Making a Workroom

We’re going to talk about making a workroom in this period. This is an exercise in visualization. You’re not making a physical workroom. It has nothing to do with the physical whatsoever. What it has to do with is creating an environment in which your spirit can feel safe and do its work.

There are a couple of elements to it. First of all, if you’re going to make a workroom, you may assume you have a Gatekeeper. I call my Gatekeeper Mrs. Gatekeeper. I visualize her as the lady that was the wife of the headmaster at a military school that a boyfriend of mine attended. This turned out to be my favorite place in the world when I went to see it. It was an old, southern-style military school on the Kentucky River. The banks of the Kentucky were more like a creek than a river there. The river was beautiful, silver. The light on the river shone through the trees. The school building was very large but it was like a home because of the fact that it had a veranda all the way around it with rocking chairs. There was just a wonderful atmosphere to the place. The women had made the whole school her home.

They didn’t have much money. So she had taken squares of carpet from donations. She knew somebody in town that sold carpets and they had carpet samples. When the sample books were replenished, then they gave her the old carpet samples. She took these squares of carpet and she sewed them on the ends so that it made a lattice pattern. All the halls had these rugs and they made everything so homey.

So I chose her to be my Gatekeeper, or to be how I visualize my Gatekeeper. How you choose your Gatekeeper will be very much up to you. You can choose your favorite place and then, as your Gatekeeper, visualize somebody that has to do with that place. Or you can just visualize one of your favorite characters. Get Archangel Michael to be your Gatekeeper, or your Aunt Matilda. You can do whatever you want with that. But a Gatekeeper is a fixture and it’s a necessary part of making a safe place for yourself.

I did not make up this technique from nothing. I knew a fellow named Lawrence Allison who had taken Silva Mind Control classes down in Texas. He thought that they were really good lessons. And so, back when Eftspan, which was the forerunner to L/L Research, was the active group that was meditating at our house back in the late ’70s, he offered to teach the whole group, which was large at that time, what he had learned, going by his class notes from the Silva Mind Control course.

One of the techniques that I learned was the creating of a workroom for yourself. When you did your spiritual work, you went to your workroom to do it. The secret to this is simply to choose your favorite place, and then to spend some time working to rearrange it.

If your favorite place doesn’t have a building on it, for instance if your favorite place is a certain stretch of seashore somewhere and there’s no building on it, then you have to take the time to build your building.

If there is an existing building, like there was for me, then you have to visualize where your workroom will be within that building. I envisioned that once I walked into the main door of this school building, then I made a door off to the right that was my workroom. So I was melding the physical facts and my metaphysical visualization so that I could physically visualize myself walking into the room and closing the door.

Then you need to furnish your workroom. I love oriental carpets, and so I furnished my place with an oriental carpet and a nice office workspace where I had my computer. Of course back when I did this visualization at first I was using a typewriter. That ages me and lets you know just how long ago this was that I first did this! But I’ve used it ever since and I have replaced the typewriter with a computer now. And I put files in my office and I told myself that all the information that I needed for my magical work was in those files and all I needed to do was ask for it and it would come to me.

I put in indirect lighting, the kind I really like, underneath the cabinets that stored all my things and I had a pretty decorative light at the top in my office space. And then I hung sheer half-curtains at the windows. I decorated the place the way I liked it and made it a place that was full of my love.

And then I created a further room with three steps up to it. The three steps are subjectively meaningful to me—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And then at the top of those steps I created a place where there were three recliners, naturally because I get comfort from putting my feet up, so of course my magical room would have to have recliners in it, not just for me but for the aspects of my guidance, so they would be comfortable too. I created nice, white recliners, three in a row, where we could hold hands across the recliners. And then I created a screen and I could light up that screen and then I would be able to do my visualizations on it. When I call Q’uo, I see their answer, “We are Q’uo,” on the screen, you know, and I say, “I challenge you in the name of Jesus the Christ. Can you say that Jesus is Lord?” and I see on the screen, “Yes, my child. Jesus is Lord”. So, I use the screen that way.

