Visualizing Your Guidance

This is the part of our workshop where we will meet our guidance. I’m thinking that it’s going to be a delicate procedure to get you all to do that without putting you all to sleep. I need you to do some visualization. How about a round of oms to get us back into complete gear?

[The channeling circle agrees. They om together three times.]

Sounded like a barbershop quartet!

There was some harmony going on there, or at least more than one tone. It might have been more of a tone cluster more than a chord!

OK. This is our last session of my teaching you how to get ready to channel. I invite you to meet your guidance. This is an area where I’m not going to be able to instruct you very well. I’ll do all my talking beforehand, and then we’ll have a protracted period where you work on this yourself.

In the first place, my dividing guidance into the male aspect and the female aspect is another artifact of my learning from Larry Allison’s class notes from the Silva Mind Control class that he took. So it’s a third-generation idea. Silva has some reason for it, which I was not privileged to know. They taught it to Larry, who taught it to me. And I found it useful because of the fact that it seems much more symmetrical to have your guidance on either side of you as you face your screen than to have guidance on one side of you.

And I liked the idea of invoking the masculine and the feminine separately. Magically speaking, one side of the Tree of Life 1 is masculine, and the other side is feminine. They possess complementary qualities. So asking for the male aspect and the female aspect for guidance is another way of asking for the full spectrum of guidance that you have.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up on terminology. I know Lorena was working on her own thoughts, and she asked me what the difference was between a Mystical Christian and a Gnostic Christian. I have read Gnostic literature. I think I probably come closer to being a Gnostic Christian than being any other kind of Christian. I told her that the difference is that Mystic Christianity is a term that I made up myself simply to indicate that I don’t do dogma. I leave the dogma behind. Whereas I think that Gnostic Christianity has a certain set of beliefs like any other sect, because it is a legitimate type of Christianity, and it indeed predates Christianity, Gnosticism itself does.

Gnosis means knowing or insight—the kind of knowing that you have that’s beyond “prove it to me.”

So, anyway, you can get hung up extremely easily on terminology. When we talk about our guidance systems, I think it’s extremely easy to wonder, “Well, should I go for a guidance that strictly has no connotations whatsoever to any spiritual system?”

Or one can rest back into one’s personal belief system, as I did when I opened up myself up to guidance. I identified it within my own mind as being that of the Holy Spirit, because of my long communication with the Holy Spirit. When I asked for my guidance, I further identified it in my own mind as the male and female aspect of the Holy Spirit.

I would say not to take on my colorations. I don’t think there’s any need for you to call your guidance system the Holy Spirit unless it satisfies you to do so. The important thing to realize here is that having your guidance with you when you are in a channeling situation links you with your strongest help in the unseen worlds.

We all have a guidance system. We’ve gotten many readings [at L/L Research] that talk about that guidance system. It is always with us, and yet, we have to ask it for help. We can’t just let things come to us. We have to say, “Please help me.” And this is true of any kind of spiritual help that’s positive. That’s what prayers are for.

When we’re invoking our guidance, we’re invoking something that’s very real. Does anybody here have a problem imagining that they do have guidance? Does anybody struggle with that at all? Because that’s kind of a fundamental concept that has to be swallowed before you can really throw yourself into the process of meeting your guidance.

I haven’t personified it. I think that there’s an underlying force that can come in and assist when you pray to her that way. Is that OK?

That’s fine. Anything is fine, as long as you don’t disbelieve it. You can’t really do much work visualizing something in which you don’t believe.

The Confederation material tends to suggest that your guidance is actually your higher self, which is yourself in the mid-sixth density. The story on that goes that you move through this third density of choice, then you move through the fourth density of love, and through the fifth density of wisdom. You get to the sixth density of unity, and you move about halfway through that density. At some point, you finally realize that you don’t want to look backwards any more, at what has been before. You’re being drawn only forwards, only toward ultimate reintegration into the Godhead Principle, which occurs as you leave sixth density going into seventh density, the density of foreverness.

So at the point in sixth density where you have made it just that far and you realize that you no longer wish to look back, you stop and you give yourself a gift in time-space which can be called upon at any point in time from the moment of third density where you wake up as a self-aware being onwards, That gift is the gift of your higher self.

