December 19, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: [Inaudible] ... [name] concerning a dream he had, which he felt was an extremely enlightening dream. We will ask the questions in parts. The first one is: “Who are those who played the parts of my spirit mother and fathers?”

December 12, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with what the Confederation contacts that we speak with think about our continually asking basically the same sorts of question. We seem to need a lot of repetition concerning “being and doing” in our lives, controlling and allowing things to work for their own ends, or, basically, the lessons of love. And we’re wondering how this all looks to the Confederation contacts as they observe our behavior, listen to our questions, and see our concerns—our sort of orbiting in small circles.

November 28, 1993

Sunday Meditation

Astrology is a complex and detail driven technology, if you will, a system of ephemeral, mathematical constructs having to do with the configurations of heavenly bodies.

November 21, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the forgetting process that each of us goes through as we enter an incarnation. Ra has suggested that lessons we learn here with the forgetting process in place carry so much more weight in our total beingness than lessons learned when the forgetting process is not in place—when we remember our total nature and the total unity of all creation. And we’re wondering some about how the forgetting process works, how it is put into place, and then how our remembering takes place and the progress that we make in our lives that’s due to a remembering of the purpose and the goals.

November 14, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of spiritual pride as it is balanced with an honest appreciation of your own efforts. We’re all engaged in one kind of big effort, to earn money, to do a life’s work, to complete a certain job or task and we were wondering just how much motivation one can hope for from appreciating your own efforts and where to balance the amount of appreciation with developing it into spiritual pride and being overly pleased with yourself and perhaps complacent and ... who knows what else.

October 31, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with how the average spiritual seeker who works for a living from nine to five and who has other responsibilities and who feels quite rushed and pressed for time, how this person can find time and space for spiritual seeking and for making contact with that sense of unity and self that can sustain the rest of the week, or how the seeker finds the spiritual self in the week or in the meditation.

October 17, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon comes from Session Number 41, Book II of The Law of One. We would simply like Q’uo to comment on any or all portions of this question: "In trying to build an understanding from the start, you might say, starting with intelligent infinity and getting to our present condition of being, I think that I should go back and investigate our sun since it is the sub-Logos that creates all that we experience in this particular planetary system. Will you give me a description of our sun?"

September 26, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 21

Aaron: I am Aaron. Good morning to you all. I want to share with you how much I enjoyed the spirited energy that rose from this room last night with your joyful gathering. Some of you forget that laughter is also a part of the spiritual path. We are asked please to open the shades. Laughter is one of the most effective ways—laughter, joy and lightness, the lightness that comes with deeply sharing your energy and opening your hearts to one another in playfulness.

September 26, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 22

Barbara: I’m going to share my tuning process out loud and then invite you to join me in it, substituting whatever differences you want, to make it personally appropriate for you.

September 25, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 19

Q’uo: We were saying that your density of existence is the density of a choice—one great choice upon which so much is based. We were describing this choice as that between radiant service and grasping or magnetic service: service to others and service to self. To discern this choice in each moment is a substantive portion of that learning which you incarnated to pursue. The other part of this learning is simply to continue offering praise and thanks. That is the music which gladdens your walking. The choice made once in full awareness is the beginning. Each choice made thereafter strengthens and deepens the energy which you may usefully accept and allow to move through you. You see, the energy of all things is love.

September 25, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 20

Barbara: Aaron and I are discussing which of us is going to lead this session. Aaron is suggesting he led the tuning last night. He would like me to share with you directly the process that I use, which is not with a guided meditation from him. It precedes opening my energy to him. As Carla pointed out this morning, this is simply my own process which I’m sharing with you. I’m not suggesting that you need to use it, just this is how I’ve learned to work with Aaron.

September 24, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 18

Aaron: I am Aaron. I want to introduce you to this tuning process by asking you to participate with me in a brief guided meditation.

