Channeling Circle 3

(Carla channeling)

We greet you with a great joy in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We of Laitos are most pleased to be called to your circle of seeking and to work with each of you who desires to become a more open channel for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

As we move around the circle to each of you, we shall attempt to make our conditioning vibration apparent to each of you. Although we realize that each has some concerns or apprehensions about being able to develop as an instrument, we do assure each of you that, as this instrument has often said, each of you has the innate ability to receive our thoughts. It is far more a matter of how long it takes each entity to develop this ability to receive and to transmit our thoughts than any question of it being impossible.

When we work with the newer channels, it is our tendency to move into the realm of storytelling, for we find that the exercise of telling a story has more of the ability to feel comfortable to the newer channels and not to present the difficulties that might arise if there was simply a discussion of a point of our philosophy, which you may have heard many times before.

With storytelling, on the other hand, each story is a new one. So there is more of a feeling of confidence that can be created as the channel is passed from person to person, in that the content of the story is not known beforehand. Therefore, it will be fresh and new to the channel, thus giving the channel far less of a reason to doubt himself or herself.

As always, we would say that if there is any thought which we offer in this channeling circle that troubles any of you, we would ask you to leave it behind without a second thought. For we appreciate your right to complete free will and would not wish to trespass upon that.

We give this instrument the picture of a land of heavenly light. The dark clouds come up and obscure the light. It is as if a great cloud had passed over the sun and for the first time, darkness descended upon this land. The inhabitants of the land, being farmers and humble people, could not comprehend this darkness, as theirs had been a land of perpetual daylight. They wondered to themselves whether this was the end of the world; whether they might now be facing their extinction.

In due time, perhaps not more than an hour or two, the cloud passed. The lightness came back in full splendor. And yet the people were deeply concerned and puzzled. What had happened? What was this thing called darkness? As one, they turned to the wisest among them whom, everyone called Father, and they said, “Father, what is the meaning of darkness?”

We would now transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos. The darkness fell on the land…


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We thank the one known as R for the pleasure of working with his instrument.

We continue with our story. The one known as Father smiled upon his people and said, “I have heard in The Book of the Ages of a time when darkness was as normal as light, when they had not simply a resting time, but a night time. Every time there was daylight, then there followed a period of night when there was no light except that which was reflected from what they called their moon.”

One of the villagers said, “Then, Father, what is the meaning of the night for us?”

This time we would transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are those of Laitos.

(S channeling)

We are those of Laitos and we are with this instrument.

Father was silent for a moment and then spoke with gravity and said, “Just as the silence has preceded these words I speak to you now, so the darkness precedes the light. It is only when we are in the light that we understand that there is darkness too. The darkness comes to us that we have not had for many, many lifetimes now. And we have grown so exclusively used to the light that we have come to forget even that there is something called the dark.

Yet it is not that the darkness is wrong. It is simply that we have been experiencing a very, very long period of light which we may now call day. It is likely that we will have future experiences again of the dark. It is not for us to be afraid, but to regard this as an opportunity.“

We will now pass this…

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. Among the people surrounding the Father and asking questions of this phenomenon was a young maiden whose memory became stirred by the discussion of the cycle of light and darkness. She seemed to remember something akin to a dream, but which seemed at the same time to be a distant reality, of floating in what is the form of a nebulous cloud, far removed from her beloved planet and far larger and greater than her present form, where she was pulled and tugged by the descent of darkness into a realm which she did not know.

Yet there was a strong response to this dark calling, which somehow enabled her to travel in consciousness; indeed, more than consciousness, to that place of darkness. Meanwhile she remained in the heavenly realms. The calling and the activity of that place of darkness became a focus of interest in her realm of light. There became a manifestation of a different reality which took on a life of its own, as if it was now living in two places at once.

There was a connection to the light from this dark place of the planet which experienced cycles. All the while there was a connection, a beam of light of consciousness, of spirit of the larger entity to that smaller one.

And as the Father spoke of these cycles of light and dark, and as the memory banks were stirred in the young maiden, she began to become aware of the new matter of this connection and this larger being.

