31 December, 1980

Advanced message new years eve

Latwii: We would like to open the meeting to questions at this time, for we feel that perhaps we may be of more help in moving from interest to interest than we be in giving what may be called an inspirational message, for each of those present are most inspired and are inspiring us at this time and we do not feel that we would add to your inspiration where happiness in each other and your harmony is that which causes joy among those of us who are in the Confederation.

28 December, 1980

Sunday meditation

Latwii: The light of this particular time of the year is so bright that it is harsh to many of your peoples, and there are many among your peoples at this particular time in the cycle that will leave this incarnation and pass on to other things. There are others who are very unhappy or sick or sick at heart or uncertain in many ways. If you are among the fortunate who have been caught up in the joy of this particular celebration which you call Christmas, may we ask your especial meditation and sending of light to those about you whom you may or may not know, for there are so many that it is necessary at this time that they be helped if at all possible for you to do so. Simply share the Creator with them by holding the love and the light of the Creator in your heart and releasing it to the world’s use. This is all you need to do. You do not need to know details.

14 December, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight, my friends, I am impressing this instrument with the subject that has not often been dealt with in these meetings, but we feel it would be of help to those of you here at this time, and so we would like to share some thoughts with you upon the anger that you may feel at times towards your Creator.

7 December, 1980

Pearl harbor day

Latwii: We wish to depart from our normal activities this evening by reversing the order of events, for we feel that there are questions in this group that we would like to have the opportunity to offer our thoughts upon and so we will begin with them and perhaps our messages will spring therefrom. Thus, may we ask each of you if you have a question for us and if so please feel free to ask it at this time.

30 November, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It is said, my friends, that the one known as Jesus was incarnate by a virgin and was made man and dwelt among men and by them was crucified. This, my friends, is a much misunderstood story, a much misunderstood example, and a vastly underrated life. Around it has been built a great organization, all too lacking in the one thing that the entity known as Jesus to you desired and that is, my friends, the experience of being one with the Creator.

16 November, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: At one time, we of Hatonn were a warlike nation in that, although united as one planet, we were divided into many sects that strove to dominate or control the planet. We chose to combat one another in our efforts to achieve this control, however, none were able to dominate and all were weakened by the struggle. Finally a point was reached in which we of Hatonn were destitute. We had destroyed all of the resources that our planet had to offer and were unable to kill one another simply because we no longer possessed the raw materials from which to construct further weaponry. At this point, we had also destroyed our food chain and were near starvation. In many ways we were, at that time, very similar to you as your planet is today, fixed upon oblivion.

9 November, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: If you can picture with me the formation of mineral crystals, you will be aware that there is a great deal of rock that is not at all crystallized, and is therefore relatively insensitive to delicate vibrations. This is analogous to a large portion of the peoples of your planet, who feel the new vibrations of what you may call the “golden age,” but whose crystallization of purpose or intent in seeking the path of truth and the love of the Creator is so truncated that it does not matter to them and they go about their business and lead the lives that they would lead, their relationships being guided almost entirely by their needs for procreation, companionship and financial aid. This governs the relationships of most of those among your peoples.

26 October, 1980

Sunday meditation

Latwii: The minds of your people are so often disturbed by the waves and the storms of emotion, emotion which has been developed by the sense of separateness of one being from another. My friends, if we could but give to you the understanding of the one simple concept that underlies all of reality, the waters of your mind would ever be calm, and the springs of your inspiration would flow clear and sweet.

19 October, 1980

Intensive meditation

Latwii: We have very little in words to share with you this evening for we understand that we are, at this time, speaking to a group whose understanding of the basic truths of existence is fairly strong. We could attempt to deepen your understanding, but at this time we feel that you simply need to rest and that your minds have been all too active and so we ask you to come with us on a journey, floating up from your physical vehicles as you would float in the water, light as a bubble.

16 October, 1980

Intensive meditation

Laitos: This afternoon we would like to work in two ways. We would like to work with the new instrument, using the one known as Jim, in order that he may gain experience in the type of work which may be done with the newer instrument in order to familiarize him with our contact. The one known as L has already made some very impressive progress, for a newer instrument, and we are very pleased to work with each of you. At this time we would like to transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Laitos.

