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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 10, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Question from G: Q’uo, Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In a similar vein, the central theme of the Baghavad Gita consists of a metaphorical battle between the lower, self-serving, sense-enslaved forces of past habits and conditioning versus the higher forces of discrimination, freedom, love and unity.

As the so-called higher forces are called into action in this metaphorical battle—that is, as the self begins to awaken and desires to seek the truth—the so-called lower self is stirred and agitated and called to battle. The more that attempts are made to evolve into a higher and more humble understanding, the harder the lower self works to defeat those efforts.

Q’uo, on the level of pure, undifferentiated, unmanifest unity, there are no dynamic forces at play. But to whatever extent that the seeker is working within the illusions of duality and opposing forces, is there a counter-pull to attempts at evolution? In other words, as attempts are made to know and become the light, is there a corresponding intensification of the darkness within?

January 20, 2009, Special Meditation

Jim: This is T’s question: “I came across a great book called Cosmos written by Carl Sagan. It describes the intelligence of whales vividly and also describes the cruel behavior of mankind toward them and dolphins. In brief, Sagan says dolphins and whales are telepathic and self-conscious beings and their spiritual level is even higher than that of mankind and that their original homeland is Earth since eons ago.

“Meanwhile in our LOO study group in Taipei we just read Session No. 90 and Ra there talked about their supposition about opposable thumbs and that it seems to be one of the key factors contributing to mankind’s warring tendencies.

“My main question is, how may we learn from whales and dolphins on a steady, daily basis? Is it imperative that we should learn to communicate with dolphins and whales? If so, will Q’uo teach us how to communicate with them?”

January 24, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Group question: (Asked by G.) Q’uo, I have read that Krishnamurti used to say that in the gap between subject and object lies the entire misery of humankind. It seems to me that the spirit’s journey can be seen in terms of the complex and dynamic relationship between subject and object.

January 27, 2009, Special Meditation

Question from D: (Read by Jim.) “I’ve been exploring dream and sleep yoga to accelerate my spiritual development. The idea of dream yoga is to be very lucid and aware within dreams. The idea of sleep yoga is the maintaining of conscious awareness throughout the night, never falling into a deep, unconscious sleep. Although I’ve only just started and I’m not very good at it yet, it has yielded good progress, primarily as a result of my regular middle-of-the-night meditations. What techniques can I apply to facilitate this practice?”

February 3, 2009, Special Meditation

T: I’m sure you are aware of all the many questions that I’ve brought to you in my many meditations over the last few months. I have some questions here that we have been discussing today and I know you are aware of the many thoughts that I have had and the questions I’ve had during that time.

I have come to the point in my life where I want to know what the heart of my life’s meaning is, what my main purpose is. I have many questions and I will ask them separately, but as I ask my questions please know that I hope your answers will point back to the center of my life and its purpose so that I can integrate my vision of my life into one integrated web of meaning.

Question #1: As you are probably aware, there are many people in my life whose names have something to do with a meadow, whether it be “meadowland,” “of the meadow,” “west meadow” and so forth. When I took these questions that this brought up to me into meditation, twice it was said in my mind, “Be the meadow. Be the meadow.” Please comment on this statement and the spiritual principles involved.

February 6, 2009, Channeling Intensive 4 - Session 1 - Channeling Circle 13

Laitos: We are those known to you as Laitos. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to your channeling circle session this morning. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking, and are very happy to entertain the queries offered by the one known as G1 from those with whom he is in correspondence.

February 6, 2009, Channeling Intensive 4 - Session 2 - Channeling Circle 14

Group question: The main question has to do with the properties of or place for inner work and outer work and the balancing process. For instance, consider someone with a yellow-ray blockage due to difficulties in his or her relationship in the work environment. I understand that the blockages can be resolved through internal balancing techniques, examining the nature of the difficulty and experiencing appropriate opposing thoughts and feelings to clear up the issue internally. But the blockage also is an inner manifestation of an outer issue between the self and another group of selves that may still need to be addressed to resolve the issue within the third-density experience.

It also seems that if the outer work is performed properly through communication and unconditional love, it would inherently resolve the inner blockage.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the relationship, if any, between the inner work and the outer work necessary to resolve such conflicts and blockages.