When you’re all settled, let me know. We’ll all close our eyes and I’ll start guiding you through the various aspects of this visualization. I’m going to ask at various times for you to put your hand up when you’re done. I’ll ask you to put your hand up if you’re done because I don’t want to leave anybody behind.

Our first visualization is going to be picking your favorite place in this world, the place you feel safest, the place you feel you can do your spiritual work, the place that you most want to go.


OK, who’s done? Who’s got a place? Okay, that’s everybody. All right.

Now we’re going to take this place and we’re going to furnish it for the work. First of all, consider whether or not you want an office, then whether or not you want to put lighting in, a bathroom, rugs. Think of what information you might need, what books, what equipment.


If you have furnished your anteroom or your office, put your hand up. Okay, a couple of us are still working. When you’re done, put up your hand. OK, we’ve got it now. All right

The next thing that we’re going to do is to decide how we want to set apart the little room in which we will do our actual magical visualizations, whether they be channeling, healing or invoking faith as we work to dwell more fully in the pure radiance of being. Whether it be steps up or whether it be another door, you’re going to create a room in which there are two doors on the far wall, one on the left and one on the right. In between those two doors, there’s going to be a screen. And around the screen there will be a row of lights, like theater marquee lighting, so that you can light up your screen and turn it off. Really visualize this carefully. What kind of wood is it on the doors? What color are the walls? If you have chairs, what color are the chairs? Make it a real room, a room you will really like to be in, a room that feels good to you.


Okay, who’s done? All right! You guys are quick! Now while you’re still in that room, before we go on to finding our Gatekeepers, I want you to flick on the lights around your screen a couple of times. Flick them on mentally, then flick them back off. You always flick them on with your mind, not with a wall switch. Make sure that they’re working properly.


Okay. Now we’re going to rest here for a minute. We’re going to think about who you would like to visualize for your Gatekeeper. To begin that process, as you are sitting there in your chair, looking at the screen, say to yourself or visualize on the screen, “Thank you, Spirit, for sending me a Gatekeeper to keep me safe and watch my back. May I now choose a person that I can visualize as the Gatekeeper?” If you’ve got somebody in mind, just visualize that familiar face or the energy of that beloved spirit. If you don’t have someone in mind, ask the screen, “Dear spirit, send me a Gatekeeper.” And then see what you see on the screen right after you ask that.


Okay, who does not have a Gatekeeper? No one! All right, we’re right there. Good. I want you to take a little while and introduce yourself to your Gatekeeper. Thank your Gatekeeper and tell her how much you appreciate her or him, how much you appreciate the help and how you hope that you will always be able to talk to this Gatekeeper and to gain the clearest possible impressions when you ask questions, such as, “Do I have any psychic greeting with which I need to deal before I go into this magical work?” Just make your first contact with this Gatekeeper.

It helps sometimes to envision hugging the Gatekeeper and really feeling intimately close to this entity and spirit that is going to help you so much.


Is there anybody that is not finished with that conversation? All right. Now, as you sit there in your chair, in your workroom, you realize that the entry into this environment is a question of some. “How do I do that? After I count down or finish my tuning and I dive down into the roots of my mind, as low as I can go, as deeply as I can go, what signal am I going to get that I’m there, that I’m ready to step into my favorite place, climb the steps or whatever to my workroom and greet the Gatekeeper?

In my case it was easy because I had the Kentucky River, and from high, you would see it as a silver ribbon winding through the trees. So, I go down, down, down until I see a streak of silver and then I know that I am as low as I can go, and almost immediately I am on the porch greeting Mrs. Gatekeeper.

So, pick some identifiable characteristic of the outside of your workplace so that when you come to that point in your visualization of tuning, you know you’re there.

Carla, are we supposed to be crossing a boundary or going deeper?

We are supposed to be going deeper. We go down into the roots of mind. It’s in the roots of mind that this workroom is taking shape. So, imagine that you’ve dived. Remember, I said that I count down to zero and than I dive, right? Well, I’m diving into my own mind. I’m diving deeply. I don’t want to go so deep that I go into trance. I have set that limit for myself, that I don’t want to go into trance.