The higher self has knowledge of all of your choices and biases, and all the lessons that you’ve learned. It has harvested the wisdom of all of that. And so, when you ask your higher self for help, according to the Confederation, what you’re receiving is help from a very close source—yourself, your wisest and most accomplished self. So it’s not as though you’re invoking outside help—in the Confederation’s view of course we’re all one and this would obviously be so—you’re invoking an aspect of yourself that, if you think about it in space-time terms, comes from your future. But in time-space terms, time is a circular thing and it’s all happening at once, simultaneously, which makes the higher self available to yourself at any time that you wish to call it.

So, what I would like for you to do is to visualize your workroom. You have the screen and the two doors on either side. You’re facing the doors, and so you can specify that your female aspect is coming through your right-hand door, and your male aspect is coming through your left-hand door. Now if you’re looking at this from your standpoint, this would be opposite to the way magic has it. But if you switch your perspective as do actors on the stage when they call “stage right” what the audience would call “left”, and look at it from the point of view of the spirit coming through the door, the female aspect is on the left and the male aspect is on the right. From that point of view, they’re in line with the magical figures of the Tree of Life and other magical symbols which have polarity or bi-sexuality.

In terms of what qualities are male and what qualities are female, there is, of course, a long-standing prejudice among many that because the female side of the Tree of Life is also denoted as negative, it means that there’s something lesser or something evil or something “off” about being a woman, and it’s better to be the positive man. But that actually is not at all the case in terms of spiritual or magical values, when working with the Tree of Life or other polarized glyphs. The negative and positive are just like the Star of David—you need both of them to form the manifested worlds.

So women are not better, men are not better, the male aspect is not stronger, the female aspect is not stronger. They are precisely equal, and precisely equal in their being needed. If you want to emphasize the Divine Feminine, in which L1 is very much invested when discussing who she is, you still ask for the masculine part of your guidance. The spiritualization of men by the absorption of feminine energy is not something that your guidance has to worry about because there is no prejudice on the part of the unseen worlds as to the value of masculine energies versus feminine energies, and indeed, I sincerely doubt that, outside the frame of the illusion of our third density, these structures hold. I think that is strictly third density structuring because our entire third density is a density of polarity.

So I would encourage you not to have any prejudice against one or the other aspect of your guidance, feeling that the Divine Feminine is more important than the Divine Masculine, because it is simply that these complementary energies make up the manifested worlds.

In the past, when I had experienced my masculine guidance, it had come through with a somewhat effeminate face—a young, dapper man with a small mustache who had a British accent, and was very, very soft-spoken and somewhat effeminate in his bearing. So it’s not like you have to envision your masculine guidance as being particularly masculine, nor do you need to worry about envisioning your feminine guidance as being traditionally feminine. But I’m asking you to do this just as a part of the protection that undergirds you as a channel. When you are going to open to channel, this is that the last thing you do: meet, greet, and agree to do work with your guidance system.

I remember all those years ago, when Larry worked with us, that it took me quite a while in order to be able to visualize opening that door, and then to accept what I saw coming through it. I had a good deal of spinning of my wheels because I think I was looking for some angel or some exalted being and I wasn’t getting anything but this dapper young man, and for the other one, I was getting somebody that was still alive. Why somebody that was still alive that I’d get as the base of my guidance, I don’t know. But in actuality, it worked out just fine.

And for years, my friend Beth H-B-S-P—she’s much married—was the face of my feminine guidance, whereas I never really knew the name of this dapper young man. He had a really sharp Norfolk jacket on and dressed very well, but I never met him. I didn’t know him from Adam. But it worked well for me.

So I want to encourage you to trust whoever comes through that door. And then, too, if you don’t get anything coming through the door, just sit down, light up your screen, and try again. And just continue doing this until such time as you do manage to come up with somebody. So why don’t we envision.

Is the feminine coming through the right-hand door?

The feminine is on your right hand. It would be stage left. From where you’re sitting, looking at the screen, it would be on your right hand. The door is to the right hand of the screen as you’re looking at it.

Does the feminine sit down on the left-hand side?

No. She sits on my right side.

And you’re saying that from their point of view, it’s reversed?

Well, I’m saying that it is according to where they’re coming from. You could certainly ask your feminine guidance to sit down at your left hand to preserve the Tree of Life symbology. But I just happen to ask that she sit down at my right hand. I think you can seat them in either way, whichever you would prefer.

And you mentioned the lighted screen. Is that how you call them in—through the lighted screen?

No. When you’re sitting in your work room and you’re getting ready to call your guidance, then you turn on your screen. And then you call your guidance, and then you’re ready. I was suggesting that you turn on your screen in your visualization, and then turn to the door to the right hand of the screen and ask that the feminine guidance come through.

