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The L/L Research Transcripts

September 19, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: We'd like to know how to determine where the inner light that is our birth right in the violet ray meets with the intelligent energy from the logos that is our daily gift of energy that comes in from our base chakra, through our feet, and through the groin area; how do we determine where that meeting place is?

October 3, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Q'uo, many of us are struggling with situations that seem too much to bear, at times. We have the perception of having either too much catalyst, or too intense catalyst, or both. We often feel that life places burdens upon us that we don't have the resources to cope with. How do we carry our crosses, Q'uo? How do we bring the open heart into the challenges that life seems to put upon us and invite higher energies to transform our experience?

October 17, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: In the past, those of Q'uo have drawn a distinction between the "mind of the world" and the "mind of the heart." Q'uo describes the "mind of the world" as the analytical judging mind which we have been conditioned to use almost exclusively. They describe the "mind of the heart" as being a consciousness of love.

Corroborating Q'uo's thought, information is now available from different fields which say that the physical heart is much more than a pump but is also a specialized brain with endocrine electro-magnetic and neurological perceptive functions.

We would like to go deeper into the information Q'uo has already shared to help us open our hearts by asking how to shift the primary focus of our consciousness from the mind of the world to the mind of the heart, both its physical and metaphysical aspects, allocating to the computer-like brain a role seemingly more suited to its design, the role of a helpmate.

November 7, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Q'uo, our question today is: what are those thoughts, activities and energies which strengthen, intensify and focus the will?

Also, and conversely, what are those thoughts and activities which dissipate, diffuse and weaken the will?

And finally, if you could speak to the point of what the highest function or use of the will is for the positively polarizing entity.

November 21, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Dear Q'uo, this world is beset by recurring stories of intensive conflict, disharmony and suffering. One recent example is happening in Europe where hundreds of thousands of refugees have left their troublesome home countries to find safety, security and a new chance at life. There are a lot of welcoming energies awaiting these refugees, but also a lot of resistance and, in some places, even violent xenophobic attacks.

Our principle focus today is upon the meaning and purpose of these events. Are these catalysts designed, you might say, to serve as mechanisms for global catalyst that affect many, if not all of those within the illusion? That is, do these catalysts awaken the global identity, helping us to face tough questions about love and who we are?

The secondary focus of our question is upon service. For those who react to these troubling moments and determine that they want to serve and want to shine love, how can they minister to the needs of refugees and all those who suffer oppression? Indeed, what can we really do in our daily lives and in meditation to bring peace to this burdened planet?

December 5, 2015, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Today we’d like to ask about service. How can we identify our service as positive? How can we know our actions are in line with our desire to serve? How do our intentions, desires and actions play in to our service?

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