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The L/L Research Transcripts

Note: This channeling season is particularly irregular with holding new channeling sessions due to Jim being very busy travelling in order to care for an ailing friend. We apologize for the gaps and long waits for new sessions. We hope to return to regular schedule soon.

January 19, 2019, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Biases, karma, and conditioning; the role of joy on the positive path; how to utilize dreams; why balance is important; the armor of light available to wanderers.

February 4, 2019, Special Meditation, Luminate Festival

Topics: Balancing perceived polarities in an other-self; connecting to the land; crystals; staying energized in shared service.

February 9, 2019, Saturday Meditation

Topics: How to heal ourselves from grief; authenticity; sexuality and celibacy; breath.

March 23, 2019, Saturday Meditation

Topics: "Know yourself, accept yourself, become the Creator"; reconciling new desires and old commitments; how higher energies influence our bodies and DNA; high vibration foods; what is a "distortion"; merkabah.

March 30, 2019, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Blue-ray honesty; becoming the Creator; the Law of Confusion; silent meditation vs. movement-based spiritual practices; focus; the opening of hearts amidst modern turmoil.

April 20, 2019, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral; the current universal energies and its effect on health; healing marriage and mated relationships; the make-up of the incarnated personality shell.

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