September 19, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to deal with what is sometimes called the spiritual desert-like experience, in which one feels that one is in a wasteland and that the sustenance or the spirit in whatever way it was perceived is no longer present, that one is not connected to, or really partaking in that same experience; a feeling of being isolated and alone, abandoned even. We’ve noticed also that in the rushing through our daily round of activities we can also create something like the desert experience, in which we’re not connected to what we’re doing and we’re passing by so quickly that things and people just seems to be barely marking our days, and we’re wondering if the desert experience has a purpose, if it’s part of a spiritual cycle, and how we can be in that cycle and not be overly concerned about it, and just wondering in general what you might have to say about the spiritual desert experience.

September 12, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the effect our constant pursuit of having enough money to survive and pay our bills causes in our spiritual seeking. We were wondering if that basic attitude of our working from 9 to 5 for most of the days of the week has an effect on our spiritual seeking, and we were wondering if there was another attitude that would have a more beneficial effect, keeping in mind that, well, I’ll suggest that the Egyptians began some of their difficulties with disease and famine when they changed from the barter system and the common ownership of all things to private property and the institution of a monetary system. So we would like to know what the effect of our monetary pursuits have on our spiritual seeking and if there is an alternative attitude that may be more beneficial.

September 6, 1993

Intensive meditation

Oxal: Before we would exercise the new instrument, we would say a few words concerning the so-called “armor of light.”

September 5, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with how we open ourselves to the awareness of non-dedication to an outcome. When we do anything during a day, whether it’s attempt to apply a spiritual principle to a situation, or earn money, or reflect upon ourselves—anything that we do—we tend to have a yardstick by which we measure the outcome, so that we set ourselves up with expectations for how the things shall be done and the final product that we produce. So, we’re aware that if we can achieve the non-dedication to the outcome—open ourselves to whatever comes through our experience—that things tend to turn out a whole lot better than we could ever imagine. And when we put expectations on outcomes, then we tend to find that our experience isn’t so harmonious, and we tend to judge ourselves. So we would like to know something about how to open ourselves to the awareness of acceptance of any situation and any process that we find ourselves in.

September 4, 1993

Intensive meditation

Group question: The question this session deals with the doubt that all the instruments feel as to whether or not the contact is actually themselves making up the information, or are they receiving information from an external source and simply relaying it. What is the best procedure for a new instrument to use to deal with this doubt?

August 29, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to with destiny. We are wondering if our destinies are fixed, more or less, or if we can affect our destiny. And we would like to know just a little bit about how destiny works and how it manifests in our lives.

August 22, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with our spiritual focus, or our spiritual attention span. R was concerned that he was going through his days only occasionally remembering that he was in an illusion and most of the time getting so caught up in work that he was thinking about nothing but the work. When he would get home he would be more able to remember that it was an illusion but wanted to know more how focus could help in his life. Carla was concerned that she was focused on too many projects and energy expenditures and by focusing on too many projects might not be able to do what she wanted to with any one of them, and I was concerned about the focus that a creative person or a skilled artisan of any kind uses in order to bring forth the creativity that is their expression, and also the practical focus of hanging your little toes on the side of the roof so you don’t fall off. So we would like to know something about the spiritual attention span and the focus of our consciousness as we go through our daily round of activities.

July 18, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with relationships and how we choose relationships. We think we know things about emotions, and intellect, and perhaps family before we get into relationship with people, but, in general, is there another level to the reason why we might choose to be in relationship with those people around us, something that would have to do with other parts of our being, our learning, our growth?

July 11, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to deal with the fact that life seems to be composed of gains and losses, and we’re wondering about how we can use the losses that we feel in our life as means by which to increase our spiritual seeking or our service or our knowledge of ourselves. In a world of dualities, how is this duality of gain and loss, especially the loss, of help and of a tempering quality, shall we say. How does it aid our spiritual evolution, or how can we use it to aid our spiritual evolution?

July 10, 1993

Second intensive meditation

Hatonn: We would say a few words concerning the conditioning, so-called. The stronger conditioning can occur, spontaneously, however, we have used it in order to satisfy a channel who wished to have some indication that there was a contact.