We now pass this contact to the one known as J. We are those of Laitos.

(J channeling)

We are those known to you as those of Laitos. The young maiden, remembering her experiences among the clouds and her feeling of being drawn to this sphere of darkness, remembered her experiences on the plane of darkness. She realized that through her experience of these dark planes, she had something to teach those who were in attendance now. So she gathered the courage to speak of her experiences so that she could calm the fears of those who were fearful amongst the group that was gathered about her.

She recalled that when she was in that place and that time, the darkness had called to her to come into a fuller realization, into a fuller embodiment. She remembered the time that she spent upon this dark planet and the experiences that she had there, when she realized that she was part of the light and that she was on the planet to bring that lightness to the world. So she spoke of her experiences on that world.

We are those of Laitos and we pass this connection on to the one known as M. We are those of Laitos.

(M channeling)

We are those of Laitos. She explained to the crowd in another way the meaning and bent over to a beautiful flower. She picked it as she stood in the crowd. A frightful insect was clicking its grumbling song in the center of this beautiful flower, which was composed of red, yellow and rose, the lower chakra colors.

And everyone was focused on this insect which they had not expected to be in the beautiful flower. And the flower began to engulf the insect. The insect got swallowed up and engulfed in the flower. The flower closed up. Then it was as if a new bud and insect had opened up and spread again in all of its beauty and glory. And the maiden said, “Just as the flower has engulfed the insect that you started to fear, the darkness is part of us, but our light is greater and we can engulf the darkness with our light/love and our love/light and become closer to the Creator.

We pass this contact on…


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are with this instrument. We greet each again in love and in light.

So as the maiden shared her flowers, there came to Father’s face a smile. “Dear ones,” he said, “by your preference and long-standing excellence, you earned for yourselves the right to experience unending light, everlasting sunshine and eternal day. You were offered this because you wished it. Yet, it is so that during this generation’s long day, you have not moved forward. You have remained upon a happy plateau. The seeds of darkness slept within your group until the light called to the darkness and the darkness cleaved unto the light.

The energies of creativity and growth seem as though they would grow far better in sunlight than in the nighttime. And yet, it is the darkness of soil that offers fertilizer and deep, sweet food to the seeds that burst forth into the daylight. It is in the darkness of your own hearts, interior, shadowed and private, that you experience the depths of emotion and choose to seek the one infinite Creator. And while the daylight has been a blessing, perhaps, my children, you shall begin to hunger for the darkness as well.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are having difficulty with this instrument.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We thank the one known as R for moving ahead with the contact and speaking our identity. We assure the one known as R that with repetition, the sensations which block full awareness of our concepts shall become less and less. We thank the one known as R for offering himself to our service. We would transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are known to you as Laitos.

(S channeling)

We are Laitos and are here with this instrument.

The maiden reflected on these things that she has been told and that more importantly, had began to dawn on her as if they were memories from times of old And as she reflected, a change began to come over her countenance. The innocence of youth seemed to acquire a new aspect and she began to seem older and wiser—in this capacity even as old and as wise as old Father himself. Then she proposed to those who had gathered around that the time had come for a great adventure.

Taking the flower she had in her hand, she strewed the petals, which were caught up by a gust of wind and seemed to multiply and form into an image of a great ship. The lower part of this ship was made of the roots which had belonged to the flower. She invited all of those who would come to enter into the ship, which would carry them into a land where once again light and darkness could be experienced together.

We pass this contact to the one known as L.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are now with this instrument.

The ship that was formed was a ship of consciousness. And as the maiden and the others who were ready for the adventure entered the ship, they entered with an awareness and with a new respect for the cycle of light and dark and with the new intention to use and master the darkness and, at the same time, consciously to use and to master the light.

As they moved forward with this intention, they called to themselves a greater awareness of the various powers that they incorporated in order to blend both darkness and light into catalyst for their greater growth and glory and also for their beloved planet.

We now transfer this contact to J. We are those of Laitos.