Any questions before we do that visualization? Because I’ll let you go for about 15 minutes after we start this.

We’re asking feminine guidance to come through, and masculine guidance to come through?

Not as the same time. We’re going to meet them one at a time here, and the first one is going to be the feminine guidance. So, is everybody ready? All right.

[Deep breath]

So everybody, move into your work room.

Have a seat at that center chair.

Turn on your screen.

Ask for your feminine guidance to come through the door on the right-hand side of the screen.

[There are several minutes of silence.]

All right. You can come back to full consciousness now. You are coming up, up, up, into the daylight. Welcome back. Let’s just go around the circle and get a brief idea of where everybody is. Did you have good luck meeting your feminine guidance, R?

I could visualize my feminine guidance, but I had trouble getting the male aspect. I just kept seeing a closed door. So I did like half, but the female was very quick, and I was asking, looking at the doors, seeing which one would open, but the other one was not yielding.

Well, in point of fact, we were only supposed to do one at a time, so you’ll have another chance. G1?

I could, as I created them, see entities there that were indistinguishable from angels, I guess, with traditional feathers coming out their back, but they were there as I created them, not as I invited them and had dialog with them, as if they were external to myself. The next instant, they were there, and were as effective as is my imagination, in a very helpful sense. And then I proceeded to a door, and just made contact.

All right. N, when you asked for your feminine guidance, were you able to see it as it came through the door and greeted you?

It wasn’t angelic, just sort of vague.

OK. M, how about you?

My experience was similar to G1’s in that she looked kinda constructed. She seemed more like the form of a person that I’d met before, kind of an older woman, very spiritual. I guess you might say she looks like a Gypsy. She was very feminine, but I really couldn’t interact that much with her.

OK. Well, these are beginnings. I don’t expect you to have the facility that will come with repeated invocations. G2, how about you?

Well, I had an interesting experience. I was seeing actually what I associate with Divine Mother before we started the exercise. When we started the exercise, and I called for her to come in, there was a very young, healthy teenager that came through the door. She looked like she marched with a High School band. Then the Divine Mother came in and the majorette left.

Very interesting! So you ended up with the Divine Mother. Well, when the Blessed Virgin Mary was first a mother, she was all of fifteen years old.

Oh! I never thought about that association.

Was she in a van?


Maybe the Three Wise Men, huh?


OK, L2, how about you?

Well, mine was a surprise. Immediately coming through the door was this tall woman in this heavy, silk brocade dress and a tiara on her head, sort of sweeping into the room. And it was a surprise because she had a lot of masculine energy!


I can see your spirit’s having fun with you!

And she had this tiara. Well, I asked her who she was, what her name was, and she said her name was Esther. And I asked her if she was Queen.

Queen Esther from the Bible?

Yes. And she said, Yes, she was. And so she sat down in the right-hand chair, and at that point, I think I must have drifted off.

Well, you know, it’s kind of predictable. I was thinking to myself that we’ve all just taken naps. It’s very likely we’ll go back to sleep doing this visualization. How about you, L1?

I think maybe I drifted off when you were telling us what to do. I didn’t have too much success with that exercise. Am I just supposed to see who comes through the door, and not make somebody up in my mind, like who I’d like it to be?

Yes, although I think that if you can’t see somebody coming through the door, it’s perfectly acceptable to create a “stand-in” until you get the feeling that there’s actually stands your guidance, and that guidance’s love for you is in that form. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to do as G1 and N say that they had to do. They sort of created a form so that they could bring a form through the door.

Exactly. I wanted to create a form to be like one of the Elves from Lord of the Rings, one of those creatures, or like a wise Indian grandmother or something.

OK. How about you, T?

Not real good success. It took me a long time to try to go ahead and visualize my two doors, then the door on the right open, and then someone came through it. After I finally got the door in my mind, then different faces started popping up, but the one that stuck with me was a girl for whom I felt a little infatuation in the fifth grade. Then I saw her again for about ten minutes when she was in her late teens. She was a stunning young lady. I found out later that in her early twenties she had died of cancer. So I became very sad, and things just kind of fell apart from there. I didn’t have good luck with it.

But you did see this lady first when you first started the exercise? That was what you came up with?

That’s the one that finally stuck there. She was one of several people that I’ve seen somewhere, somehow, or I’ve known that popped into my mind. But whenever her turn came up, she kind of stayed there. But it just kind of all faded away.

