Channeling Circle 1

The plan is that we are going to go through our tuning processes and when we are done, we are going to put up a hand. Actually you don’t have to put it up until you see my eyes open and start to look around. And if you are done, put up your hand because I will go through my tuning process also. Is that pretty clear? I am going around to the left.

Do you want to om to begin or can we just start tuning now?

[Group consensus is to go right into the tuning process.]

Let’s just start tuning.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. We greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are most happy to be called to your circle of seeking this evening and we thank each of you for calling us to join you. It is, as always, a true privilege and honor to be included in your meditation. It is especially an honor and a privilege to be asked to help train the entities within the circle.

We would apologize to the one known as M for we realize that this instrument was not entirely ready to join the circle and yet we felt that it was well that we move forward while the focus of the other entities within the group was at its maximum.

As always we would ask each to evaluate any word that we say to these instruments, for we are not authorities over you but fellow-pilgrims upon the path of seeking the one infinite Creator. We appreciate your discrimination, for it will enable us to speak freely without being concerned about infringing upon your free will.

The one known as Carla has said that we often use the training technique of telling a story and this we shall, indeed, do at this time. But we would first offer remarks oriented to aiding this circle in its first attempt to receive our contact and express the thoughts that we offer.

First of all, my friends, we are most pleased to be collaborators with you in offering service to the one infinite Creator and to those upon your planet who wish to seek helpful information concerning the process of spiritual evolution. We are one with you in that desire and that particular path of service and it is a joy to work with each of you.

Secondly, we would echo the sentiments of the one known as Carla when we say that we ask you not to be discouraged if there is not an immediate feeling of contact from us. The sensitivity to contact varies from entity to entity. However, it is true that once the contact has been accepted, even if there is only a slight feeling of contact, the acceptance of contact in itself begins to build and strengthen the connection of your channel with our source. Consequently, we encourage you to be fearless. There is no judgment for those who are not able to pick up our communication and there is no judgment for those who begin to receive thoughts from us and yet, for one reason or another, are unable to continue. Please allow this part of yourself which has an ego to die down and be left behind. You are offering your service. You will move as you are able and all speeds are perfect.

We would begin the story with this instrument.

Once upon a time, in a small village at the foot of a great mountain and at the shore of an ocean, there dwelled a young man who had always served in the fields of his father and in the fishing boat of his uncle. His life was a simple one. He hauled the teeming nets at eventide and, when needed in his father’s fields for harvest or for especially intense work in cultivating, he walked behind the plow, or behind the reaper or behind the oxen when he was needing to thresh the harvest. He was happy in the sunlight and content in the rain and knew no desire except to live his life out in this small village.

Yet one day, something occurred that brought new thoughts to his mind.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We find that the one known as R has not thought that he is in a position to pick up our contact and so we shall speak a bit further through this instrument and move on to the one known as G.

This entity saw something that he had never seen before. A ship with a sail that he had no knowledge of appeared on the horizon and sailed into his small village, having to moor somewhat offshore because of the shallows. The village rode out in its fishing boats to receive these strangers, and when the strangers came among them, they spoke an unknown tongue.

They were able to make themselves known by gestures and they enjoyed a celebration with the villagers, loading up their water skins, filling the ship’s larder with fresh food. And away the strangers sailed. Yet, to the young man there came to be a great desire to know more than he had known before.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as G. We are those of Laitos.

(G channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We would greet you in love and light. We are having difficulties with this instrument. We leave this instrument. We are those of Laitos.

(N channeling)

We are [inaudible] who have a message [inaudible] among this group. That message is [inaudible].

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. We thank the ones known as G and N and will continue the story briefly through this instrument.

The young man decided that in order to discover what he should do to act upon his desire to know more than he had known before, he should perhaps scale the mountain and come to the highest place in the area, that he may look over all the lands and the oceans and decide what road he should take to seek further the wonders of the unknown entities who had graced the village with their presence, and had left them gifts before going on their way.

And so, although no one had ever been able successfully to climb to the very top of the nearby peak, he determined that he wished to do so. He said good-bye to his family and set off on the arduous journey, for although the peak looked to be nearby and could be seen by the eye, it was many weeks’ journey by foot and there was one obstacle after another in the young man’s way. Yet he said good-bye and set out for the adventure to come.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as L. We are those of Laitos.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. The young man in his journey came to a river, one that he could not conceive going across. So he walked upstream, searching another path. Perhaps a tree had fallen across the river and could act as a bridge. Perhaps there were stones that he could reach to cross the river. Perhaps the river came to a place where it was narrower.

However, in his walk up the river he came to a waterfall because the river fell down off of the cliff. There was no more walking along the river. There was another obstacle in his way.

