February 28, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: Today our question concerns moderation. Carla is concerned as to how she can modify her physical activity to avoid the kinds of injuries that her arthritis has been bringing about through sewing, singing and crocheting and needlepoint and all these heavy physical activities when over-doing in any particular area can bring about an injury. She would like to know what moderation would be in her situation, and R is wondering more generally about moderation in the spiritual seeking, how one can continue persistently and consistently on the spiritual path without becoming overly concerned about the situation that one is in and working so hard to be this or that that is considered ideal that you start working against yourself and start getting frustrated and begin taking your spiritual temperature and judging yourself.

February 14, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: Well, the two issues that I have in mind are, first of all, if we can obtain a definition of life that would certainly be applicable to all creation and simple enough to be understood at our level. That is the first question that I had. And the second (it is the simpler one in the group), is why the rainbow colors are sort of upside down, with the purple on the bottom and the red on top. You and I spoke extensively yesterday and today, so you probably know better than I do what else I would like to ask.

February 7, 1993

Sunday meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the balance one seeks to achieve between accepting what the universe or the life pattern of catalyst has given one in the way of experiences and people, and then balancing that with using these very same situations, the catalyst of a life experience, and manipulating them in such a way as to attempt at least to achieve the goals which we feel are important, the learning of lessons, the loving and acceptance of others and so forth. How do we balance accepting what the Creator and the life pattern has given us and using it to progress along the evolutionary path?

January 19, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 13

January 18, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 11

Aaron: Good morning and my love to you all. I am Aaron. In relation to this focus that Q’uo has offered, there are two areas I would like to bring to your consideration. One is as this instrument has just summarized and the other is to look practically at those places where you get stuck, to look with examples, real life examples, so that you may begin to pinpoint in each of you where distortion arises.

January 18, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 12

Group question: The topic continued from this morning’s session, concerning the true meaning of compassion and clearing of communication by means of sealing oneself within the awareness of the intention of the self as it came into incarnation.

January 17, 1993

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 10

Group question: Concerning codependency and compassion, “How do I live more lovingly for others and still live with respect for myself?” This question relates to the following statements from AARON “You aspire to perfect service and to prayer without ceasing. The being cannot pray without ceasing while it is moored in judgment and confusion. The heart and energy are not open. It can pray without ceasing when it notes the arising of fear and allows fear to be a catalyst to compassion and connection. Heartfelt prayer arises from that connection. Primary is the question of making friends with your own humanness and imperfections in the incarnative state.”

January 10, 1993

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon is from V in San Diego, and she would like to know a little bit about some books, a group, and a contact that she has been getting information from, and inspiration from, including information about Metatron and books called The Keys of Enoch, Love (and Love): Through the Doorway, and E. T. 101.

January 3, 1993

Sunday meditation

How much can we either consciously or subconsciously affect the way we look at the experiences in our daily round of activities and what we can do to sow seeds of a wider perspective, a lighter perspective, one that takes the broader view and gives us the opportunity to go through our lives with less turmoil, less of the up and down, or if this is even advisable, is it better for us just to work with the way we go up and down—do people really have an effect upon their attitude or is it a figment of our imagination?