11 July, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to deal with the fact that life seems to be composed of gains and losses, and we’re wondering about how we can use the losses that we feel in our life as means by which to increase our spiritual seeking or our service or our knowledge of ourselves. In a world of dualities, how is this duality of gain and loss, especially the loss, of help and of a tempering quality, shall we say. How does it aid our spiritual evolution, or how can we use it to aid our spiritual evolution?

10 July, 1993

Second intensive meditation

Hatonn: We would say a few words concerning the conditioning, so-called. The stronger conditioning can occur, spontaneously, however, we have used it in order to satisfy a channel who wished to have some indication that there was a contact.

27 June, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: We Earth-dwellers are exhorted to praise and worship our Creator by both our earthbound religions and extraterrestrial sources alike. It is inconceivable that the Creator would perform the stupendous feat of the creation simply in order to provide an adulating audience. Can you please explain this seeming enigma?

21 June, 1993

Special meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with walking through the valley of the shadow of death in our daily lives, and in our metaphysical apprehension of our lives. Can you talk to us about what it is like, metaphysically, to feel the feelings of hypocrisy, of being worn out, burned out, angry, resentful, feeling that the Creator and the creation have, more or less, let you down? That things aren’t the way they should be?

20 June, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the metaphysical appropriateness, or value, in consciously choosing the more difficult path when we are aware of more than one path facing us in a particular direction. Is there a value, metaphysically, to consciously choosing more difficult paths or more difficult catalyst and being able to find joy anyway?

13 June, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with solitude. We would like to know what the value of solitude is to the seeker of truth and why it is that some people seem to need more solitude or others less, and are there any problems or pitfalls with too much or too little solitude? Is it sort of like dreaming in the sleep stage? Do you need so much of it?

6 June, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the process of worry and prayer. It seems that when one worries overmuch about a situation, one is really sowing seeds for allowing that situation to take root and to sprout, to grow, to become more likely to be a reality. And the suggestion was made that a form of prayer might be the more helpful of the paths to choose in dealing with a situation that you are quite worried about; that talking out your worry to the Creator, to an angel, to a saint, to your higher self, to whomever, is much more helpful in creating the internal environment that not only gives you a peace of mind and a feeling of perspective, but sows the seeds of greater possibilities, so that that which you are concerned about has more chance of turning out in a favorable fashion rather than in the way which you fear that it might turn out, and the way which you tend to worry about. And we would like Q’uo’s comments on the concepts of worry and its effect upon a situation, and the concept of prayer and its effect upon a situation.

30 May, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: This afternoon we would like to know how we can balance our concerns for worldly survival and spiritual perception of the real nature of things; how we can discern what of our concerns deserve our attention and those which are perhaps a waste of time and cause a lot of excess worry. When we have concerns, what kind of a yardstick can we access to determine where we need to place our attention?

29 May, 1993

Intensive meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the definition and explanation of the concepts of guru, teacher and guide, the teacher and guide as are used in the terms of inner plane or spiritual and angelic presences that look out for us or have guardianship over us in some fashion. What is the difference in definition in guru, teacher and guide?

23 May, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with why entities who incarnate in this particular illusion choose one sexual orientation over the other. Is there an advantage or are there opportunities to choosing male over female or female over male in dealing with the various catalysts and learnings that are available in this third density?