15 October, 1980

Advanced meeting

Monka: We are what you might call sociologists; we would not call it that. We share with you now what we would call it, insofar as words can be messengers of concepts, too deep for the bearing of words. We share with you a looking into the mirror. Yes, my friends, you cannot look away from the mirror. Look away from your mirror and up to the stars. The stars are a mirror. Look away from the stars and in the face of the person you like the least. Aha! A mirror. Look into the eyes of those you consider robots and thieves. Look into the mechanisms of you government. Behold the mirror.

5 October, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: We speak to you because of your need to hear and because of our growing understanding of the difficulties of your peoples at this time. When we first spoke to you as a group we did not understand these difficulties. We knew that the people of your planet dwell within a heavy chemical illusion, but our previous study had been of the various vibrations of what you would call your heaven worlds. They too are troubled, color fading into color, the qualities sometimes distressed, as you would call it, muddying the water of your higher plane. But as we come into your minds, as we enter your domicile and join you in meditation, it is as though we were inside a deep well. And we understand the claustrophobia of those like you who, knowing there are other ways to live, must live in this well, this deep well of sorrow, limitation and lack.

28 September, 1980

Sunday meditation

Latwii: We would speak a few words this evening upon the subject of harmony, for the vibration and condition of harmony is one which is not frequently found upon your planet, as is evidenced by the condition of your world situation at the present.

16 September, 1980

Advanced meeting

Hatonn: It has been our practice to begin our contact sessions with an opening message which is of general concern to those which are gathered to hear our thoughts. That this evening we would speak a few words on the subject of love as it is experienced or as it may be experienced in your daily life.

14 September, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would touch briefly upon an aspect of service. We have been concentrating in our talks with you upon the discovery of your inner self and of the seed of love within you. This evening we would talk about love in action, for there is no tree planted without help, and crop gathered without reapers. We have cautioned you many times not to be aggressive or abrasive in your contacts with others. But we would speak to you this evening about the confidence of the knowledge of who you are and whose glory you may manifest in this Earth world.

9 September, 1980

Meeting with Jim McCarty

Hatonn: We would speak with you this evening a few words on the subject of the Earth changes which you have been discussing this evening. We are aware of your great interest in this phenomenon which has begun upon your planet. We would suggest that those people who shall survive the Earth changes which are approaching rapidly will be in great need of guidance, even more than they are now, for your reality shall, in the twinkling of an eye, be changed radically and such an event will have drastic effects upon the mass consciousness of your people.

8 September, 1980

Monday meditation

Laitos: As though we are one with you, a part of you, we love you, my friends; as we would love our own bodies, our own hearts and our own thoughts, we love you, my friends. Look around you. Who else in the creation of the Father loves you? Feast your eyes. Look at the rose that blooms in its enormous wealth of color and scent and form—because it loves. There is nowhere that you can truly look in the Creation of the Father that you cannot find love.

7 September, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We would talk to you this evening about desire. Perhaps, my friends, you have heard of those who go on safari and [to] exotic places, discover remote islands, find new frontiers of learning, and it is an open question why some people do these things and others do not. Few are the people who are driven and this, my friends, is one of your planet’s deepest problems. For you are all conscious beings and your desire, whatever it may be, should hopefully be clear enough to you that you are literally driven to pursue it.

6 September, 1980

Morning meditation

Hatonn: Each of your souls have traveled infinite dimensions and taken many, many directions to reach this point in your evolution of spirit. You could have passed by this vibration and chosen another, for your travels have been extensive and your journeys many. This one plucked your attention and in the end plucked you from the one true fountain into a smaller fountain, a shadow of the water of the Creator. And as you move about in this water that is half Creator and half made by man, you know that it is not the true living water of the Creator’s fountain. Yet know within yourself that your stream of life runs clear. True and free from blemish or stain. You desire to cleanse yourself, then do so, my friends, from the inside to the out, cleansing your thoughts and purifying your emotions. Let your actions then be a delight unto you and a service to the Creator.

6 September, 1980

Evening meditation

Hatonn: We are aware of the physical plane problems of your planet. We know that young children lie naked in the streets of some cities in Africa and South America and other places, their bellies swollen and the flies buzzing about their closing eyes. We know the injustice of the wasteful man who takes what he cannot use and does not give it away. My friends, although we are of the Confederation of Planets, we are not blind. We do not paint a rosy picture where there is no rosy picture. Left to your own devices, you would soon become nothing but ghosts, my friends, ghosts in a living machine. We hope that you will do something about it.