OK. Well, the one that held the most resonance for you, then, was the beautiful young woman that died of cancer. So I’d say lean on that, and see if she comes through again the next time you ask her to come through. We’re going to be practicing this a couple more times today. So it’s not like I’m going to leave you in a lurch and say you’ve got to go with what you’ve got.

As a matter of fact, if you can never get any visualization of your guidance, you can still ask for your guidance to come sit with you and imagine them there and imagine yourself holding their hands. It’s just easier in visualization, I think, if you’ve got a face, or if you’ve got a form, some sort of construct. How about you, S? How did you do?

I think OK. I visualized the room, and then the right door. It had that smoke that comes out, and it lights up and like Kiss coming through or something.

Like ectoplasm?


I had these frames of a tree coming through, and it was walking on its roots over to the left seat, so it crossed over, sat on the left, and I had a moment where I thought, “Well, how are you sitting there?” And I got the impression I had to take away the seat, and then the tree just sort of implanted the roots into the floor, and when the roots went in, it was almost like something drying, like it cemented itself in.

So your feminine guidance is a tree!

I guess, yeah!

An Ent! A talking tree creature.

I didn’t get like it was Mother Nature or some kind of natural element.

Oh, no. The Ent is a literary name that Tolkien gave to tree creatures. He called them the race of the Ents, an old and noble breed. So Mother Nature sounds very good for positive feminine guidance. L3, how about you? What was your experience?

I had a female form come through. It was a sort of a globby, amorphous humanoid female form. And I asked this female form to come through a number of times to try to solidify more of a figure in my mind, and it was not happening. It was sort of like “This Is It! What more do you want? This is what I am!” And I had her sit to my right, still facing me over here, and if I concentrated hard on the head portion, a face would sort of solidify out of the mist. However, as long as I wasn’t concentrating, then she just went back to her natural form. At one point she gave me her hand—a hand similar to C’s hand, a sort of thin, slender, feminine hand with the pretty nails, very sweet. But then once I let go of the hand, she went back into her natural state.

Sort of inchoate. Beautiful! Sounds very good. C, how about you?

That’s interesting, because the higher self is more in the light body than the physical type of body.

I’m meeting my higher self almost every day in meditation. So I realize something that Mike had said earlier in that I’m not always in my body. Sometimes when I would see myself meeting with my higher self, I had to really concentrate to get in my body to see the things around me so that I could make it more real for myself.

And that is a really good thing. Because I have wanted more clarity in meeting with my higher self regularly. It’s hard to communicate with a light body that doesn’t really have a mouth and is more a thought form. So it was a wonderful exercise. My higher self came through as I would see her normally in meditation, but she had more of a form. I was trying to concentrate on her having more of a form. And it looked a lot like me now, but more radiant.

That makes sense.

She looked how I like to look. And she came through and sat down, and I held her hand, and I get tears! There’s so much love! It’s overwhelming now. But what’s wonderful is the gratitude I have for her. We communicated on the screen. She showed me what her name is.

Oh, you’re starting to use that screen! That’s wonderful, C.

The screen is wonderful! And she confirmed a lot of things for me. I didn’t want to come back! And she said, “It’s OK—we have all the time in the world.” It feels great! Thank you!

Good. D, how about you?

Well, I started off in the room. I lost clarity in envisioning the room, but the screen remained. I had a long period of time with marquee images. All I can equate it to is Times Square signs across the screen, mostly feminine images or feminine colors and things that you would associate with femininity.


This was all kind of vague, but there were instances of extreme clarity in the images that would come up. It would be just crystal clear. And towards the end of it I did get an image of a female eye, and that expanded to a portion of a female head, and eventually expanded to the whole head, and then the whole image of a whole female who came and sat down in the chair next to me. We didn’t communicate other than to greet each other.

Interesting! You say it starts with the eye. I like the eye-rhyme of “I” and “eye”.

It started with the crystal clear image. It seemed green.


I mean skin and everything!

Ah! Back to Star Trek, with the dancing girls!


Her hair was auburn. Her eyes were auburn.

Was she slimy?

No. She was very well dressed, in her late twenties, with green skin and auburn hair.

Rhonda Fleming, only prettier. Nobody knows who Rhonda Fleming is—I’m dating myself! OK. That’s great. How about you, J?

Well, I had contact with my feminine guidance before. I never had any images associated with her, so a short, round lady with her hair in curlers came through.


Well, she wasn’t quite ready for you!


