[This was the third and finally successful attempt at this recording.] 1

Anyone who has played an instrument such as a piano, a violin, any of the stringed instruments or the wind instruments understands the concept of tuning. In tuning, you’re trying to tune your instrument to some standard. The standard for musical instruments is that it is 440 for the A below middle C. Piano tuners start there and then they tune the octaves, from A to A, up and then down, until the whole piano is tuned. The first violinist in an orchestra generally asks for “concert A” from the oboe and the orchestra members all tune their instruments to that. In a sacred setting using a pipe organ, orchestra members tune to the organ’s concert A.

So when I say it’s important to tune before channeling, I am perceiving myself and anyone else who channels as an instrument. We are a certain kind of an instrument. We are wind instruments. The production of the breath is what carries the channeling, so what we’re tuning is not simply our physical bodies, though that is included in the tuning. We’re tuning ourselves as if we were radio crystals that can receive transmissions, send transmissions, and to some extent transduce energy or change the vibration of energy by running it through our being.

If you tune a radio dial, you’re tuning to the best station on the dial. You tune roughly and then you tune more precisely and then you get down to the very tiny verniers and you tune right into the middle of that signal.

When you’re tuning as an instrument for channeling, that’s pretty much what you’re doing. You are tuning your instrument to your highest and best vibratory pattern in order that you can receive the highest and best contact that you possibly can. So the tuning process is a cross between things you do in the physical sense and things that you are hoping to do with your inner work.

I’m suggesting some various things for you to sit and do. But at the same time, I promise that whatever you choose to do in order to tune, the efficacy of the tuning process will only be improved as you choose things that make your heart lift and open and excite you. So use your own discrimination about your tuning process. Do not simply follow my instructions without considering whether they work for you. When I say to pray, sing, chant or intone, you can do one of each and cobble together something that follows my instruction and still not hit the mark because you have not chosen what inspires you. So do not take my words as Gospel when I say, “This is a good way to tune.” I will show you how I tune. I can tell you the various categories of the things that I do. But in no sense am I telling you to do it exactly as I do it. I’m offering you the various categories of the tuning process that I have developed over a long period of years because I have found each of these elements helpful.

The beginning of any tuning process is a life lived in faith. If we conceive ourselves to be those who are attempting to live a life in faith and are attempting to follow a rule of life, then that means that every day, and hopefully at numerous times during the day, we will be centering ourselves with meditation, and simply remembering who we are and why we’re here. And as we make the choices of what to do during the day, we are consciously working to recast the humble chores of everyday into a view which includes their sacred nature.

So the background to tuning to channel is living a life in which tuning is a constant process that’s never too far from your mind. It’s not something you have to be uptight about. To me, anyway, it is a joy to be able to take what I’m seeing, whether it’s a challenge or a job I have to do, and consciously recasting it so that I’m a priestess doing sacred work. I dedicate this work to the infinite Creator. I’m continuously working to purify and refine my own self-perception so that as I’m living my life, I’m living it as an offering to the infinite Creator.

I fail a lot. I’m often off-balance and I make many mistakes. We all do that. It is nothing about which to judge ourselves if we don’t succeed perfectly in our daily tuning.

Meditation is really the lynchpin of a devotional life. We are so incredibly used to the culture that surrounds us, which is a very active culture. The best of us, with the best of intentions, find ourselves busy, too busy, every-day-too-busy, and I have never found a way out of that.

This is the way we live our lives. There are obligations to be seen to, there are the things we need to do to be seen to in order to be a responsible citizen in society—paying our bills, volunteering our energies where they might do some good, the work of the day, keeping ourselves clean and fit and clothed. All of these things keep us very busy. And then when you add children into the mix, as many of us do, and the complications involved in being part of families, we find that extended families are often very complicated and time consuming to deal with.

It’s a rare person who doesn’t feel constantly that he’s running out of time. There’s just too much to do in a day. Things are going to fall off the wagon and just trail behind you that you didn’t get to.

So in the middle of all of this business, this busyness, the break from it needs to be chosen constantly. It’s just not going to happen naturally. We will always find something else to do. If we want to put the peaceful and the energizing effects of meditation into our lives we have to chose to do them.