(J channeling)

We are those known as Laitos. The young maiden, feeling emboldened by her understanding of times past from the deep crevices of her being, began to speak to those who had accompanied her in this great metaphorical ship about a journey into the past or into the alternate realities that had the light and the dark.

She remembered that when she was floating among the clouds that she so loved the light! And yet, the dark was different and so she was curious about it. So she came to understand that which she wished to communicate to those that were with her. And this was that there was nothing to fear. Because there was some fear among the group to begin with. She wished to show them that the light, even though it was most powerful and glorious, had its opposite, which was as glorious and powerful. And there was nothing to fear.

She said, “Just remember that there is new information, new experience, new learning coming in this contrast of light and dark.” She saw this new occurrence in the experience of those of her world as an opportunity to appreciate the contrast, to appreciate the light for what it was. They had lost that in that long period of being only in the light, so in this contrast then they could come to appreciate the light more. They could come to appreciate what it was they had in the light alone through the contrast of the darkness that was now upon them.

With the promise that the darkness would return, there was some anticipation of that which they might experience in this darkness. With her experience and her reassurance, then the group began to understand that there were new possibilities awaiting for them in this darkness from whence it would come. And some grew eager at the opportunity to experience the darkness once again.

So it was then with that the maiden became much more deeply grounded in her being and her wisdom began to flow. Her confidence and understanding flowed through her effortlessly, and much joy came to her countenance as she was able to relate and to experience these changes once again.

We now pass this contact on to the one known as M. We are those who answer as Laitos.

(M channeling)

We are those known as Laitos. The community to which the maiden belonged anticipated the fear of the darkness, almost looking forward to it, as if it was another opportunity. The understanding of the young maiden and old Father had helped them. But the anticipation was still tempered with the fear that they would be gripped by the darkness. And they asked the young maiden, “What should we do if the darkness is too great?” Their fear was that the darkness was too much and that the ending would come with the darkness again.

The young maiden said, “There is both the darkness and the light. And what was light becomes darkness, and then light again. You start out with the darkness and the dark clouds, but you can always look above them.” And she pointed to the distant horizon.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(M channeling)

And she said, “See. Look at those clouds coming. It is okay. Accept your fear, but love your fear and look above it. Look above it. You can always look above the clouds. You can always look upward towards the light. Look above the clouds.”

And everyone did. And above the clouds was a beautiful, tall castle that grew so high up in the sky that they couldn’t see the top of it. This uplifted the community. And with that experience they understood that experiencing fear and darkness helps you climb higher, to heights you wouldn’t have been able to scale without the dark clouds. You would never have thought to look higher.

We now pass this contact on.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and we are again with this instrument.

The maiden gazed with understanding into the eyes of Father. Father nodded an affirmation to her. He held out his hand and she took it. And together they began to ascend the steps of the castle. As she went, she wrapped the petals of her ship about her, gleaming petals of light. As he followed her, hand-in-hand, he wrapped himself in the roots that signified darkness and fertility and growth. And together they danced to the light through the darkness, to the very peak of the castle.

And at the end of their dance, the darkness that lay between the land and the peak of the castle wrapped itself about the light as a lover. And the light in turn wrapped itself about the darkness in response. And in a great swirl of light and dark, those in the heavenly land of light were brought back to where they had begun.

And as the dance of light and dark was done, the maiden and Father said, “Now, would you choose eternal day? Or shall you choose that which seems fearful, but brings growth?” And with boldness, one by one, the farmers of that village chose growth.

Indeed, my friends, there are many times when growth seems to be undesirable. For it moves one from the land of peace, from the garden of Eden, into a dark and troubled time. Yet it is only in the dance of light and dark that the spirit may continue its journey back to the original source of all things. Blessed is each of you who has chosen the way of growth.

We are those of Laitos and are most thankful to have been able to work with each of you this day. We are aware that this is a new experience for some and that the images that we offer sometimes seem illogical or fanciful. We thank each for trusting that which is given and for working with those concepts that are often so difficult to translate into everyday words.

At this time we would leave this instrument and this group, thanking each for the joy of collaboration and for the beauty of your company. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Laitos. Adonai. Adonai.