This instrument may now pass this channel on to the one known as M. He is more capable of receiving our message. We are those of Laitos.

(M channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are telling this story of this man and his journey. It should be known at this time that this man realized something within himself. He saw a flash over the horizon that brought him back to a time when he was a child. Although he was convinced that the lightening flashed, it appears that [inaudible]. Although this man was [inaudible] he realized why he was on this trip.

(G channeling)

We are Laitos. This young man surveyed the situation, as you would say among your people. He could see no way to cross. He could go no farther upstream. He went inland and traveled for three times of sleep when the sun did not shine. After three times of sleep when the sun did not shine, he came to a clearing, a large clearing in which there were what you would call dwelling places. There were people. The people looked like him. He was glad to see them. They did not speak as he spoke. He was able to talk to them by making signs with his hands.

He was taken to a very old man who seemed to be one of great wisdom. He stayed with the very old man for several periods of light and times when the sun did not shine. They came to be able to communicate with each other. One way they communicated was by making pictures and signs with a stick. I pass this story to the one called L.

(L1 channeling)

We are Laitos. We greet you all with love. The young man communicated to the old man that he wished [inaudible]. The old man told him that this would be very difficult; that no one he knew had been able to accomplish this in all his years. This inspired the young man even more in his quest to reach the top of the mountain. When he appeared so resolute, the old man told him of a path he might take. He gave him a pouch as a gift on his way, and told him that when he was in danger or lost, he should open the pouch. We are Laitos and pass on to the one known as L2.

(L2 channeling)

We are Laitos. We are having difficulty with this instrument. We pass it on.

(Carla channeling)

We are again with this instrument. We are those known to you as Laitos. May we say parenthetically how pleased we are with this band of storytellers who seek to share love and light through their instruments.

There are many, many ways to approach the telling of the story of love and light, and of the journey that each takes when he has awakened to the knowledge that there is more than meets the eye in his otherwise placid life.

This young man determined at last to move back to the point of the waterfall. He did not know why, in order to go up, he must go down, and yet that was what his intuition was suggesting to him, so he bade farewell to his new friend and kind mentor and made his way back to the precipice over which the waters flowed in abundance and beauty, And barring all fear, he spread his arms and leapt into mid-air, offering himself to the quest that awaited him.

As he did so, all of the colors of his vision seemed to change and become more and more luminous. Suddenly he found himself borne up on the back of a beautiful white bird, so huge that he was comfortably able to sit upon this bird’s back. Then, as he flew into the land beyond the waterfall, he found that this magical being was able to speak to him. And he had many questions to ask, so his heart was glad.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as S. We are those of Laitos.

(S channeling)

We are Laitos and we are with this instrument.

(Carla channeling)

We are again with this instrument. We are known as Laitos. We thank the one known as S and will continue for a bit through this instrument.

As he flew towards the rainbow that circled the peak that he had been hoping to reach, the young man asked the bird what it was that made him hunger so to know that which he did not know. Yet the bird was silent on this point, only continuing to take him to the rainbow that circled the peak.

And the boy began to muse to himself of all of the wonders that he had seen and of all the new things that had passed before his eyes and accommodated to his experience. He had no answers, and yet he had become something more than he was before. He pondered this mystery of unknowing as he came to the rainbow that circled the peak.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as C. We are those of Laitos.

(C channeling)

We greet you again in love and light. We are those of Laitos. [Inaudible].

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument, greeting each in love and light again. We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

We are those of Laitos and greet each in love and light. The young man now felt that the significance of the colors were as a kind of representation of the journey upon which he found himself.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

At the ending of his journey, he had learned of the great, bright, red-hot zeal to know what it was that lay beyond his reach at the peak of the mountain, which was barely within his sight. He had experienced great excitation to know, generated by the appearance of those friendly strangers who had appeared in the ship at his village seaside location. As he began his journey, the desire to know became transformed into various hues, likened to the rainbow colors, so that there was a kind of maturation that was tempered by the experience which he was undergoing in each present moment.

Now, as he rested upon the back of the great bird with the pouch given by the elder wise man secured safely across his shoulders, he knew that the journey that he was upon was a journey that would have no end. Though he may, indeed, reach the top of the peak, such a destination was as a beginning, as well as were all destinations. He realized that this journey of seeking upon which he found himself was one which would continue until the day he passed from this illusion and from this life.

He decided that he would open the pouch which had been given to him to see what it was that the old wise man had given to him. As he opened the pouch, he was surprised to find a mirror inside. When he looked into the mirror he saw himself as that which was the seeker and that which was sought. The beginning and end of his journey lay in his hands, in his heart and in his mind.

We shall transfer this contact to the who is known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and greet each through this instrument.