As you come to a channeling session, it’s important to sit down with yourself and evaluate how you’re doing. It’s not show biz. The show does not have to go on. If you don’t feel physically ready, mentally ready, or emotionally ready to go through the tuning process and have a channeling, then just bag it. Walk away and say, “Not today.” Because why would you want to put yourself through a stressful situation when you’re not ready to do the work?

So I think it’s really important to realize that this is work that needs to be done from the heart. It can’t just be an honor/duty. It also needs to be a labor of love. And I think you free yourself when you chose to do only labors of love. It’s a luxury to do that. So I firmly recommend that any time any of you feels that this is not the time for me to go through this process, speak up and say it. There’s no reason to move forward if you don’t feel that you’re in the groove with it.

If you don’t do this, you see, if you don’t pamper yourself a little bit, then what happens is that you keep pushing yourself to perform. And eventually you burn out. You don’t want to perform any more. So you need to keep channeling from becoming a performance. You need to keep it a genuine, honest attempt to bring in information.

In 1971 I went to a fellow named James Tingley at the Spiritualist Camp in Anderson, Indiana. Tingley was a materialization medium and he always called his séances “demonstrations.” And I thought that was an interesting thing. Rather than calling it a “séance” he would call it a “demonstration,” because he didn’t know if anything was going to happen tonight or not.

So he took all the pressure off of himself and said right up front, “This may not work.” And I think it’s always important to give yourself permission to say, “You know, this didn’t work today.” And let it go. It really needs to be kept at the level where you genuinely want to take a whack at this process of bringing through information that may be of help. Whether it’s informational or inspirational—it’s usually a blend of the two when you’re channeling—when that makes you happy to do that, then it’s time to tune to channel.

There are various aspects to the tuning process. I am going to explain each of them to you and then I’m going to go through my own tuning process completely, sitting here with you, and go to the point of challenging and, because of the fact that I think it’s kind of rude not to let somebody give a thought for the day or something, after you’ve gone through the trouble to get them on the horn, I will channel a thought for the day at the end of that. So you can be expecting that when I get finished with my explanations here.

The first of the things that I do is to sing. A lot of people feel sheepish about their voices because somebody has told them that they’re not very good, or they have concluded for one reason or another that they’re not very good. But, the Psalmist doesn’t say, “Make a joyful pretty sound unto the Lord,” he says, “Make a joyful noise.” And so I think absolutely anybody should feel good about any singing that he wants to do, regardless of whether it sounds like a toad croaking or whatever. The point is to gather your forces together, gather your spirit and your strength as a metaphysical being. And if you have a song that does that for you, then sing that song. And if it doesn’t sound just the way Bonnie Raitt would, or Perry Como, well, then tough, this is just the way it is. It’s something about which you don’t need to feel self conscious.

Along with the singing is the closely allied practice of chanting or intoning. In the Christian walk there are many chants, like the Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, and so forth, that many people have used through the centuries to tune. I personally don’t use any of those. There are also some beautiful chants that the Self Realization Fellowship has put out. There are numerous records of Buddhist chanting and intoning and Hindu chanting and intoning that might appeal to you. Then there is always the simple “Om.”

The way that I was taught Om-ing was there are three parts to it. Ah—Oh—Um. You go through the three vowel sounds on the way to the “m,” and supposedly, if you ever chanted it absolutely perfectly, the sound would deconstruct the whole universe. It’s that powerful. Some people really respond much more within themselves to the Om-ing or the repetitive chanting like Hare Krishna than to the Christian chants.

Then there is the visualization aspect to the tuning process. In my case I have found it very useful, firstly, to visualize the archangels, which I call to represent all of those from the unseen realms that respond to the name of Jesus the Christ, who were Christians when they were alive and who make a mighty throng, actually, in the unseen worlds. If you call all those who come in the name of Jesus the Christ, you’re getting a lot of positively polarized, good people in between incarnations that can join in the circle and help to protect the circle.

I also visualize my own chakra system, asking for help from the archangels so that I can see whether my chakras are open and flowing clearly. When I get an impression that that’s an open system, then I ask for the angels to help me adjust my system so that the least powerful chakra is balanced. This is just to make a stable system for the length of the channeling. I specifically say, when I ask them to set that as a crystalline setting for the duration of the channel, that after the channel the “safe” setting be lifted away.

I invoke the archangels and then I work with my chakra system to be sure that it’s open and flowing, to be sure that I’m ready to channel. The last thing that I do before I go to my workroom is to count down from my age to zero. I use some self-hypnosis techniques I learned from Don Elkins long ago.