And when I’ve gotten as deep as I can go and still be conscious and stable, then I see this silver streak of the Kentucky River. You might see smoke coming from your chimney. You might see the color of your door. You might see water that’s near your place. You might see your favorite tree. If you see a flash of green then you know you’re there. Just set that signal for yourself now.


Do we all have our signals, so we know when we’re there? Anybody that doesn’t please raise his hand. All right.

The work of this particular work period is done. If you want to say goodbye to your workplace before you leave it, I wouldn’t blame you—you just created your favorite place in the whole world.


Will we be able to come back and redecorate?

Yes, any time that you want to do so. I sometimes have done that, before I do a session. I’m tuning up and I go into my workplace and I go, “I want to change that lamp,” and I’ll do that. You can do that. It’s your place. You can redecorate at any point.

Can we talk about the mechanics behind this a little bit too, real quick? I tried visualizing but I got hung up on a few things that were being said because it felt as though, when we were building the picture, I was having to make new additions to the place and all of a sudden blowing out walls and adding in this intermediary spot before I got to my main spot.

Yeah, I didn’t plan right for the doors. It was with the left and right door. I didn’t know how to deal with that.

Well, we’ll be working with those doors in the next work period. The doors, on either side of the screen, are ways to formalize your envisioning the manifestation of the male and the female aspects of your guidance.

Oh, so they come through that?

They come through the doors. And so you want to make the doors when you make your workroom because they will be coming through. I didn’t want to go into that yet. We’re going to spend the whole next work period meeting our guides.

The place where you have your screen and your doors and your Gatekeeper, is it mandatory that it have walls?

It’s not mandatory. If the visualization works for you, any way that you can visualize them coming into your workroom and sitting beside you and working together with you on the screen is OK.

Could beings come in that you don’t want, if you don’t have those metaphysical walls on your workroom?

No, we’ve already created this safe place and put a Gatekeeper at the gate, so nothing can come in. L?

Well, visualization is not my thing.

I had a tough time with it too at first. It will grow on you if you work with it.

Yes, I have tried, in fact. I did get the room. And then when you said to go deeper, everything disappeared and I was just left with a blank screen with lights and I couldn’t bring back any content.

Well, then what’s going to have to happen for you, on your own, is you’re going to have to rebuild that, without intrusion from me. Apparently I needed to give you more information before you began visualizing, I needed to give you the whole thing and I didn’t. I gave you parts of it, the anteroom and office and then the workroom.

So, at your leisure, sometime this evening perhaps, just sit down quietly by yourself and go through this exercise again. And that way I won’t be disturbing you with extra words and you can build the place you want to build and have it be real. It’s only real, you see, in your mind. Nobody else will ever see this place. But as you use it, it becomes a very beloved place, so it’s really worth taking time to build exactly the space you want for your work.

I have a question. I was going through all that building really fast. So let me run through the steps and then correct me if I got something wrong.

All right. That probably will help L also.

You go down the steps and then you dive into the roots of your mind and you’re looking for some visual signal that you have arrived at your place of working. Then you arrive and before you enter the place there is a Gatekeeper. Then you enter your place of working and it is furnished as you wish it to be. There is a place to sit. In front of it, or somewhere in your view, is a screen and there are also a pair of doors on either side of the screen.

That’s correct.

Are you in the first person or the second person? I keep picturing myself looking at me in the chair and it’s really hard for me to put myself in the body that’s supposed to be in the chair in the room, well in my chair, in my room. I’m looking at the room from the outside and when I’m constructing it I notice that it’s being constructed but I see the whole thing, not my hands doing it.

You see that little avatar in there that’s you, instead of you.

Exactly and I want that to be me. But it’s hard for me to put my consciousness into that body in that room.

