeks to pick up these voices such as we are, is that of laying down expectation, thought, and all human processes so that the configuration of mind which you enjoy is entirely that of the slate waiting to be filled with writing.

It is a matter of practice, my brother, for each to be able to come through the maze of one’s characteristic distortions, such as restlessness, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness and the fear of mistaking our thoughts, in order to proceed quite naturally with the automatic and instantaneous expression of that thought which comes into the mind. That is the characteristic skill of channeling; that ability to enter into the speaking of the thought that is given, the image that is given, or whatever you sense is given.

That being said, my brother, it is entirely well that, perceiving nothing, you did not offer anything. That speaks very well of your integrity and your dedication to creating of yourself not simply one who can mimic the part of a channel but one who truly has become an open channel for the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

Always remember that the vocal channeling of our thoughts is a special case of a more general situation. In that special case, you are offering our thoughts, seeking wisdom or inspiration from energies which await beyond the veil, beyond the gateway of intelligent infinity. Nevertheless, in all that you do and say you are already being a channel for love and for light, as you become aware that it is possible for a human being such as yourself to seek the light, to see the light, to serve the light and to share and radiate the light.

May we ask if there is another query at this time or if the one known as G would wish to follow up? We are those of Laitos

No, the one known as G would wish to go get the soup ready. That is all.


Thank you, Laitos.

I have a question of Laitos.

We are those of Laitos and invite your query, my sister.

I’d like to know how you experience us in this channeling circle. Can you see us in physical form or simply in energetic form? And the second part of that question is, are you simply energy or are you currently in an incarnation, within our Logos or without?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister. Firstly, we see each of you as your energy bodies, and more specifically as the readout, shall we say, of your violet ray. That is your identification to us, and that identification is as clear and unmistakable as a physical fingerprint or footprint. Your energy body is your fingerprint, shall we say, in the metaphysical world. Your vibratory rates combine to create one complex vibration that is unmistakably and unutterably unique as you.

As to our situation, my sister, we are those of fourth density and have a physical body which is far lighter and not chemically oriented as is yours. Yet it remains a physical body which we may clothe as we wish, as far as how we look and how our bodies are shaped and so forth. In terms of connecting with you, however, we exist in thought form alone. We have placed our social memory complex’s form within the inner planes of your planetary nexus of inner and outer manifestations, chakras, densities and so forth.

We are in the fourth-density sub-density within the inner planes of your Planet Earth. There are endless sub-densities within the inner planes, in which reside those who are discarnate yet part of your planetary population, and also those who come from elsewhere and wish to serve those of your people.

May we ask if there is a further query, my sister, as you follow up on this concept?

Not at this time, thank you.

I have a query. What spiritual principle would be helpful for me in becoming a clearer channel?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister. The spiritual principle which applies in attempting to become a clearer channel is that principle which may be seen to be quietness or confidence, that realization or assumption that all is well.

There is always the temptation to reach for what you feel is needed in life, whether it is on the physical level or the metaphysical level. And there is certainly much appropriateness to this reaching. For is it not the function of desire and will to reach?

Yet in terms of channeling and in terms of spiritual work in general, it is far better to form the intention, hone the desire, firm the will, and then release all thought of what you as a human being feel would be the way to realize this will with desire, and instead offer to the one infinite Creator all that you are and all that you have. In quietness and confidence know that the consciousness that is at the heart of you knows all that there is to know, has all that it needs to have. It is capable, as you relax and embrace the present moment, of moving into that present moment to express, with the utmost of clarity, that which is able to come through you without coloration because you have relaxed, you have embraced the moment, and you have opened to that which is instantaneously and spontaneously coming through your channel at that time.

There is no need to reach or grasp in the house of the Father. There is no need to hold or conserve in the work of the one infinite Creator. Love is always infinite and fully available.

Is there, at this time, a final query for this instrument? We are those of Laitos.

I have a query. Does Laitos hope for or try to convey more detail in the concepts that were given during the channel about the tree and the children.

We are those of Laitos, my brother, and are aware of your query. Indeed, had there been the possibility of moving forward with these images, the hope of our group would have been to develop each of these images in a way which would feed into the flow of the channeled message. Through this instrument, at a point later in the session, the imagines were indeed picked up again and developed, perhaps not as you, with your precise personality and tuning, would have developed them but in a way which was equally compatible with the development of this particular offering of thoughts through you to the world.

There is, however, much to be said in praise for your ability to receive these images and to work with them as you were given the energy and the light to do. We assure you, my brother, that as you repeat these exercises, these various details and transient phenomena of the channeling process shall become more smooth and less utterly confounding. We congratulate each in this circle for moving forward so well, so quickly. Even those who have not been able to channel our thoughts very well, in their own opinion, are moving forward very well in terms of their own natural rate of development.

As always, we would remind each that there is not a common speed of development in this or in any other art, but each entity shall develop perfectly according to his own time-line.

We would at this time leave this instrument and this group, thanking each for the delight of working with you and looking forward, as we see you all intend to do, of speaking through you and with you at a later time.

We are those known to you as Laitos. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. fructifying: bearing fruit; making productive. 

  2. Holy Bible: John 15:1-5: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine, no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”