If you are trying to induce an hypnotic state in someone you often ask them to move through a door or fall through a door and then the door shuts behind you. Also counting down in general helps to focus the attention and brings you more towards the trance state.

My goal in counting down to zero is not to go into a trance. My goal is to focus and calm my body. And it serves as a signal to my emotions, my mind, and my whole being that I’m coming up on a channeling session. I think you have to bring yourself forward with a certain amount of patience, because otherwise you’ll be hasty in your tuning and not particularly successful compared to doing it very lovingly and taking your time with it.

Once I have counted down to zero, then I tell myself to dive. I’m diving down into the roots of my own consciousness. As I sink down into the roots of consciousness, I often can see or sense geometric patterns. I suspect that our subconsciousness, let us say, the deeper mind, is as full of sacred geometry as is the rest of creation. I have no way of going further into this because I don’t know anything about sacred geometry, but I do see patterns that look like geometric forms, mostly pyramids and lattices.

Once I’ve sunk down into the roots of consciousness to the extent that I can and still be conscious and channel in a stable manner, I will, all of the sudden, see my Gatekeeper. We’ve talked at a previous session about the function of the Gatekeeper and the whole idea of having a workroom in general. It’s a haven, a place where you can go and work. And since it’s interior to you, there’s no way that the world can come in and bother you there. You might have to leave it if there’s an emergency and you have to stop your work, but no one can come into your workroom.

So it’s a safe place to do this work, which is very subtle work, and you need that feeling of confidence and quiet and sureness that this environment that you’ve created for yourself gives you.

What I do with my Gatekeeper is to ask her if I’m ready to channel. Do I have any entities that are attempting to ride me—do I have a cling-on, is what I call them—any kind of negative greeting like that or internal resistance. Sometimes I will find from my Gatekeeper that I have some internal resistance with which I need to work. So I will do the same thing for that as I would do if it were an outer psychic greeting and draw a circle around myself in the name of Jesus Christ and state that across that line, no error dares to set its foot. And then I clap my hands. That usually shakes off the resistance. It sounds like something that you’re just sort of making up, but I guarantee you that if you ever have the experience of having a psychic greeting you will be doing something in the metaphysical world that is real when you go through the prayer of psychic protection.

The most outstanding example of this was in 2005. I was in Europe for a friend’s wedding. I had decided that I wanted to be more useful than just going for a wedding, so I arranged a tour of anybody that would have me in England. I got to speak in five different places in England while I was there at that wedding in East Sussex. It was a great three weeks and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I was tuning for a speech. The bride had a nine year old son who was very jealous of me. He was used to getting his mother’s complete attention. He was just being a total brat and I had had to pick him up bodily and move him out of my room so that I could start getting dressed.

So he had been taken upstairs by his mother, very indignant, very unhappy. I did my tuning process and I got to the Gatekeeper and I said, “Well, Mrs. Gatekeeper, is there a problem? Do I have any cling-ons?” And she said, “Yes, you do.” So I did my little ritual of drawing the circle and she said, “Do it again.” I did. And she said, “Do it again,” for the third time.

And this time I put everything I had into it—I pulled every resource of faith and belief and trust I had and just flung it into my declaration that I’m a servant of Jesus the Christ, and so forth. I could feel that it worked that time, and so I went into the next thing that I was doing to tune, which was a song. Just as I opened my mouth to sing I heard this anguished cry from upstairs. As I had finally severed his energetic hold on me, he went into hysterics and could not be calmed for fifteen minutes. It was incredible. So the psychic protection does really work.

At any rate, once the Gatekeeper has passed you and said, “All right, now, you can go ahead and tune,” then you enter your workroom, which you’ve fixed up the way you want it. I recently added a bathroom to mine, changed the lighting around, and added an office recliner chair.

After you’ve gotten there, then you call for the male and the female aspects of your guidance. Because my guidance is the Holy Spirit, I always say, “Come, Holy Spirit,” and I’ll see the faces of people who are familiar to me. For the last fifteen or so years I’ve always seen Don Elkins as the male face of Holy Spirit and his mother, whom the family all called “Sister,” as the female face of the Holy Spirit. So I get to be with my beloved companion, Don, every time I tune to channel, and his Mom, which is really nice.