OK. Well, this is remarkably good for the first time through. I know that probably some of you are feeling like you’re in the middle of a quagmire, and you don’t much like it. And if this part of the visualization process isn’t helpful for you, I’m not going to push it on you. I am going to encourage you to invoke your guidance. But if you don’t get a visual on it, if you don’t get a tactile feeling or a sense of greeting, then that’s still going to be OK. It’s not like you’ve got to come up to some predetermined mark in order for us to be able go ahead and practice with the channeling.

But I think it does facilitate any process of visualization if you eventually do get an image. Even if it’s an image of a female form that’s inchoate and doesn’t have features, or if you get a vaguely angelic image, still you’ve got something with which to work. You’ve got something to flesh out your visualization.

I’m quite encouraged that it went as well as it did. Do you have any more questions? L2?

The purpose of the guidance is protection?

Right. It is. Mr. T?

Carla, it just seems to me that if I allow this image to come back to me, it’s almost as if I’m invoking another entity, like her self is my higher self, my feminine self, and if I happen to see her face again, it’s almost like I’d be speaking to this other person, and not a higher self. And I don’t think that’s what I should be looking for. Is that right?

Well, in terms of magical work, because something has the face of someone that’s died and gone on, it doesn’t mean that that face has the personality of the person that’s died and gone on. It means you’re using that face, which has some resonant characteristics in your subconscious mind that associate it with a loving, wise, strong guidance that is feminine.

When I meet my guidance these days, I meet Don Elkins as my masculine side and his Mother, Elizabeth Elkins, as my female guide. I know perfectly good and well that it’s not Don and Sister—it’s my guidance. But my subconscious has chosen those very familiar, beloved faces in order to seat the presence of my higher self, or the Holy Spirit.

So you don’t have to take it literally. Just because you see somebody, it doesn’t mean that that’s that person’s earthly personality. In your subconscious, when you linked with the higher aspects of wisdom, love and guidance, your subconscious seemed to choose that face. It doesn’t mean that you are seeing that girl, it means that your subconscious, was sort of tentatively giving the Holy Spirit that face to see if you’d accept it, I think.

Even though it stirs emotion? Even though seeing that face stirs emotions?

Oh, I think that as long as those emotions are positive, it’s nothing but good. It’s a very limited application. It’s not like you’re going to take her out of that room and go on a date with her or anything.

But the emotions I got were sadness.

So you didn’t particularly want to have that image come to you, because it would distract you from your channeling work?

Yeah. I think it would, because when I was meditating, after seeing her there, and after she was there just a minute or two trying to come through the door, it was like all of a sudden the sadness came over me and things just kind of fell apart. I couldn’t think about anything but the emotion I was feeling.

Maybe you need to talk to her before she can be the female side. Maybe there’s something that needs to be resolved for her to come through. Next time, maybe, you’d ask her if there’s something that you need to do so that you can resolve something so she can stand by your side as the female aspect of guidance.

Yes, perhaps, if you had a conversation, or if you just said, “It makes me sad to see your image,” it might give her a chance to express herself to you.

This is delicate work, because you don’t want to make it happen. You don’t want to force anything to happen. And at the same time if something does happen, you don’t want to deny it, you want to use it. We’ll do this invocation of the higher self several times before we finish this weekend and we’ll see how far we get with it, OK?

Any other questions?

Would you run through the visualization kind of briefly?

Yes, I will when we start off.

Any other questions?


I do honor all of your emotions as they come up here. We are moving into fairly deep areas of the human psyche, and touching upon areas that may be loaded in ways that I don’t know. At least we are here in this group and we can rely on each other’s love and comradeship as we move through these exercises together.

OK. Is everybody ready to go back into the visualization and open the other door, the door to the left of the screen that the male guidance is going to come through?

[Pause. Agreement to go ahead.]

OK. We move back into the screening room and we sit down in our chair and get ourselves all ready.

And we ask for help in being able to see and meet the male aspect of our guidance system.

We turn on the lights of the screen.

We ask for the door to open and the male aspect of our guidance to come through.

[A pause of several minutes.]

All right, you can come back now. Welcome back to the everyday, consensus reality of the world! Does anybody go up and down like this, is anybody susceptible enough to feel woozy or feel the need to be brought back up? Is everybody OK, in other words? You never can tell when you’re dealing with people just how skilled they might be at moving into trance states. I want to make sure we’re not in any danger. Good! Shall we go around again? Why don’t we go around the other way. J, how did things happen with you?

You’re going to me first?

Yes, I thought I’d go widdershins this time just to change it up. Widdershins is the opposite of deosil. It means we are going around counter-clockwise, and deosil is going around clockwise.