The young man now burned with a different fire. He burned with the fire of self-knowledge and the keen awareness that all that he sought lay within him. And so he communicated to his feathered friend that he wished nothing more than to go back to the point of his origin. And so it was that the village marveled one day to see the young man walking upon the shore.

“Hey, Uncle,” he said. “Do you need some help with those nets?”

“Hey, Father,” he said. “Is it time for harvest yet?”

His family and the villagers were astounded to see him again, for they thought he was lost forever. “What have you learned? What miracle has brought you to us? What can you tell us?” they asked him, gathering around him and clamoring.

The young man said, “I have seen that those with different languages are yet kind.

“I have seen that those in other places have wise men as well as we.

“I have seen that when I abandon myself to the quest for truth, the truth itself shall come and give me wing that I may go to the place of the highest and the most beautiful.

“And above all, my friends, my family, my beloved, I have seen that there is nothing more precious than you. I have found my happiness.”

We thank each in this circle for working with our technique for beginning to channel that which is not already known. Were we, as we sometimes will with you, my friends, to channel concerning love and light directly, it would, indeed, be an easier thing for you to be able to offer some coherent thought, and yet, at the same time, were we to do this, there would be a far greater doubt in your mind as to whether you had actually received that which is our contact. This is the reason for our technique with you. We assure each that each has, to some extent, felt our presence and yet, as this instrument said as she was teaching before this session, it is a difficult thing to determine whether it is a thought of the mind that is yours, or a thought of the mind that is coming through you. For thoughts are thoughts, and you channel your thoughts just as you channel ours.

As you ponder what you have experienced this night, realize that you are, indeed, channels already. May your channel be one of love and light always insofar as you are able to open yourselves to the heart of yourselves, which is love. Love, my friends, is all there is. You are all creatures of love.

We would ask at this time if there are queries that you may have for us. We are those of Laitos.

I have a question. Why did I become so incredibly cold before I channeled?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister. The subjective feeling of cold has long been associated, my sister, with the entrance into your space/time of the spiritual presence of time/space. Indeed, there have been times, we believe, that your scientists have discovered there is an actual temperature differential when there is gathered together a group that is able to accept the presence of that which is a metaphysical presence rather than a physical one.

While it is largely a subjective experience, there is an objective component. The experience of that cold is fleeting and does not continue past the time of initial contact. We apologize if our presence caused you any discomfort whatsoever, but we assure you that it functions as a subjective signal that we are, indeed, present with you.

May we ask if there is another query at this time? We are those of Laitos.

I have a question. Carla stated that you are of fourth density. Will you describe what the fourth-density experience is like there?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister. The attempt to describe fourth density is made easier by the experiences of those within this circle of seeking. You in third density have at one time or another glimpsed the taste of that land where there is no need to hide the self in any way or to be defended. You have just barely glimpsed the possibility of being unafraid of intimacy, even to having each and every one of one’s thoughts known. It is difficult to grasp, from your perspective within third density, my friends, that there is a comfort and an ease that can be experienced when one is completely and utterly exposed. We assure you that there is tremendous comfort and ease in being fully and wholly known, and knowing others fully and wholly.

Your awareness exists with a thick and heavy veil that separates your conscious and physical self from your largely unconscious and metaphysical self, which interpenetrates your awareness as a human being in third density. We do not criticize each of you for being defended, for in your perception, it is necessary. And, indeed, as this instrument has said earlier within these talks during this channeling intensive, there is a goodness and rightness in the protection of drawing limits and affirming one’s seeming separation from those who would overwhelm you and remove your individuality.

That situation is that which you came to experience and use and yet at the same time it is that which to some extent you came to transcend. You have many entities in your life who have given you practice at the defense of self against self, and you have some precious few who have given you the opportunity to experience the joy of being undefended in your intimacy.

The great joy of fourth density is that all is, indeed, known and all is accepted. For there is no opportunity to do else when there is not a veil. For it is seen that, beyond all the colors of the spectrum of the personalities of each that you know, lies the white, limitless light and love of the one Infinite Creator.

You have an intense and powerfully difficult experience as third-density entities striving to know love and light, and to live those values of compassion, understanding and acceptance. You make marvelous strides, going far further in one incarnation than would be possible for those in higher densities in many incarnations. Our work in fourth density, in the density of love and understanding, is to refine upon the choice that you have made in your third density life, that choice of service-to-others or service-to-self. You make the choice. We refine upon that choice.