Once those entities have been greeted, then I turn on my screen and I say, “Who comes in the name of Jesus the Christ,” because this is the way I challenge. I challenge three times because of the fact that I don’t feel that I’m without flaw. I might miss the mark in being sincere once, or even twice, but probably not three times. By the time I get to the third time, I’m always in the groove, so I challenge three times because redundancy is helpful.

It’s very important to get the right person on the horn, just as if you were trying to get some good advice over the telephone. You wouldn’t just dial at random. You’d dial the person whom you thought could give you good advice. It’s the same kind of thing when you’re tuning and arranging yourself for the channeling. You’re asking for the best contact that you can carry so that you can serve the best you can.

Those are the various aspects of the tuning process. In order to work with these things, I will demonstrate my own process. But please realize from the beginning that I’m not saying this is exactly how you should do it. I’m demonstrating how I have woven these aspects of tuning into my own private ritual. Hopefully that will give you some places to start.


Temper my spirit, Oh Lord! Keep it long in the fire. Make it one with the flame. Let it feel that up-searching desire. Cast it thyself, O my God. Swing it straighter and higher. Temper my spirit, Oh Lord. 2

Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in me the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and I shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth. O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit that I may be truly wise and ever enjoy its consolation. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. 3

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, teach me to seek not so much to be loved as to love; to be understood as to understand; to be consoled as to console. For it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in giving that we receive, and it is in dying that we rise to eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. 4

Lord, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to be of service. I dedicate this working to love and light in the service of humankind and the Creator.

I would ask for the highest and best contact that I can receive in a stable and consciousness manner, of the vibration and energy of Jesus the Christ: unconditional love.

I would ask that all words be yours and none of my own.

I would ask that all of those in the inner planes who come in the name of Jesus the Christ come and be part of this meditation group, this circle of seeking and help to protect this circle.

Those who do not come in the name of Jesus the Christ from the unseen realms may listen to what is said, but may not join the circle.

In order to represent all of those who come in the name of Jesus the Christ from the unseen realms, I would like to call the archangels: Before me, Rafael; behind me, Gabriel; on my right hand, Michael; on my left hand, Ariel. For around me flame the pentagrams and above me shines the six-rayed star.

[Talking to the Archangels.]

Thank you gentlemen. Now, gentlemen I would like you to aid me by helping me to don my magical personality now, and to release it when it finishes the channeling process. I thank you very much for that help. It is my intention not to carry the magical personality into everyday but to keep it only for the length of the channeling.

Now would you please help me look at my colors and evaluate whether the energy is open: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It looks pretty good. OK, now would you reset, in order to balanced the weakest of the chakras. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. OK, that looks better.

OK, energy up, energy up, open to channel, energy up, open to channel, let’s feel it roaring through please. Energy up, open to channel. OK, there you go.

Now, for protection of my body, I would ask you, dear archangels, to hold me by the silver cord and to create a pool of my violet ray and red ray energies mixed together, dip me in that pool so that every cell is saturated, inside and out.

[Three deep breaths.]

Thank you angels. Now, would you dip me in a pool of limitless white light, holding me by the silver cord and saturating every cell inside and out.

[Three deep breaths.]

Thank you angels. Please keep me on the limitless white light for breath until the end of the channeling and then put me back on ordinary air.

Now I will count down to focus my body and quiet my mind.

64 relax, 63 relax, 62 relax, 62 relax, 60 relax. Go deeper. Go through the door. Shut it behind you. Go deeper.

59 relax, 58 relax, 57 relax, 56 relax, 55 relax. Go deeper. 54 relax, 53 relax, 52 relax, 51 relax, 50 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you.

Go deeper.

49 relax, 48 relax, 47 relax, 46 relax, 45 relax. Go deeper. 44 relax, 43 relax, 42 relax, 41 relax, 40 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you.

Go deeper.

39 relax, 38 relax, 37 relax, 36 relax, 35 relax. Go deeper. 34 relax, 33 relax, 32 relax, 31 relax, 30 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you.

Go deeper.

29 relax, 28 relax, 27 relax, 26 relax, 25 relax. Go deeper. 24 relax, 23 relax, 22 relax, 21 relax, 20 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you.

Go deeper.

19 relax, 18 relax, 17 relax, 16 relax, 15 relax. Go deeper. 14 relax, 13 relax, 12 relax, 11 relax, 10 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you. Go deeper.