It’s not usually recommended. Anyway, he looked like Abraham Lincoln, but he wasn’t. He was just dressed with a top hat and a long, dark coat.

Very nice! OK. Good! Mr. Top hat. How about you, D?

I had a lot of mental images, but none that really materialized for any length of time. I had an image of a tall, thin white man dressed in a black suit. That was one. Toward the end I had more of a sketch of a face on a textured surface which lasted longest, I guess, a red and kind of a tan textured surface that was sketched on. That’s as close as I got in identifying any figure.

Very good. How about you?

OK, my male guide—I guess male higher self—came through and had long, blond hair in a ponytail and a beard very close-cut to his face. He was very down-to-earth. He came through, sat down and was very joyful and upbeat, tickled to be here. His name was Jacob. It was more easy to see detail in the male side for some reason. I asked that question, “Why is that?” Jacob said, “Your male side is more formed than the female at this level.”

Fascinating! How about you, little one?

My male came through very easily—there he was! And because it was so easy and I was kind of done, I said, “Can I invite my female form to come through again, too? She didn’t really come through as a person very well the first time.” And he said, “Certainly.” So I brought her through again, and this time she came through as a variation on Jennifer Connelly. I have a feeling that she’ll probably be different every time that I invoke her. And then I said, “Well let me try this. Let me practice this again.” So I left my space completely and came back and invited them in again, and my female form came through and was a Jennifer Connelly sort of figure again. She sat down and my male form didn’t come through very clearly. So I tried him again and he came through again. So in the whole thing, my male form had come through three times now. And all three times my male form has had Jim’s face. And I asked, “Why do you have Jim’s face?” And he said, “Well, you’re comfortable with Jim, you like Jim.” I said, “But you’re not Jim!” He said, “Well, that doesn’t matter!”

This is about making you comfortable.

Exactly! Exactly! And he was topless. He was just wearing his hair flowing down his back, and his pants.


What a treat!


This was a weird one. I don’t know if I made it up or not. Certainly, my intention was just to go in and watch what happens. So immediately, my tree was there—it was already cemented in. It was still there. Then I saw a really tall man, maybe up to the ceiling, like that kind of tall. He was really lanky, with almost no muscle at all. He had on a round top -hat with a brown suit and one of those thin, thin ties that was waving around. He was holding onto a briefcase and he was darting around the room, looking at the walls, and he said, “Yeah, this looks OK.” I swear that I’m watching this, and I don’t understand this. And then he sees the tree, and he kneels in front of the tree and does a genuflect in front of the tree, and then I said, “Would you care to sit down?” And he did, but he kept squirming around, and I didn’t understand—this is a protector?


And I said, “Who are you?” And he said, “My name’s Sam Jenkins”

Do you know that name? There’s a male at our church named Sam Jenkins.

Do you like how I describe him?



So I said, “Why are you so hyper? Why are you squirming? Will you relax and sit?” And he said, “Sure!” And the impression was that he’s quick, he’s constantly alert and moving around, I got the impression that’s how he keeps on top of things—by being quick, not by being a big guy that’s going to pulverize something.

So anyway, I like the idea someone had about looking at the screen, and I said, “Can we look at the screen and see if any words come up?” And it says on the screen, “Here we are face to face, a couple of silver spoons!


I don’t know. Can that be real?

It is what it is! It sounds like Mick Fleetwood. Well, you can’t make this kind of stuff up—it’s actually happening. But you can think at your leisure about “Here we are, a couple of silver spoons!” What exactly does that mean? Does it talk about your noble heritage as a spirit, as opposed to your humble heritage as a human being? How about you, T? I don’t know, T, it’s a hard act to follow!

Yeah, I know. When I was finally able to get back into that space enough, I saw my French doors on both sides. I kept inviting him, “Come on in!” No one would ever appear. But my image, though, is this widow’s walk. It has these French doors. So the girl was in on the west, and in my mind the French doors on the east were for the male side. The only thing that I could ever see there was a beautiful morning sun. Even when I would have gotten tired waiting on someone to come around and come in the door, I just wanted to open the door for them. There was a gentle breeze that would blow in. And then I went from this really comfortable morning sunlight to the bright afternoon sunlight at about two or three o’clock in the afternoon on the West side. And that’s all I could get.

Hmm. OK.

Well, you can have a tree. It sounds like you can have the sun on both sides.

I’ll be working on it.

