4 September, 1980

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We are very happy as we begin to blend various tonalities and vibrations of the Confederation with the somewhat more complex vibratory needs of capacities of each new instrument here present. We have been able to blend with those energies already existing in what seems to us to be a most satisfactory manner using the fellowship of those entities with whom each new instrument had already been in contact, sharing concepts and allowing the one great message of love to find [the] new channels. We shall be with each at any time that you may mentally request our presence.

3 September, 1980

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: We have spoken many times to your meditation group. Always we have suggested that the journey which your people are embarking upon is a journey which each of you are responsible in some way for completing within yourself. We would hope that as you consider the proper path to take that you will always keep foremost in your mind and your heart and your soul the knowledge that you do not walk alone; that many beings of light are with you and walk beside you; that wherever you shall journey, there will be assistance available, and you are always encouraged to seek that assistance, for the Creator does not send the shepherds out without their staff, and we would suggest to you, each one, that you not be afraid to lean upon the staff from time to time.

2 September, 1980

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: You have been conditioned for what you call a lifetime, you have been conditioned to think about certain things and certain of these things you consider important, others you consider unimportant, some you don’t consider at all. From our perspective, most of the things that the people of Earth consider important are not important at all, or of no consequence. Those things that they don’t consider at all often are the most important.

31 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we would like to speak about the sphere that you call Earth, and the experience that you call your life, and its relationship to what we may describe as love.

27 August, 1980

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Everything, as we have said many times, is but one thing: the Creation, or the Creator. Either is correct, for one is the other. This concept is the concept which the people of your planet must understand if they are to progress. It is unfortunate that this concept has not been communicated, in general, to most of the peoples of your planet. It is the lack of this concept that creates what they see as their present problems. A full understanding and application of this concept immediately eradicates all problems.

24 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It came to pass in those days that the Earth was without water, and the seas were dried up. The Creator stayed His hand and war took place in great abundance among the beings of your planet. And then came the rains, and it was worse than the drought. And the Earth trembled and was lost in great abysses which opened in a moment. A remnant remained to know the ending of the rain and the beginning of a new cycle. Many of you in this room can cast your minds back in a subconscious manner to these sad happenings, for they marked the transition between the last cycle and this one upon your Earth-world.

23 August, 1980

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: The hunter goes forth, my friends, and knows the manner of his prey. His weapons he has carefully provided for himself and fastidiously placed in the prime condition, that they may do their work. The hunter has a single mind and knows his prey. Is it the dark of the moon? Even so, the hunter stalks. Is it damp and cold in the dawning hours? Even so, the hunter waits watchfully, for the hunter knows his prey.

10 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Latwii: You are aware, my friends, that you do have physical bodies and that they function very efficiently as a type of furnace with an exhaust system for the by-products. We are sure that you understand that this particular type of furnace that is your body can burn some types of fuel better than others. However, my friends, we would urge you to keep your contemplation of the importance of diet on that level, for it is truly written in one of your holy works that it is not what goeth into the mouth of a man that defileth him, but that which issues therefrom.

3 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We hope that we can tell you enough that you can find the key to the door on the other side of which lies the truth. That is our highest hope. No more than that can we hope to do, for you have the key already, but you have largely lost the ability and the will to use it. You must understand that so much, my friends, of what you think and do is in vain, pertaining only to a daily life that is transient. What of your wisdom have you not found turned to folly? Of how many of your possessions have you not grown tired? How many of your words remain shining, and how many have become tarnished or forgotten? How many lives have you touched today, my friends?

27 July, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We know that you are all familiar with a prayer that many of you have learned as children which is called “The Lord’s Prayer,” and we wonder if you might not reconsider this prayer with the understanding that we may have to offer, for it is truly a central and worthwhile teaching of one of your great teachers, but it has been much misunderstood by your peoples, for it has led them to believe that there is an entity outside of themselves, bearing no resemblance or connection to themselves, to whom they pray and beseech assistance. My friends, to the best of our understanding, this is not so.