24 August, 2003

Belknap campus university of louisville

[overview] Q’uo: [Everything,] the body, the sound, the music of life, the color of it, all of these things that fill in the colors and the shapes and the form of consciousness: all of these things exist as vibration.

17 July, 2003

Special meditation

25 May, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today has to do with the concept of free will, as regards to how the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator has related to the population of planet Earth for as long as there has been a relationship. Considering all the dirty water, the dirty air, and the nuclear proliferation, warfare, disease, poverty and so forth that are rampant upon our planet now, especially after the graduation of the Harvest, we are wondering, are there any circumstances under which the Confederation of Planets would consider abridging free will and stepping in and cleaning up the air, cleaning up the water, destroying nuclear weapons, providing food and services for people that need it? Or is there some other consideration that we should think about? We would appreciate anything Q’uo has to say on that topic.

18 May, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] Our question this week has to do with how we can maintain our spiritual centers in our desire to seek in a spiritual sense, when there are so many things in the world around us to which it seems to be necessary for us to pay attention in a very focused fashion, whether it is the children that we are raising, the family to which we are relating, the job that we are working, or the friends with whom we wish to interact. We would like any information Q’uo could give us about how to maintain this balance between the worldly things that seem to take so much of our time and attention and the spiritual things that we have to work so hard to make time for.

11 May, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] We’ve had a general discussion that has touched on several key topics, the focus of which is that self-acceptance seems to keep coming back to center stage, regardless of what one thinks its importance level is. As one moves further along the spiritual path it continues to be the ultimate focus. Now, we also had a brief discussion about what it truly means to be a mature soul and how that involves loving yourself and thinking for yourself and not going along with mainstream consensus. So, with this as our basic background of discussion, we’ve decided to leave this session open to the forces to take in whatever direction they see fit for our mutual good.

4 May, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today, Q’uo, is please expand on the difference between serving and pleasing. It is mentioned in the [L/L Research] transcripts many times but it is mentioned as though we should already know what they’re talking about. So we appreciate your giving us the difference between serving and pleasing.

3 May, 2003

Special meditation

[overview] Question from R: This evening R would like to hear whatever words of wisdom or love or enlightenment that you might have to offer him concerning the journey that he has taken and what would be most appropriate for him now.

6 April, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today, Q’uo, has to do with what it seems like a lot of people are feeling these days, because the United States is engaged in a very destructive war with Iraq, and times just seem like they’re full of stress. There’s more to do than there’s time to do. A lot of people are feeling sadness, anger, frustration and doubt. These things just seem to come bubbling out. We’re wondering if there is a way of maintaining one’s harmony in such times; if there is a way of dealing with these difficulties that will bring us back to harmony? We appreciate anything that you might have to say about how we can deal with the difficult times that are within us and about us.

21 March, 2003

Friday meditation

[overview] Question from J: “Please describe the contractual design and service to the one Creator, service to others and to mother Earth which my divine essence through love and service has created, agreed to, and desires to fulfill at this current space-time.”

16 March, 2003

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today has to do with how light seems to respond either to impending catastrophe or out and out catastrophe. So many people are marching for peace, now that it seems war is so likely. The women in Rwanda have had a chance to bring the feminine principle and the nurturing of their being into their country now that the men have been killed, pretty much. It almost echoes the veil between the consciousness of conscious mind, and the possibility for two paths, whereas before there was just positivity.