4 September, 1980

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We are very happy as we begin to blend various tonalities and vibrations of the Confederation with the somewhat more complex vibratory needs of capacities of each new instrument here present. We have been able to blend with those energies already existing in what seems to us to be a most satisfactory manner using the fellowship of those entities with whom each new instrument had already been in contact, sharing concepts and allowing the one great message of love to find [the] new channels. We shall be with each at any time that you may mentally request our presence.

3 September, 1980

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: We have spoken many times to your meditation group. Always we have suggested that the journey which your people are embarking upon is a journey which each of you are responsible in some way for completing within yourself. We would hope that as you consider the proper path to take that you will always keep foremost in your mind and your heart and your soul the knowledge that you do not walk alone; that many beings of light are with you and walk beside you; that wherever you shall journey, there will be assistance available, and you are always encouraged to seek that assistance, for the Creator does not send the shepherds out without their staff, and we would suggest to you, each one, that you not be afraid to lean upon the staff from time to time.

2 September, 1980

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: You have been conditioned for what you call a lifetime, you have been conditioned to think about certain things and certain of these things you consider important, others you consider unimportant, some you don’t consider at all. From our perspective, most of the things that the people of Earth consider important are not important at all, or of no consequence. Those things that they don’t consider at all often are the most important.

31 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we would like to speak about the sphere that you call Earth, and the experience that you call your life, and its relationship to what we may describe as love.

27 August, 1980

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Everything, as we have said many times, is but one thing: the Creation, or the Creator. Either is correct, for one is the other. This concept is the concept which the people of your planet must understand if they are to progress. It is unfortunate that this concept has not been communicated, in general, to most of the peoples of your planet. It is the lack of this concept that creates what they see as their present problems. A full understanding and application of this concept immediately eradicates all problems.

24 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It came to pass in those days that the Earth was without water, and the seas were dried up. The Creator stayed His hand and war took place in great abundance among the beings of your planet. And then came the rains, and it was worse than the drought. And the Earth trembled and was lost in great abysses which opened in a moment. A remnant remained to know the ending of the rain and the beginning of a new cycle. Many of you in this room can cast your minds back in a subconscious manner to these sad happenings, for they marked the transition between the last cycle and this one upon your Earth-world.

23 August, 1980

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: The hunter goes forth, my friends, and knows the manner of his prey. His weapons he has carefully provided for himself and fastidiously placed in the prime condition, that they may do their work. The hunter has a single mind and knows his prey. Is it the dark of the moon? Even so, the hunter stalks. Is it damp and cold in the dawning hours? Even so, the hunter waits watchfully, for the hunter knows his prey.

10 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Latwii: You are aware, my friends, that you do have physical bodies and that they function very efficiently as a type of furnace with an exhaust system for the by-products. We are sure that you understand that this particular type of furnace that is your body can burn some types of fuel better than others. However, my friends, we would urge you to keep your contemplation of the importance of diet on that level, for it is truly written in one of your holy works that it is not what goeth into the mouth of a man that defileth him, but that which issues therefrom.

3 August, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We hope that we can tell you enough that you can find the key to the door on the other side of which lies the truth. That is our highest hope. No more than that can we hope to do, for you have the key already, but you have largely lost the ability and the will to use it. You must understand that so much, my friends, of what you think and do is in vain, pertaining only to a daily life that is transient. What of your wisdom have you not found turned to folly? Of how many of your possessions have you not grown tired? How many of your words remain shining, and how many have become tarnished or forgotten? How many lives have you touched today, my friends?

27 July, 1980

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We know that you are all familiar with a prayer that many of you have learned as children which is called “The Lord’s Prayer,” and we wonder if you might not reconsider this prayer with the understanding that we may have to offer, for it is truly a central and worthwhile teaching of one of your great teachers, but it has been much misunderstood by your peoples, for it has led them to believe that there is an entity outside of themselves, bearing no resemblance or connection to themselves, to whom they pray and beseech assistance. My friends, to the best of our understanding, this is not so.

29 June, 1980

Sunday meditation

Oxal: We have listened to you speak about those things that are to come and those things are happening now in fulfillment of messages that this group has received in the past. We are sorry, my friends, that your peoples are never able to understand that the friction between them is the true cause of the planetary change. This the scientists cannot understand no matter how they shuffle their papers or hone their computers, but it is true, my friends. Your transition into fourth density has occurred, though apparently being somewhat difficult. Each of you, my friends, has a program of action to carry out at this time, and we say this not only to those in this room but to each person upon your sorrowing planet.

