July 14, 1979

Senior citizens meeting

Hatonn: As we look at the vibration of your world at this time, we are sure that you are aware that we are seeing a darkening of the vibration, due to an increase in negative emotion felt among your peoples toward each other and even toward themselves. It has sometimes been said that ignorance is bliss; this is a saying among your peoples. And when you are dealing with a spiritual journey, this is very true; for knowledge carries with it a great responsibility. That which is known and not practiced reflects itself upon the knower, so that he must again know that which he has already learned. This is the price of knowledge, my friends—that you practice what you know.

July 11, 1979

Advanced meeting

Telonn: I am Telonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are very happy to be with your little group this evening, and we wish to work with you at this time if you would desire to work with us. Visualize, if you will, a white globe of light that hovers in the center of the room in which you now dwell.

July 5, 1979

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: Tonight I would like to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, my friends, in one of your southern cities there came to be a very unusual creature. This creature had the body of an alligator but the wisdom of a man. Soon, those about him learned to treat him as a man. And he wore special shoes and special clothing and had a hat specially made for him, and learned to sit upright and eat his meals and hold his job and act in every way like a human would act.

June 17, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening, we of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator would like to share with you a little story which you may find interesting. There are many trees, my friends, but this is the story of only one tree. As a small seed it was carried in the clothing of a not particularly cleanly fellow for several years—you might say in the cuff of his trousers. It was dark, and the seed would have liked to have grown, but it could not; the environment was not correct.

June 10, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: There are those among your peoples who are quite concerned at this time as to who we are. It is our fervent wish that your peoples would be more concerned as to who they are. As we look upon your peoples we find half of your population in great hunger and want. We find the other half reeling in the over-abundance of material supplies. Those who are hungry are angry. Those who are over-supplied are defensive. And the great chain of love which should unite you all is continually broken by your failure to understand who you are.

May 20, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening I would tell you a story about a man who was not an ordinary man, but rather a very uncommon one, for within him from childhood was the burning desire to know the love of the Creator.

May 6, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We do wish to answer a question that is in the mind of the instrument. The question has to do with whether you are your brother’s keeper. This instrument is concerned as to whether she is responsible for the spiritual growth of her mate. We would like to speak on this subject, for it is fundamental to an understanding of the true process of spiritual growth as we understand it.

April 29, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Once there was a gardener. Year after year he planted his seeds and learned much about his crops, knowing which seeds to plant against which, which crops to move so that the land would not be depleted. He knew the rooting of each tree and of each type of grass, and he began to feel very powerful, for he had often been told that he had the best garden in all of his territory. And one day he was asked how his seeds grew, and he began to explain by taking a seed and separating it into its parts. And as he took his knife and separated the seed and showed his students the functions of each tiny part of this tiny seed, he found that he had killed the seed, for much as he would try he could not put it back together. And so he learned that he was not the originator of the garden but only the caretaker.

April 15, 1979

Sunday meditation easter

Hatonn: Within this channel’s mind there is a quote from a poet. It goes like this: “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead ground.” We would like you at this time to ponder those words, for you must take all things personally if you would find their inner meaning. Rather than skimming the surface of the meaning, be shameless and make those things which are general specifically about yourself and see what applies.

April 1, 1979

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: You see, my friends, we of the Confederation of Planets need you, just as you need us. In our reality, someone to love and cherish and help and inspire is as necessary to us as is food and drink to you. To us, those whom we have found to be serious students of the path of the Creator are as delicious as your meat and drink is to you, for you are the means whereby we can enlarge our own horizons of understanding; you are the means whereby we can learn more and more about the disciplines and interrelationships of what you may call the genetic personality.

March 18, 1979

Sunday meditation

Laitos: Many of your people do not realize that love is around you and permeates through you at all times. We have used the description of being asleep to describe most of the people of Earth. Some are awakening, although still groggy. Few have awakened totally, but we are with you at this time, my friends, to aid in any way possible your awakening—awakening to the fact that you are, in reality, a much higher being. The physical life as you know it is like a small grain of sand on a beach compared to the total you.

March 4, 1979

Sunday meditation

Latwii: We of Latwii are of a different civilization from Hatonn, but our aim and purpose in being in your skies at this time is the same—that of improving the relationship between the unknown that lies beyond the reach of your peoples and that which is known by your peoples, or, to say it another way, to improve your relationships of love to those beloved brothers and sisters of the universe that dwell upon the surface of your sphere at this time.

February 18, 1979

Sunday meditation

Latwii: We can take you on a great trip to show you that your thinking is local. You can best understand this concept by considering the love within the creation of man which varies from place to place. As your cycle changes, you have seen the laws of nature, so-called, violated many times by those who are able to use a less-local illusion or reflection of the law of the Creator. Thus, metal is bent, objects are moved, people are healed. We can take you away from your time and your space, and you can see that they are, indeed, not laws at all. We can remove you from mass and show you that that, too, is an illusion and not a law.

February 13, 1979

Tuesday meditation

R: Am I barking up a dead end ... when I was talking to Carla about the concept of healing through neurogenetics?

January 29, 1979

Monday meditation

Latwii: There are many among your peoples whose desires we cannot satisfy, or whose desires we do not wish to satisfy, and that is why we have not landed in public places and made ourselves known to you in an unmistakable fashion. But there are many of you who wish precisely what we have to offer, and it is for that reason that we need instruments such as this one to transmit our thoughts to you and to offer you that inspiration that we can and to pour into the circle of your meeting that feeling of love that is our gift to you, the people of Earth.