February 20, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Many times people feel alone but in reality you are never alone. There are people who have gone away, and there are people who are coming who are involved in your life. They give you support of which you are not aware. You do not just have your friends in the third dimension, but you have friends in the third dimension that you do not even know because of the illusion of forgetfulness.

February 13, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening there are a few points we would like to consider, one of these being the looking within, the taking time to consider the well of strength and knowledge that comes from looking within your own self, to see the Creator that is within each and every one of you.

January 30, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We wish to speak a few words on what for you is indeed of great difficulty in your illusion, that being what you know as choice. You, as all entities, are free-willed in each thing. Each of your life situations is to you many different options of which you weigh and choose. Each entity’s choice becomes that entity’s responsibility. When your choice is made and the moment accepted, neither hate nor love the choice, but accept it for the moment.

January 23, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would like to tell of a small entity who in his life would at times jump from here to there with no direction in mind. He continuously sought for whatever materialistic things his life might offer in the way of joy and happiness. In this small entity’s life he acquired many items, items that for a short while might bring happiness as they would intrigue the imagination for a short period of space and time and then would be laid aside to acquire another object.

January 16, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: One of your members asked about anger at your meeting, and I would like to discuss it. There are many types of angers. Sometimes it is very good. In an emergency, if you need to protect yourself, anger is very helpful. Even in an emergency when you have to do something. If you expect company and you have to get ready, then knowing the company coming at the last minute sometimes gives you the energy to accomplish what you need to accomplish. But I would like to talk a little about another type of anger. Some people build tension within them, but yet the anger is not productive. Sometimes it is the release of tension. If one is angry about insignificant things oftentimes it is really a form of letting off steam and this can be very dangerous. If you can filter this tension through another entity, you can distill some of this tension.

January 13, 1983

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: Those within your circle have experienced our contact for quite a period of time, and have advanced well along the path of being a telepathic channel. We congratulate them heartily for the desire and the love that they have given to this service for others. The desire which is shown is indeed pleasurable for us to see. We appreciate the effort, but we feel that there may be only a little confidence lacking. Therefore, my brother and sisters, we at this time would like to share this small story with you, and as has been done in the past, go from instrument to instrument, as we feel this is the best way of upping the confidence of each instrument.

January 2, 1983

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It has often been said among your peoples, “Wishes are not worthwhile. Wishing is not substantial.” And, my friends, it is this point of love to which we would speak this evening.