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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 6, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening concerns the nature of the mind/body/spirit complex; in particular, what is the specific nature of the spirit complex, how does that relate to what we know of as the soul, how can that knowledge help us in our learning about ourselves and in being able to be more of service?

January 10, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Q’uo: We would speak to you this evening on the subject of suffering. This is a subject which many of your peoples do not wish to pay attention to, a subject which many wish to ignore or avoid as much as possible. It is also a subject with which each serious seeker is personally quite familiar and we know that each in this group have given much thought to the nature and purpose of suffering as it has been observed in each life and the lives of your other selves.

January 13, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this evening has to do with the situation in which Carla and I are experiencing difficulty in maintaining our normal harmony in spite of our very intense efforts at trying to communicate clearly. We know we have been targets of psychic greetings in the past, but we aren’t aware of making openings for these greetings at this time. What is the quality, in general, in mated relationships, that Ra described as adversary in nature, and how can people become aware enough of these factors to create a harmonious relationship?

January 20, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon is a continuation of last week’s question concerning the harmony that is possible to be generated within a mated relationship, the problems that we have in experiencing disharmony, even though we attempt very much to be clear in communication and compassionate in communication. We are wondering this week if there is some relationship between the various portions of our characters or personalities. We find that there are different aspects of ourselves that have different ways of expressing, and that are perhaps even contradictory from time to time. Is there some way that we can gain a greater understanding about increasing the harmony in a relationship by integrating or becoming more aware of those various portions of ourselves that seem at times to be at odds with themselves?

January 24, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: We would speak to you this evening on the subject of passion, as we believe it is most central to each seeker’s journey.

January 27, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with fear and the various ways in which it expresses in our being. We have various ways of experiencing fear. Some of them have to do with relationships with others; we curtail certain thoughts, feelings or actions hoping that we won’t excite the response from another person that will cause that fear in us to be realized, or we don’t curtail the action and we express violently, angrily and become fearful of the emotion itself, also, fearful that it might have repercussions, causing a disease such as cancer that would be a way to point out the distortion so that we would work on it. We have, of course, the concept of love, in which we feel and believe that love can overcome fear, can heal wounds, but how does one put love to work in one’s life and make the balance again come into being? How do we overcome, or is there an overcoming? How do we work with fear, and how do we bring love to bear upon the situation?

January 31, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: The question for our intensive meditation is: Discuss the male and female relationship—why each of us is born with a desire for a committed love relationship with another person, yet why it is so difficult to obtain.

February 3, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of faith. It has been said during the Ra contact that the two qualities that the seeker of truth needs to develop, or does develop, as he or she goes through the various incarnational patterns, is the concept of faith and the concept of will. Does it help in the developing of the concept of faith to act as though you had faith in order to develop faith? Is there a better way, or are there other ways to develop the quality of faith that allows us to keep working on the spiritual path?

February 8, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Hatonn: Whatever the discussion concerning moving towards an unified spiritual expression upon a global scale, such unity is easily seen to be that topic which cannot be discussed in a sensible manner. It is a large topic, a topic upon which one can only make a beginning.

 February 22, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Q'uo: You wish information this morning on being and doing. These concepts represent the passive and active principles of nature itself. They are manifested most initially in the concepts you know of as "love and light"; love being the primary state of beingness of the infinite Creator and light being manifestation thereof. We see these basic principles extrapolated in all of the creation around you.

February 24, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: How important is the knowledge of the self for a channel and for the contact? This is knowledge in the metaphysical sense, the knowledge of the essence of the self by which a channel may offer a challenge to any discarnate entity, and why, when such a challenge is offered, cannot a discarnate entity lie about who it is when it is thusly challenged. How does its knowledge of itself keep it from lying?

The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - Introduction

The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues are a series of co-channeling sessions done by Barbara Brodsky, channeling Aaron, and Carla L. Rueckert, channeling the Q’uo group. The material was received during a series of nine weekend gatherings, seven of them being held at L/L Research near Louisville, Kentucky and the other two being held at Deep Springs Center, Barbara’s non-profit group, near Ann Arbor, Michigan. These gatherings spanned about a decade of time.