Well, there’s nobody in the room yet, you’re just making the room. You will go in there, in your mental body, when you’re doing a working, when you have landed, and you’re all tuned up. You see the Gatekeeper and you say “Gatekeeper, is there anything I need to know, do I have any psychic greeting that I need to take care of? Am I good to go?” My Gatekeeper will often tell me, “Yeah you’ve got a cling-on, you’re going to have to do that prayer of Dion Fortune’s—“I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and I draw around myself a circle in the name of Jesus the Christ. Across this circle no mortal error dares to set its foot.” Then I clap. I say, “Is it gone now” and she says, “Yes.” Usually you can feel the energy, the difference.

The most I’ve ever had to do with a cling-on was one time when I was in England. I was in the home of a woman who had a very strong-willed child who comes as close to being a bad seed as any human being I’ve ever met. And he hated my guts. He was very jealous of me and wanted me to go away because I was taking his mother’s attention.

He was upstairs being coaxed into getting dressed for going to my speech and I was downstairs tuning for my speech. And after I did all my tuning up, I went to the Gatekeeper and I said, “Is everything okay”, and she says “No, you’ve got a cling-on … That’s what I call it: a cling-hyphen-on, because of Star Trek and the Klingons—I’m a Trekkie.

Mrs. Gatekeeper says, “You’ve got to pray.” So I prayed. And I said, “Is that okay?” And she said “No, do it again.” So I did it again. Then I did it a third time and I could feel, the third time, that I’d broken the cling, I’d broken the adhesion of this fellow’s psychic greeting. And so I immediately began singing a Morning Song, that’s a Native American song that I’ve learned, that I love to sing and it was just the expression of “Okay now, I’m good to go.”

And when I sang the first note of the song, almost before the first note of the song came out, there was this scream from upstairs, as if this child had been bitten or stabbed, that kind of sharp pain. He screamed and then he started just shrieking, having a tantrum. It was he. I didn’t have a psychic greeting from the inner realms; I had a psychic greeting from that evil child. And I had broken it, so it was very validating.

That’s why you talk to your Gatekeeper, She is keeping the gate and she won’t let you in there until you’re good to go. My Gatekeeper generally tells me to get some water and to get a tissue ready. For some reason, she wants me to have those things when I’m in my working. And I must admit that it is handy to have water if you dry up and you need to drink while you’re channeling. It’s nice to have it right there. And if you should sneeze or cough it’s nice to have a tissue, so I guess that’s why she says that. That’s the kind of thing that the Gatekeeper does.

So you talk to the Gatekeeper before you go in and then after you go in, and you are in there, mentally, there aren’t two people. And, really, I don’t think I ever visualized building my place from the outside, as much as I did from the inside, because of the fact that I was using an existing building. So I’m sorry I didn’t give you all who actually had to build your whole building time to do that.

Can I comment on what you said? I think that while you’re building it you’re sort of a little Lego creature or Barbie doll inside your house. But when it comes time and you go through the process of getting to the roots of your mind and starting to go into your place, since you’re already in your inner body right now, that you’re taking your body into it and your little Lego-man is not going to be there anymore.

See, I had to build my whole structure on the ocean, from scratch, so I guess that makes a kind of sense.


I had a similar situation, where I was getting confused about the order of going down and then receiving the signal. I was doing that inside my workspace, through the entrance of the workspace. I had an office and then this security zone where that would be my signal that it was okay to go in. And then I would be in the cinema area. I was putting everything in that order and that’s not how it was said. So was that OK?

If it works for you, that’s fine.

So just as long as you have those in place, is that really what matters?

You need to have your protection in place. You need to talk to your Gatekeeper before you enter the house. But if you picture that you have a security zone in the middle of your dwelling, then perhaps it would be like an outer door and an inner door, where you weren’t really in the dwelling yet. And you can do it that way.

Yeah, I get that. You need two Gatekeepers if you have an outer door and an inner door.

You can. You definitely can.

OK. What’s the purpose of the office as opposed to the cinema?

Well, the only reason for anything besides the inner workroom, besides the cinema room, say, is if you feel that you want to have help. I constructed an office to represent my rational mind and all of the things that I know, because I’m very forgetful. I have a faulty memory. But I know a lot of things.