To us there is also a physical body. To us there is mating, friendship, work and pleasure. Yet to us, the brilliance of intensity with which you, in your unknowing, have experienced life, is not given. To us is given that which is offered when there is no veil, but only the endless mystery of the one infinite Creator, which offers us constant feedback that we may ever more refine that choice for love, that choice for service, that choice to be one with all.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

I have a query. During the telling of the story, I became aware of seeing what I thought was [inaudible] on the screen. When someone spoke ahead of me and said that he went through the waterfall, I wanted to cry out, “No. No. He didn’t go to the waterfall. He went to the wise man.” I would like any information you can give me on what dynamic was going on there. Did my friend perceive one probability and I perceive another probability? Or was it something different?

We are aware of your query, my sister. We are those of Laitos. Your first supposition is correct. The story that we had to tell was not fully formed within our own energies, for we wished to move with the various individual energies of those in the circle. The moral or burden of the story was known to us and the general direction of the story. And yet, we were very willing to move in that direction which first seemed to come into the awareness of that entity who was channeling at the time.

There is the concept of making a mistake. And one might say that, indeed, the one which channeled before you went in a different path than we had originally intended. Yet, there was no mistake, in that we were perfectly able to work with that which had been altered and to recreate the story with the same moral and the same burden.

The accuracy of a channel is certainly valuable and that for which each instrument aims. Yet, at the beginning, my sister, we consider it far more useful to work with somewhat faulty perceptions in giving instruments the opportunity to feel our energy and to become more and more comfortable with the situation of the channeling. Consequently, there is no supposition of error in any of those who have channeled this evening, but rather the adventure of a new experience and the beginnings of a new skill.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Yes. I noticed also that at a certain point, shortly after the story began, I saw on the screen what was going to happen next and then after I began telling the story, I saw nothing. It was as though the story was telling itself as far as I was concerned for as long as I was speaking. I wonder about that. During the rest of the time that I was talking, I had a pulsing in my head that I don’t have at this time. Can you tell me the origin of that pulsing in my head?

We are those of Laitos and are aware of your query, my sister.

The pulsing that you are experiencing is a variety of conditioning, that which allows you to know in a subjective manner that you are, indeed receiving our contact. We use portions of your brain that this instrument would call the frontal lobes, and in using those frontal lobes, there is, characteristic to this use, a variety of the sensations that this instrument has described, such as the tingling at the top of the head or at the third eye. The pulsing which you experienced, my sister, is a variety or a variation on those sensations.

May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

I have a question. For those of us who attempted to channel the story and were not able to, you have a view from the other side than we see ourselves. Is there any advice that you can give to the group, to those in it who were not able to connect or experience the presence strongly enough, or to have the confidence to channel what was seen or felt during their time of being called upon?

We are those of Laitos and are with this instrument and believe we understand your query, my brother.

When a dozen people attempt to do one thing, there shall be a dozen different levels of readiness to attempt the task. For instance, a group of twelve might play with a game sphere such as your baseball and an instrument to strike that game sphere such as your bat. If you toss each of the twelve a pitch, some will not be able to see the ball. This instrument is one of them. She may, by taking courage, swing, and she may, indeed, connect, but her physical apparatus is such that she does not see the ball.

Others may never have attempted to hit a baseball before and so they will be hard put to perform the act with any skill.

Others there are who have varying degrees of experience with hitting a baseball with a bat. They will have varying degrees of displayed skill when they swing at a thrown baseball.

And one or two may have a natural gift for hitting a sphere with an implement designed to make it loft up and go places.

So there will be a seeming variety of responses to our contact, from an inability to perceive it to a facility with it that cannot be explained except by saying that there are some who are gifted.

This does not mean that there are any within this group to whom the ability to channel is not possible. For each does, indeed, have the ability to receive and to transmit our thoughts. Yet, there will be a slight variety in the amount of time it takes each entity to be able to see the ball and swing the bat.

There are many factors involved in being able to channel our words. Some of them are those of personality and natural ability. Others are those of the circumstances of the entity, whether they be fears, preconceptions or opinions, of which, perhaps, those who are working to receive our contact are not even aware.

In all cases, we are thrilled and delighted to work with each and every one of those within this circle as each of you explores this gift, this experience, of channeling. We have a desire to share our thoughts through instruments such as you in order that we may offer the story of love, love unconditional, love unbounded, love eternal, love infinite, to those who are hungry for that message.

They hunger and yet in many cases they do not know that for which they hunger. And so each of you, with your unique personality and gifts, offers to us a different way to tell our tale that is simple and unified. Love is all that there is. And all that there is, is love.

This instrument’s energy wanes and so we would leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Laitos, and as this instrument has said to you before, we always say, “Do not forget to meditate, even if you only have five minutes.”

Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Laitos. Adonai.

As we let the light that have gathered in the circle go back to its source, let us place in that light our hopes and our dreams and our prayers for healing.

The image goes up. Let the rains fall down.