February 28, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, Session 1

Barbara: We seek to know ourselves and the Creator but do not know how to do this, as we fear we are imperfect in ourselves and our understanding, and incapable of this. How can we proceed?

March 1, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, Session 2

Barbara: Yesterday’s talk from Q’uo didn’t record on my tape recorder, and I got just what little I was able to lip-read. I had meditated on the content I’d gotten and felt Q’uo’s presence, felt Q’uo knew what I did or didn’t understand. I didn’t want to ask Q’uo to take responsibility for me or my questions, but I also didn’t want to ask for repetition. Would Q’uo reshare whatever they feel I missed, that they shared last night?

March 1, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - Supplementary Session

Aaron: You ask why I am not content with the term “density.” I have nothing against the label itself, but it is your misunderstanding of the label which I was trying to circumvent, to stir you beyond that misunderstanding.

March 2, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, Session 3

Group question: We all have questions about fear. Barbara has fear of responsibility she is not able to meet, fear of the unknown, and fear of going beyond her prior limits. Carla and J fear being unable to measure up to their own standards, ability and potential. K does not wish to rely on outer authority but fears she is not equal to the task of establishing her own inner authority. Would you please speak to these fears, or fear itself?

March 3, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, Session 4

Group question: Please talk about accepting and not judging the self, concepts of what we think we should do, and how this is involved in fear. How do we accept ourselves and avoid the “shoulds”?

March 3, 1991, The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, Session 5

C: I would like to know how to draw anger out of my son and re-establish a calm relationship with him. There is a lot of pent-up anger and it comes out in inappropriate behaviors. He is a very sensitive, bright child. He never felt that he fit in anywhere. He has never felt like he belonged anyplace that he’s been. He’s never been able to adapt to just functioning in the everyday world. He tends to be off in his own world quite a bit, and he can’t reconcile the two and it comes out in anger which is expressed physically and that type of thing.

March 8, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: Dealing with the question this morning of why it seems to be that for each of us, throughout our lives, the mother and father relationship seems to be the most critical, the most important. The voice that we hear in our head when we do one thing or another and the voice to which we seem to respond in one pattern or another and why is it so critical as in criticizing?

March 10, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Some sources say that the Mayan culture was contacted by extraterrestrial entities and given information concerning this planet’s transition to the fourth density. Is this information relatively accurate or should we look into other areas for a clear understanding of their culture? How can we use the information which has been left behind concerning their culture?

March 20, 1991, Special Meditation

Group question: Special Meditation for R and S in the area of long-term serious life-threatening illness. What does a person who is very much consciously aware of the necessity of maintaining balance in the life, of working out lessons, of facing the lessons, what does such a person do when there is an illness that continues to come back with various manifestations that puzzle doctors, that puzzle the person, that puzzle friends and family? What does such a person do in the way of realigning the thinking, the attitude, the being when everything has been exhausted, it would seem, in attempting to deal with the illness and the distortions of mind or emotions that have caused it? When all of the research into the childhood, the experiences of a traumatic nature during a life, and the lessons that one feels that are spiritually set before one have been explored in-depth and have been gone over very carefully? Is there a surrender and acceptance? Is it possible to push away the healing and the wholeness that we seek, by seeking too much? What would you say to such a person who is in need of the peace and the healing that comes with finding the wholeness and the integrity of the life pattern and how does such a person go about healing the mind/body/spirit complex?

March 22, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: Happy Spring! Could Q’uo describe the learning process … their learning process. Is there any regression in this learning process? Do we assist Q’uo’s learning in our communication with them?

March 24, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon is: From the Ra contact we learned that there was a price to pay for each service-to-others opportunity that was in a direct ratio: the greater the purity of the desired service, the greater was the price to pay for it. As a related principle, we also learned in the Ra contact that the use of any gadget to enhance evolution, such as meditating in a pyramid or using biofeedback equipment to deepen the meditative state, or using marijuana to enhance the perspective, necessitated the seeker’s use of the enhanced evolution for greater service to others, or the use of the gadget would become negative. This is the Law of Responsibility.