9 relax, 8 relax, 7 relax, 6 relax, 5 relax. Go deeper. 4 relax, 3 relax, 2 relax, 1 relax, 0 relax. Go deeper. Open the door. Go through the door. Let it shut behind you.

Go deeper, and dive.

[There is a thirty second pause.]

Hello Mrs. Gatekeeper, it’s good to see you! How are you today?

[Short pause.]

You look good, too. Well, how am I doing, do I have any cling-ons? Is it okay if I have coffee for my liquid? I do have Kleenexes handy. So everything’s okay?

[Short pause.]

All right. Thanks for watching my back and I’ll see you next time.

[Short pause.]

Come Holy Spirit. Sister, you’re wearing pink today, how pretty. Elkins, good to see you. OK, ready?

Who comes in the name of Jesus the Christ to speak to us this day? Thank you, Q’uo. I challenge you in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Can you say that Jesus is Lord? Thank you.

This is the second time of asking. Who comes in the name of Jesus the Christ to speak with us today? Thank you Q’uo. Q’uo, I challenge you in the name of Jesus the Christ. Can you say that Jesus is Lord? Thank you.

This is the third time of asking. Who comes in the name of Jesus the Christ to speak with us today? Thank you Q’uo. Q’uo I challenge you in the name of Jesus the Christ, the Jesus whom I love and follow. He is my way, my truth and my life. Do you come in the name of this Jesus? Very good. Indeed unconditional love is Lord of all. All right Q’uo, thank you.

I would ask you for a thought of the day.

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking that we may offer you a short thought for the day.

That thought is simple and direct. Love one another. Care for each other. And bring each other home. You and this group are comrades who can help and support each other in ways you cannot even imagine. The roots of your relationships go deep into other lifetimes, other environments and other beau gestes. May you glory and relish in the coming together of such good and powerful souls, that each may help each to be a servant of light.

Your beauty is astounding. We thank you for calling us to your circle.

We would leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai.

As C had suggested yesterday, why don’t we all just visualize light coming in as the energy of Q’uo leaves the group. We are filling up with the light, there are no empty spaces. All is well. We come up and we come out. And just in case anybody has gotten hypnotized, one, two, you are awakening, three, you are feeling more and more alert, four, almost awake, five, completely awake.


Everybody back?

There is the bare bones of my own channeling practice, the way I tune. Is there anything you would like to ask about? I know some of you have heard this twice, Gary has heard it three times now, so there may not be a single question left in the group.

I have a question. Is there a problem or anything that we need to do connected with changing the Gatekeeper? I want to change my Gatekeeper.

You just do that by intention. The Gatekeeper is not something that is foisted upon you. It’s your choice. Usually there’s a synchronicity there, some way of personalizing your Gatekeeper; someone you’ve known in your past that was very motherly or whose discretion you trusted that was personally known to you.

Can the Gatekeeper be an angel?

Yes, as long as you can talk to it. You need to be able to communicate with it. So if the angel is perfectly happy to talk with you, then great.

Talking? In what fashion?

Getting an impression. I never hear voices. Every once in a while I’ll see something come up on the screen, but usually I just get an impression.

My Gatekeeper is a dog. Is that OK?

Is your gatekeeper your dog?

No, it’s just a dog.

Okay, as long as you can talk to the dog.

In working with the Gatekeeper in drawing the circle or marking the circle around you, you’re essentially breaking ties with things that are attached to you?

Right, I’m drawing that circle and saying “Across this line no mortal error dares to set its foot.” In metaphysical terms, it’s a very real thing.

Any visualization that would do that?

It’s something I learned from the Dion Fortune book, Psychic Self Defense. It’s been so efficacious for me through the years that I always go to that one particular prayer.

My question is not so much the practice of severing the ties around you as the visualization. What visualization accomplishes that?

You have to develop your own internal system—I started to say “checks and balances”—some way of determining that you’re on a resonant path and that you haven’t gotten off into some flat sideline where you aren’t inspired any more, you’re just going through the motions.

You want, really, to stay away from just going through any kind of motions. Put your heart into things. Like I said, this is part of the evaluation that you do before you start. “Can I do this labor of love now with a happy heart?” So that you never push yourself into it.

[Side one of tape ends.]

The more honest and sincere and down to earth that you can get with your own intentions and your own motivations and so forth, the better off you are. You might not have done this for just one reason. There might have been many reasons. Several of you spoke to that and I think this is a really good thing.