Morning sun and afternoon sun. I have no resistance whatsoever to any of these images. Guidance expresses itself in ways that are characteristic to the person. It’s very intimate—this is very intimate work. You’re doing fine. How about you, L3?

I got a Prince Charming coming in, enchanted, waving his sword around. There was a lot of energy, too, all optimistic.

Excellent. Any emotions with that? Did you sense a desire to help you, or his love of you, anything like that, or just the image?

Yes, I felt that he was protective kind of being.

That would be the sword, I guess. Yeah. That’s good.

But he wanted to go on an adventure!

How about you, L1?

Well, I guess this is a little more confusing. When the door opened, I could see someone outside the door whirling, so there was this sense of a male dance.

A Dervish?

Yeah. And he wouldn’t come in the room. He was just dancing. I could just see the figure whirling as he was coming in the room. It was really hard for him to get in because he was a giant. And I asked him who he was. He said he was Atlas, and he tried to sit down on the chair, and it was a little small.


And this didn’t seem quite right. He was so big, it was hard to see the form. And I thought, “Well, maybe I ought to try this again!” And I opened it up again, and the alternative was Hercules. He was a little smaller


And I thought, “Well, I got myself a dancer and two giants who seemed awfully big and cumbersome to deal with. But they all seemed like they were willing. Let’s see who comes next!

Yeah! How about you, G1?

Well, when my male person came in, the door was suddenly short and he came in very small, and when he got inside, he grew and I thought, “Well, this is how it’s supposed to be.” So I did invitation again and he came in. This time, the door was still short, but he bent over and came in and then he sat down. He was a figure that I used to see in my meditations a lot, some years back. I associated him with Melchizedek the Biblical priest. So I feel that that’s who he was. He said, “Yes.” He also had a staff. I’m surely glad to see him. The Divine Mother was still in the room, and so then she and I merged and I felt peaceful. And then he and I merged, and I felt really powerful, and then we all three merged, but we separated out every time there was a merger. And he took his crown off and set it on my head, and I thought it would have been really heavy, but it was light. And he took it back, and he set a robe around me and I thought it would have been really heavy, but it was light, too. And then he told me that this is the time of fulfillment, whatever that means.

Beautiful! I don’t know what that means, or on what level, but it does sound like a wonderful message. Ok, M?

My doors seemed as though it was off in the distance—both of them. It was kind of weird. Because when I picture my screen, it’s pretty big. But what came through for the male was kind of what I picture Jesus to be, but he didn’t have legs. He was floating on this fiery kind of cloud, and I sensed that I couldn’t really talk to him yet, so hopefully that will come.

Yeah! So a Jesus-like character.

Yeah. Which is weird because I’ve never seen Jesus as a protector of anything in my life, other than unconditional love and eternal life. I’ve never really identified with him much or thought much about this form.

Well, a lot of people that are opening up their psyche or their channel report seeing Jesus and going, “Why am I seeing Jesus, because I’m not a Christian, I’m not religious?” But like I said, he tends to transcend anything beside the basic unconditional love vibration, which is what he seems to own around these parts. Very good. OK, N?

An image come through of the big guy out of the Harry Potter films. I’ve seen Harry Potter, but I’m not really a Harry Potter fan. I just had a feeling that there’s a strong presence there. That’s about it.


Did he have a dragon with him, or anything?

No, he was just black, heavy, hairy. I got the name, Hagrid.

So my male figure burst through the door, slid on the floor with his knees playing an electric guitar, singing. I went through the whole exercise from start to finish, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and really nothing. I think I completely lack the capacity to sit and be passive and watch something happen to me. I think this is an exercise I’m probably going to have to let go of as being useful. It’s completely an analytical exercise for me. I sat there and I tried. I could see two doors. That’s easy enough to construct. And I tried. I asked the question as sincerely as possible. I tried to get in that role, to ask, “OK, what’s going to come through?” And my mind would begin thinking, “Well what about if I used faith? That might work.” I had will for the face of the male and faith for the face of the female. T was talking. He said “Sun.” and I thought, “Sun—oh, yeah that sounds good.” You know, I could consciously construct it, but I couldn’t be passive and watch it happen. So that was my experience, I didn’t get anything.

Well, I do iterate that if you don’t get anything, you can still invoke your guidance, male and female, and ask them to come through the door and just know that they’re coming through the door and sitting beside you.

Without the images?

Yes, without the images. I have found that the images are very helpful, usually, just in making your whole run-up to the channeling process as vivid and focused as possible. But certainly just a prayer to your guidance system to come through would be adequate.

