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L/L Research Homecoming 2008


Our Homecoming gathering this year will be held in our tropical hometown of Louisville, Kentucky during Labor Day Weekend, August 29 through August 31.

Course and Curriculum

Finding ourselves in the experimental mood this year, we made a departure from our conventional teach/learning curriculums of the past and decided to adopt a more novel approach. This year instead of studying a common body of material together, we will create a curriculum which is attendee driven.

Combining the best of ancient Athens with modern day group work, each attendee will be given a predetermined allotment of time within which they will have the floor. (The time will be divided equally among the total number of attendees.) During their allotted time, the attendee will have the opportunity to address the group with whatever topic of choice or concern is foremost in their process, receiving in return the group’s undivided loving attention.

The basic gist is that each participant will make some sort of presentation on that which is important to the participant. This can be done by expressing a question in 25 words or less, preparing a speech, speaking ad lib, creating a power point presentation, or making a laser light show, there really are few restrictions on the creative expression of the participant’s topic of choice.

After the presentation, the group will interact with the presenter. Who knows how the appropriate responses will go? Maybe the presenter just needs support. Maybe he’s looking for ideas and suggestions. Maybe it’s the kind of question where Carla will get together a few quotes and we can have a discussion. It’s entirely driven by the presenters.

The one thing that’s for certain is that the presenters will be bathed in love!

One essential goal is to give the individual time to open up to others and feel the reciprocated unconditional acceptance and support of the group. A homecoming suggests family and the attendees drawn to L/L Research are always family. The other essential goal is to find and share insights and solutions and to learn more about the Law of One.

The main criteria guiding the creation of one’s presentation are duple:

  1. That the presentation be relatively free of expletives, explicit imagery, and of course not infringe on any others’ free will in any way, shape or form.
  2. That the presentation be somehow framed in terms of one’s spiritual growth and linked to the spiritual principles which guide that growth.

The deadline for receiving the topic or the outline of the presentation will be August 15. If you have any questions on what may or may not be appropriate for a presentation, please contact us at


Unless we decide otherwise, the venue for this Homecoming will be none other than the home of L/L Research, a center for learning, study, and channeling since 1984, located in Louisville, Kentucky. We were able to accommodate over 30 people at this location last year, not to mention all those positively oriented non-physical beings who find such events an occasion worth attending! So we have plenty of room for more registrations.


L/L Research’s tuition for this event is $160.

Of the seven meals (three dinners, two lunches, two breakfasts), L/L Research will provide five of them. The cost of the groceries and materials for these five meals will be divided among all in attendance. This usually amounts to $30/person, give or take. We will eat out at a local restaurant for the remaining two dinners.


We have a comprehensive list of all hotels/motels within a five mile radius of the venue, some of which have very reasonable rates of $50/night without skimping on cleanliness. Please contact Gary for this list of hotels.


Standiford Field, Louisville’s international airport, is within easy driving distance of the venue, approximately 25 minutes away. If you will be flying into town, we may be able to help provide transportation to and from your place of lodging. If you do not have the funds to rent a car, we will help you to arrange carpooling from your hotel to the venue and back.

Now that you are interested in attending, please contact us at and register while there’s still space!

Love and Light to you, fellow seeker,

Gary, Carla and Jim

L/L Research

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