Because otherwise you can romanticize the whole process: “Oh yes, I’m doing this for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.” But in actuality there might be several things going on. And in order for you to evaluate yourself and know that you are ready, it’s good to know that. It’s also good to know who you are at the depth that you are not judging yourself for having mixed motives, more than one motive, you’re aware of yourself, you accept yourself, you love yourself just the way you are. But you know yourself.

Get to that level of honesty with yourself where you see what could be self-perceived as a very imperfect picture and then say, “I love you just the way you are.” This releases you. It frees you from all the self-judgment that can get in your way and keep you from putting your whole heart and soul into the effort. I think that’s the thing that is most important here.

So you’re gathering yourself 100% and offering yourself 100% with a very clear intention to serve the light and the love, your fellow man and the Creator, and once you have done that preparation, then you really are free simply to pick up that signal when it comes in and just move through that process until you’re finished, until they say “Adonai,” or whatever your own particular channel that you eventually have found for yourself will say to say goodbye.

Any other questions?

I would like, if you would be able to, to touch on the outline of your tuning, such as what the important baselines are that you do. You sing in the beginning, but what is the purpose of that singing? You do the calling of the angels, but the purpose of that is to protect against spiritual psychic greeting?

Could you just say “First, I give an intention, second, I ask for protection …” the specific details of those things?

Okay. Firstly I do set my intentions. Secondly I offer a song whose words are a request for being moved into the fiery furnace of transformation and changed into an ever more powerful sword for the infinite Creator to use.

I move into prayer after that with the intention of honing and refining my intention and desire and focusing my will so that I know that I am an instrument.

I then go into protection. Firstly, I call the archangels, and ask for their help.

Secondly, I go through the chakra colors with the intention of clearing them, crystallizing them, and making them as stable as possible for the duration of the contact.

Thirdly, I ask for the protection of my body. Fourthly, I ask for the protection of my spirit body, that’s the colored light and the luminous white light.

Fifthly, I focus my physical body and quiet my mind by the process of self-hypnosis, where I simply deepen my ability to focus—counting down.

Sixth would be my conversation with my Gatekeeper to investigate whether I have any energy clinging to my energy field that needs to be shaken off in order to have a clean energy body.

Seventh, there’s the invocation of the Holy Spirit or whatever your guidance system might be in asking it for help.

Eighth, I move into the actual challenging of the spirit when I receive the impression that one is there.

Any other questions before we let this go?

So you receive an impression that the contact is there? A knowingness that a presence if there, you just feel it?

Well, I sense it as I’m challenging it for the third time. They say, “Yes,” for the third time. And then I say, “Well, will you stay with me while I go downstairs and get ready to channel?” They say, “Surely.” So then, when I’m ready to channel and all the hoo-ha about front-dating the tape and getting everybody settled in the circle is done, then I’ll say, “Are you still with me, Q’uo?” And I’ll get the impression, “Yes.”

Usually they’ll say, “Take three deep breaths, to get back into it, to regain that fine point of tuning.” Then I’ll take the three breaths, and they’ll say, “Don’t worry, just get on with it,” and I’ll just start. And that will be the way it goes, usually.

I never get anything more than an impression. It’s not like somebody comes up and womps me upside the head and says, “Okay, we’re ready.” It stays permanently for me within the realm of impression.

Now I don’t have the facility that people with inner guides have of having that guidance available constantly. The lady with whom I co-channeled for nine weekends, Barbara Brodsky, has an inner guide named Aaron, and if you sit and talk with Barbara for half an hour, you’ve probably heard from Aaron as well, because Aaron comes and goes as he pleases and is constantly adding his two cents worth. It’s a trip to be around Ba. But that isn’t the way my gift is set up. I don’t think you can do that with outer sources, but with an inner guide you probably can.

Anything else before we go for break?

Well something interesting happened just right before you asked for your channel to come in. The word “Hatonn” went through my mind.

Well, Hatonn is part of Q’uo. Hatonn is the love aspect of Q’uo. There’s a love density, a wisdom density and a unity density component—it’s a three-way principle. Hatonn, Latwii and Ra, so you were picking up …

So Q’uo includes Ra?