February 7, 2009, Channeling Intensive 4 - Session 3 - Channeling Circle 15

Laitos: We greet you in the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. You come here to this group tonight to seek truth. That is a mighty thing to seek. Let us say that all we can offer to this seeking is our humble opinion, the real truth is that which you will find inside and for that we urge you to meditate.

February 8, 2009, Channeling Intensive 4 - Session 4 - Channeling Circle 16

Laitos: … Let us begin now a story, which each within this circle of seeking may contribute to as the inspiration suggests. Once upon a time, a pair of twins was born in a village far removed from any large city and quite accustomed to a bucolic way of life, in touch with the rhythms of the land more than the hustle and bustle of urban life.

February 8, 2009, Channeling Intensive 4 - Session 5 - Special Meditation

Question from L: Is it possible to achieve a level of vibration with meditation to attract the help of a particular discarnate teacher? Or is meditation a practice best worked on alone?

February 14, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Question from G: I am studying the Law of One and working with the balancing exercise, which I understand to be this:

When at the ending of the day or when alone, mentally examine, as with the scalpel of a surgeon, each bias which you can remember. Attempt to remember precisely the biases or qualities held by the self at any moment during the experiential space/time of the waking state. Consciously visualize, feel and again become that bias. Slowly accentuate that bias until it fills your being. Then visualize the oppositely polarized bias. Do not create this bias mentally, but wait until this is called from within yourself by the process of natural discovery. Allow this opposite bias to fill your being until it is as accentuated as the bias you originally felt. Now visualize an image filled with both things.

My question is, what is the meaning of the word “bias” as used in this meditation?

February 28, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Question from L: In the Ra Material there is the use of the slash inbetween words and phrases, for instance, “mind/body/spirit complex,” “time/space” and “space/time.” Two other examples are “light/love” and “love/light.” I understand that with the phrase “mind/body/spirit complex” each of those words indicates a part of the whole. With “time/space” and “space/time” I’m not quite sure about that. I don’t understand the significance of why there are times when the word “time” comes before “space,” or the word “space” comes before “time.” With “light/love” and “love/light” it seems that both of those are parts of the whole or two sides of the same coin and I don’t understand why “light” sometimes appears before “love” and “love” sometimes before “light.” Can you help me with that?

March 14, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, from D, has to do with free will and how, when we talk with other people about spiritual principles, we can keep from invading or infringing upon theirs. Could Q’uo speak to any guidelines that we could follow that would ensure that we not infringe upon anybody’s? And if we should infringe on someone’s, does that affect our karma? If so, how?

March 28, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening is, “What suggestions would Q’uo have for someone who wants to polarize service to others as much as possible?”

April 11, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with why is it men throughout history and up to the present day are so afraid of women, or the feminine principle? All the way back, each religion seems to have some way of subjugating women so that they are not able to partake in the priesthood, in officiating, giving the rites of the various services to the congregation. I was wondering what it is about the feminine principle that is so threatening to the male. Could you give us some information in that area please?

April 19, 2009, “Get Ready for 2012” Gathering

Jim: Q’uo, we would like to know something about what we, as seekers of truth and those who are desirous of being of service to others, might do in these coming days to aid in the transition to the year 2012. Is there anything we can do now? And will this opportunity to serve change as times goes on and we get closer to 2012, or even after 2012?

April 25, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Group question: (Asked by Jim.) The question this evening, Q’uo, is concerning humility. We’d like to know if humility is an automatic manifestation of evolution into higher states of consciousness, or if it is a quality which must be consciously cultivated as one progresses along a spiritual path. Also, in order to enter higher states of consciousness, is humility a necessary prerequisite?

May 9, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Group question: (Asked by Jim.) The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with the concept of the spiritual seeker. At the beginning of the journey, he feels that it should get easier as it goes on but as he goes on more and more of the journey, it seems as though it gets harder. Maybe that’s the same principle as exercising the muscles—you have to lift heavier weights to get stronger muscles. We’re thinking that perhaps that’s the way it is metaphysically as well. We would like you to speak to this concept, to let us know if indeed it does get harder and if that is why, as we go further along the journey, it seems as though maybe we’re not really getting very far, we haven’t done so much. And does this principle, if it is true, hold true more for wanderers than others? Is it more applicable to those who have come from elsewhere to be of service to those of Planet Earth at this harvest?