Would you speak to the fact that both an increased desire to serve more purely and the use of gadgets to enhance our own evolution bring about a greater price that the seeker will have to pay in the quantity and quality of energy expenditures? Would there be any other kind of price to pay other than an increase in the kind or quality of quantity of energy expenditures, the efforts on the part of the seeker as a result of utilizing either gadgets or finding an increased desire to be of service. What I am really wanting to know is, why there is a direct ratio that requires greater effort on the part of the seeker when the seeker either wants to serve more purely or uses some gadget to enhance the evolutionary progress?

March 27, 1991, Special Meditation

Group question: Question dealing with the concept of what sort of effort to make of a novel that would incorporate the qualities of the wanderer entering this Earth’s planetary sphere in order to be of service and how the development of identity using various concepts that have been put forth in metaphysical writings, how this would be accomplished to best get across the idea of an entity of light wishing to aid a planet that is in the process of being born. And then any words that Q’uo might have to say to S in greeting in general and specifically concerning her desire to be in contrast and in balance to the great amount of doing that she has been doing.

March 29, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: Carla would like some information on the spiritual principles that she should keep in mind as she attempts to determine just how much she should do, or can do, realizing that when she does anything, whether it is writing a letter, or feeding the cats, or making a trip in the truck to a doctor, she will pay a price that will come later. She feels that there is a mental anguish, an emotional anguish that comes both to her and to me, and she would like to know what kinds of considerations are well to keep in mind as she attempts to discover the limits of her ability and just how far to take them.

March 31, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the concept related to Easter concerning the phrase that is given in the Apostles Creed and the act which is recognized by most Christians that Jesus, when he was crucified, was then dead, he was buried. He descended into hell and after three days he rose again to sit at the right hand of God the father almighty. I would like to know what it means when it is said that Jesus descended into hell. What has that to do with our own lives and our transformations? What did Jesus do when he descended into hell? What do we do when we do the symbolically similar act?

April 7, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with possibility that the Earth energy, the level of vibration in general, seems to have intensified in the last six months to a year. We are wondering if this general level of tension, anxiety, more intense experience of catalyst that many people are reporting, is a result of some cyclical rhythm that the planet itself might be undergoing. Do we move through different levels of vibration as we near the end of this density, and if so could you describe their effect upon us, and in particular this level of energy increase that has been reported of the late six months to a year?

April 12, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: The question is from S, who asks, “Could you tell me the difference between space/time and time/space? This was a question that was covered in the Law of One but I would love to hear Q’uo talk about time/space for I still do not understand it very well even from an abstract point of view. When entities live in time/space, what is their life like? We move freely in space but move slowly in time. Do entities in time/space move freely in time and slowly in space? We do not control our movement in time. Do they not control their movement on space?”

April 21, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the general qualities as a light center that the area occupied by N would have as a center for individuals and for individuals that are seeking to work out their own ways of learning and of being of service to others by what they learn. What kinds of energies are necessary for such a center? How are these energies being expressed there now with the opposition that has occurred in this area and how can people who wish to partake in the center help as individuals in producing the light that might be of service to others? And how can the center, as a grouping of individuals, be of the most service to those whom they would wish to serve?

May 26, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with how one can use the heart chakra, the opening of the heart chakra, as a springboard to the acceptance of self that is a process usually found or engaged in the indigo-ray center. How can one, by learning more compassion and understanding, begin to accept the self in a way in which the self has previously not been accepted?

June 2, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of “Not my will but Thy will be done.” When a seeker wishes to know what the will of the Creator is for him or her, how does a seeker prepare for receiving that information? How do you know when you are doing the will of the Creator? How do you meditate upon that concept? How do you get from “Not my will but Thy will” to actually discovering what the will of the Creator is?

June 30, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the concept of how we deal with our emotions such as fear and anger, jealousy, feeling unworthy, feeling inept, any negative feeling that we have that has been with us for quite awhile and we’ve been working with. We’re wondering if, according to what Q’uo and Aaron had to say to us, that the most appropriate way of dealing with these negative emotions is to be able to accept the self and the emotion that we have when we have them so that there is no longer any feeding into the emotion by holding on to it longer, hoping that eventually, by being able to accept ourselves and the emotions when we have them, that there will be a falling away of these negative emotions. Is this the most skillful or appropriate way of dealing with negative emotions so that we are able to be more harmonious and more productive and feel more whole and complete in our small selves in this illusion?

