29 June, 1980

Sunday meditation

Oxal: We have listened to you speak about those things that are to come and those things are happening now in fulfillment of messages that this group has received in the past. We are sorry, my friends, that your peoples are never able to understand that the friction between them is the true cause of the planetary change. This the scientists cannot understand no matter how they shuffle their papers or hone their computers, but it is true, my friends. Your transition into fourth density has occurred, though apparently being somewhat difficult. Each of you, my friends, has a program of action to carry out at this time, and we say this not only to those in this room but to each person upon your sorrowing planet.

22 June, 1980

Sunday meditation

Oxal: We speak of a simple truth and we would express it to you by saying that to serve the Creator is perfect freedom. This, my friends, is a universe of love. The entities upon your sphere, being co-creators, have distorted that love in many ways. But if you can look about you to see the world the Creator has made for you, you can learn the lessons of love, of service to others that we bring to you.

8 June, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: We were aware of your chanting this evening as you polarized yourselves toward the unity of God. In the religion which fostered the birth of that [inaudible] a central prayer is the prayer, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One.” Listen, my friend. What can you hear?

7 June, 1980

Saturday meditation

Latwii: My friends, we ask you at this time to look at the road ahead of you and accept it with joy. You do not know what the road will bring. It bends, it curves, it will have branches; accept it now. When you have eased your mind, then you will be able to be free in the present moment. We are aware that you are becoming conscious of the times to come. Those are parts of a road that has not yet turned up in your experience. We ask that you experience the road of today.

1 June, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: There is always one important point that we wish to make to those who meditate and truly seek the way of the pilgrim. That point may perhaps be illustrated rather than explained. Let us say, my friends, that you all have known an explorer, a treasure hunter, whose desire in life was to seek out the greatest and the best treasure of all time. Your friend sought out old maps and read old stories and talked to many archaeologists and experts, seeking a good trail to the best treasure of all time, a treasure that was priceless, a treasure that would be his.

25 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: There was once a young man who desired freedom, for he was a young man of great sensitivity. And when he saw the poverty, the hunger, the suffering in the world about him, he could not understand how these people could be bound to their suffering. This young man spent years working actively to alleviate suffering and promote personal freedom for his brothers and sisters, wherever he found the need. But ultimately he was betrayed by his own bitterness, for he knew that no matter what he did, it would never be enough to alleviate prison, which hunger and poverty had caused for so many upon your sphere.

18 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Oxal: We ask your kind permission to join you in your meditation and to share with you some thoughts on the subject of love.

11 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: We are very glad to be with you, although as this instrument well knows, we are not the smooth talking professors of Hatonn and are not nearly as used to delivering the inspiration that is in our hearts. However, we ask that you feel about you at this time that which is in our hearts and mind. That is, my friends, the great love and light of the Creator which, burning like a fire, removes all before it that is [gross] and encourages the bloomings of all those things that [are good].

4 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: It is our privilege to work with you this evening. We have not spoken to this group as the, shall we say, keynote speaker for some time now, for this is not our usual task, as you know. But your teachers of Hatonn, because they are of the vibration of love, are at this moment very, very busy elsewhere upon your planet, for there are many in your Middle East and in that country which you call Russia, who would like to make war at this time.

30 March, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you in a small parable, for often that which is true can be seen better when it is seen as part of a story, and so for you, my friends, we write a story of a prince who had a kingdom.