May 23, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with what we would call mental imbalances or distortions. They seem to happen more frequently with wanderers. We have received information before concerning the difficulties wanderers and other-home-density vibrations have in blending with this one, but as time goes on it seems like more people here, of any origin, are having difficulty in mentally balancing the beginning change of the vibrations into the fourth density that approaches with the energies of our current culture. Could you give us information concerning why these imbalances occur? Do they occur more often with wanderers? And what are the spiritual principles behind such mental difficulties?

May 29, 2009, Channeling Intensive 5 - Session 1 - Channeling Circle 17

Group question: Laitos, we would like to know how to balance low self-worth. We would appreciate your talking about the mirroring effect and about how we can balance and stabilize ourselves as channels without having the distortion of low self-worth affect our channeling.

May 29, 2009, Channeling Intensive 5 - Session 2 - Channeling Circle 18

Group question: The question with which we go into this session is this: please tell us what spiritual principles are involved in being a battery for channels in a channeling circle. That is, when we are not channeling, how may we serve the circle best by the way we think and the way we are? Are there some visualizations that are helpful, in your opinion, in helping us to become better batteries?

May 30, 2009, Channeling Intensive 5 - Session 3 - Channeling Circle 19

Group question: The question is, “How do we determine what it is that we are to do in our life? How do we find the confidence to do it? And when it doesn’t work out very well, what do we do then?”

May 30, 2009, Channeling Intensive 5 - Session 4 - Channeling Circle 20

Laitos: We are Laitos, reaching in love and light. We are joining with you this evening to share our classifications and perceptions on the subject of grace.

August 4, 2009, Special Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with Living the Law of One – 102: The Outer Work, the book on which Carla is about to begin working. She would like to ask if there are any suggestions that you might have to make concerning the outer work, the outer catalyst that each of us goes through as we go through our lives, our daily round of activities, and the various types of experiences that we have that provide us catalyst that hopefully we process into experience.

August 11, 2009, Special Meditation

Question from G: In Session 52 of The Law of One series, Ra says there is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in a way reducing the polarity of the entity.

Q’uo, it seems that the will is a primal moving energy that is accessed, invoked and, like physical muscles, made stronger through repeated use. Is Ra saying that the will, this motion, can operate outside the purview of the conscious mind? Is Ra saying that desires of which one is unaware may take hold of the faculty of will and utilize the will for purposes which ultimately lead to a reduction of polarity? Is it safe to say that will alone has no purpose without desire to guide it? Also, how may we avoid such a scenario? Please elaborate further.

September 6, 2009, Special Meditation - L/L Research Homecoming 2009

Jim: The question today concerns how we can keep this positive energy that we’ve generated here this weekend going after each of us returns to our homes. How can we stay positive and share our love and light with those about us?

September 12, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening is: In offering wisdom or love or attempting to be of service to others, we understand that it is possible to infringe upon another’s free will if they’re not ready to receive this kind of information. We are interested in knowing if this creates a fifth-chakra imbalance and if so, how does one balance this?

September 22, 2009, Special Meditation

Jim: The question this evening from J is, “How can I enter into contact with my higher self and get daily guidance from it with such clarity that I would be able to clearly identify that I am receiving guidance from my higher self and not from my imagination or from any other sources? What spiritual principles may I use to aid me in receiving guidance?”

September 26, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question from G this evening, Q’uo, is: “We believe it is a common experience among seekers to dramatize and to frame the choices they face in terms of temptation. Does the self create temptations in order to promote and test its growth? If so, does the temptation operate as a means of crystallizing previous learning and moving the entity forward into new learning, the temptation repeating, if not successfully met? Or is temptation simply a means of removing the focus from the heart of the path?”

October 3, 2009, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 1

Jim: (Reading L’s question.) The question tonight is about the dynamic between actually being of service to others and being able to perceive that we are being in service to others. The example that L gives is of people coming up to her on the street when she has no money to give. She doesn’t know how to be generous when she has no money. She could give them a ring, but they could not take the ring and get what they want, which is a drink. And it disturbs her that she is somehow not being generous. We would like to have any spiritual principles that you could give us to think about in considering the true desire to be completely of service to people and where the rubber hits the road on how you behave in a service to others.