Yes. I found out when I finally had the wit to ask them who they were. You’d think, with “Q’uo” and me having three years of Latin, that I’d realize that I was supposed to say, “Who are you?” But no, it took me a good year to have the wit to say, “Well, who are you?” And they said, “You pray for the highest and best and we got together and decided that this was the best that we could do for you.” I recently ran across the session where I asked that question.

Sometimes it is Hatonn, sometimes it is Laitos, but usually it’s Hatonn from the love density, and my favorite channel before the Ra contact was Latwii, a fifth-density entity. So they’re in the mix and Ra is in the mix. Latwii is generally the one who speaks.

So Q’uo is a principle made up of these three social memory complexes. They gather together when the question is asked and figure out how to approach the response to it and then Latwii is the one that usually voices it.

But sometimes, because Romi has such a deep love of Hatonn, they’ll say, “The one that is speaking this time is Hatonn.”

So Q’uo isn’t an actual social memory complex?

No, it’s a group of three social memory complexes. It just goes to show you how responsive spirit is to what you pray for, because it wasn’t until I started asking for the highest and best that I got one continuing channel.

When do you ask for the highest and best in your tuning? Right before channeling?

In the very beginning, when I finish my singing and before I call the archangels. I say “I thank you for the opportunity to serve; I set the intention to serve the highest and best and ask for the highest and best contact that I can carry in a stable and conscious manner.” And that’s to protect myself from going into trance, which I do not want to do. It’s not safe for me.

And that’s why Romi touches you?

Yes. I used to hold hands but my shoulders have gotten bad and I can’t always sustain that. So I just get Romi to put a hand on me somewhere and that will short-circuit me. My energy body won’t leave my physical body as long as there’s contact.

Is that just you?

That’s anybody. Yes, if you want to avoid slipping out of your body, even a cat will do it. Anything where you are physically in contact. Your body does not have the desire to leave if there’s something poking at you. It doesn’t feel safe to go.

[There is a pause while Carla deals with Pickwick, an orange tabby cat.]

I will say about this cat—he can’t hold his licker. He just licks and licks and licks, it feels like a wet Kleenex is attached to me sometimes. He’s a sweet cat through.

[Inaudible] gets to see Don Elkins every time she channeled [inaudible].

Yes. It’s so nice to see the Elk. It’s a real blast. I never saw his Mother in real life but I saw her at a séance, one of the Tingley séances that I went to. She came through and said that she was “Sister” and I didn’t know any nuns and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Anyway, she came through and thanked me for taking care of Don. So on the plane ride back from Anderson, Indiana, I was flying in a small plane, and Don said, “Do you know who that was?” And I said, “No, I can’t figure it, because I don’t know anybody in the religious life.” And he said, “That’s what my mother was called in the family.”

His Mom was the older of two sisters but the younger sister by ten years was such a dominating person that the family revolved around her from the time she was born, she was the absolute favorite. So poor Elizabeth became “Sister,” because she was sister to this prima donna, the sister that I had to deal with at the end of her life. And boy, I’m telling you, it’s no fun to deal with a prima donna who is dying.


At any rate, even though I never saw Sister in real life, I see her faithfully now every time I go to tune. She has very distinctive features so I couldn’t miss her. And it’s a blessing. She has great taste in clothing. She has three or four different dresses that she wears and she was wearing her pink one today, high-necked and fitted down to the waist and then it flares out. It’s soft satin and it’s so elegant and pretty. And she generally wears flowers in her hair, but this time she didn’t, she had a little circle of leaves.

So you do get these impressions and when you get used to doing it then you’ll get more distinctive impressions, because you’ll be more comfortable with the process. You get the distinct impression that these people are real, they’re just not physical.

[Tape ends.]

  1. Carla: This version of the talk on tuning is actually the third try at recording the talk. I offered the first version during the first Channeling Intensive, on February 8, 2008. It failed to record properly. On May 3, 2008, during a “Make-Up” Gathering for those who could not be at CI-1, I offered a second version of the talk. Again it failed to record. So this is the third and finally successful attempt. It is placed with the other CI-1 materials in both text and audio versions in order to create a complete record of my teaching on channeling. 

  2. Carla: I am unable to find a reference for this hymn, which was sung at ecumenical services at Noyes Junior Camp in the 1950s when I was a child. I know only that it comes from an old Unitarian hymnal. 

  3. This is the prayer of the Episcopal Cursillo Movement. 

  4. This is a slightly variant version of the Prayer of St. Francis.