16 May, 2002

Special meditation

Q’uo, this is a question for T1. The question will be sort of broad and possibly double-based: “I’m interested in the best way to deal with the catalyst in my marriage and how I can be of service and love in that area as opposed to adding to the catalyst and direction for life in general. I feel there is a beating in me that I can touch and feel, and I seem to be doing something with the soul purpose sort of like what I was reading about in The Law of One, Book V, what you had mentioned about ‘silver flecks’; how everyone has their own knowing that they are on the right track. Well, sometimes mine, I guess, may be just a quickening pulse, shivering, you can call flecks at some times. The burning in my lower and upper chest, sometimes, throat. I’m of the mind that this is a ‘use it or lose it’ type of phenomenon, and I don’t want to lose it because I’m not focusing or listening in the right direction to what’s happening. Synchronicities happen all the time in my life, but I don’t know what they mean. I dream and record my dreams many times a week, but I have no idea how to interpret them even though I attempt to. Even trying just sort of confuses me, or they’re more complicated. I know this is a way for God to guide and direct me, anyway. I know there are two big, huge issues or maybe one in the same, basically, about my marriage and the catalyst there; how to learn from it; how to take advantage and learn from the synchronicities in dreams and moments in my life that are filled with soul and direct them into what I should be doing with my life or even spare a love time that I could have to be creative, write, sculpt, etc." And, Q’uo, we’d also like to know how you feel about doing personal sessions like this. We’d be interested in your comment, maybe, this time.

5 May, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with putting the puzzle pieces together, remembering our being, our knowledge, our ancestry, our connection with each other and with the planet. We are hoping that Q’uo can give us some information on how this spiritual journey works for us. No matter how long we’ve been on the journey, no matter how newly we feel revitalized, we need to know how it is that we remember our mission. Are there stages to our remembering? Is there a process that we could accelerate or harmonize with in our daily round of activities? How do we keep that excitement that we all felt at the workshop last weekend alive in our daily round of activities?

21 April, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with opening the heart and the center of love in our daily round of activities. Each of us from time to time has found ways of accessing this energy of compassion. We have insights and prolonged experiences of one kind or another that have let us know that there is an energy there. We would like for Q’uo to let us know how this process of opening the heart is really accomplished by those of us who live here in the third density but still behind the veil of forgetting, still trying to discover the unity with all things. How do we go about opening our heart centers and carrying that love with us into our daily round of activities?

7 April, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with some of the finer aspects of service. If we wish to be of service and offer ourselves in that way, is there any danger that we could distort the service or make it less than it could be by being proud of our service, by making it public, by doing it in a way that is not hidden, not pure. We would like for Q’uo to talk to us about the optimum way of really being of service to others in a way that does serve other people and doesn’t activate our egos.

17 March, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with what we in the group have perceived as a lot of personal energy getting moved around, a lot of chances for change. People seem to be dealing with issues that they have let go for a while. There seem to be a lot of new issues popping up. There seems to be a lot of energy to be used now for catalyst for spiritual growth. And we would like Q’uo’s comment on whether this might be a correct perception, and if so, what are the opportunities that are being offered when we have so much energy available to us?

7 March, 2002

Special meditation

Our question today concerns the meeting that we have had this afternoon, the many ideas that have been exchanged about how to make the Law of One information available to more people, and we would like Q’uo’s response, consideration, estimation as to the value of this particular effort and the likelihood of having an effect upon planet Earth in the positive sense and any effect that we might have in this endeavor. Could you give us your ideas and comments concerning this question?

24 February, 2002

Sunday meditation

Our question this week has to do with communication, real communication. It’s hard enough to be honest and to speak clearly to another person about what you are thinking and feeling. We are wondering how a person can also engage the heart so that the intellectual communication that you share isn’t just a means of attacking or defending but that you are also able to engage how you really feel and maybe the higher principles that you believe in, the concept of love and forgiveness and compassion. How would you recommend that people having difficulty communicating—not so much being honest—how would you recommend people be able to get to their hearts, be vulnerable, share what’s really of foremost importance in their lives?

10 February, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the concept of the shadow self, the darker side of ourselves that we occasionally explore but which is mostly a mystery to us. We would like for you to help us discover what it is that we can do to get to know our shadow selves, to accept our darker side, and become 360 degree people, with light and dark. What is the most salient thing that we as seekers of truth could do to get to know and accept our shadow selves?

4 February, 2002

Monday meditation

The question today, Q’uo, deals with the concept of self-doubt in relation to change and to the increased vibrations that everybody seems to feel: more stress, more choices, more anxiety in the life pattern. We would like for you to give us an idea of how we can deal with self-doubt when stability in the way things are seems so much more comfortable, how we can deal with change in making choices on the spiritual path.

20 January, 2002

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the concept of how we create our experience, our reality, by the way we think, by the way we believe. We would like for Q’uo to give us any indication as to whether that might be correct and if it is, how does that work? We would like to have more information on how we can create a more harmonious reality.