And my grandmother always used to say to me “Well, send your librarian after it. Just tell her to go into the stacks there. She’ll come u with it.” And it’s true, you know, that if you can’t remember a word, or you can’t remember a phone number or something and you say, “I’m going to remember this, it will come to me,” then fifteen minutes later, half a day later it will come to you. And you will think, “Oh, I know, it was so and so!” or “That’s the number!”

So, I wanted to have that construct just to reassure myself, because I’m so aware of my faulty memory, and of the fact that I tend to forget the most obvious things. I wanted to have some way to refer back and to get what I needed for doing the channeling work. Because everything in your mind is a tool that they can use. So I wanted all my tools to be available.

And then, of course, being me, I wanted to make the office a nice environment to be in, so I gave it the filing cabinets and everything and made a nice office space. I did not give myself, by the way, a bathroom, which a lot of people do. Because I didn’t really have any issues with, “Oh my God, am I going to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of a session?” I have had a couple of people that I’ve taught, in years past, that absolutely had to have a bathroom, thank you very much. I guess they had that concern.

I have a question about the doors. Let’s see if I get this straight. We have a structure that has one door, we go into the structure, which is the outer office, we get in there and it’s the outer office. And then our workroom is behind that. Then we have two doors from the outer office into the workroom.

No, we don’t even have to have one door into the workroom. We can have just an archway with steps. We can have anything that differentiates the energy of getting ready to channel from the energy of channeling.

Okay, so we go into this space …

Go into this space, which has the screen—call it the screening room—and on the far wall is the screen and on either side of the screen—which is quite a nice life-sized screen, so you can see -

52-inch diagonal?

OK. And then you place the doors on either side of the screen.

OK, gotcha.

Anybody else?

So there are three basic levels of preparation. There’s your normal, everyday self. There’s an intermediate step while you’re getting ready, and then there’s, “Go.”

Right. But you choose when you go. You turn the screen on and nothing happens until you say it happens. You are in control.

Now, this is probably a dumb question, but when do you dive into the tree of mind? Do you do that while you’re in the cinema room?

No. When I count down I’m still in my regular, everyday self. I’m tuned up to the best tuning this instrument can carry. And then I count my body down, to relax my body and focus my body so that I won’t be restless. You don’t have to do it this way, but I have found it helpful actually to picture myself going down steps. I picture myself going down these flights of steps counting down from my age as though I were in a parking garage. At the very bottom of the parking garage, at the very bottom of my steps, I open the last door. I go on the other side of the door. There’s nothing there but a ledge and the abyss below. The abyss is my deep mind. And I visualize myself diving, doing a nice dive. But it’s not head down dive. I’m just jumping off. And them I’m watching to see the patterns in the darkness—whether they are real or imagined, I don’t know, but I almost always see geometrical shapes as I go down, down, down, down. I just keep going down, focusing on that visualization. And eventually I’ll see that silver streak. And that’s when I realize that it’s time to talk to my Gatekeeper.

I used to visualize myself on a cloud that would come down to the edge of the creek, once I saw the silver streak. I was nervous about heights.


It sounds crazy, but I’d visualize myself riding the cloud. And then I’d safely get off the cloud and walk up the steps to the door and see Mrs. Gatekeeper. But nowadays, I see that silver streak and bam, I’m on the front porch with the Gatekeeper, I’ve gotten used to taking that short cut, I’m no longer afraid of falling out of my cloud on my shoot downward and splattering myself across the creek.

I have a question, or I guess it’s just an opinion. I have a place where I go in meditation and meet with my Higher Self and do some work with my inner child. Is it okay to use that place for my workroom?

It’s fine to do so. If you’ve already got some visualization going, use it. Perhaps you can just add a screening room on to that. And create a place, as you go into that, where you talk to your Gatekeeper briefly and make sure everything’s okay.

I’ve got to do something about that lime green.

You have lime green in your workroom?



OK, if there aren’t any other questions than we will declare this meeting at an end.