May 16, 1993

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, this evening we would share a few thoughts on the subject of becoming one with your brothers and sisters, with your other selves. There comes a time in each life when one will experience doubts in their seeking. One might wonder at the path that has been chosen when one struggles with the concept of seeing a brother or a sister who is not quite as one would expect, and still within the self would realize that though there are conflicts, there is still the oneness, the sameness, the reflection of the self in the entity that is causing the conflict.

May 9, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: We’d like to know this morning about the flow of energy that moves through the healer in a couple of different situations. Number one: when the healer is either attempting to clear his or herself and wishes the energy centers to be the most brilliant and active for the offering of the service of healing, where does the energy flow? Does it flow top down in the energy centers or from the bottom up, and when the healer is attempting to offer itself as a healer, does the energy flow in the same pattern or is it another pattern? Could you tell us how the energy flows in both situations where the healer wishes to purify itself or when the healer wishes to offer itself as a healer?

May 8, 1993

Special meditation

Group question: Our question to start this session off with is, since it seems that we on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy have evolved in a pattern that includes very concrete and minute and complex use of the conscious mind, we are wondering if it is necessary in our continued evolution for us to utilize any of the creations of the conscious mind that we have come up with that have furthered our evolution and if it’s necessary to recapitulate this journey in an orderly fashion, take back in all of the creations of our mind and of our culture as part of our continued evolution, or is there another avenue of evolution that is more effective. Is the work we have done as a result of the veil dividing the mind to the conscious and the unconscious work that is useful in our evolutionary process?

May 6, 1993

Special meditation

Group question: The question this morning has to do with [inaudible] healing work with Carla. Her basic concern is that she not cause any difficulties for either Carla or herself. She is particularly concerned about various imbalances of a physical nature within her own body at this time; there are back pains, a growth in her vagina, and certain out of line areas in her spine, and she wants to be sure there’s not any excessive flow of energy, either from her to Carla or Carla to her, and would like to know if there would be any difficulty in going ahead with the healing chelations, and would like to know if she could have more than one session with Carla or if one would be the most advisable? We would like your comments on these areas and the healing work, in general, D will be doing with Carla.

May 2, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of the new mind, the unblemished, the virgin mind, the mind that exists before experience has made any mark on it. And we’re wondering how this new mind could be called upon or used in our daily round of activities to help us process catalyst, make decisions, or simply be in the moment. What is the value of the new mind to each of us as we live our third-density lives?

April 25, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today concerns how we get ourselves back in balance when we feel out of sorts, both physically, emotionally and metaphysically. What techniques could we use to regain our center so that we can get a sense of purpose and direction in our lives when we feel there are difficulties, whether it is illness, or money problems, or insecurity about what the next day will bring? What can we do to regain balance, or is it possible to live in a metaphysical balance; is it necessary to be somewhat out of balance to continue making progress? If so, this “angst” as it has been called, is the driving force, but then what is the proper proportion? Is there a need to be concerned in the area, when we are out of balance, is there an action we can take to regain this metaphysical balance?

April 18, 1993

Sunday Meditation

Question: We would like to ask a question about prayer. We would like to know how prayer is related to healing—how it might facilitate healing of mind, of body, of emotions, and of spirit.

March 30, 1993

Intensive meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to deal with how we can balance our concerns for worldly survival and spiritual perception of the real nature of things; how we can discern what of our concerns deserve our attention and those which perhaps are just a waste of time causing a lot of excess worry. When we have concerns, what kind of a yardstick, or measure, or feeling-tone can we access to determine where we really need to put our attention and our concern?

March 28, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with “If only I had done such and such in a certain situation, in my past, in a situation about which I now feel very badly, it would probably have turned out differently.” We tend, as seekers, to beat ourselves up frequently and badly by this kind of thinking. What we would like today, Q’uo, is perception and perspective on what positive impulse it is in the seeker that causes him or her to say “If only I had done this” or “I should have done that.” Is there some positive quality that we can accentuate, is there some negative or self-defeating quality there that we can be aware of to de-accentuate, and do seekers of truth really have too much to be concerned about in the way of psychic greetings or attacks in this area? How much of our worries of “I should have done that” or “If only I had done this” come from psychic greetings or are most of these of our own creations?

March 23, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 17

Q’uo: We have been working with the way in which the seeker may find tools with which to understand the situation of the first three chakras and the pathways from intelligent infinity to the heart of each and every seeming blockage or confusion.

March 22, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 15

Group question: The group continued with the topic of how to open the heart center, with a special focus on how to work with the lower energy centers in preparation for the opening of the heart center.

March 22, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 16

Question: How do we know what it is that we need to be doing with our lives and energies in the spiritual senses, and how can we accomplish what it is we are to do? In our hearts we know that we are spirit, but we want to know how the everyday self that lives the life knows what to work on and how to do it. How do the three lower chakras, which are clear and balanced like Jesus’ were, show or demonstrate themselves in this third density?

March 21, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 14

Group question: How do we open the heart?

March 14, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon concerns spiritual pride. We would like to hear some information about the kinds of spiritual pride that both groups and individual seekers could be aware of. From Q’uo’s point of view it is probably easier to spot spiritual pride. We would like to know some of the pitfalls as well of spiritual pride and what a seeker or a group can do to balance the spiritual pride and regain the humility which seems to be such a great ally of the seeker.

March 7, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today comes from N, and it is as follows: Q’uo mentioned the aura as the outward manifestation of the form-making body or electronic body perceivable by those aware of their time/space capabilities while in incarnation. It was also mentioned, or at least I understand that the form-maker or electronic body belonged to the inner planes and that the inner planes were in a space/time continuum that has its corresponding realities in time/space existence. Since I believe that the aura is a product of the emanations of the energetic vortices or nexi generally known as chakras, and these organs constitute the etheric body, can I conclude that the ether—not the gas used in anesthesia)—is the synapses between reality and the illusion of the three-dimensional life?