June 27, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: We Earth-dwellers are exhorted to praise and worship our Creator by both our earthbound religions and extraterrestrial sources alike. It is inconceivable that the Creator would perform the stupendous feat of the creation simply in order to provide an adulating audience. Can you please explain this seeming enigma?

June 21, 1993

Special meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with walking through the valley of the shadow of death in our daily lives, and in our metaphysical apprehension of our lives. Can you talk to us about what it is like, metaphysically, to feel the feelings of hypocrisy, of being worn out, burned out, angry, resentful, feeling that the Creator and the creation have, more or less, let you down? That things aren’t the way they should be?

June 20, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the metaphysical appropriateness, or value, in consciously choosing the more difficult path when we are aware of more than one path facing us in a particular direction. Is there a value, metaphysically, to consciously choosing more difficult paths or more difficult catalyst and being able to find joy anyway?

June 13, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with solitude. We would like to know what the value of solitude is to the seeker of truth and why it is that some people seem to need more solitude or others less, and are there any problems or pitfalls with too much or too little solitude? Is it sort of like dreaming in the sleep stage? Do you need so much of it?

June 6, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the process of worry and prayer. It seems that when one worries overmuch about a situation, one is really sowing seeds for allowing that situation to take root and to sprout, to grow, to become more likely to be a reality. And the suggestion was made that a form of prayer might be the more helpful of the paths to choose in dealing with a situation that you are quite worried about; that talking out your worry to the Creator, to an angel, to a saint, to your higher self, to whomever, is much more helpful in creating the internal environment that not only gives you a peace of mind and a feeling of perspective, but sows the seeds of greater possibilities, so that that which you are concerned about has more chance of turning out in a favorable fashion rather than in the way which you fear that it might turn out, and the way which you tend to worry about. And we would like Q’uo’s comments on the concepts of worry and its effect upon a situation, and the concept of prayer and its effect upon a situation.

May 30, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: This afternoon we would like to know how we can balance our concerns for worldly survival and spiritual perception of the real nature of things; how we can discern what of our concerns deserve our attention and those which are perhaps a waste of time and cause a lot of excess worry. When we have concerns, what kind of a yardstick can we access to determine where we need to place our attention?

May 29, 1993

Intensive meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the definition and explanation of the concepts of guru, teacher and guide, the teacher and guide as are used in the terms of inner plane or spiritual and angelic presences that look out for us or have guardianship over us in some fashion. What is the difference in definition in guru, teacher and guide?

May 23, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with why entities who incarnate in this particular illusion choose one sexual orientation over the other. Is there an advantage or are there opportunities to choosing male over female or female over male in dealing with the various catalysts and learnings that are available in this third density?

May 16, 1993

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, this evening we would share a few thoughts on the subject of becoming one with your brothers and sisters, with your other selves. There comes a time in each life when one will experience doubts in their seeking. One might wonder at the path that has been chosen when one struggles with the concept of seeing a brother or a sister who is not quite as one would expect, and still within the self would realize that though there are conflicts, there is still the oneness, the sameness, the reflection of the self in the entity that is causing the conflict.

May 9, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: We’d like to know this morning about the flow of energy that moves through the healer in a couple of different situations. Number one: when the healer is either attempting to clear his or herself and wishes the energy centers to be the most brilliant and active for the offering of the service of healing, where does the energy flow? Does it flow top down in the energy centers or from the bottom up, and when the healer is attempting to offer itself as a healer, does the energy flow in the same pattern or is it another pattern? Could you tell us how the energy flows in both situations where the healer wishes to purify itself or when the healer wishes to offer itself as a healer?