22 June, 1980

Sunday meditation

Oxal: We speak of a simple truth and we would express it to you by saying that to serve the Creator is perfect freedom. This, my friends, is a universe of love. The entities upon your sphere, being co-creators, have distorted that love in many ways. But if you can look about you to see the world the Creator has made for you, you can learn the lessons of love, of service to others that we bring to you.

8 June, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: We were aware of your chanting this evening as you polarized yourselves toward the unity of God. In the religion which fostered the birth of that [inaudible] a central prayer is the prayer, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One.” Listen, my friend. What can you hear?

7 June, 1980

Saturday meditation

Latwii: My friends, we ask you at this time to look at the road ahead of you and accept it with joy. You do not know what the road will bring. It bends, it curves, it will have branches; accept it now. When you have eased your mind, then you will be able to be free in the present moment. We are aware that you are becoming conscious of the times to come. Those are parts of a road that has not yet turned up in your experience. We ask that you experience the road of today.

1 June, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: There is always one important point that we wish to make to those who meditate and truly seek the way of the pilgrim. That point may perhaps be illustrated rather than explained. Let us say, my friends, that you all have known an explorer, a treasure hunter, whose desire in life was to seek out the greatest and the best treasure of all time. Your friend sought out old maps and read old stories and talked to many archaeologists and experts, seeking a good trail to the best treasure of all time, a treasure that was priceless, a treasure that would be his.

25 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: There was once a young man who desired freedom, for he was a young man of great sensitivity. And when he saw the poverty, the hunger, the suffering in the world about him, he could not understand how these people could be bound to their suffering. This young man spent years working actively to alleviate suffering and promote personal freedom for his brothers and sisters, wherever he found the need. But ultimately he was betrayed by his own bitterness, for he knew that no matter what he did, it would never be enough to alleviate prison, which hunger and poverty had caused for so many upon your sphere.

18 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Oxal: We ask your kind permission to join you in your meditation and to share with you some thoughts on the subject of love.

11 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: We are very glad to be with you, although as this instrument well knows, we are not the smooth talking professors of Hatonn and are not nearly as used to delivering the inspiration that is in our hearts. However, we ask that you feel about you at this time that which is in our hearts and mind. That is, my friends, the great love and light of the Creator which, burning like a fire, removes all before it that is [gross] and encourages the bloomings of all those things that [are good].

4 May, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Latwii: It is our privilege to work with you this evening. We have not spoken to this group as the, shall we say, keynote speaker for some time now, for this is not our usual task, as you know. But your teachers of Hatonn, because they are of the vibration of love, are at this moment very, very busy elsewhere upon your planet, for there are many in your Middle East and in that country which you call Russia, who would like to make war at this time.

30 March, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you in a small parable, for often that which is true can be seen better when it is seen as part of a story, and so for you, my friends, we write a story of a prince who had a kingdom.

23 March, 1980

Intermediate meeting

3 February, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: Your planet is experiencing great turmoil. Yet if you had the ability to look into what you would call your future, as in some extent we do, you could see the great benefit that can be derived from your present difficulties. Your planet must grow. It must grow rapidly. And with this growth there shall be the accompanied pains of growth.

20 January, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: My brothers and I are greatly pleased that you have gathered here this evening to seek truth. We know there are many ways to do this. And it is [inaudible] that, my friends, we always seek the truth [inaudible] they will [inaudible] for it is a wall, so to speak. Many paths have led up to this particular [form] where the paths cross. Let this time be a time to gather each of your vibrations together so that in this group effort you may feel more easily this light of the Creator which is in each of you.

6 January, 1980

Intermediate group

Latwii: When you go within, in your meditation, and invoke the light of your Creator you will find the truth, whether we have inspired you to meditate, whether it may be another source of a spiritual nature, or whether it may be simple misfortune which causes you to contemplate the meaning of your existence. The truth is not in our hands nor in the hands of other spiritual guides, nor in the hands of fate. The truth is truth. And it will forever be before you, a beacon of light. And you will forever follow it, learning and sharing with each other that which you gather, harvests of light along a road which leads onward.