October 13, 2009, Special Meditation

Jim: The question tonight is, “Work has been a source of great catalyst to me for the last few years. It seems that since I’ve been at this job, person after person has tried to get me fired. In addition, right after I’d had a big heart-chakra opening last November or December the level of catalyst rose hugely. How much of this is caused by external forces versus self-catalyst and karma? What spiritual principles may I think about in considering this issue?”

October 17, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, concerns how we become more a part of the life in which we find ourselves. Ra suggested that for a seeker wishing to do this there were three things that were important. One was to know the self. The second was to accept the self. And the third was to become the Creator. Could you briefly touch upon knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves in regards to how we then become the Creator? What does it mean to become the Creator?

October 20, 2009, Special Meditation

Jim: M writes, “I was a Navy Seal for 24 years and now have been working as a security contractor for the last six years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other hot spots throughout the world. I had an experience where I had the overwhelming sensation to send out the thought of love while in a situation where I intuitively knew my group was going to be attacked by rocket. The attack was thwarted. After that moment, over the next several years, I began to use the thought energy of love in order to thwart many more attacks and keep the groups I was protecting safe. My question is, how can the information about using the thought energy of love be shared with others so that they can contribute to changing the paradigm of war?”

October 25, 2009, Channeling Intensive 1 - Session 2 - Channeling Circle 1

Laitos: We are those known to you as Laitos. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking and we thank you for collaborating with us in service to the One. It is our pleasure to work with this group of new channels by exercising each as we go around the circle clockwise.

November 7, 2009, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 2

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the quality of the seeker who is in need of a certain thing or a person or experience in the life, and then, without any real planning, it seems to come about and their needs are met. We would like to ask about the synchronistic happenings that occur for the seeker of truth. Is there some way we can harmonize with these? Is there some value to these of which we should be aware?

November 21, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening (from S) is: “In our culture the acquisition and use of power by women is often discouraged from childhood onward. Would you please speak to us on the most appropriate use of one’s power, in both the protection and defense of the self and in service to others in general, but more specifically as it applies to women who are seeking to live the Law of One?”

November 28, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Question from J: (Jim reads.) The question this evening has to do with the process of seeking. As the seeker tries to integrate everything that it is attempting to learn from previous lives and from this life, Ra said the seeker becomes more and more of that which it lives, more and more as it is. And as it is, [it] is the one infinite Creator. We are wondering if, as we become the one Creator, do we give up our identity? Is this something that we will miss as we become the one Creator? And as we live more and more as the Creator, it seems to have more to do with being than with doing. Could Q’uo speak to us about how the seeker progresses along the line of evolution, the upward spiraling line of evolution to become the Creator? What is gained? What is lost? And how is it done?

December 5, 2009, Saturday Channeling Circle - Channeling Circle 3

Jim: As we seek to know ourselves and know the truth on this journey, there frequently occurs for the seeker an oppositional force, either an entity or an essence, that is of a negative nature. We are wondering how Q’uo would suggest that we attempt to understand this negativity, whether an essence or an entity, and how to address it, how to approach it, how to respond to it.

December 19, 2009, Saturday Mediation

Group question: Our question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with the seeker, as the seeker attempts to become the magician and change his or her consciousness at will over a period of time in incarnation and maintain the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance in so doing. Ra suggested that looking at the path of the seeker as [that of] the magician, it was correct to see it as the ability to create changes in consciousness at will. And this places a burden upon the seeker, upon the magician. We’re guessing that burden is the responsibility to use the increased consciousness in a service-to-others fashion.

Could you tell us if this is correct? And could you talk to us about the balance that is either achieved or not achieved which, when not achieved, may result in some need for counseling, therapy to reachieve or reacquire that balance? Could you talk to us about balance, creating changes in consciousness at will, and what this means to the seeker?

December 26, 2009, Saturday Meditation

Jim: The question this evening has to do with emotions. We recognize love and fear as being polar opposites and we’re wondering if all the other emotions, such as jealousy, anger, doubt, greed, gluttony and so forth are some sort of a mixture of fear with love and if there is positive use that we can make of these supposedly negative emotions. Is there some benefit we can get from working with these emotions? What spiritual principles can we use to look at the various emotions that we come across in our daily lives?

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