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L/L Research Homecoming 2006

Living the Law of One - A Seminar Sponsored by L/L Research and Bring4th

Welcome to the archive of the L/L Research Homecoming 2006, held at the Camelot campus of L/L Research in Louisville, KY, on September 1 to 3, 2006. The study focus for the Gathering was the chakras and the energy body. Thirteen people attended the conference, coming from both coasts and various places in between. Thank you to all who were able to attend. We hope to have another event sometime in 2007.


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Photographic archive

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To see the photos more closely, click on “Sets,” near the top of the page, and then on any photo. If there is a caption, it will appear below the larger photo. Gary and Carla captioned the photos taken by Gary (in the “2006 Homecoming Gathering” set). Please look at the house photos first in order to familiarize yourself with the participants through those captions. By the end of that set, you will know them well enough to enjoy the other photos as though they were family—which is the way the Homecoming always does feel—like a family reunion!

These are the documents in the information package that we referred to during the seminar.

Carla’s series of ten UPI articles on the energy body

The original articles at “The UPI Religion & Spirituality Forum” are here.

Supporting quotes from the Ra Material

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