July 7, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: This is a continuation of the session from last week in which we were discussing the query of how to proceed on the path of, shall we say, perfecting the self: working to the point where we’re able to accept the self and the distortion—whatever feeling one has—whether it be anger, jealousy, depression, covetousness, greediness, laziness, overachieving … We’ll stop there, and proceed into the area of a certain attitude or perception that Q’uo talked about last week, where we see the world around us as a blessing, as a means by which we learn what we need to learn. How do we now proceed when we’ve begun to accept ourselves and the distortions that we feel? What is the next step in order that we can more easily and fully achieve the balancing of all of these distortions, so that the light moves through us in a way that allows us to radiate it to others, rather than hold it in the distorted form in one particular energy center?

July 12, 1991, Intensive Meditation

Group question: The question we will deal with this morning has to do with anger. Where does anger come from? How can we use it and how can we heal from it? There is a feeling of being out of control that people who are sensitive to other people’s feelings fear. There’s the fear of the injury that would be caused by the anger. There’s the fear of the actual feeling of the anger, the feeling of not being able to control it, that there would be some damage done. There’s the great unknown of where does it come from within ourselves. Is there a value to anger? Can we use it constructively after the anger has passed? How can we use it to heal up whatever wounds were caused before or during the anger?

July 19, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: We’ll be looking at the question today of how does one look at and interact with people, especially friends and family that you are closely associated with, that you have disagreements with and perhaps even a dislike with and for. I would hate to leave all those prepositions at the end of a phrase, but I don’t know where else to put them, so, I guess that’ll do it.

July 21, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: Questions were asked about how any seeker of truth might use various ways or techniques to know the Creator. So what we would like to know is what techniques to use, what any being may use to mirror the supreme presence of the Creator within his or her consciousness and how does this mirroring of the Creator within the individual consciousness aid us in our service to others, or how is it a part of that service to others that is really the determining factor for the harvest? Elaborate upon the techniques that beings may use to connect with or to mirror the supreme presence.

September 22, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The day before fall, a season ends, a new one begins. Our question is the same. We had a season of a threesome together here for a time. It seems, if we look in subjective terms, that there might have been a failure in the effort that the three of us put forth in this forming of a group to be of service for the life pattern. But, we would like to know from you at this time how you would look at a situation such as ours where three people come together with the desire to be of service to others and may have certain goals in mind of a specific nature that would allow them to consciously define for themselves the effort as being a success. First of all could you comment upon that type of a definition of a success, and could you also comment upon how we can move from this point where we are working more individually, with K moving on her own to study those things of herself that are necessary for her to continue on her journey, and how we remaining here, Carla and I, work on our own to do that which is ours to do.

September 28, 1991, Special Meditation

Group question: M has a couple of questions. One concerns an experience she had for about nine months of 1990 where she felt that her spiritual body was separate or apart from her physical body. She could see as the observer in her spiritual body that it was observing the things that were happening to her physical body, was like a 3-year-old child having a lot of people’s negative emotions and difficulties thrown upon it, visited upon it, and she felt like the spiritual body was more an observer and was not in close contact. She would like to know if this is something that could be commented upon and what kind of comments you would make upon that, and then if perhaps there might be any relationship between what is happening to light workers, such as M, and what is happening in the world as far as the metaphysical evolution of our planet is concerned. Is there a comment you could make upon how our planet is evolving, and are there particular times that we experience certain changes in our vibratory rates that can be pinpointed, say, next January 11, is there some kind of time framework that has meaning for us. Can you comment at all upon the changes occurring on the planet and how they are occurring and when they occur?

November 17, 1991, Sunday Meditation

Group question: This Sunday’s meditation has to do with the practice of astrology. And we’re wondering if it is a helpful thing to look more deeply into the practice of astrology, to get more of an idea of the patterns and the rhythms, the opportunities and the lack of opportunities that present themselves on our path, or if it’s just as well to content ourselves with a passing knowledge of astrology. In other words, do you think astrology can be used in the seeker’s daily life and, if so, how?

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