In terms of working with this visualizing tool we have of the inner workroom, it does help to flesh out the visualization as much as possible, so that it’s more akin to your everyday experience, and therefore more easily visualized. But like I said, there’s no reason that you have to put a face to the spirit. All you have to do is to remember to ask for the help, to ask for the protection. How about you, R?

Well, I had trouble on some parts of it, but it’s like G1 said. I tend to approach it analytically. When I was expecting something to happen and it did not happen, things just started to dissolve. That’s what happened first in the previous round. I said, “I can’t figure out what the male aspect of the guidance would be.” But as soon as I said that, I knew what it would be next time I asked. That certainly happened. The door opened, and then I met a male figure of an Indian Yogi—that’s what the outline looked like. And I already knew what it was, but the trouble was that when I tried to open the communication, it was a real struggle to communicate. It would be like I’d be sitting opposite this calm, peaceful guy that looks like the Indian meditator, and I look into his eyes and I would ask questions, but I wouldn’t get any answers. Occasionally, I would get, “Yes.” It was like the moment I asked, “Who are you?” and I would hear, “Yes.” I could not tell if I was imagining it, or if it was really something coming up. So that I sort of gave up on because I was comfortable with the image, quite peaceful and loving, so I just let him be. And he did come through the door on the left side and sit on my left hand. And the female guidance and image was on my right hand. And I also invited both of them and we were sitting there holding hands. And the one on the right hand side—there was a lot more emotion associated with it, probably because of who that figure is. And then I tried to work with the screen. And I have to say that the screen is not working for me, since I am not seeing things on it. It’s kind of fuzzy. I’ll see if it seems to come together better. The trouble that I have is that I think I have good visualization, and then when I start thinking about seeing something on the screen, I can’t tell whether it’s there because I’m putting it there or if it’s there because I’m getting an answer of some sort. I cannot distinguish between those two. So I started doubting. And then Carla was pulling us back, so I have to rush to get back here in time.

OK. I think what I’m going to do is ask us all to go outside in between these two sessions because sitting, and sitting, and sitting, and sitting is just deadening. And we’re going to practice again. We’re going to practice going through the whole thing from the beginning of the tuning process all the way through to getting ready to channel. Tuning, challenging, the whole thing. We haven’t used our guidance to challenge on the screen yet, but we won’t be doing that until we actually start channeling, so we can’t practice beyond that point.

I do have one question. Does the way our energies come to us and the way we visualize things have an effect on our personalities in this incarnation? I noticed that there are different patterns in which people visualize things, or that things happen differently for some than others. Does it cater to your personality, to the best way for you to learn?

Well, it’s an artifact of your personality. You’re dealing with a semi-closed system. It’s not closed in the time-space sense, but in terms of space-time, each of us is a closed system. We’re a mind-body-spirit complex that is a unit, a monad. There’s “me” and then there’s “outside of me.”

But when you’re dealing with time-space, you’re actually dealing with an open system, and so how you realize or how you perceive these energies that are coming through from the gateway of intelligent infinity down into your awareness is an artifact of your personality.

I wouldn’t say that the way that you visualize has an effect on your personality. I’d say it’s completely the other way around. It’s strictly an artifact of who you are. I mean, some people visualize very well. Other people are very word-oriented. Some are auditory oriented—they need to hear something. Some people don’t have any ability for any of those things, and yet that doesn’t mean that they can’t be a good channel, it just means that their personality is thick as a plank as far as any of these extra-sensory awarenesses goes.

And that doesn’t have to stop one at all. It’s not that it doesn’t mean anything. Of course it means a great deal. Each of you is going to have to deal with what you’ve got. But it doesn’t mean that one way is better than another, or that you’re failing to make the grade if you don’t see things in a certain way—not at all.

  1. The Tree of Life glyph plays a part in many world religions and mystical systems. As used here, it refers to the Kabalistic Tree of Life, which is a sort of cosmological map of the creation as well as a diagram of the paths to the Creator. There are ten stations or sephiroth, each having different characteristics. For instance, the highest sephiroth in the Tree, Keter or The Crown, represents divine mercy, the planet Neptune, the skull and brain of the human body and the number 1. There are 22 paths between the sephiroth. For example, there are three paths from Keter: path 12/Beth to Binah/Understanding, path 13/Gimel to Tiphareth/Beauty and path 11/Aleph to Chokmah/Wisdom. Taken as a whole, the Tree of Life is a self-contained system of mystical study.