May 8, 1993

Special meditation

Group question: Our question to start this session off with is, since it seems that we on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy have evolved in a pattern that includes very concrete and minute and complex use of the conscious mind, we are wondering if it is necessary in our continued evolution for us to utilize any of the creations of the conscious mind that we have come up with that have furthered our evolution and if it’s necessary to recapitulate this journey in an orderly fashion, take back in all of the creations of our mind and of our culture as part of our continued evolution, or is there another avenue of evolution that is more effective. Is the work we have done as a result of the veil dividing the mind to the conscious and the unconscious work that is useful in our evolutionary process?

May 6, 1993

Special meditation

Group question: The question this morning has to do with [inaudible] healing work with Carla. Her basic concern is that she not cause any difficulties for either Carla or herself. She is particularly concerned about various imbalances of a physical nature within her own body at this time; there are back pains, a growth in her vagina, and certain out of line areas in her spine, and she wants to be sure there’s not any excessive flow of energy, either from her to Carla or Carla to her, and would like to know if there would be any difficulty in going ahead with the healing chelations, and would like to know if she could have more than one session with Carla or if one would be the most advisable? We would like your comments on these areas and the healing work, in general, D will be doing with Carla.

May 2, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of the new mind, the unblemished, the virgin mind, the mind that exists before experience has made any mark on it. And we’re wondering how this new mind could be called upon or used in our daily round of activities to help us process catalyst, make decisions, or simply be in the moment. What is the value of the new mind to each of us as we live our third-density lives?

April 25, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today concerns how we get ourselves back in balance when we feel out of sorts, both physically, emotionally and metaphysically. What techniques could we use to regain our center so that we can get a sense of purpose and direction in our lives when we feel there are difficulties, whether it is illness, or money problems, or insecurity about what the next day will bring? What can we do to regain balance, or is it possible to live in a metaphysical balance; is it necessary to be somewhat out of balance to continue making progress? If so, this “angst” as it has been called, is the driving force, but then what is the proper proportion? Is there a need to be concerned in the area, when we are out of balance, is there an action we can take to regain this metaphysical balance?

April 18, 1993

Sunday Meditation

Question: We would like to ask a question about prayer. We would like to know how prayer is related to healing—how it might facilitate healing of mind, of body, of emotions, and of spirit.

March 30, 1993

Intensive meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to deal with how we can balance our concerns for worldly survival and spiritual perception of the real nature of things; how we can discern what of our concerns deserve our attention and those which perhaps are just a waste of time causing a lot of excess worry. When we have concerns, what kind of a yardstick, or measure, or feeling-tone can we access to determine where we really need to put our attention and our concern?

March 28, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with “If only I had done such and such in a certain situation, in my past, in a situation about which I now feel very badly, it would probably have turned out differently.” We tend, as seekers, to beat ourselves up frequently and badly by this kind of thinking. What we would like today, Q’uo, is perception and perspective on what positive impulse it is in the seeker that causes him or her to say “If only I had done this” or “I should have done that.” Is there some positive quality that we can accentuate, is there some negative or self-defeating quality there that we can be aware of to de-accentuate, and do seekers of truth really have too much to be concerned about in the way of psychic greetings or attacks in this area? How much of our worries of “I should have done that” or “If only I had done this” come from psychic greetings or are most of these of our own creations?

March 23, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 17

Q’uo: We have been working with the way in which the seeker may find tools with which to understand the situation of the first three chakras and the pathways from intelligent infinity to the heart of each and every seeming blockage or confusion.

March 22, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 15

Group question: The group continued with the topic of how to open the heart center, with a special focus on how to work with the lower energy centers in preparation for the opening of the heart center.

March 22, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 16

Question: How do we know what it is that we need to be doing with our lives and energies in the spiritual senses, and how can we accomplish what it is we are to do? In our hearts we know that we are spirit, but we want to know how the everyday self that lives the life knows what to work on and how to do it. How do the three lower chakras, which are clear and balanced like Jesus’ were, show or demonstrate themselves in this third density?

March 21, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 14

Group question: How do we open the heart?

March 14, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon concerns spiritual pride. We would like to hear some information about the kinds of spiritual pride that both groups and individual seekers could be aware of. From Q’uo’s point of view it is probably easier to spot spiritual pride. We would like to know some of the pitfalls as well of spiritual pride and what a seeker or a group can do to balance the spiritual pride and regain the humility which seems to be such a great ally of the seeker.

March 7, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today comes from N, and it is as follows: Q’uo mentioned the aura as the outward manifestation of the form-making body or electronic body perceivable by those aware of their time/space capabilities while in incarnation. It was also mentioned, or at least I understand that the form-maker or electronic body belonged to the inner planes and that the inner planes were in a space/time continuum that has its corresponding realities in time/space existence. Since I believe that the aura is a product of the emanations of the energetic vortices or nexi generally known as chakras, and these organs constitute the etheric body, can I conclude that the ether—not the gas used in anesthesia)—is the synapses between reality and the illusion of the three-dimensional life?

February 28, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: Today our question concerns moderation. Carla is concerned as to how she can modify her physical activity to avoid the kinds of injuries that her arthritis has been bringing about through sewing, singing and crocheting and needlepoint and all these heavy physical activities when over-doing in any particular area can bring about an injury. She would like to know what moderation would be in her situation, and R is wondering more generally about moderation in the spiritual seeking, how one can continue persistently and consistently on the spiritual path without becoming overly concerned about the situation that one is in and working so hard to be this or that that is considered ideal that you start working against yourself and start getting frustrated and begin taking your spiritual temperature and judging yourself.

February 14, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: Well, the two issues that I have in mind are, first of all, if we can obtain a definition of life that would certainly be applicable to all creation and simple enough to be understood at our level. That is the first question that I had. And the second (it is the simpler one in the group), is why the rainbow colors are sort of upside down, with the purple on the bottom and the red on top. You and I spoke extensively yesterday and today, so you probably know better than I do what else I would like to ask.

February 7, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the balance one seeks to achieve between accepting what the universe or the life pattern of catalyst has given one in the way of experiences and people, and then balancing that with using these very same situations, the catalyst of a life experience, and manipulating them in such a way as to attempt at least to achieve the goals which we feel are important, the learning of lessons, the loving and acceptance of others and so forth. How do we balance accepting what the Creator and the life pattern has given us and using it to progress along the evolutionary path?

January 19, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 13

January 18, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 11

Aaron: Good morning and my love to you all. I am Aaron. In relation to this focus that Q’uo has offered, there are two areas I would like to bring to your consideration. One is as this instrument has just summarized and the other is to look practically at those places where you get stuck, to look with examples, real life examples, so that you may begin to pinpoint in each of you where distortion arises.

January 18, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 12

Group question: The topic continued from this morning’s session, concerning the true meaning of compassion and clearing of communication by means of sealing oneself within the awareness of the intention of the self as it came into incarnation.

January 17, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 10

Group question: Concerning codependency and compassion, “How do I live more lovingly for others and still live with respect for myself?” This question relates to the following statements from AARON “You aspire to perfect service and to prayer without ceasing. The being cannot pray without ceasing while it is moored in judgment and confusion. The heart and energy are not open. It can pray without ceasing when it notes the arising of fear and allows fear to be a catalyst to compassion and connection. Heartfelt prayer arises from that connection. Primary is the question of making friends with your own humanness and imperfections in the incarnative state.”

January 10, 1993

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon is from V in San Diego, and she would like to know a little bit about some books, a group, and a contact that she has been getting information from, and inspiration from, including information about Metatron and books called The Keys of Enoch, Love (and Love): Through the Doorway, and E. T. 101.

January 3, 1993

Sunday meditation

How much can we either consciously or subconsciously affect the way we look at the experiences in our daily round of activities and what we can do to sow seeds of a wider perspective, a lighter perspective, one that takes the broader view and gives us the opportunity to go through our lives with less turmoil, less of the up and down, or if this is even advisable, is it better for us just to work with the way we go up and down—do people really have an effect upon their attitude or is it a figment of our imagination?